Monday, December 31, 2012

Obama and Former Defense Secretary Perry Traitors?

In a Wall Street Journal op-ed piece, 28 December 2012, John Bolton and John Woo, wrote that former Defense Secretary William Perry made the suggestion that President Obama ignore Congress in any nuclear agreements with Russia. The former Defense Secretary, Perry, urged that the two nations reciprocally reduce nuclear weapons:

 "Unilateral and coordinated reductions can be quicker and less politically costly . . . relative to treaties with adversarial negotiations and difficult ratification processes."

In other words Perry said, "Don't include the U.S. Senate in any negotiations or treaty". Now when you take this information, and compare it with this: 

SEOUL, March 26 (Reuters) - President Barack Obama was caught on camera on Monday assuring outgoing Russian President Dmitry Medvedev he will have "more flexibility" to deal with contentious issues like missile defense after the U.S. presidential election

You have the makings of a conspiracy between President Obama and the leaders of Russia (In further conversation on that open "mike" President Medvedev said that he would relay the information to Putin).  And should President Obama decide to follow the suggestion of former Defense Secretary, William Perry, there would be a clear case of Treason that could be made against Obama. Perry is also quoted as saying, "The world we live in today would be a dangerous world even without nuclear weapons. And without nuclear weapons, there would be a huge impetus to rebuild them."

I hope that the U.S. Congress will keep a close watch on this situation, but if they "run true to past form", I don't expect any action will be either noted or taken.  
Lord Howard Hurts

Sunday, December 30, 2012

It Is Time For All Christians To Take A Stand

Please click on and read this link. It is most important. And then read my comment.

I admire the courage and strength of this family, but it is all for naught unless there is a collation of all Christian churches to refuse to participate in "Obama Care". Of course this will never happen. So this families sacrifice is only going to be used as a "club" to force total compliance. The Federal fines of 1.3 million dollars a day, should Hobby Lobby fail to "bend", will end this family business within a week. It is time for all Americans to demand that B.H. Obama be removed from the office of President on the ground that he is not qualified by the U.S. Constitution to serve as he is not a "Natural Born Citizen". President Obama has stated many times that he is the son of a goat herder from Kenya and an American woman. There is no dispute that the definition of "Natural Born Citizen" is clearly someone who has, as parents, two American citizens. There is no need to demand a birth certificate, or debate if President Obama was adopted by a stepfather. The issue is clear and based on President Obama's own words. This is why the Supreme Court of the United States of America has thus-far refused to enter into this dispute. The Court understands that Obama was not vetted properly, and he is not qualified to serve. His elections, and all that he has signed into law, is null and void. It is time for all Christians to stand up and demand that the Supreme Court take up this eligibility issue, and make an immediate ruling. Christian Patriots, this Obama Administration is slowly, by "one thousand small cuts", killing the Christian faith. It is time to stand up and be counted. 
Lord Howard Hurts 

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Fight For The 2nd Amendment!

It is most unfortunate that the American education system is both driven and controlled by a Federal Government that has, for the past 40 years, viewed all violence to be wrong, and has pushed for a repeal of the 2nd Amendment. In its quest for compete pacifism, of the nations citizenry, the focus of all progressive legislation has been to use the mass killings of children, by mentally ill persons, as the standard by which to accomplish the deed. 

The Patriots of this great nation are now compelled to engage in a debate that is driven by those who would desire the confiscation of all guns because these weapons could prove more powerful than any vote at a ballot box. It is a fact that one gun can control hundreds of persons, where as no law, passed by government, can quell a group of armed defenders of the Constitution. It is unfortunate that the Patriots of America feel compelled to debate on this issue, much like the fraudulent Presidential debates, that crushed Mitt Romney this past November. There is no debate on the 2nd Amendment. There are only facts and more facts:

1. The 2nd Amendment was designed by the Founders of this nation as the safety "valve" should our Federal Government become so corrupted by the failure of the leadership to follow the specific intent of the Constitution. This Amendment is the means by which the then Constitutional minority will be able to use in an attempt to restore Freedom (48 million Americans on "Food Stamps" is nothing less than vote buying by corrupt politicians. And this one fact is proof that this nation is moving away from the Constitution and towards socialism. Personal responsibility is being replaced by personal want.).

2. All mass attacks have either been political or initiated by persons suffering from some form of mental illness. Neither type of attack can be 100% avoided. The only rational response to these attacks is to punish the perpetrators...... not the good citizens who follow the Constitution. Bad things happen to good people, but that is life, and this fact should be the focus of all our educational systems rather than the current, silly, notion that if guns are outlawed the "outlaws" will be civil, and not use guns as the means of accomplishing their objective. 

3. Persons who commit crimes of mass death need to be punished in a speedy fashion, and if found guilty the punishment should equal the crime. It also should make no difference if mental illness is found to be the motivation. Taxpayers don't need to be burdened with supporting mass murderers. 

The NRA needs to stop engaging in debate with liberals who believe that "Disney World" is a real life destination, and want it to be the model of civil American society. The NRA also needs to stop with the comparisons between Switzerland and Sweden and their gun control laws. These comparisons are irrelevant. Both countries have a population of about that of New York City, NY. What works in a small population doesn't always work in a much larger population, and America's population is both diverse and 30 times larger than these two European countries. What the NRA should be focused on is HISTORY, specifically the history of the world before and during World War ll. The NRA should ask the Congress and this President, "Was it wrong for the Jews to show violence towards Hitler and the Nazi nation that desired their complete destruction?"  Only if one says that the Jewish resistance to Hitler and his murderous regime was wrong, can one be against the 2nd Amendment. NRA............don't fight a corrupt government on their terms. Study history and inform the youth of America about the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. I leave you with this:

Emmanuel Ringelblum, the author of a diary about life in the Warsaw Ghetto, wrote in 1942:
"Whomever you talk to, you hear the same cry: The resettlement never should have been permitted. We should have run into the street, set fire to everything in sight, have torn down the walls, and escaped to the Other Side. The Germans would have taken their revenge. It would have cost tens of thousands of lives, but not 300,000. Now we are ashamed of ourselves, disgraced in our own eyes, and in the eyes of the world, where our docility has earned us nothing. This must not be repeated now. We must put up a resistance, defend ourselves against the enemy, man and child."

Lord Howard Hurts

Thursday, December 27, 2012

NBC's, David Gregory, Should Be Legally Punsihed

NBC's, David Gregory, pulled a TV stunt this past Sunday on "Meet The Press", by confronting NRA's Wayne LaPierre with a 30 shot ammunition "clip". In his "attack", Gregory asked LaPierre if the shooter, in the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary School incident, had not had a "clip" with such a large capacity....would fewer persons have died? This ambush by Gregory, with the display of this rifle ammunition "clip", was illegal according to the laws of Washington D.C. It has been stated that Gregory had asked D.C. officials for "special" permission to use a large capacity ammunition "clip" in his TV "attack", but that this request was denied. The code in question states: "No person in the District shall possess, sell, or transfer any large capacity ammunition feeding device regardless of whether the device is attached to a firearm." There is no doubt that the overly zealous Gregory had in his possession a large capacity ammunition feeding device, and it doesn't matter a fig if Gregory's intent was to use this ammunition "clip" only as a "club" against LaPierre. The law says that it is illegal to possess a large capacity ammunition feeding device. The liberal press and Democrats love to impress that ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaking the law, so to keep things consistent, Gregory should be arrested and prosecuted just as any "regular" citizen who might hold this code in contempt. 

The Wall Street Journal has called the investigation of Gregory, "entirely nonsensical". Greta Van Susteren, of Fox TV, has said that any investigation is a waste of resources. She further stated,  "Investigating NBC’s David Gregory? Really? Can we be any sillier?" CNN's Howard Kurtz has stated that gun owners and Tea Party types want government to just leave them alone, but now are demanding that Gregory face prosecution for this TV stunt. Kurtz's also mention that he doesn't understand the "turnaround" by these gun owners. Well it is time for these liberals to understand that tax paying Americans are tired of the special privileges accorded those judged to be advancing the liberal, progressive, agenda. The Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution prohibits states from denying any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws. David Gregory knew the D.C. code and was aware of the consequence of breaking that code, therefore he should be treated not a some special messenger of the Obama Administration, but as a regular citizen protected by the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Gregory is guilty and should be punished, or the code regulating large capacity ammunition feeding devices, in D.C., should be immediately abolished. Selective enforcement of our laws is the main reason that CORRUPTION has become America's number one problem.
Lord Howard Hurts

Monday, December 24, 2012

3 Shadows Following.....Zurich, Holds The Treasure

Today is 24 December 2012, and for the past week, I have had a nagging premonition that I am being followed. I have seen 3 different men of about the same build and clothed in casual wear, attire, and they have been at every place I have traveled for the past week.......... and I am not sure that they were not doing this previously........... and that I just had not detect them. They are either Indian or Pakistani, and they never have engaged me in conversation.........they just 'dog' along. 

