Saturday, March 31, 2012

I Am No James Bond

I am no James Bond. Yesterday started like the yesterday before, and the yesterday before  that. I was on the computer when I heard a helicopter coming......that "thumping" sound getting louder and louder. My Cocker Spaniels, Archie and Sassy, were barking in their pen as the copter began to circle around the main enclosure. To give perspective to this scene: I had rented a house in the Highlands of Costa Rica, about 40 minutes outside of San Jose. The house was an older, but large affair, encircled by a 6 foot chain link fence, topped with red passion vines that were over 8 feet in height. The main yard was 300 feet long and approximately 200 feet wide. In this enclosure I had a dog pen about 10'X10' by 5 feet high, covered with a 6 foot high tent. This is where the dogs resided most of the day. The yard had a few banana trees, one large, 30 foot tall, Baobab tree (called the dead rat tree as the hanging seed pods look like dead rats), and the big parrot cage I purchased for my African grey, parrot, Smoker, who I also kept for fun and company in that tropical paradise. Today, this copter had the dogs barking in an incessant..........quite annoying...... frantic mode. It seemed, by the loud thumping sounds, that the copter was making several passes on the property, so I decided that I needed to take a look. 

From one of the front widows that were covered by a large white, wooden, designer shutter, I viewed the copter, and I saw that it had all its identification numbers taped over. On the left side skid stood a man who was holding, with his right hand, the door opening to the copter, and in his left hand he was holding a pistol.....a gleaming, chrome or stainless steel, long barreled weapon that apparently he was going to use on something or someone. I immediately ran for the rear of the house, and grabbed the 'camo' netting, green laser 'pointer', and the machete I had sharpened as a defense weapon, and ran from the house, and around into the rear yard. I positioned myself near the vines on the chain link fence, and hid under the netting. The copter had made another pass on the yard, and was flying about 80 foot above the ground, and had passed the perimeter of the yard by some 300 feet. As it made its turn to come back, I could plainly see the guy with the gun. I don't think that from above, either of the copter's occupants could see me under the netting, but through the holes in the netting, I could easily see the guy with the gun...... and I focused the green laser on him in an attempt to blind him. Now this laser 'pointer' is a weapon I had designed especially for me, because here in Costa Rica I am limited as to what type of self defense weapons I can legally possess. Guns are out of the question by law. This laser is a green laser, 2,500 mw's in power, has a large copper heat sink, and has a duty cycle of 20 seconds on with 40 seconds off. It can easily burn a hole in a vinyl balloon at about 300 feet, in a second or less. I am sure that a human eye can be burned to 'toast' at over 400 feet, in a 'snap'. And even in that mid afternoon sun, I could easily see the green line coming from this pointer....... and it was bouncing off the cockpit 'glass' so much that I worried as I was not wearing safety goggles, and thought that I could inadvertently blind myself. But as the copter came closer, I continued to 'look' for the pistol man's eyes. Suddenly, there was a scream, and the pistol dropped from his hand. He lost his grip on the door frame, and was coming down like a javelin. He seemed to be attempting to fly, but gravity and the forward speed of the copter really made this 'stunt' impossible. The guy hit with a thud, and bounced once, and then just laid there. He never so much as kicked a leg. The copter 'broke' to the right, and 'bobbed' upward several feet when the shooter fell from this black 'egg beater'. The pilot made another turn around the yard, but this time he was doing it in a circle maybe 400 feet or more beyond the boundaries of the yard. He made only one pass, gained altitude, and flew towards the north..... the copters incessant thumping sounds becoming softer and softer. 

I turned the laser pointer off, and slowly dropped it to the ground. All the while I held the machete in my left hand.....ready to decapitate the intruder should he make the slightest move. For several minutes, I waited. No movement. The dogs had gradually quieted. I moved towards the crumpled body on the ground and found him quite dead. I assume he broke his neck after the fall. Never having been in this situation before, I decided to give his head the hardest kick I could accomplish, 'just to make sure'. I kicked him at the base of the skull. Nothing. Not even a twitch. The guy was dead as a proverbial mackerel. I turned him over, and was shocked to see that his eyes were open and that his teeth were a bright orange. I estimated his age at 35 years. He smelled of some putrid, musk, cologne. I checked his pockets and found a wallet with several American, hundred dollar bills, and several Euro bills, and a few of the old Greek drachma 10,000 notes, but I suspect that these old notes would, maybe, buy a Big Mack, as they had been recalled in 2002 when the Euro note became the official currency. There was a drivers license and it said, that this guy was from Bulgaria. Nothing else of value or interest did I find. I think the license said that he weighed 158 pounds or something to that effect. I put the wallet back in his front pocket, and I dragged him out of the gate, and around to the rear of the property where there is a slope that maybe is 40 feet at the bottom, and where it then levels off flat again. The ground growth was deep, and easily hid the body. I then returned to the rear yard and retrieved the pistol. It was a Ruger, 22 cal, stainless, with a 6 inch barrel, and a 10 shot clip. I found 2 additional, loaded, clips for this weapon nearby. I assume that the shooter was holding them in his right hand, and they dropped when he lost his grip and fell. I took these and the pistol and dug a hole 3 feet deep and 'planted' them. I did this very close to the chain link fence so that the area would be hard to detect should someone be looking for something buried. Now I knew that I would have to get out of Costa Rica immediately, and I would have to do this without going through regular channels and customs. But why would someone go to all this trouble just to shoot my dogs? Very perplexing for sure.

