Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Proofers and Birthers Get a Boost from Trump

Proofers and Birthers Get a Boost from Trump, Canada Free Press, Jim O'Neill  Wednesday, March 30, 2011

This is a response to this article by Jim O'Neill. 

Great article, but what do you propose to do about this fraud? We have been a nation of Sheep for too long. We will get what we deserve if we continue to "play by the rules" dictated to us by Obama, our most worthless Congress, and the lap dog, media. Complaints must be followed by positive action, and my positive action is Paul E. Vallely, MG US Army (retired) for President. I do not believe that we can let Obama finish out his term of office. I truly feel that Obama has torn this country apart, and divided its citizenry, so totally that he needs to leave office NOW. That to wait until the elections of 2012 will be a huge mistake. Obama is a socialist, and a Christian hater. He has steadily refused to provide to questioning citizens his long form birth certificate, his school records, his college records, his passport records, his student loan records, or his college papers. He has had a dedicated military man, Lt. Col. Lakin, incarcerated because of his refusal (Obama) to provide proof of his citizenship. Obama is a common criminal, and the politicians stand around, and either praise him, or refuse to take action against his illegal behavior. This is why we need a President who can stand up to these "thugs", and follow the Constitution, and dismiss all those in Congress who have, and continue to neglect their sworn duty to uphold the Constitution.
Lord Howard Hurts

Monday, March 28, 2011

John Bolton's Libya Solution---Assassinate Gadhafi

Posted on March 27, 2011 at 11:19am by Emily Esfahani Smith

This is my comment to this article:

John Bolton is part of the problem. Libya is none of our business. They have a leader, and if they want him removed that is up to them. Their problem is not our problem unless they become a problem for the security of this nation, and the American people. There is not a dimes worth of difference between the republicans and the democrats. They both seem to suffer from "swollen"  Ego. If John Bolton, Obama, and, or, Hillary Clinton want to pursue a military "adventure" in Libya, let them lead, and I don't mean lead from some, safe, desk in the US, but lead by being on the front lines, and putting their life where they put their loud mouth. These "adventures" are just "playing to the "lower base" of our society, while taking focus off the real issue of getting this economy back on track, and repealing the already destructive socialist programs that "bloat" this nation and its taxpayers. This is why we need a third political party that can bring logic to this socialist government and help to remove this socialist President.

Divide and Conquer. This most successful strategy continues, and is the most positive reason that this country is so divided. Unless extreme measures are taken, immediately, this great country will fall as did Rome. We are dominated by two major political parties, Republican and Democrat. On "paper" they represent two distinct, right and left, ideals of the interpretation of the Constitution, and the means and ideals of society, based on a "point of view", as seen by the leaders of these two parties. We had 4 years of Bush One, 8 years of Clinton, 8 years of Bush Two, and 2 years of Obama (so far), and what actual difference was there between these Republican and Democrat leaders?  Zero. The actions of these leaders never came close to their "words". I will not bother to give examples of proof for this statement for if you don't understand it now, you will never understand it, and you will continue to further enslave yourself and your children. But for those of you who can "see the forest for the trees," I ask you to think about a third major political party. As this country was founded on Christian values, I propose that this new party be called Christian Democrats. It would be composed of persons that understand that we need to follow the Constitution as it was written, and persons that demand that the words of politicians equal the actions of these same elected politicians. The reason that the Republican party opposes a third party is that it would take, almost exclusively, persons that are registered as Republican from their roster. So Be It. There is not a dimes worth of difference between the actual actions of the Republican and Democratic parties today. This new party would be a force that could make or break every election, and keep the values of equality and freedom, contained in the Constitution as our guide.
Lord Howard Hurts

Friday, March 25, 2011

And the "sheep" will bleat and moan about what could have been....