About 3 weeks ago I decided to come to my home in La Vella, Andorra, to think and sort out a plan I had devised to inform my Facebook friends about my most unbelievable story..........A story that started in 1970 while I was traveling from South America to Miami, Florida. Now I am sure many of you are skeptical about many of my posting on my blog: and take them, as you should, with a 'grain of salt'. But in view of the past Presidential election on November 6th, I am going to reveal to my friends something quite unbelievable. Now when I say 'Unbelievable', I mean that it is something that is very, VERY, hard to believe, and I admit that even I have been flummoxed for many years over the reality of whether this story is true or a delusion. And without going into the details of this 'Unbelievable Story' at this time, I will inform that I possess one of the 'Treasures of the World'. I have had it 'hidden' in a safe deposit box in Zurich, Switzerland for most of all these 40 plus years. And until recently, the past 10 or so years, I had never really thought of it as more than an art object with a 'supposed remarkable history'. Then after all these years I began to think that this treasure really might have some type of 'magical' quality that could be the actual cause for my great wealth and happiness. I have tested my theory and so far it has proven positive, but when I reveal all the information on this treasure, I will let the readers give me their input on the validity of my theory and their 'take' on the reality of this treasure. I state that my motive is only to awaken the American public to the fact that life on Earth is just too complex to have been an accident. That there must be a Creator somewhere, and it is very possible that this Creator just might hold a special thought for America and Israel. 

A few years ago I had attempted to get Dr. Corsi of WND (World Net Daily) interested in this treasure, but my inability to communicate about an object that I myself was skeptical about just did not interest him. But since then I have given this object more thought and have tested it several times, and I am quite convinced that it has some ability to 'power up' both the conscious and unconscious mind of the person holding this treasure. But this will all be detailed in a further paper, as I am wondering just what these 3 'shadows' have in mind, and why they are following me.

My purpose for writing this preview, at this time, is just to inform that I will be going to Zurich soon and hopefully will return to Florida with this treasure......... and will be posting a more detail account of this treasure and its history. In the event that something unforeseen should happen to shorten my life, I just want it known that somewhere in a bank in Zurich is a most 'Unbelievable Treasure'. More to come, hopefully, in a few weeks.
Lord Howard Hurts

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Patriots of America, We Must Unite

Patriots of America, we must unite. The Second Amendment was written to provide that the Freedoms won by the Revolution would never be taken away by a corrupt Federal Government  or by any corrupt State Government. Thomas Jefferson, and others, predicted that there would be a time, in the future, that the leaders of America would value their own interests over that of the citizenry of the nation, and would move this nation toward tyranny (When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty). This time is now upon us. 

The Constitution is the "Rock" that this nation was built on, and the Second Amendment is the "barometer" that would warn the public that the time has come, once again, to start a Revolution. America is now being led by a corrupt President, a corrupt and inept Congress, and a corrupt and misinformed Supreme Court. It is ludicrous to believe that the Second Amendment has anything, what so ever, to do with "hunting weapons". It is now time to stop pretending that President Obama is the son of a goat herded from Kenya, or that he is a Constitutional scholar. It is time to let the "rains come" and wash away the house he has built on sand. There is enough evidence that this President is a complete fraud, and one can start by watching: "Dreams from My Real Father",  by Joel Gilbert. It was available on Netflix, but I am not sure now. The reviews were mostly of the typical ranting's of Obama fans who can't be bothered with truth, and have no idea that the gold band on B.H. Obama's left hand, with the Islamic inscription, is not a ring given to him by Michelle at their wedding ceremony, but one that was given to him by his male, Muslim, "friend" from his college days (this ring can be clearly seen in photos of Obama from his college days). Let Freedom Ring.
Lord Howard Hurts

Friday, December 21, 2012

Mitt Romney Is A Fraud

Today is December 21, 2012, and the Republicans in Congress are doing their best to act like Democrats. Where is the great Republican Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney? I checked his Facebook page at 10:48 PM tonight, and it said, "Hope everyone had a great Thanskgiving! Much to be thankful for this year." What a great American! He lost the election, and then he lost interest in all the things he tried to make us believe were important to him. A few days ago, Romney once again was given a place on the board of directors of Marriott International, Inc., so said J.W. Marriott Jr. (Romney had formerly received a base pay of $60,000 a year and $110,000 in stock, and $1,250 for every meeting he attended in 2011, as a director of Marriott International). Mitt also met with President Obama in Washington last Thursday, but DID NOT speak to reporters afterwards. There was only a statement from the White House that said, "Mitt Romney and Obama discussed American leadership abroad, and vowed to stay in touch." And so I guess this makes me correct in my assessment of Romney as a "Sissy Boy," and just another Bob Dole or John McCain. Another Republican candidate who only talks about fighting to restore America's "Lost Moral Compass", and then when he loses the election he "takes his ball and bat", and goes home to corporate America, and picks up the "easy money". I don't know about you, but I feel that Mitt was only interested in becoming President for personal reasons, or he now would be leading the Republican Party towards the elections of 2016. If Mitt Romney had been a "Real" candidate he would now be out front fighting for the voters that believed in him, and believed that he could, and would fix the economy. But instead we now have a Republican party with no leader. A party fighting among its own self about the direction to go to in the future, and a party that talks conservative, but when in power leads like a liberal Democrat. I now hope that the Patriots of this nation understand that the old guard of the GOP must not be believed, and that the Republican Party of Lincoln is dead and gone, and it is time for a new political party to rise from the ashes. And by the way, are you, today, doing as well financially as Mitt Romney, after the re election of B.H. Obama? 

And not to just be critical, and without a constructive idea....... I propose that the Patriots of this great Republic start a national third party, and call it: "Christian Democrats". I believe that there would be enough members from day one to make it a power broker in all elections, state or national. And it would be the political party that could restore our lost "Moral Compass", and keep the Constitution as the supreme law of the land. B.H. Obama is a Marxist and it is most certain that he is a Muslim (this is important as he has said repeatedly that he is a Christian). It is "Do or Die" time, and time for all Patriots to stand up and fight. There is no way that 48 million Americans actually qualify for "Food Stamps". "Food Stamps" are just another way that Marxist Obama is destroying individual responsibility and individual confidence. "Food Stamps" should not exist. Helping the nations poor should be the job of the non profit charities that receive tax benefits.... and persons like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett should not write larger checks to the Federal Government.......they should write larger checks to the non profits that help the poor. 
Lord Howard Hurts 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sandy Hook Is Not A Second Amendment Gun Issue

The tragedy at Sandy Hook is not a Second Amendment gun issue, but it clearly is an issue about a mentally deranged person who got access to weapons owned by his mother....... and this mother was fully aware of her son's mental illness for many years, and as a result she also paid the ultimate price because of her failure to act as a responsible citizen of this nation. And had this young, mentally deranged, person killed just one child with a hatchet.......would the tragedy be any less than the killing of 20? 

The Second Amendment to the Constitution of America is not a granting of "hunting weapon rights", it is a tool provided by our Founders to preserve Freedom for the citizens of this Great Republic. Our Founders knew that in time corruption would erode the freedoms of the citizenry, and another Revolution would need to be fought, and so they provided that the Second Amendment be a clear warning to those who would corrupt this nation, and take the Freedoms provided for by the Constitution. And for those who believe that we don't need the Second Amendment I ask them to take a few minutes to view this linked video. We need to never forget what can happen to a citizenry that can not defend themselves.
Lord Howard Hurts 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sandy Hook Was About A Mother's Failure To Take Responsibility

Our Second Amendment Right is a freedom given us by the Constitution that bestows on all citizens the ability to protect themselves from a corrupt government. There is nothing in this amendment that mentions anything about the right of citizens to have and to hold hunting weapons. Isn't it nice that the Democrats, and some of the uninformed Republicans, are willing to make a compromise so that Americans can keep hunting weapons? 