I got on the phone and called my friend, the drug runner, Pablo (not his real name). He is a Nicaraguan living in Costa Rica. I have known him for over 40 years. I asked him if he could fly me to Florida without going through the 'channels'. I told him I needed to go now; That I would pay whatever he asked. He laughed and said that he needed to 'visit' Lauderdale, and could leave in a few hours. He only wanted me to pay for the fuel. Then I 'hit' him with the big favor. I told him I had the 2 dogs......and this is where he was not interested. 

About 35 years ago, I had asked Pablo to bring my pet Ocelot, Baby, to Tampa, Florida. I was having problems getting permission from the government to bring my pet out of Nicaragua (Pablo's father was the governor of  Rio San Juan, in Nicaragua at the time), and Pablo, on one of his drug runs brought my Ocelot out, only to crash land in the water outside of Grand Turk (Turks and Caicos Islands). The plane was a total wreck; Pablo was to have a permanent limp; and poor Baby was killed. Now Pablo was thinking that he did not want to 'push fate', and again take on a 'memory from the past'. But after about 10 minutes of 'haggling' he told me to be at his ranch as fast as I could make it....before he changed his mind. I gathered up a few things, and put the laser pointer in it's case, put collars and leashes on the dogs, left the key in the red Honda, 250 Enduro (figured it would be nice to let a thief at least have the key rather than 'monkey up' the ignition to 'jump it'), let my parrot, Smoker, free, and was in the Ranger Rover heading to Pablo's ranch before the sun had begun to set. It took about 3 hours to get to the ranch and Pablo was waiting. We gave each other a hug and a pat on the shoulders, and it was then that I realized that we were getting 'long in the tooth'. Pablo was very slender, his long silver hair was sparse in places, and he had lines on his face that I had never seen before. But his voice was as strong, and bass, as ever. Pablo is a true friend. The plane was the same one he had some 30 years ago. A twin engine, 1974 Piper Turbo Aztec. The plane was in showroom condition. I told him that he could have the Range Rover as a gift, and he said that there would be no fuel charge for this flight. We laughed, and again patted each other on the shoulders as we laughed. 

The flight was from Costa Rica to Grand Turk, where we fueled up. Pablo wanted to stay, over the night, as he thought we could renew our friendship with several persons on Grand Turk we knew from the old days, but I told him that circumstances in Costa Rica made it necessary for me to be in Florida before what I had planted behind the rental house began to 'bloom'. He said OK, and we again boarded the plane, and within a few hours we entered the air space of the U.S. by way of  the tangled and confused air traffic that makes Lauderdale so easy to penetrate. An hour after landing I had a rental car, and was heading to my Sarasota house, safe and nearly sane, in the company of my faithful dogs, Archie and Sassy. 

As I said at the start: "I am no James Bond." But I am sure some readers will take exception to this statement; and some will think that I am a criminal. But I assure you: I am an American Patriot, who is tired of all the "Hope and Change" the Obama administration trumpets. There is not one of the Republican 'Pretenders' who has enough 'guts' to tell Obama that all the confusion over his birth certificate, his passport records, his school records, his Selective Service card, and his student loan records, needs to Stop. Obama is an employee of the American Public, and as such he needs to immediately make it possible for any American citizen to check his records. Failure to provide such a check is the same as an admission that something is amiss, and as such he would need to resign, NOW! Further failure, by Obama, to grant the public access to these records must be met by the U.S. military doing its sworn duty to protect the Constitution. The Congress has proven, these past 3 years, that they will not do their duty, and they likewise need to be removed. I will provide a check for 10 million dollars to a Super PAC that supports Allen West, Lt. Col. U.S. army, retired, as the candidate for President of the United States of America in 2012. I have nothing to lose. If Obama is re elected, myself, like thousands and thousands of other Americans will be holding worthless paper (US Dollars). It is a sad fact that 46 million recipients of Food Stamps hold the integrity and honor of this nation hostage. It is time to make Obama prove that he is 'Wearing Clothes'. And for you readers who should believe that I have broken laws in Costa Rica, murdered a man, and entered America illegally, I say, " I Am A Man. I Have God Given Rights. I Will Not Be Bound To Laws Constructed To Inhibit My God Given Freedom. And Only Suckers Play By Rules Devised By Corrupt Leaders."   

Post Script: I learned today that Pablo had crashed, and died, during a night flight into Grand Turk. I don't know all the details, but some say he fell asleep, and some say that he ran out of fuel. All I can say is, "Thank you friend, and I am sure you are once again 'flying high'. We will rendezvous in the near future, for sure."