Why are many conservatives against the Libyan war? How about this answer: BECAUSE IT IS NONE OF OUR BUSINESS. Only when our national interests are in jeopardy do we attack. Social restructuring is not an option unless we intend to make Libya the 51st state (0r the 59th, according to Obama). Not to purposefully be tiresome, but "if one does the same things over and over again, and expects a different result, this is classic INSANITY. American policy for the past 40 years has been a series of "making the same mistake" over and over again. And anyone who believes that there is a dimes worth of difference between the current republican party and the current democratic party needs to seek immediate mental health help (Scott Brown, U.S. Senator from Massachusetts, example). This country is finished as a Republic unless Obama is removed from office NOW. There will be no elections in 2012. We will have our first CORONATION. Unless the "handwriting on the wall" is deciphered soon, socialism will be our future, and the "sheep" will bleat and moan about what could have been, had they had Courage instead of faith and hope.
Lord Howard Hurts 

"LA County hospitals keeping eye on super bug"

"LA County hospitals keeping eye on super bug". This is the latest "cry" for some new type of antibiotic to combat this "super bug" that has "moved" to the West Coast, and is currently out of control. Just what is CRKP?  (description bellow) And is there some natural cure available? My friend, Robert, the same person that has this Holy Artifact I have been writing about,  tells me that there is a natural cure for CRKP, and other aggressive forms of bacteria, and even viruses (cancer is a virus). He stated, to me, that there are two "foods", that when combined, can keep the body rid of all destructive forms of bacteria and viruses. He further told me that not only do these two "foods" work as a preventive, but they taste great. When I "pushed" him to tell me the names, of this "miracle", he said that he would only give the information to those that asked him directly. That to publish the source of this "cure" would only cause a rush to procure them, and raise the price of these "food" sources out of proportion to reality, and at the same time "open the door" to fraudsters.  In future postings, I will be writing more about Robert, and his extraordinary Holy Artifact. And,  he did tell me the name of these two food sources, and I have sent for them, and will give them a try.  
Lord Howard Hurts


A multi resistant form of Klebsiella pneumonia, or CRKP, has been found in Los Angeles County medical facilities despite beliefs that it was limited to the East Coast, according to a Contra Costa Times report. Los Angeles County Department of Public Health found 356 cases of the drug-resistant CRKP between June and December. Most cases involved elderly patients at skilled nursing and long-term care facilities. A small percentage occurred in acute-care hospitals. 
This is the first time a significant number of CRKP cases have been reported on the West Coast since the bacteria was discovered in 2001.

Klebsiella is a type of gram-negative bacteria that can cause infections in healthcare settings, including pneumonia, bloodstream infections, wound or surgical site infections, and meningitis. Increasingly, Klebsiella bacteria have developed antibiotic resistance, most recently to the class of antibiotics known as carbapenems. When bacteria such as Klebsiella pneumonia produce an enzyme known as a carbapenemase, they are referred to as KPC producing organisms or carbapenem-resistant Klebsiella pneumonia (CRKP). This is considered a threat to patient safety because carbapenem antibiotics often are the last line of defense against gram-negative infections that are resistant to other antibiotics.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Spring Break at a Panama City, Florida, Burger King consisted of flying utensils, napkin dispensers used as blunt trauma weapons, plus a woman in a bikini leaping on the counter and bashing an employee in the head with a water jug. See the action:

Apparently, this is not some of the 3% blacks, who did not vote for Obama. What are we to do? Continue to pretend that this problem doesn't exist? The Founders of this nation came here to find freedom. Blacks were brought here against their Free Will. Maybe it is time to give up on the noble experiment of "integration", and set-up an independent  Black Nation, along the lines of the Indian Reservations. Or, we can do nothing, and just let "what happens, happen". There are genetic and cultural "barriers" that prevent the black race from "acting" like white Europeans. There is nothing wrong with this, but in a country that was established around these white European "norms", this division only divides loyalties, and in time will lead to all out war.  So we can either face reality now, or we can face reality later. Either way reality wins. And for those of you who think that this is a "racist" posting, I ask you; Why did the Creator place distinct and different races on this earth? So that we, mortals, could, in time, create a one race society?
Lord Howard Hurts

Friday, March 18, 2011

Donald Trump Has A Brain

Donald Trump just might be the only person contemplating a 2012 Presidential campaign with a brain.  If Obama had a  birth certificate, that he wanted anyone to view, he would have shown it, rather than that false one he authorized to be placed on the web.