This tragedy in Sandy Hook is more about a mother's failure to take responsibility for her mentally ill son than society's supposed lust for military type weapons. This mother, who also was killed in this tragedy, received $289,800 in alimony this year, and this amount of alimony was to continue until December 2023, with slight increases each year for cost of living. So this was not a case for the welfare police. This was a case of a mother who abandoned her responsibility to the community in which she lived and prospered. It is time for the "Vultures" to stop spinning this foreseeable Armageddon into an emotional issue that will not only cause this nation great harm, through insecurity and loss of Freedom, but maybe start a civil war between those who want to change the Constitution and those who want the Constitution to continue unchanged. Freedom is not always easy and it sometimes needs to be tested. 
Lord Howard Hurts   

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Obama Cried.....and Obama Lied

I have recently been assaulted by liberals who viewed my posting on the deaths at the Connecticut public school as proof of my being mentally ill. They espouse the idea that now is the time to pass legislation to prevent senseless gun deaths in America. They further point out that they support President Obama and truly loved they way he came before the American public an wept for the children killed in that senseless act of violence. Well Patriots, isn't it time to pull the "cover" off of this fraud, President Obama? Please take the time to read this linked article and THINK just what should be done with a President who has killed hundreds of innocent persons in the past 4 years.

Lord Howard Hurts

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Senseless Death In America

On December 14, 2012, for the 65,000th time in my life, I was proud to be an American. I listened intently to President Obama as he wept at the loss of life in Connecticut. I believe his emotions were sincere. I also believe that something needs to be done immediately, today, to prevent more of this same loss of life. Yes, automatic weapons need to be restricted to only those of this nation who are clearly sane, but automobiles need to be removed from the roads of this nation immediately. Automobiles in America kill nearly 100 persons each day. It is time to remove these "machines of mass destruction" from the roads of America now! It is apparent that the driving tests and drivers education is lacking in all the 50 states (or as President Obama would say, "58 states"). It is time for the Federal Government to do its duty to insure that nobody dies a senseless death at the hands of some mentally deficient driver, or as in the case of Toyota vehicles, cars that thinks for themselves and defy the physical input from its driver, and goes faster and faster the harder the brakes are pushed. It is time for our worthless Congress to see that automobiles are a relic of the past, and decree walking as the only safe means of transportation. I am sure the First Lady, Michelle Obama, can be a positive factor in moving this type of legislation forward. Once this issue of killer vehicles is handled, then it is time for more gun laws. 

Can America tolerate 100 deaths a day by automobiles that sometimes think for themselves, and by drivers bent on destruction........who use these "machines of mass destruction" to kill 40,000 Americans, of all ages, each year? It should be further noted that in the U.S. each year 6,000 persons die from falls, 5,000 from poisoning, and 3,000 from fire and burns. 
Lord Howard Hurts   

Friday, December 14, 2012

Life On Earth Is Just Too Complex To Have Been An Accident

Have you had enough of Obama and the Democrats? No? Read this and wonder why you are working hard to pay taxes so that things like this can continue: “out of control” government spending that has included such significant expenditures as $5,000 stipends for people to think about what food would be good to eat on Mars while sunbathing on a Hawaiian beach.
Read more at 

Now on the subject of Mars, and the Space Program in particular, do you understand that there is no need for further study of "Space" because we humans of Earth are not going there EVER. Check out these facts and then decide if America needs to continue to spend billions upon billions of taxpayers money to be the world leader into Space.

1.  The International Space Station orbits the Earth at an altitude of about 250 miles. 

2.  The speed of the Space Shuttle, when it operated in space, was about 18,000 miles per hour. So at this speed it would take approximately 8 months to travel from Earth to Mars, and nearly a year and one half for a complete roundtrip (and some people worry about going on a car trip of 2 days).

3.  If the Space Shuttle was to travel out of our solar system and towards the star nearest to Earth, how long would this trip take? Forget it. If the Space Shuttle somehow could travel out to our nearest star, Alpha Centauri, it would take about 165,000 years just to get there. Now, knowing this and the fact that any planet that might have life on it is further out in space than this nearest star, do you really believe that taxpayer money used for space travel, and exploration, is something you feel is a reasonable expenditure of the Federal Government? 

4.  There is no actual, logical, reason to believe that there is another Earth in our galaxy. And without life or oxygen or temperatures that humans can live with... explain to me logically why the taxpayers of America should fund further study of Space? Why not explore the oceans of Earth? The oceans hold the future for an Earth with an expanding population.

5.  Our nearest galaxy is 2 million light years away from Earth. Traveling at the speed of light (186,000 miles per second. And at this speed one could circumnavigate the Earth 7.5 times in one second) this means that it would take 2 million years for a space vehicle to reach this galaxy. So travel to the next galaxy is next to impossible even given the ability to travel at the speed of light, and it must also be remember that NASA scientists believe that any space vehicle that traveled at the speed of light would act like an atom smasher and form new types of matter as it proceeded. 

6.  Life is just to complex to be the result of some chaotic "atom smashing" that moved from chaos to a precise mathematical organization. It is a fact that all life on Earth can be deciphered from the mathematical codes that provide the key to their existence. Thus proving that there must be a Creator. Now the big question: "Is the Creator dead or alive?" The answer is very simple: "The Creator is alive". This same precise mathematical code that defines life also contains a knowledge of the Creator. It is up to the individual Earth human to either accept or deny the existence of the Creator. All animals and lesser life forms have no "Free Will". And because of this fact they can not make any material changes in what happens on Earth day to day. Only man was given "Free Will" and only man has the ability to destroy life forms by making incorrect decisions. To deny the Creator is to deny life itself.

7.  For Earth to have been visited by Space Travelers there must be something faster than the speed of light. All the UFO sightings can't be fake. There are many "normal" persons who have seen "Space Ships and Aliens People". Think about it. If there were actual Space Travelers visiting Earth, why would they not stop and make themselves known? From what we understand about space travel, these Aliens would be a most advanced race, and would mentally dominate Earth humans, and so they would have no fear about showing themselves. I believe that some sightings and stories about Space Travelers are true. Then from where do these Space Travelers come? The answer is simple: Earth. They come from a Parallel Universe or Alternative Reality. This explains why the Space Travelers are seldom seen at populated places on Earth. Further, it is most basic to understand that the lights of the large cities of Earth would be an attraction to any Space Traveler. But in reality so many sightings take place in desolate and small cities and towns that this one fact provides the clue that these travelers are not here by intelligent planning. The fact that they never stay or make themselves known is proof that they are occupants of Earth, and they exist in an Alternative Reality that humans can not fathom...... proof that their visits are not planned. For some unknown reason these travelers are able to penetrate into our reality, and for whatever reason they are not interested in communicating with humans. This Parallel Universe also would explain why the Space Aliens can breath Earth's oxygen. From what we do know about space, there is little oxygen and it would be assumed that Space Travelers could not live on oxygen. Given the distance and speeds needed for Space Travel this Parallel Universe theory is the only logical answer as to where Space Travelers call home. So isn't it time to demand a stop to all space exploration and use our tax money for exploration of the oceans? Our oceans are our future. 
Lord Howard Hurts

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lord Howard Hurts, Leader of "The New Tea Party"

The defeat of the old guard, Republican, candidate, Mitt Romney, in the elections of 2012 is validation of the "old  saw" that to continue to do something over and over again............ while expecting a different result is total insanity. This past, lost, election has clearly left the "Tea Party", and the true Patriots of this nation, on the defense. Every day some liberal media pundit "pounds" the "Tea Party" and its members into irrelevant nothingness based on this historic loss. It is time for the "Tea Party" to choose a leader who knows how to fight "progressive slime" using the age old tactic of "Divide and Conquer", and who will find the lost "Moral Compass" that has guided this nation since its beginning. Unless there is some new type of resistance to this assault from the liberal Democrats, this once great Republic will wither away, and become a footnote in the "Big Book" of world history.

I nominate myself, Lord Howard Hurts, as the leader of  "The New Tea Party". My first objective will be to totally confuse the liberals by taking two issues that are part and parcel to the liberal thinking of the voters that re elected Obama, and making them the priority of  "The New Tea Party". These two issues are: "Make Walmart pay a working wage to its workers", and "Legalize marijuana". Now don't close your mind to this strategy. Read everything before quitting, and going back to "knocking your head against the wall" in another failed attempt to enlighten the voters of America that there is no such thing as a "Free Lunch". 

"Make Walmart pay a working wage to its workers." I picked this issue because Walmart is the number one employer in the public sector, and to bring Walmart "down" would show that "The New Tea Party" is not to be trifled with or dismissed. And the issue is legitimate because so many of the workers at Walmart are only part time employees and are in fact on "Food Stamps". It is an undeniable fact that those who work for a living should not qualify for taxpayer food assistance. Another reason for choosing Walmart for "destruction" is that some of the founding family of this behemoth corporation, who are the wealthiest of Americans, supported Obama in the past election. What better way to reward the people who financed Obama's re election? My theory is to bring Walmart down hard and fast, and let this be a  show of the strength of "The New Tea Party", and while all this is happening how can the liberal press find fault?