Lord Howard Hurts

Monday, March 26, 2012

Why Do Informed Patriots Continue To Sit On Their Hands?

Let me ask the Big Question: Why do informed Patriots continue to sit on their hands and let Obama and these Socialist Vermin, in his administration, continue to destroy both this nations Constitution and our National Moral Values? 

The answer is very simple: The Vermin are funded by taxpayer money. This is their "job". They work in coordination with Obama to ferment unrest through Class Warfare. The working citizens, of America, are paying the taxes that are given to these Vermin so that they can destroy, not only this great nation, but our entire Judeo Christian Moral Value system. The biggest obstacle to restoring this nation to the values of our Founders is the Federal Education System. This education system is "geared" to promote Socialism, and to create the Socialist teachers needed to continue the "march" towards the complete destruction of our Constitutional freedoms. It is too bad that the Patriots of America don't seem to recognize the enemy within.

We are now faced with a youthful population that has no Moral Compass, and has no knowledge of our Founders and history. And because of this, our youths know almost nothing about the Constitution. They have been trained, like some "Pavlov dog", by the Government Education System to "lean" towards the "underdog", regardless of the facts, or Constitutional legality. The taxpaying Patriot is so bogged down with government regulations, and making a living by actual work, so that the "slackers" can get their handouts, that he believes the Big Lie; that everything will be alright when a Republican, President, and Congress, takes office. But the truth of the matter is that we are where we are today because of past Republican administrations that turned out to be no different than Democratic administrations. The 2012 RINO's, running for President, are nothing but appeasers. It is time to face facts and stop the appeasing. We need a strong Republican candidate who has military experience, because when the Socialist Vermin are confronted, they will do what socialist always do.........attack and cause civil unrest. Only a military man will have the courage to do what is necessary to rid this nation of this Socialist Vermin that the Obama administration has brought upon us. We need a leader who understands the Constitution, and who will follow it in the spirit of that document, and who will dismiss all the "word twisting" that comes from the Socialist Traitors. The Constitution must forever stand, and anyone who doesn't like it can leave America, and find their own place in the sun, in the country of their choice. 

The proof of the destruction brought on this nation by Socialist thinking and Class Warfare is found in the titles: African-American, Hispanic-American, or any other hyphenated American. Americans are Americans. This is a sovereign nation not an organization of nations. Anyone who hyphenates "American" is an enemy of this nation and its Constitution. It is time for the Patriots of America to take whatever action is needed to restore this nation to greatness, and to remove the Socialist Vermin that are destroying all Moral Values, and our Constitution. Patriots built America, and Patriots can save it. But we need a leader to come forward and lead the charge. I propose Allen West, retired, Lt. Col. U.S. army, and U.S. Rep. from Florida. I believe that Col West has the Moral Conviction, and the Courage, that is needed to stop this Socialist "slide", and I believe that he can restore this torn and divided Republic to world prominence.
Lord Howard Hurts 

Friday, March 23, 2012

Is The "Harvard" Type Brain Really Superior?

This is an Email I sent to my son, the "Harvard" type:  Rob. I love to read your medical information. You are so clear and precise in your assessments. You don't rely on "voodoo" cures, you go to the real source, "Harvard" studies. And you view yourself as the  smartest person on Planet Earth, and me as the chief engineer of "The Crazy Train". So please let me ask you a question or two, and get informed. 

Is there any other study, besides math, where 2+2 equals 4 every time, regardless of gravity, if it should be raining in Costa Rica, if it is Sunday the 13th, Obama's birthday, or any other factor found on Planet Earth? I assume that even you would admit that Math is the "Universal Language", and that there is only one correct answer for each "problem" regardless of the circumstances. Now does Medicine equal math? I assume, again, that even you will answer, No. I assume that you will admit that Medicine has many variables, and is extremely complex. But given this, is there any real proof that modern Medicines work better than "voodoo" Medicines? I am sure again, that you have faith in the medical reviews that you cite, or directly quote, but is there any proof that any Medicine, reviewed in these studies, works 100% as advertised? If the answer is No, and this is the logical answer because we have established that Medicine is not math, then just how can anyone believe that modern Medicine really works? Remember that 2+2 equals 4 every time in math. 