Fact Check, Updated: November 1, 2008
In the article,  the  truth about Obama's birth certificate, Fact Check had pictures of a representative  holding Obama's original birth certificate. This article went on to conclude that anyone who thinks that Obama was not born in Hawaii, in 1961, is a certified crazy person.  Controversy over........but wait. One January 21, 2011,  this article appeared:

 Pressure was mounting on Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie today amid increasing confusion over whether President Obama was born there.

Abercrombie said on Tuesday that an investigation had unearthed papers proving Obama was born in Hawaii in 1961.

He told Honolulu's Star-Advertiser: 'It actually exists in the archives, written down,' he said.

But it became apparent that what had been discovered was an unspecified listing or notation of Obama's birth that someone had made in the state archives and not a birth certificate.

And in the same interview Abercrombie suggested that a long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate for Barack Obama may not exist within the vital records maintained by the Hawaii Department of Health. UK Daily Mail

Now, is an unspecified listing, or notation of birth, the same thing as  a Certified, Long -Form, Birth Certificate?  And when the current governor of Hawaii says, "a long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate for Barack Obama may not exist within the vital records  maintained by the Hawaii Department of Health (UK Daily Mail)", how is it that Fact Check had an original of Barack Obama's birth certificate, and called all doubters "crazy people"?

Here is an article I wrote about this subject. Read it and Think.

Obama's Is A Natural Born Citizen

Here is the REAL deal on Obama's birth  certificate. Unfortunately, most everyone is going off on the wrong "trail". Obama is really a Natural Born citizen of this country. This is the reason that he "toys" with the "Birthers", and men of courage like Lt. Col. Lakin. Obama knows that should push came to shove, and the cowards in the media are not going to do it, he could prove that he is a Natural Born citizen. All the different published facts confuse the issue because some of the facts found are true, and some are false. But the real fact of the matter is that Obama is the son of his "grandfather", Stanley Armour Dunham, and his mother is, as yet, some unnamed black woman. Yes, I repeat, Obama is the son of his "grandfather", Stanley Armour Dunham. If you should doubt this check, and you will find that in May of 1997, all the records contained in a file, gathered and recorded by the FBI, detailing an investigation of Stanley Armour Dunham, were deleted.  Dunham, it noted, was a frequent "customer" of black prostitutes. Now the issue of the "marriage" of Obama Sr. and Ann Dunham, which there is no proof, other than what Obama wrote about it in his book, is understood as only a "ruse" to avoid the moral fallout of that time period. So the issue of Obama being a Natural Born citizen is final, regardless if he was, or was not, born in Hawaii. Additional proof that this scenario is true can be logically substantiated by the very fact that Obama has spent many thousands of dollars to send lawyers to courts to stop from having to provide a legal long form birth certificate from Hawaii. Why would this President worry about letting his detractors see his legal birth certificate? Is he afraid that someone will assume his identity? Nonsense. Many of these law suits also ask for all his school records, all his passport information, all his adoption records, and records for all school loans he has ever received. The office of President is a job based on trust and honesty, and by not providing basic background information, information that is provided by thousands and thousands of potential employees seeking regular jobs every day, this is proof positive that there is something very negative being hidden by Obama. But alas.....This Birth Certificate issue is just a Red Herring. Stop wasting time, effort, and money on it. This President is a socialist and there is enough evidence to prove it. He is a fraud in most every way. Obama is in the process of turning this country into a democracy, and it is such a shame that the educational system of this country has been, and continues to be, so corrupt and negligent that it has not taught our youth the difference between a Democracy and a Republic. The ballot boxes will be the "guns" of this revolution unless patriotic citizens empower the military, of this nation, to do their duty to uphold this Constitution. The window of opportunity is open, but unless action is taken before the elections of 2012, this window will in all probability be closed for all history. FREEDOM is not free. It can only be held by blood, sweat, and tears by an admiring public. Long Live America and This Republic.
Lord Howard Hurts

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Clinton says no to second term By CNN

(CNN) – Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer she does not want to serve a second term as secretary of state or run for president of the United States.