"Legalize marijuana." There is no holding back the "flood gates" on this issue. I propose that "The New Tea Party" get behind this issue "fast and furious". This is a sure winner, and it will invigorate the mass of old hippy types from the sixties and seventies (also known as the "Viagra Set"), and all the voters 18 to 40. How can the liberal press, and Democrats, find fault with this social undertaking? They can't........and because "The New Tea Party" will be on the forefront of progressive change, the lions share of support will move from the Democrats to "The New Tea Party", and the fight for voters will be divided rather than a "sure thing" for Democrats. This new tactic will force the Democrats to immediately "Push" more liberal ideas in their attempt to stay on "Top", and these new ideas will have to be more socialistic.... and when America "hits bottom", the electorate will either choose more conservative leaders or America will be lost. Either way isn't it better to "hit bottom" now rather than later? Always remember that change that is brought into play slowly becomes the norm and Revolution becomes the way of the "Crazies". Lets bring radical change into play now, and not let the electorate become accustomed to it so that Revolution can be an option in the future. 

If you agree with this strategy please send this to all your Facebook friends and ask them to become friends with Lord Howard Hurts, leader of "The New Tea Party". If I don't get at least 3 new friends from this posting, I will stop the rants and raves and go quietly into retirement.
Lord Howard Hurts 

Monday, December 10, 2012

Newt Gingrich, back from the "deep black hole" of emptiness

The controlled media has brought Newt Gingrich back from the "deep black hole" he was last seen falling into. Apparently, he is leaning towards the left enough that they want to give the defeated Republicans a new plan for defeat. Read this article:  and THINK. Do we really need advice from such a flawed character?

I believe that Gingrich is precisely the reason that the GOP is dead. Actually, the only rational statement made by "Sissy Boy" Romney, in the campaign of 2012, was his truism that 47 Percent of the  "Slugs of America", known as Democrats, would vote Obama because they are addicted to "Food Stamps". Of course when the "Slugs" cried foul, "Sissy Boy" retracted this truth and went on to lose the election, and ultimately meet with Obama, in the White House, for a "love feast" meeting to show his respect to the very person he had ranted about, during his campaign leading up to the election, as the person who would take America "off the economic cliff". If one doesn't believe that Gingrich lives in some type of "Disney World" then just take a look at his wife. Gingrich is a proven "LOSER", so why would any rational voter pay attention to anything he has to say? Wake Up, America! Can you say, "1776"? 
Lord Howard Hurts

Saturday, December 8, 2012

The War On Drugs Was A Complete Failure?

The War On Drugs was a complete failure, and now Colorado and Washington (state) have passed laws, by wide margins, that let 21 and older citizens possess up to an ounce of marijuana. These new laws are also expected to end the "rule of marijuana by lawless thugs", and allow private persons to be licensed to both cultivate and sell this "harmless" drug (like alcohol is a no problem drug for Americans). Similar to the lottery, this new star revenue producer is expected to fund millions upon millions of dollars annually for schools, roads, and other projects for the "poor". Sounds so "Progressive" and "Liberal", that I laugh at the silliness of this vote by the majority. First, all research points to mega problems with long term use of marijuana, but this point will be minor if one thinks the "War On Drugs" was a failure. Get ready for another government boondoggle. This one will be more corrupt and taxing than the current second coming of Obama.

Marijuana is in reality nothing more than a weed, and as such it takes little, to none, of actual farming experience to master its growing.... thus anyone who possesses seeds can be a grower. When the state licenses and taxes such a common product it is apparent that the "lawless thugs" can undercut the licensed product and make a good living. The old "War On Drugs" will be replaced by the "New War On Drugs", and the thugs will continue to flourish because they can sell their product cheaper than the state licensed marijuana. Has American gone crazy? If this thinking is the result of the American education system then we need to immediately shut-down the entire Federal Education System, and let the individual states handle education as they can afford and see fit. The result of doing this can be no more destructive to the well being of this nation that what we have now. And, just what schools did Abraham Lincoln or Thomas Edison attend? This nation spends more on education than any other nation on planet Earth today, and we still have students who can not tell you which President is found on the "Lincoln Head Cent", or what state is named after the Mississippi river. A little legal marijuana mixed with the Federal Education System insures that it will be difficult, if not impossible, to find qualified "flag holders" on road construction jobs, or burger flippers who know which side of the burger to place the pickle. Wake Up, Patriots! It is time to face reality and take charge. Do you understand "1776"?
Lord Howard Hurts

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

"when we wake from the "Dream", the first person pronoun, I, will no longer exist."

The U.S. Government is not the guarantor of prosperity nor "Santa Clause" to the wants of the poor, or any other individual, or group of American citizens. The duty of the U.S. Government is that of the supreme defender, of the nation, from hostilities both domestic and foreign, and as the "police" and "arrestor" of those who refuse to follow the Constitution. 

It is time for the citizenry of the U.S. to take full responsibility for their actions, and this includes doing "Due Diligence" before signing any contract. All contracts need to be enforced as written, and contracts not expressed in writing must be excluded from the protection of Government. In other words to further expedite harmony and progress in daily life no contract, unless in writing, can be the subject of a court, and the Government needs to eliminate all "Small Claims Courts" as they are mostly an expression of Principle rather than a real claim against some factual contract dispute. This one act alone would empower the citizenry to assume full responsibility for their own behavior, and lessen their dependence on thousands, and thousands, of lawyers who make a living by servicing "revenge" rather than working to punish those in actual breach of contracts. 

Private business should be just that, PRIVATE, and there should be no business that is protected by Government because it is "too big to fail". And no politician should have a term of office greater than 8 years, and all pensions for politicians should be voided, past and present, to stop the corruption that now exists from "vote buying". Freedom is Responsibility and Responsibility is Freedom. Americans have become too "soft" and this softness has placed us in the position we now find ourselves. We have a President who is, in all outward actions, a Muslim, but professes to be a Christian.......and who has turned this great Republic into a Democracy run by the "Food Stamp" recipients rather than the productive minority that represent self responsibility. We are living in "Wonderland" and when we wake from the "Dream", the first person pronoun, I, will no longer exist. 
Lord Howard Hurts 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

"this is a "Biblical War", and it must be fought with direction and guidance from the Creator"

20 November, 2012. It is looking as if Israel is headed to a war that will ultimately "vaporize" the entire Jewish nation. To attack Hamas will only strengthen the resolve of the other players in the Mid East, and bring a united force against Israel which can not be defeated ( Israel is winning for the time being because the Muslim world is not yet ready for a Caliphate run by Iran. Iran is the strength to any Caliphate, but others want a multi leader union, and this is the hold-up. According to true Muslim law there can be only one leader of the Islamic faith, and as yet there is resistance of giving this position to someone from Iran ("The Imams (scholars of the four schools of thought)- may Allah have mercy on them- agree that the Caliphate is an obligation, and that the Muslims must appoint a leader who would implement the injunctions of the religion, and give the oppressed justice against the oppressors. It is forbidden for Muslims to have two leaders in the world whether in agreement or discord."  ^ Al-Fiqh Alal-Mathahib Al- Arba’a (the fiqh of the four schools of thought), volume 5, page 416). But unless Israel implements a strategy of attack quickly, things will change, and Iran will be accepted, and the fate of Israel will be sealed. Israel must understand that this is not war as usual.......this is a "Biblical War", and it must be fought with direction and guidance from the Creator. 
Lord Howard Hurts

Monday, November 19, 2012

Robot Voters Defeated Mitt Romney

John Stuart Mill was a British philosopher and a political economist. He was an influential contributor to social theory, political theory, and political economy, and was the most influential of all British philosophers (1806-1873).  Even though dead for over 140 years, here is what he had to say about the Obama birth certificate controversy: "If any opinion be compelled to silence, that opinion may, for aught we can certainly know, be true. To deny this is to assume our own infallibility."

In the Presidential elections of 2012, Mitt Romney lost not because he was not the better candidate, but because of the corrupt, Federal, liberal, education system that dominates the youth of America, and spawned millions upon millions of "robot" voters. Here is what Mill had to say about that: "A general State education is a mere contrivance for moulding people to be exactly like one another; and as the mould in which it casts them is that which pleases the dominant power in the government, whether this be a monarch, an aristocracy, or a majority of the existing generation; in proportion as it is efficient and successful, it establishes a despotism over the mind, leading by a natural tendency to one over the body." Unfortunately, until the Republicans understand this truism and take action to eliminate Federal control over education..............this great experiment in Freedom, America, is over.