Oh, I understand, we can't expect all Medicines to work for every person because every person has different needs? Then if this is so, maybe Heredity is a more important factor in the health of persons than the "Harvard" types want to admit. Is there, in your opinion, any validity to the Universal Medicine, the "Placebo"? In all studies of the effectiveness of Medicines there is always the "Placebo Effect" mentioned. This "Medicine" is sometimes, 20% to 40% effective, and has zero side effects. And as it is cheap, and needs no studies or tests to work, would it not be better, for researchers, to concentrate on just what the "Placebo Effect" really is, rather than spending millions upon millions of dollars on "wild ass" guessing to find, and produce, Medicines that are not 100% effective anyway? Actually, 20% to 40% without any side effects seems very good when the cost is next to zero. One big problem with this logic is that the "Harvard" type brain rejects all ideas that "Man" is the result of creation by a "Superior Being", or Creator, but at the same time the "Harvard" type brain wants to substitute the idea of Creation by a "God", with the idea that the "Harvard" type brain can cure all the worlds ills through it's superior intelligence, and thus the "Harvard" type is actually playing "God". Weird concept really. But the "Harvard" types don't see or recognize the conflict. They are too busy looking in the mirror at themselves, "preening" themselves, and telling the world how smart they are, and how dumb the non "Harvard" types are. They firmly believe that order comes from chaos, and they hold no stock in the idea that order can only come from order. 

Please read the following carefully. This is something that was written by a  licensed, American, doctor......maybe, or maybe not: "She was deathly ill, and her primary care physician had no answers to offer her. At the  time I had been studying the effect of high doses of vitamin C on viruses. Due to this girl's desperate situation, I began treating her with high doses (5 grams) of intravenous vitamin C. By evening, my patient was beginning to feel better, and her lung function was improving significantly. Within two days, she had mostly recovered; her liver function had improved steadily, and her lung function was almost back to normal. An amazing turnaround. She recovered 100%." Do you believe this statement? I am not saying that it is true, and I am not saying that I did not  make it up. I am just asking you if it could be true. 

In the previous example, could the cure for her problem not be the vitamin C itself, but a "Placebo Effect"? Or could the vitamin C really be the actual cure for her medical problem? Is it possible that the girl was not even sick, but just thought that she was sick, and thus triggered some positive symptoms that her brain wanted to make known? And remember, I maybe made up this entire story. So what is your thought on this, and how do you defend the fact that only you and other "Harvard" types know what Medicines really work? Is a "Placebo" not a legitimate form of cure when it works? Please do one of your "famous" "Fact Checks" to see if the story is real or fake. Check the Internet for similar stories from licensed doctors. I have found similar stories by many different licensed doctors. Are they all crazy? How is it that some Jews, in prison camps, in Germany, during World War ll, went for years without good food, clean water, or enough calories to function normally in the cold, and heat, but lived? How is it that they also went for months without so much as washing their hands (you don't think anyone can live without washing their hands several times and hour), but lived, after being set free by the Americans, a normal life span? I am not saying that prison was good, or that many did not die, but 100% did not die, even when worked to exhaustion, day in and day out. Might Heredity play a much bigger factor in keeping the human race on Earth than any modern Medicines? Can you buy good Heredity? 

The brain is what keeps the body alive. Might modern researchers, through the proof that "Placebos" work, better serve the human race if they spent more time on understanding why "Placebos" work, and make a study of these effects on brain functions rather than do the millions upon millions of experiments with elements and compounds that seldom produce results better than "voodoo" Medicines? The "Harvard" types are so limited in their scope of understanding about the workings of the human brain, and the relationship that exists between all life on Earth and a Creator, that in their attempts to substitute themselves for the Creator, in whom they profess to not believe, they are actually repressing advancement in all segments of Earthly life. The proof of this former statement is this: The human brain can not design anything not already known to man. There is no such thing as an original idea. Nothing can be created or destroyed. This is why history always repeats. There is no other reality on Earth. And in their attempt to prove that the "Harvard" type, brain is superior, the "Harvard" types will destroy all human life, along with most plant and animal life........all the while believing that they are creating a "Brave New World of Enlightenment". This is why the Barbarian will always inherit the Earth, and "Time" will start afresh.
Lord Howard Hurts 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Survival Investing by Lord Hurts

I have received a lot of Email recently accusing me of being a fraud and a moron, to put the complaints in a "brighter light". So if you bother to read what I have to say about Investments, please do your own "homework", and use due diligence. And should you decide that I have proposed a good alternative to jumping into the stock market at a time when our government is "Trumpeting" that inflation is near 1%, personal spending has increased, and employment is "gaining"........please be aware, that if what the government is rejoicing about is true, the advice I am about to "give you" is all wrong, and you would do best to purchase stocks, and help re-elect Obama for another 4 years. This said, either proceed to read further, or pop some Jolly Time popcorn, with the marshmallow coating, turn on the TV, and watch the latest addition of "Ice loves Coco".

The Obama government not only has a flag that replaces the stars, of the United States flag, with a picture of Obama, but it is "Trumpeting" that the recession is over, and that the stock market is the way for investors to "move" to "catch" the American dream. Personally, knowing how government runs it own business, I make it a point to see what the government is "pushing", and head in the opposite direction. Government is full of dreamy "Harvard" types who know zero about reality. Take their "Green Energy" theory as example: Obama and his minions want the price of oil and electricity to rise substantially. By legislating the price of these two products up, their "Green", fuel, and solar electric, will look to be market competitive, when in fact these two energy options are not something sane investors would choose to purchase as investments due to the fact that oil is a known fuel, and is relatively cheap, and at the same time, it is used to produce a significant amount of electricity. If something looks to have potential in the Free Market, investors will willingly take a chance and invest in it. But when government has to "Trumpet", and give taxpayer money to companies who want to turn the country "Green", the investment is bogus, and unless government protects these "Green" companies, they will "die", along with your cash. This said, what is a good investment at this time?