Lord Howard Hurts: What an "old bag of wind". What are her actual accomplishments? None. She is a delusional, moronic, mentally ill, socialist, democrat. And those are her good qualities. Such a "Legend In Her Own Mind". She will now go to "work" for some corporation in the private sector, and help them to receive taxpayer stimulus money because "they are too big to fail". It is sad that women who really have "worked their way up" are ridiculed while this "heap of dung" is praised. Guess this is further proof that the electorate of this country is Brain Dead, and has an IQ equal to their shoe size.
Lord Howard Hurts 

Friday, March 11, 2011

Read This Book: UHURU, by Robert Ruark

When one is told that we should study and understand Black History Month (US), maybe more than just the history of black persons, and their struggle to assimilate into the predominate white culture of the US should be studied. And if one believes that heredity is a "compass point" to determining the future of both social and moral actions, then a study of African history should be included. As a starting point, I would recommend that one read: Uhuru, by Robert Ruark. Mr. Ruark's book is fiction, but based on his knowledge and love for Africa. Set in Kenya, Africa, in the 1950's, this book provides an insight into the complexities of freedom and responsibility that trouble us today. Much like Atlas Shrugged, by Ayn Rand, Uhuru (Swahili word for "freedom") is years ahead of its time. Please take the time to read this book because knowledge is power. This Republic is on the edge of destruction, and nobody seems to want to do their own "homework".  The "flip side" of this message is that there is a political group in the US calling itself, The Uhuru Movement. This group should be studied, and taken very serious, something that even Glenn Beck has failed to do. As example, checkout:  ( once "inside" hit the UhuruNews "button" and read), and I think you will be made aware of the threat, from within, that is coming to this Republic. 
Lord Howard Hurts   

When Will The American Dream Be Restored?

Only when the US is on the "gold standard" will the American Dream be restored. When the dollar is once again defined by gold, the quick credit and "no money down" attitude will be a thing of the past. The word, credit, will once again be a word without "multiple meanings". The ability of government to create "money" will be curtailed, and as long as gold continues to be a rare commodity, the finances of the US, and ultimately the world, will stabilize. 
Lord Howard Hurts  

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Paul E. Vallely, MG US Army (retired)

Things are getting more and more curious each passing day. I don't know if you know who Paul E. Vallely, MG US Army (retired), is, but do your own "homework", and look him up. This posting is in "return" to a comment made by Saska, March 7, 2011. "Unfortunately, so far, I see no great leaders amongst us! How sad!",

When one starts  with a negative, one usually ends with a negative. There are thousands if not hundreds of thousands of persons who can lead this Republic. The problem being that "Real" leaders are not Egomaniacs in the mold of Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, or President Obama. They are persons of accomplishment, void of the mental illness that inflicts all true democrats. They are not driven by complicated personal forces that make them the only subject of discussion 24/7. I do not believe that we can let Obama finish out his term of office. I truly feel that Obama has torn this country apart, and divided its citizenry, so totally that he needs to leave office NOW. That to wait until the elections of 2012 will be a huge mistake.  Obama is a socialist and a Christian hater. He has steadily refused to provide to questioning citizens his long form birth certificate, his school records, his college records, his passport records, his student loan records, or his college papers. He has had a dedicated military man, Lt. Col. Lakin, incarcerated because of his refusal (Obama) to provide proof of his citizenship. Obama is a common criminal, and the politicians stand around, and either praise him, or refuse to take action against his illegal behavior. This is why we need a President who can stand up to these "thugs", and follow the Constitution, and dismiss all those in Congress who have, and continue to neglect their sworn duty to uphold the Constitution. 