Until the Republican Party understands this "gem" from will continue to be the party of NOTHING. "The only freedom deserving the name, is that of pursuing our own good in our own way, so long as we do not attempt to deprive others of theirs, or impede their efforts to obtain it. Each is the proper guardian of his own health, whether bodily, or mental and spiritual. Mankind are greater gainers by suffering each other to live as seems good to themselves, than by compelling each to live as seems good to the rest."

And finally, the most important of all the quotes from John Stuart Mill is this one, and if you are a Patriot I ask you to not only think about this, but I ask you to understand the significance of this thought in reference to the fraud and outright corruption that defines the Obama Administration today: "War is an ugly thing but not the ugliest of things; the decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feelings which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. A man who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself."
Lord Howard Hurts

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Are We A Nation Ruled By Law Or We A Nation Ruled By Men?

The fate of The United States of America rest with the answer to this one question: "Are we a nation ruled by men or are we a nation ruled by law?". The answer to this question will dictate if we are a Republic or a Democracy. Should we determine that we are a nation ruled by law, President Obama must be immediately removed. He has, for the past 4 years, ruled by selective enforcement of our laws and Constitution. Regardless of how many persons voted for him in the last election Obama must be removed from office, or the Republic is dead. America is at a standstill because its citizens can not determine in which direction they need to proceed to earn a living in an economy that is subject to the whims and favoritism dealt out by President Obama, and his socialist administration these past 4 years. It is "Do or Die" time. Our Congress has neutered itself, our Supreme Court has been corrupted by the socialist now found on its roster, and our military is controlled by "Harvard Types" who know little about fighting wars, but are experts in political maneuvers, and hanging out with women half their age. America is doomed from within unless the Patriots of this nation gather together and make their voice heard. This can best be accomplished in amassing at least 10,000 citizens to protest in front of the White House in a similar manner to the protests in Egypt that President Obama so much admired. It is time to demand that this fraud, Obama, remove himself from office now. It is time to find out just what that ring, on the left hand of Obama, really stands for. 
Lord Howard Hurts

Friday, November 16, 2012

How Are You Doing Financially, SUCKERS?

Wake Up, America!....and stop with the: "General Petraeus was always such a wonderful general and honest human being". General Petraeus was "cut from the same pattern that B. H. Obama was cut". Why else would he have taken the CIA job in the first place, and why would Obama have offered it to him? Just think about this you PATRIOT SUCKERS who are working for a living, and trying to make ends meet during this Obama Administration: Holly Petraeus, the wife of the saintly Gen. Petraeus, since last year has received a job as an assistant director within the Dodd-Frank law's new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau at the salary of $187,000 dollar a year. How are you doing financially SUCKERS?
Lord Howard Hurts 

Another Dream?

I posted many months ago that on October 28, 2012, Israel should attack Iran. I wrote that this was a dream that I had had. That it might be inspired or it might just be a regular dream ( On the aforementioned day, Israel did nothing. Then on October 29, 2012, hurricane Sandy was discovered on the radar, and it moved on to do massive damage to the east coast of the U.S. Could hurricane Sandy be a forecast of the future for the U.S. and Israel from the Creator? Or might Sandy just be a coincidence? 

Fast forward: November 16, 2012. Israel has been under rocket attack since 4 days after the re election of B. H. Obama. Today there is talk about drafting up to 30,000 additional Israeli troops for a ground invasion against Hamas in the Gaza territory. It is looking as if Israel is headed to a war that will ultimately "vaporize" the entire Jewish nation. To attack Hamas will only strengthen the resolve of the other players in the Mid East, and bring a united force against Israel which can not be defeated. Israel has to face the real prospect that America, under Obama, will not lift a hand to help. Is there a way out of this trap? Can Israel survive? Yes. I have had another dream. It is again related to the biblical story of David and Goliath. It might be inspired or it might just be a dream, but this dream revealed a strategy as to how to bring Iran to its "knees" without engaging the military forces of that nation in a fight. It is a strategy that would bring  President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to face assassination, not from Israel, but from within Iran itself. Thus the Hamas situation in Gaza could be handled in a regular military fashion without the prospect of intervention and help from either Iran or Egypt. But Iran must be disposed of FIRST. To continue to not "take on Iran" only emboldens others. To crush Iran and inspire an assassination of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad from within will slow the race to establish a Caliphate that can not be beaten. So all PM Netanyahu has to do is to contact me, and I will reveal to him the content of the dream. What is there to lose? Israel is on the edge of destruction as I write. And as something to ponder.......just why would I receive some inspired dream from the Creator? Well that is a good question. The answer is either I am delusional beyond comprehension, or that for some reason I have been chosen by the Creator to transmit a message to Israel. In my next posting I will fully explain why I believe that it is possible that I am a messenger of the Creator. And it is a most unbelievable story for sure. And I ask those who want to "beat me up" with laughter......... and confirm that I am delusional beyond comprehension, to wait until my next posting before filling my email with insults and death threats. And please understand that I have never been religious in any way, and know next to nothing about the Bible, but I do know that life is just too complex to have been an accident......that for every action there is an opposite and equal re action, and that nothing can be either created or destroyed. What exists, is what exists. Earth plus all its living components, barring occasional strikes from space and minor exports from the space program, equals the same physical weight of Earth and all it living components from day one. 
Lord Howard Hurts   

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I Had A Dream....But The World Laughed

All one has to do is to look at what is happening in Greece right now...... today, (strange how big media doesn't play this for the public) to view the future of America under Obama. Been there, done that recently, and please remember that Greece is a comparatively small economy in the scheme of world economies.......... It is on fire. Spain, Italy, and France are on the brink. To believe that when the "dominoes" fall, America will have some type of "firewall" of protection is absurd. Can anyone stop the inevitable? No. The world has consumed and spent itself into oblivion in the attempt to harvest votes from the non producers with the unintended consequence of enslaving millions upon millions of persons. The result of this bad behavior is Socialism, an economic system that has never worked for the good of anyone excepting the "thugs" leading the movement. America is doomed without the leadership from a strong military man (I am still the sexist pig) as President. Look, Romney could not even handle Candy Crowley in a debate when she took him to task for proffering a true statement about Obama. I am sorry, Republicans, Mitt Romney was not going to reverse our fall into the depths of socialism. He doesn't possess the skills necessary to make the difficult decisions that will be needed in the near future to keep this great Republic alive. And this is why I have ranted and raved about the value of Allen West for President. In any endeavor timing is the elusive factor that trumps both skill and intelligence. There is always that "window of opportunity" that "makes or breaks" the deal. I have previously mentioned that I had a dream that the "window of opportunity" was October 28, 2012. I told of this dream in a posting: "My dream" and on this particular day mentioned, no action was taken by Israel. Only time will tell if this date was the missed "window of opportunity", but I do find it strange that the next day, October 29, 2012, Hurricane Sandy was predicted and a few days later hit the U.S. with much devastation.
Lord Howard Hurts

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Piss Ant

(response from smdrpepper to lordhowardhurts): I'm sure Col. West would agree: What we need is a military dictatorship. Democracy is for wimps!

(lordhowardhurts to smdrpepper): Finally, you have "outed" yourself. Democracy. America is not a Democracy. It is a Democratic Republic. A Democracy is nothing more than a mob in action. Obama, and his administration, has disregarded the Constitution long enough. He has bribed the lower class voters with "Food Stamps" and other "goodies" that he has taken from the producers of this nation, who work and save and follow the rules, while letting the lower class not take responsibility for themselves. Like any Marxist, Obama has "pumped" these lower class persons into believing that they are responsible for all the success of this nation. He has created a mob mentality that believes that the rich are rich only because they stole from the poor. Obama has made class warfare his goal, and so divided the citizens of America that a civil war is nearing. The only way to stop this inevitable progression of events is to have a strong military do its Constitutional duty, and defend the Constitution from all enemy's, both domestic and foreign, and this means for them to remove the Marxist Obama from office. Anyone with half a brain can see that Obama's actions, or lack of actions in Libya recently, lead to the death of 4 American citizens. The cover up......... and the blatant lies about the events leading to the death of these American citizens.............. is an Impeachable act that for some reason the Congress will not  take an immediate action. When the Congress doesn't do their job then it becomes the job of the military, and Allen West seems well versed in the duty of the military. And to say that such an action will lead to a military dictatorship is premature thinking for sure. But when the Congress will not do their job what other option is there to be taken? 
Lord Howard Hurts

Friday, November 9, 2012

Let Freedom Ring

In view of the re election of B. H. Obama, I only remind readers that I said from day one that Mitt Romney was the John McCain-Bob Dole, candidate. Just another pick by a Republican leadership that talks small Federal Government, but when elected always increases the power of the Federal Government. There is not a dimes worth of difference between Mitt Romney and B. H. Obama in reality. Now please don't misunderstand me. Mitt Romney as a human being is a study in good behavior, but unfortunately, leaders have to lead, and sometimes they don't come across as friendly, nice guys. Mitt Romney, as a national leader would have been a "sissy boy".  And for anyone wanting to restore this Republic to greatness, candidates like Mitt Romney must be rejected. We need leaders who will defend the Constitution, and make the difficult decisions needed to keep it the "Law of the Land". We need leaders who don't spend their life making politics a career. We need leaders who will serve and go back to private life. Our national motto is: "In God We Trust". If we believe that this motto represents America, then we must fight evil when evil presents itself. We must not compromise our ideals and we must fight for our Freedoms. President B. H. Obama was elected by voters who, for the most part, don't believe in God, do not believe that the Constitution, as written, is the "Law of the Land", and who believe that the producers of this nation owe them their "fair share" of all the profits earned by the investment and the hard work of these producers. Up is now Down, and Down is now Up. The first thing American Patriots need to do is to remove B. H. Obama from office by legal means. B. H. Obama is a fraud and a liar, and it is time for Americans to stop being intimidated by the Democrats, and the accommodating big media news corporations, and to deal logically and legally with the issue of B. H. Obama's eligibility to hold the office of President. 