There are no good investments at this time. And this is because our government policy is based on a 4 year projection. We are caught in a clash of ideology between those that want to keep and uphold the Constitution, and those that want to rewrite the Constitution. And this "clash" continues, and will continue, every 4 years, until all Americans live by the Constitution, and accept personal responsibility for their own success or failure. It is not the duty of government to "back up" bad decisions made by the citizens. But the current, Obama, "Sugar Daddy" policy is good for gathering votes from citizens who want to live the "High Life" when they can afford only "Beer", and this Up and Down cycle will continue until there are Term Limits placed on all politicians. The small investor doesn't have the huge amount of cash needed to buy and sell stocks on a daily basis, so this investor is looking for stability of government policy, in the long term, and more Freedom to either succeed of fail without unnecessary government rules or restrictions. This said, we live in the "Real World", and must deal with "What Is" instead of "What Should Be".

For the small investor, I see only one option that makes sense, and it isn't gold. Gold is too easily controlled by the government, and this happened in 1935, when the Great Depression of 1929 continued in spite of all the innovative ideas tried by the "Harvard" types. It is OK to have a small amount of gold as a hedge, but don't trust the government. Investors are running away from the housing market because it lost so many Americans their "life savings" and caused such "personal pain". True. But in reality, the losses were mostly on paper, and the pain was caused by persons with a "Beer" budget buying "Champagne" properties. But Today, March 16, 2012, those same homes are selling for less than replacement cost, and this is not "factoring in" for the current 8% inflation rate that makes these homes increase in cost as time moves on (The government pretends, using creative math, that inflation is 1%, but then Congress believes that Obama has shown the world his birth certificate, go figure). Let me see......houses.....things that keep the rain off of peoples head.....and something that most every sane person in America wants to own......and can now be purchased at less than replacement cost....Is this a no brainier or what? What to buy and where to look? Look to purchase a single family, residential, home (No condo's or time shares, or other losers. These may seem cheap, but in the long run, they are "Money Pits"). Buy in Florida. Florida has thousands and thousands of cheap homes. And don't look near the water on either the East or West coast. Why? Insurance cost, initial cost, and taxes. Should you not take my advice, you will find yourself under government control again. Stay inland a few miles. Look for homes from Ft. Myers, north. The prices are so low that you can purchase, and not bother to look to rent it out. Use the property for yourself.  Use it  for a vacation in either the winter or the summer, and live like a "king". But if you want to rent, this past winter has been especially good for renting. And don't purchase anything you can not pay for with cash. This is "Survival Investing" not speculating. If the economy goes to "Hell", you will have an investment that you can touch, and use for your personal enjoyment. If you hold stocks, how much wall paper do you really want? I have purchased 2 really nice homes, in the past month, completely furnished, with renters in place, for less than $50,000, each. Good deals can be found right now, but once the suckers in the stock market get "hit" again, prices will zoom up. Don't say I did not warn you. 

Post Script: If the houses I bought were such a deal, why did the owner sell? These houses were never listed. I was looking at a house nearby, and a neighbor came out and started talking with me. She said that she was just getting too old to take care of her rental houses, and would sell. I looked and bought in 20 minutes.
Lord Howard Hurts

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Remove Obama Using "Stealth"

As I sit here in "Paradise" (Costa Rica) nursing my wounds from my encounter with "fate", I read today that Obama and the DOJ have put a hold on the Texas law requiring that potential voters produce a valid photo ID before "marking" a ballot. This is proof positive that Obama, and his corrupt administration, has taken dictatorial powers, and that they view the Constitution as authority only when it suits their Marxist ideals. The Congress, as usual, "sits on it's hands", and worries about the definition of slut or whore, while the "World Burns." Such nonsense should only exist in Wonderland, but alas, it exists in America, the land of the Cowardly "Sheepel". What are the Patriots and taxpayers of this great nation to do? 

Well the first thing Patriots need to do is become informed about a Constitutional doctrine that allows a citizen the power to balance the doctorial powers of the corrupt governments, both State and Federal, that currently run this nation. This doctrine is called: Jury Nullification. Unlike some Patriot organization like the Tea Party, this is a stealth organization, and to work effectively, it must remain undercover. Jury Nullification allows juries to acquit defendants who might be technically guilty, but who, "in the eyes of the Patriot", do not deserve punishment. This Nullification does not have to be in concert will all the others on the  jury. One person using Nullification can complicate a decision to the point that a new trial is ordered. This must be a stealth operation as many cities or counties have legislated that a "Juror's Oath" be administered as a way to "defuse" the legitimate use of this Constitutional remedy to balance government corruption. 