 I don't know Paul E. Vallely, but from what I have read about him, I propose that he is most qualified to lead this Republic back to the greatness  ordained by the Constitution. I think that in view of the serious threats to this Republic from the internal socialists,  a military man is the only solution at this present time. We need a leader who does not want the "Office", but who is willing to serve for the good of the Republic. I think that Paul E. Vallely would take the challenge. I think that the only way to get "good" people to come out of the "shadows" is to get behind Paul E. Vallely, and show him that we are ready to break free from the "chains" of Political Correctness, and that we will fight to restore this Republic to Greatness and Freedom.  

We have been a Nation of Sheep for too long. It is "do or die" time. To get this campaign started, I would propose that Paul E. Vallely,  and his supporters meet and greet sometime this April, in The Villages, Florida. I feel that The Villages, Florida is the best choice for a "start up" campaign as it has a population of over 80,000 persons, 55 years old and over, and is Republican by majority. If we continue to "sit on our hands and complain" we will lose this Republic by default. 
Lord Howard Hurts  

Saturday, March 5, 2011

We Live In A Non Linear World

There is good and bad in each and every human being. Most persons try to hide this fact, but the law of Existence provides that for each positive there is a corresponding and equal negative. "Our World" is a  complicated mathematical balancing act. Evolutionary Theory, and this is most important and always overlooked by the scientific community, and academia, is by definition, Linear. The problem being that we live in a Non Linear world. In "Our World", and maybe in the entire Universe, everything moves in circles. Thus, Evolutionary Theory is just a Tangent to the Universe.

When dealing with the average human mind, one finds an inherent natural understanding between right and wrong. This is another proof of "Designed Existence" rather than an existence formed from chaos, as is the basis of the Evolutionary Theory. Whenever you find anything "defined" by a mathematical design, you have Creation. The scientific community and academia be damned. One can not take random words and create an understandable book. You might get an occasional discernible sentence, but you will never get a completed, rational, thought, and never a logical and completed novel. "The Physics and Philosophy of Creation" by Lord Howard Hurts

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Physics and Philosophy of Creation

The following is part of the introduction to my new book. Read and Think.

The Physics and Philosophy of Creation

The purpose of this book is to show, by logical study, that life on earth is just too complex to be an accident. The age old debate of creation vs evolution has gone on long enough, and it is time for  truth and logic to prevail.  "Deep" thinkers tend to think deep thoughts. Logic is like mathematics. For every question there is one and only one true answer. In math 2+3=5 no matter what time of the day, time of the year, upside down, or standing up. It doesn't matter if you change it to 3+2, it still equals 5. Earth is a very complex formula of positive and negative actions. Earth and all its parts exists because it is in perfect balance at all times. The sum of all the parts equals the whole. Remember, that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is undisputable. Existence equals balance.  Also remember that matter can not be created nor destroyed. Earth is a closed system. Excepting some occasional hits from space trash, everything on earth is the same as it has always been. Earth exists because it does. It was not created by a creator. Neither did it appear from chaos. Earths physical existence is irrelevant when you debate between creation and evolution. Earth exists and that is that. It is the existence of living forms that makes physical earth special. And,  it is these life forms that spark the debate. Evolutionists take the position that life is nothing more than a series of millions upon millions of accidental attractions. Attractions than in time produce complex life forms that continue to evolve and change to infinity. Fun theory for "Deep" thinkers, but not logical. Show me one new life form or even one "new" original thought. You can't because it is impossible. As we are the product of a Creator, we are not capable of creative thought any more than a computer can think creatively.  As example, take the writings of Cicero of Rome. Now I know this, Cicero, is not the caveman time period, but it should predate current man far enough to give a logical conclusion. If you take some of Ciceros' writing and change the places to places that we are familiar with today, and substitute current common names for the Roman names, you will understand that there is nothing new under the sun. It is logical to conclude that the human mind is finite rather than some evolving intellect imagined by the "Deep" thinkers.  Just a minor note: "Deep" thinkers tend to be persons suffering from inferiority complexes. This is why they tend to "Deep" think, and communicate in an abstract and complex form. It is this inferiority complex that keeps "Deep" thinkers from understanding that complex life forms follow a basic mathematical formula, and all mathematical formulas are logical and exacting rather than chaos born abstract expressions.    /End of Introduction