Less than a week ago, former President Bill Clinton said,  “who wants a president who will knowingly, repeatedly tell you something he knows is not true?”.  I understand that this statement is funny considering that it was said by Bill Clinton, but could anyone else speak more truthfully about the value of truth? We need to know the truth about President Obama. We need to know if in fact he is the son of a goat herder from Kenya. We need to know if he actually wrote the books that have been attributed to him. We need to know just how he was able to go to Harvard when he has said publicly that he spent most of his time in college smoking marijuana and getting low grades. We also need to know why he would post his birth certificate on the Internet, for the world to see, but steadily refuses to let anyone independently verify that the birth certificate in the vault in Hawaii is the same as the posted one. We also need to know about all the events leading up to the death of the Americans in Libya, during the attack on the embassy there, and we need to know all about the gold band Obama wears on the finger of his left hand. He has said that this ring was a gift from Michelle Obama at their wedding. But WND has clearly shown that this ring is the same one Obama has worn since his college days. WND has also discovered that this ring has an inscription, on the outside, that is written in Arabic, and is a Muslim expression of faith. In view of the fact that Obama has repeatedly said that he is a Christian, there needs to be a finding if he has told the truth, or has just said what he feels is expedient. As in the case of Watergate, it was the cover up and lying that ultimately brought Richard Nixon to resign his office. Obama is a Marxist and he is holding office through deceptive means. The main focus of the Patriots of this nation must be to have Obama removed from office, and have our "Moral Compass" re calibrated. It is time to logically understand that those who receive a handout from the taxpayers of this nation will only vote for those who will take more from these producers, and give it as payment for votes. Persons who don't pay taxes should have no say in who is elected to public office. What if anyone who wanted could go to a stockholders meeting at Ford Motor Company, and vote to elect officers, and to ferment policy. No. To vote at a Ford Motor Company stockholders meeting one must actually hold shares in the company. It is not enough to just be someone taking up space on earth. And with 47 million Americans on "Food Stamps" it is difficult to conceive that anyone except a Marxist can be elected President in future elections. So Patriots, the election is over, but it isn't actually over until the fraud, Obama, is removed from office. Let Freedom Ring.
Lord Howard Hurts

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

No More "Metro Man" For Political Office

Comment by Lt. Col. Michael Mddock, USAS Retired, found at: EXCLUSIVE – “Gutsy Call” on UBL not made by Obama
October 11, 2012 | Filed underBreaking News,World Events | Posted by SUAadmin,

Lt Col Michael Maddock, USAF Retired
October 29, 2012 - 7:03 am
This story was supported in military blogs immediately after the raid. It confirms that Obama was called from the Andrews AFB golf course so he could be present for the inevitable photo op. You can see by his attire and the seating arrangement he was a late arrival.
Fast forward to 9/11/12 and the Bengazi situation and the result was different because Obama could not be overruled. He didn’t want to endanger the election by a potential failure so he punted while US citizens died. Never have I been less proud to be an American; the story of these dead American heroes is being swept under the table.

Lord Hurts: I think that Lt Col Michael Maddock, USAF Retired, has said it all. Now with the failure by Mitt Romney, and the Republican Party, to oust this fraud of a President, just what actions will the Patriots of this nation need to take to safeguard the Constitution? And not to be an "I told you so", but I have ranted and raved for more than 3 years that Obama needed to be legally removed from office before the election of November 6, 2012. Romney was just another Bob Dole, John McCain, "weak sister", pick by the Republican establishment. The Patriots of this nation, as usual, just ran with the herd on this pick. When it was apparent during the last 2 Presidential debates that Romney was, at best, only going to be an "appeaser" rather than a true leader, I suggested that the Republican Party concede the election to Obama, and to instead concentrate on electing Republicans to Congress so that after taking office, once again, Obama could be remove for CAUSE. But now with only the House having a Republican majority, there is little chance of using this tactic. As I suggested in the past, it is time to start a new political party because there is not a "dimes worth of difference" between the Republican and Democratic Parties as they work today. I suggested that this new party be called: "The Christian Democrats". And because it would have an immediate membership of many millions of Conservative Christians, it would be an immediate power player as it could be used to "make or break" any politician of either the Republican or Democratic persuasion. America is on the brink of a total "meltdown". There is no way that our Freedoms will survive another 4 years of the Obama Administration. It is time for real leaders to come forward, and it is time for the Patriots of this nation to stop being intimidated into believing that a "Metro Man", like Romney, can make the hard decisions that need to be taken to restore this nation to greatness. It is also time to stop electing professional politicians to office. It is now time for the Patriots to come together and to make the changes necessary to restore America as: "One Nation, Under God".  
Lord Howard Hurts  

Monday, November 5, 2012

Idea From The Past

Lord Howard Hurts • 2 years ago -

Isn't the act of doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result called Insanity? Isn't this exactly what our past policy dealing with Cuba has been? It is time to stop and think, and formulate a winning policy, and it looks like Obama has chosen a policy that may break Castro's hold on the freedom loving people of Cuba. Now, I don't think he intended this policy to do anything accept bolster the failing current communistic government, but I also don't think that Obama is nearly as smart as the drooling media portrays. I would think that Obama would rather give, outright, taxpayer aid to the Castro government, but even he is not dumb enough to think that the republicans, even as "toothless" as they are, would let this idea pass. As a matter of fact, I would advocate opening travel to Cuba to any US citizen, and not put a limit on the cash that could be transferred  Let Cuba see the American dollar and meet the American citizens. Their own desire for freedom will take hold, and within a year or so, Castro will be "history". Let the strength of the dollar be our guns. Have faith that the people of Cuba know and want freedom from "slavery," and will take charge of their own destiny. Let's back Obama on this idea.
 Lord Howard Hurts

Friday, November 2, 2012

Time For Congress To Stop Standing Around Playing Pocket Pool

"(ABC News) As he left his Marine One helicopter Wednesday evening and walked to the residence of the White House, President Obama did not respond to a question shouted out by ABC News’s Mary Bruce about when he would begin to provide answers to the numerous questions building up about what exactly what went wrong in Benghazi, Libya, on September 11, 2012.The president smiled and continued walking."

"Hang the election!" It is time for our cowardly Congress to take action against President Obama, Vice President Biden, Hillary "My daughter and I were under fire in Bosnia" Clinton, Leon Panetta, and all the journalist that are obstructing justice and "accessories after the fact"! There is no doubt that President Obama is a traitor. Forget the elections. This nation is "Burning" and nobody seems to knows the chain of command pertaining to "Who Is In Charge" when the President and Vice President are incapacitated. Is there a leader in America Today? Is our military awake? It is time for our Congress to stop standing around and playing "Pocket Pool" and do their job.
Lord Howard Hurts

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Banned From Facebook

Speaking of censorship, I had an incident with Facebook a few months back. I was told that I had violated the Facebook usage rules. That I had engaged in posting responses that were not "On Topic". I was told to read the rules and to stop posting my off topic blabber. I was further told that until I provided Facebook with my, valid, phone number I would not be allowed to post anything. Now at that time, I was only posting on public persons accounts, Limbaugh, Michael Savage, and such, and I only posted in the "box" that said, "What's On Your Mind?", so I could not understand being banned for posting off topic responses. I gave a phone number, not my own, and received a message from Facebook that they had received this phone number and that I now faced a 15 day "lock out". I was told that after the 15 day suspension, I would be monitored and if I did not continue to abide by the Facebook rules, I would be banned from Facebook forever. After the 15 days passed, I was allowed to continue posting, and I have posted as I had previously, and I have not been "threatened" again........but there is a box at the top of my account every time I open my Facebook that has the phone number I gave when I called Facebook (not my actual phone number), and this box asks that I confirm this phone number and add it to my profile. I noticed that today it was not present.
Lord Howard Hurts 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Where Is The Outrage From Congress?