There are two precedents in law that makes Nullification a viable option when corruption by government is uncontrolled: 1. Prohibition on punishing  jury members for their verdict, and 2. the prohibition on retrying defendants after an acquittal. And it must also be noted that any Nullification pertains only to the case in question, but if similar Nullifications should occur, legislatures might take notice, and take action to amend an offending law. Nullification is an important safeguard and might just be the last resort against government tyranny. 

We have a President, Obama, and a Congress that needs to be removed now. Their offense is Treason, but as they are "arm in arm" with each other it has become impossible for charges to be brought against either or both. It is becoming more clear, each day, that they will not do their sworn duty to uphold the Constitution of this great Republic. So it is up to the Patriots of this nation to do their duty and use Jury Nullification, when needed, to awaken the citizenry that without a "King David", this great American experiment in Freedom will become a footnote in the big book of history. 

Please note: "Opinion 320
Jury Nullification Arguments by Criminal Defense Counsel

A lawyer defending a criminal case may zealously advocate for the acquittal of his client using any evidentiary argument for which he has a reasonable good faith basis. Current legal standards strongly disfavor jury nullification and prohibit express exhortations that a jury nullify the law. Accordingly, a lawyer may not, consistent with the rules of professional conduct, expressly urge a jury to disregard the law. Nor may a lawyer disregard a ruling of the tribunal limiting the scope of permissible argument. The legal system continues, however, to permit juries to exercise the power to nullify. The District of Columbia Bar | 1101 K Street NW, Suite 200."

Stealth is the word.
Lord Howard Hurts 

Monday, March 12, 2012

Lord Hurts, Hurts

I am sitting in my "digs" outside of San Jose, and I have a bottle of Bacardi 151 Rum, a bottle of hydrogen peroxide, and a pair of stainless steel tweezers, that I have heated to "red hot", so as to sterilize them. I am looking to remove bullet fragments that are in the flesh of my right shoulder and upper arm. I have pulled two, very small, lead fragments out already, and I am probing around to see if there are any others. I will, soon, pour hydrogen peroxide on the raw flesh from which I have dug out the fragments, and will follow this with the 151 rum. Not a fun day for sure. Today is Thursday. It all started at around 5 AM on Tuesday. 

March, being summer in Costa Rica, Tuesday morning started out with a  temperature of around 66 degrees F. When I got myself out of bed, I grabbed a banana, and went into my spare bedroom-office; Turned on the computer and checked my email. Among the 300 plus emails, I found one from an old school chum, Gordon Salisbury-Reed. Gordon wrote that he had come upon my email address through my postings at: He further stated that a friend of his had seen several of my posting in the Daily Mail, and had mentioned that Lord Howard Hurts seemed an interesting chap, if not some "mongrel", impersonating British "upper crust". And so Gordon "said" that he began to read all my past postings, and decided to contact me as he was going to be on Holiday in Costa Rica, at the El Silencio, a spa, retreat, in Bajos del Toro, on March 6, and stay until March 9. This email was over a week old. He further mentioned that he would like to see me if I could find the time to come up to the El Silencio, and that we could spend a day exploring the Poas Volcano that is nearby, and renewing the past. 

My  memory of Gordon was of a tall, lanky, intelligent kid, who was always hunting for gold. And I remember as kids, our talking about his belief that volcanoes were a good place to find gold as they would do all the work bringing it up from deep inside the earth. My only "vision" of Gordon was the one my mind dug up from the kids dreaming, and now I wondered just how different he would look today, some 30 years past. I immediately sent him an email confirming that he was in fact in contact with his former school chum, Lord Howard Hurts (of course then, in our youth, I was not a Lord, but that did not stop me from including my British title in the missive), and told him that I would meet him at El Silencio, on the next Wednesday, March 8. I also communicated that he would need to give me further directions on how to get there, as I had never heard of the place. 

Later that day, I received another email from Gordon. He said that he was pleased that we had connected, and that he had no idea about directions to the retreat, but that he would in fact be there starting on March 6.......that all the information, pertaining to directions, could be gathered by looking at the web site he had included for El Silencio. He also mentioned that Wednesday would be perfect as he would be rested and ready to explore the volcano. The email was short and to the point, and I was feeling that time had not been good to us as he did not mention our childhood conversations about volcano's and gold, or even mentioning his idea of using sheep skins weighted down, on the bottom of a fast flowing creek, to catch gold......... An idea he had gathered from Greek mythology...... Jason and the golden fleece......... I am sure. I then thought that he just might not be much of a writer, and that we would be able to reconnect with the past when we met. So I did look up the web site for the retreat, and found that it was less than 2 hours away from San Jose, and thus an hour, more or less, from my "digs" here outside the capital city. 

From my reading I found that the Poas Volcano, was on some rugged trails near the Cloud Forest, not far from the El Silencio retreat; That the retreat has some really good food available; That yoga and stress relief was the idea behind the retreat; And that the retreat was designed by one of Costa Rica’s most prominent architects, Ronald Zurcher. I also read that it was on land overlooking a "valley", so I decided that as the roads were narrow and winding, and at elevations that probably had no guard rails, I would take my red, 2012, Honda CRF 250 enduro. I use this cycle, quite frequently, to "buzz" into San Jose, and in doing so, avoid getting tangled in all the downtown traffic....and I can always find a place to park, rather than circle around, and around, looking for a space large enough for a car. I had purchased this "bike" several weeks previous, and had not taken it off road as yet, so the trip to the volcano might be something we could do on this cycle rather than renting a car and driver. I was "geared up" for the trip, and looking forward to making contact with an old friend from years past.

The ride on Wednesday was going to be quite fun. I was looking forward to traveling through the mountains, rain forest, and the farmlands. My Internet directions said that I should leave my rental house and head towards the International Airport, follow the sign to San Ramon, go about 14 miles, and look for a red church on the left. Make a left turn about 3 or 4 blocks before the church........I would now be in the town of Grecia.  I was to look for a bus station...... make a left turn, and proceed down the hill for 5 blocks. And when I "hit" the intersection, I was to take another left, and go about 3 miles...... and then I would be in Sarchi. Once in Sarchi, I needed to  go slow, and make a right turn in front of the famous Ox Cart factory.....and then to follow the road to Bajos del Toro.

 The trip started well, the traffic was light, but the directions I had written up were not the easiest to follow. The rough part of the trip, I surmised, would come after Sarchi, a small town, where it's claim to fame is the custom furniture factories, and the hand painted, Ox Carts. When I finally got to Sarchi, I saw a most wondrous sight. In front of a church stood a huge, and I mean really huge, brightly colored, Ox Cart. Apparently these carts are in demand by buyers because I saw many of them throughout the town, and I even saw one on the road outside of town, being pulled by a cow, or maybe it was an ox. As I continued to look for the Ox Cart factory, my next turn, my Honda was "breezing" along without a glitch, but I still had doubts about "finding" my way back to San Jose should I lose the paper with these vague directions, I had written.

After making a right turn at the Ox Cart factory, and leaving Sarchi, I found myself in "another world". The road was narrow and twisting, and there were no guard rails to keep errant vehicles from going over the edge. As I drove, some of the more twisting parts of the road, the drop off from the roads edge to the 'bottom', seemed  thousands of feet down. And at some places 'clouds' kept me from seeing the land at the 'bottom', giving the impression that there was no end to the drop off. The Toro river was also in sight much of the way, and at times I could see 'white water' blasting against the rocks blocking its path. As I drove on, the humidity became very high, and it gave, once in a while, the impression that I was driving through clouds. Traffic after Sarchi was nearly non existent. I passed many small farms, and coffee plantations. My altimeter showed that I was near 6,000 feet. The red Honda was 'breathing' a little harder than I thought it should, but with only 250cc's of displacement, and at this high elevation, should I expect different? I can not begin to describe the beauty of these highlands. As I neared the 'peak' of the ride, I assume that I was looking down..... into the Amarillo Valley........ the valley that 'harbours' the small community of Bajos del Toro, but don't quote me on I never made it down into the valley. 

I had stopped at the top of the hill, just before the long downward ride to Bajos del Toro because I was surprised to see a huge, maybe 12 foot tall, stand of ganja. It was a stand that was at least 5 foot in diameter, and it crowded the road with its dark green foliage and pungent smell. I pulled up to it thinking that I should have brought along a camera......when suddenly I was 'stung' in my right shoulder and upper arm. Then, milliseconds later, came the distinct sound of a rifle letting off 3 rounds in a quick burst. My shoulder and upper arm, suddenly, was 'burning hot'. I knew I had been hit....but I also knew it could not be serious, as I had total control over my shoulder and arm, although they had then begun to  turn from a 'hot burn', to an intense stinging sensation. 

Moving on instinct I 'clicked' the Honda into first gear and spun it around, and at the same time I twisted the throttle to the stop. The little machine spun its rear wheel, grabbed traction, and then the front wheel picked up slightly. Backing off the throttle, for an instant, the front end nosed down.....and I was in second, and third, and then fourth gear..... the throttle was once again twisted to the stop. Even though I had been hit by a bullet, or bullets, from some rifle, there was little blood showing so I knew that it was not a serious wound. On the ride back to San Jose, my mind tried to make sense out of what had happened. I thought about my school chum, and suddenly, I thought: Why had he not asked in the email for my phone number or some contact number? That did not make sense. No. We had not talked for over 30 years, and nobody would have just sent a short email. And why did I not ask him for a phone number? 

The time frame, to the meeting, had been so short that I had not given these questions any real thought. I decided now, that upon returning to the house, I would look for an email from Gordon, asking why I had not showed up..... Tetanus.....tetanus.......did I need a tetanus shot? Was I shot because I was looking at the ganja, or was it someone waiting for me? I continued to retrace my route back to San Jose, and made it in nearly half the time it took to go out. 