Where is the outrage from Congress (Benghazi, Libya. The lying and failure to provide needed military support during a terrorist attack.), and why is President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, still in office, and not sitting in jail, charged with Treason? The American military is so politically corrupt that it also is AWOL on this issue. On September 17, 2012, I wrote the following article,  "Tail Is Wagging The Dog": GO Mavericks!    Read it and Think:

America has been corrupted by both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. Our Supreme Court is "stacked", not with Constitutional Scholars, but political hacks holding self serving law degrees. Our Congress is totally corrupt and composed of "scavengers". Our President invents composite women friends and lies about his former college employment position, all the while not letting anyone view his actual school records so that his "claims to superior intelligence" can not be verified. 

Then we have the military of this nation. Although it is the most vital part of our national stability and the part of government that keeps the peace both domestically and worldwide, it is also the most despised and ridiculed department of our national government. The young men who serve, and give their lives for all the freedoms that American society possesses..........are viewed as "not so bright" Americans, "dumb guys who can't get a real job." And as President Obama strips away more and more of our Constitutional freedoms, and lessens the "bite" of the Congress through Presidential Edicts, the military stands by and does nothing. 

Our Constitution clearly makes the military the last resort to tyranny. Officers of the military take an oath to defend the Constitution from all enemy's, both foreign and domestic, but alas, the American military has been so politicized by the corrupt Congress, and past and present Presidents, that the leadership of this military is more focused on homosexual rights than doing its duty to defend both the Constitution and the citizens. On October 28, 2012 there will be an event that will change the world. It is time for the Mavericks (those who moved up the ranks from enlisted men) to take charge and "throw out all the corrupt paper pushers and homosexual appeasers" that now control our great Republic, and to make America strong once again. It is time to start teaching that America is a Republic and not a Democracy. A Democracy is nothing more than a "mob without restraint by logical law". Voters in future national elections must not be persons who are receiving government "handouts". For those on the dole will always vote for those who will increase the dole. When a nation as wealthy as America has over 46 million citizens receiving "Food Stamps" it is apparent that the "Tail Is Wagging The Dog". GO Mavericks!
Lord Howard Hurts

Monday, October 29, 2012

"The Entire Equation In The Middle East Will Change"

I believe that when the nation of Israel did not institute an attack on Iran and its nuclear facilities on October 28, 2012, that it sealed its own fate. Israel will be no more, and no nation will come to their aid. PM Benjamin Netanyahu chose to believe that a Romney win in November will strengthen the bond between the U.S. and Israel, but as I mentioned in my account of a dream I had,, the American citizens will have no interest in engaging in any war, for any reason, for many years to come. When "Push comes to Shove"....Romney will leave Israel "blowing in the wind". And should Obama win in November the result will be the same treatment....... just without the "kiss". Israelis are now destined to wander in the "wilderness" for another thousand years. The experiment with an Israeli nation is over. Hezbollah MP Walid Sakariya has said, on Lebanese television, that the nuclear weapon Iran is allegedly developing is intended to annihilate Israel. Sakariya, a retired general, also asserted: “The entire equation in the Middle East will change” (when Iran has a nuclear weapon). And on October 28, 2012 history was made................ And the condemned man, knowing that he would die in the gas chamber, savored over, and ate, his last meal......... and then calmly walked to the place designed to reduce him to nothingness. Has man lost his understanding of Free Will? Free Will is what separates the human race from animals. Animals accept their fate because they know no other alternative. But man has been given the gift of Free Will by the Creator, and it is blasphemy to accept one's fate without expressing Free Will.
Lord Howard Hurts 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Obama Is A Known Traitor

Why is President Obama still in office on this day, October 25, 2012? He has lied repeatedly about the events of the terrorist attack in Libya which killed 4 American, government, employees. Better still is why is Mitt Romney being viewed, by the likes of Rush Limbaugh, and other supposed conservative talk show hosts, as "Brilliant" in reference to the way he (Romney) handled himself in the recent debate? "Brilliant"? Romney is a fool and a narcissist. He had every opportunity to "beat Obama down" on his lack of truth concerning the Libyan terrorist issue, and he chose to use, as Rush Limbaugh expresses it, "Brilliant Strategy". Strategy? Brilliant? Romney used cheap parlor tricks on Obama. This nation needs a real leader to rescue us from the depths of the socialist ideology that President Obama has subjected us to these past 4 years. All Romney had to do during that debate was to tell the truth, and demand that Obama resign. Oh, this would not be Presidential. Bull Crap. Mitt Romney is just another empty suit looking for his place in history. If he cared about America and it's working citizens, he would have told the unvarnished truth, and demanded answers, and not worried about what the likes of Rush Limbaugh would say about him the next day on his EIB (Ego Is Big) network. This nation is in for a huge surprise when, and if, Romney wins. Romney is the Soros choice. I don't mean to imply that Romney got together with Soros, and that they have some pact, but I mean that Romney is everything Soros wants in an American President. Romney is Obama lite. If Romney is a real Patriot he needs to demand that Obama immediately explain, once and for all, the details of the terrorist attack on Libya, and also why he, Obama wears a gold band, inscribed with an Islamic phrase, on his left hand. Why has Obama told the world that this gold band was a wedding gift from Michelle when this same ring can be clearly seen in photo's from his college days? Obama is a known traitor, and it is time for Romney to stop with the cheap parlor tricks, and act like a leader. The truth will always win. Donald Trump is the only real Patriot in the news today. 
Lord Howard Hurts

Obama Ring With Islamic Inscription

Donald Trump is a Patriot. And in view of the Libyan Lies by President Obama.....How about asking about the gold band on his left hand? This gold band was supposed to be a gift from Michelle during their wedding. How is it that this same gold band, with the Islamic inscription, is found in photo's of Obama during his college days? What is the actual translation of this Islamic inscription? Could it have something to do with the conduct of Obama during the terrorist attack in Libya? This is a question that needs an immediate answer, and this answer could impact the entire future of Israel.
Lord Howard Hurts 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Israel: October 28, 2012 Must Be Observed

Is there no end to the lies and treachery from American President Obama? Is anyone paying attention to the gold band on his left hand? He says that it is a wedding band given to him by his wife, Michelle, but there is clear photographic evidence that this particular ring has been worn by Obama since his college days. There is an inscription on the outside of this ring that says: "There is no god but Allah". I only hope that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will read this posting and seek religious affirmation of two dreams I experienced.

I was in my room and in my bed on the night of August 21, 2012. It was near the hour of  3 AM, when suddenly there came such a noise that I awakened from my deep slumber. As I  awoke and sat upright in my bed, I saw the figure of an angel robed in white floating in mid air before me. This angel gave me this message: 

"Netanyahu-Barak, you have no choice except to exert a solo attack on Iran. The US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey, has delivered the "Obama Talking Points" to you. President Obama is a fraud and Patriotic Americans are at the ready to lift the cover of protection from this most corrupt President. An Israeli attack on Iran will be the "sign" that will bring the Patriots of America together to start a "Fall Revolution". And it incumbent upon Israel to make plans to hit Iran, and Egypt, if necessary, before the Presidential elections of November 6. After this date it will be too late regardless of which candidate wins the election. Attack before the elections, and attack swift and hard, and the American people will be with you. Wait, and be assured that the American people will be so divided that there will be no assistance. The window of opportunity is October 28, 2012. "  Was this just a dream?

I had another dream in early September of 2012 , and it might be fantasy, but I will  not stop from posting it. In no way, can I be called a religious person or even one schooled in the scriptures, but in this dream,  David, a Shepard boy, says: "I come to thee in the name of the Lord of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, whom thou hast defied." This is in reference to David meeting Goliath. Then further, in this dream, a voice says, "Israel must understand that Iran believes it must destroy Israel,  and even if the rest of the world thinks this an insane thought, Iran does not. Iran's Twelver's and Ahmadinejad will sacrifice their entire country, and its entire population in order to destroy Israel, and fulfill the so called Imam prophecies. Of this there is no disputing. The Obama administration is secretly working against Israel, and is working for Iran. A win for Obama on November 6 will be the "death" of Israel because the American people will be so divided, and filled with their own divisiveness, that they will not want to go to war for any reason. And the same result will be revealed should Romney win because America will then be engaged in a race war. The only way to get America to take the positive action needed is for Israel to take offensive action against Iran on October 28, 2012. And this is the command of the Lord most high. Failure to follow this command will result in the complete destruction of Israel. But with the military aid of America, Iran will be defeated in 130 days, and the Third Temple can be built in Jerusalem." This is what I dreamed. I can only relate it to those who need this information. I believe that these dreams were inspired messages from the Creator. I only hope that PM Netanyahu will research their validity. 
Lord Howard Hurts

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fire Candy Crowley

Candy Crowley was asked by David Zurawik of The Baltimore Sun, before the Presidential debate of October 16,  what she would do if one of the candidates were not telling the truth. Ms. Crowley specifically stated:  

"Here's where I fall on that," she said. “Look, these are two grown men, and if there are two grown men who should know what’s going on — or what should go on in this country — it’s them. So, I’m not sure either one of them needs me to defend them or go after the other guy or whatever. ... Actually, I think, President Obama can figure out when Mitt Romney’s wrong, and Mitt Romney can figure out when Obama’s wrong.”

But as the records will show, when President Obama was attempting to "lie out" of the question about his slow response to the deadly attack in Libya against the 4 American embassy personnel, that Candy Crowley had before her a copy of President Obama's "Rose Garden" speech  that he delivered at the White House at 10:43 a.m. on Sept. 12.  Just where did Ms. Crowley get this copy of the Obama speech? And why did she have it at the ready? Ms. Crowley spotlights the bias leanings of big media, and for her intrusion into the debate, regardless if she was right or wrong in her interpretation of this "Rose Garden" speech, she must be fired and relegated to a fiction writer only status. Will this happen? Don't count on it anymore than having big media investigate the fraud birth certificate Obama has presented the American public, or getting the answer as to why he has been wearing a gold band on his left hand, a ring that has an Arabic inscription on the outside, since his college years. A ring that he said was a gift from Michelle during his wedding ceremonies. Four more years of Obama and America will be transformed into The Socialist States of America. It is time to remove this fraud from office.
Lord Howard Hurts  

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Romney Proved His Worth In The Second Debate

What a debate! We have a winner in Mitt Romney. I will never forget the way he handled the Libyan question. The way he handled the confused, misleading, and downright lies about this disastrous and deadly attack on both the American citizens, who were killed in this terrorist attack, and the integrity of America. Mitt stood up to both Obama and Candy Crowley on this issue, and I will never forget how he attacked Crowley for being partisan and interfering in the debate. To use Mitt's words:

 "Candy. First you are wrong and you are attempting to deflect the truth on this issue. President Obama was AWOL on the issue for almost 2 weeks. He lied then, and he is lying now. Why have you decided at this time in this debate to be "Miss Fact Checker"? No. President Obama did not handle this volatile situation with speed or enough force, and he clearly did not inform the American public just what the real facts were.....then or even now. Today, we hear that the "Buck Stops With Hillary Clinton". Who is in charge of this country? This is precisely why I entered in this race. America needs a leader not a narcissistic, AWOL, President. It is time for the citizens of this great nation to Wake Up! It is time for the citizens of this great nation to vote out this man who has so destroyed the economy of this nation, and who now stands before millions of Americans and says that he believes in Free Enterprise when there are youtube videos out which he says that the Free Enterprise doesn't work, and has never worked. No Candy, you are a fraud and have lied to the American public tonight."

What a man, Romney. If someone can't "stand up" to a member of the liberal media how can you expect them to "stand up" to Russian President Vladimir Putin, or Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? Oh wait!................Mitt Romney never said the fore mentioned quote. He just stood around with a "deer in the headlights" look, and was run over.........but he smiled. Romney is a waste of time and effort. Let Obama win by default and let the new Congress remove him. "Smiling Joe" Biden will bend either way. He will be a much better choice than Romney in the long run. Let Congress lead this country for 4 years, and worry about getting a real leader next time.
Lord Howard Hurts 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Do We Continue To Run With The Herd?

October 9, 2012

Old Interview Sheds New Light on Obama's Debate Flop

By Jack Cashill

Read more:

Very good, Mr. Cashill. America is a "Nation of Blind Sheep" grasping for a strong leader to help find our lost "Moral Compass".  Unfortunately, because we are bogged down with the worst economy in our recent history, even rational persons are "grasping" and "confused".....and essentially making the same mistake the Germans did in the 1930's. When times get "bad" the mind tries to compensate by inventing a fantasy world far from in which a fatherly leader takes control, and leads the citizens to a "Fantasy Land" that doesn't exist, and has never existed. A land where pomp and pageantry trumps both work and responsibility. A land where everyday is a holiday. Obama is the fatherly leader and history should make America aware of the danger, but alas....... America is a nation driven by a Federal Education System that grants teaching degrees only to those who believe that "Fantasy Land" is a real national destination. So in time even rational persons believe that "Up is Down", and that "Down is Up". And as the November elections we, as American's, continue to "run with the herd", or do we study history and make better choices for the future?

Lord Howard Hurts

Friday, October 5, 2012

Romney Is A Soro's Pick

The Presidential debate this past Wednesday was interesting to say the least, but it only increased the intensity of the "choirs". Romney is still a very weak candidate, but the Republican faithful are blinded, and have been blinded from the start about his actual leadership ability. Romney is the Soro's pick. I know that this statement is hard to believe in view of the performance of Mitt in the debate last Wednesday against the smartest man in the world, but facts are facts. Why do I say this, and what is my proof? I say this because it is true, and the same was true the last Presidential election with John McCain. During the debate on Wednesday you did not hear Mitt Romney state that the differences between himself and President Obama are differences not only in the approach to getting the economy back on track, and getting Americans working again, but that he (Romney) will defend and enforce the Constitution as the law of the land. That America is a "Nation Under God", and that he (Romney) will see that the States Rights are restored; and that the Federal Government will relinquish dominance over education and other social issues that are not clearly part of the defense of this great nation. And that he (Romney) will further review the qualifications of the members of The Supreme Court, and remove those that are not qualified. I know, don't tell me...........I am a "crazy person". But let me give you some history.................for you see........... history is usually the best and "cheapest" way to look into the future. 

In B. H. Obama, we have a man who claims that he is the son of a goat herder from Kenya. The fact.....if he would let anyone view his actual birth certificate, in the vault in Hawaii, to verify that it is the same as the one he posted on the that his father is Frank Marshall Davis, an American, not a goat herder from Kenya. Now why would Obama, who knows this truth, continue to pretend that he has his roots in Kenya? Well this was something that he was told by his mother, and he spent his entire early years living in this dreamy fantasy. I don't know at what age B. H. Obama actually found out that he was not the son of this goat herder, Obama Sr., but by then it was too late. "The Die Was Cast". Kenya was the home of the revolution against British Colonialism. Kenya was the home of the "Mau Mau, One man, One vote".  And America, in the "eyes" and view of B. H. Obama, was the same oppressor of blacks as the British had been to blacks in Kenya. And this is why President Obama has made his election more of a social reform movement than the typical American political party. Proof? He has said that he wants to raise up a Civilian Security Force as well funded and as large as the American military. Is this something that should have been overlooked by Mitt Romney? Does Mitt Romney know the history of Kenya? Does Mitt Romney know what is happening in Kenya, Zimbabwe or South Africa today? Does he understand that these three African countries are taking away property rights and redistributing the wealth as you read this article? Isn't it strange that B. H. Obama wants to redistribute wealth in America? No, Romney met the enemy and refused to acknowledge it. Romney appeased the professed leader of "Hope and Change", and America will be the worst for this cowardliness  Romney refused to expose B. H. Obama as the Marxist that he truly is........and the cowardly Republicans cheered him on.........they cheered his great victory over B. H. Obama in a debate that did nothing except intensify the divide between the blacks of America; and the Patriot's don't see the "Writing On The Wall", and refuse to study history......... and I assure you that the Republicans will be so surprised and confused by what is coming after this November 6, 2012 election. Remember George W. Bush? Remember all the "hurrah" during his elections? And how did he really turn out? No, the American voter is uneducated in history and more focused on unrealistic economics, as "served up" and defined by the "Harvard Types", than preserving Freedom and Individual Responsibility as defined both our Constitution and by our Creator. The debate in Denver, on Wednesday, October 3, 2012, was the day "Freedom in America Died". So now, I will depart for Hot Springs, SD, and will attempt to get my new home finished before November 6th, as I believe there will be many persons wanting to "visit" me there. For those who might be interested in my new home, please read:  and if things do get tough after the elections, please stop by for a "spot of tea".
Lord Howard Hurts