Upon getting to my rental house, I parked the Honda, and heard my two Cocker Spinals whinnying for me to release them from their outside pen, but instead, I just said, "Sassy......Archie. I will get to you later. I have something to deal with now"..........did I believe that they really understood what I was telling them? Of course not. I was just nervous. Once in the house, I got a bottle of Bacardi 151 Rum, a bottle of hydrogen peroxide, and a pair of stainless steel tweezers. I heated the twisters to 'red hot', so as to sterilize them. 

In all, I pulled four small bullet fragments out of my shoulder and upper arm, and only one of them had been of sufficient depth to even make me think about a tetanus shot. After pouring on the hydrogen peroxide, I followed with a cloth soaked in the 151 rum, and found some duct tape to wrap over the soaked cloth, to keep it over the 'wounded areas'

I do not have a clear opinion about why I was shot at. It could be that I was too close to a ganja growing area, and the owners sent me a warning, or it could have been a planed attack. I 'lean' to it being a planned attack because after not hearing from Gordon for over 24 hours, I began to look on Face Book for a clue. I found, in a posting from our old Ramsgate, Kent, school; a note that Gordon Salisbury-Reed had passed away in 2008, at age 62....... A disclosure that really hit me hard. And armed with this information I was very sure that this had been a planned attack. 

But then how had I only sustained the minor wounds? I think that the weapon that was used fired a .223 round, and being a hunting bullet rather than a military round, that the bullet, or bullets, had hit parts of the ganja plant, and as the bullet, or bullets were traveling at nearly 4,000 fps, they fragmented after striking the shrub. And then it was just unfortunate, for me, that part of my body was in the way of those exploded fragments. Another coincidence? Maybe. 

I had thought that I could 'sit out' the 2012 Presidential election in this third world paradise...... I mean, just sit back, and watch the 'riots' after Obama is once again elected by these government workers, union thugs, students, and regular Democrats, who produce nothing of value, but who demand, that those American citizens who work and play by the rules, pay more in taxes to support them.....And then "Atlas Shrugged". 
Lord Howard Hurts

Friday, March 9, 2012

Lt. Gen. William G. Boykin: A Real "Cool Cat"

I watched Lt. Gen. William G. Boykin the other day on Glenn Beck TV. A real "cool cat" indeed. I listened intently for a sign that he would be prepared to lead the fight to restore the Constitution of America to the "law of the land". But with all his "coolness", the general was, in my opinion, not understanding the situation fully, and in depth, concerning the coming November elections. He may have been a good general, but he doesn't see the "forest for the trees" when it comes to the non combat type Revolution that we are now engaged in. Obama and his Marxist administration is waging a war of the mind rather than a war of the strongest warrior. When a general takes the "bait", and attempts to fight Marxist liars (the end justifies the means) at their own designed game, the outcome is 100% predictable. DEFEAT. 

So let me give the good general some advice: War by any other name is still War. Make the enemy fight on your terms at all times. Set your goal and move forward, and don't ask for any concessions, and don't give any concessions. Take no prisoners. Warriors Rule, and "Harvard Types" push papers, and double talk. America is a Nation Under God, and if the "Harvard Types" don't like it, then they can move to whatever country they want. "Harvard Types" don't understand that all their freedoms are due to the strength of the American military, and the sacrifices made by the Patriots of this great Republic. And the American military needs to understand that you can not have a rational discussion with irrational "Harvard Types" who base victory on verbal confusion rather than body count. 

To understand where America is today, do your homework and read about: Boudica, “Warrior Queen” of the Iceni. What most people don't understand is that America today is a nation run by Women, and "Harvard Types", that believe that Love and Peace is what makes the world go around. And they believe that there is no place, in America, for Warriors. Now please understand by the example, Boudica, "Warrior Queen", we are being "attacked" by an enemy led by the "visions" of women, and "Harvard Types", and they outnumber the Warriors and Patriots of this nation by many millions. But if we can find our own Gaius Suetonius Paulinus (he was the Roman governor that defeated Boudica) this nation will survive. I am sure there will follow the usual complaints about my "harshness", but have you noticed that when rules are relaxed, bad behavior follows? Should this nation continue on its current path, a more telling name would be: The Effeminate States of America.

Just who is Lord Howard Hurts? Well, he is just an American citizen who chose to be an American citizen (Born British). He believes in the American Constitution, and understands that America is a Republic, and not a Democracy (mob rule). 

Lord Howard Hurts

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Obama Is The Judas Sheep

This past week I moved about San Jose (Costa Rica), and with the stealth of a wounded rhino, I got the latest scuttlebutt "traveling" up and down the "phone lines" of the minds of some of the countries notorious illegal drug exporters, and ex patriots from both Britain and America. One of the topics of interest was the soon to be built: New China Town. 

Some of the best stories, about the current happenings in San Jose, can be found at the Blue Marlin Bar located in the Hotel del Rey on Avenida 1. The best "night life" is during the early evening around 8 PM, or slightly later. But on this day, I was there during the lull between siesta and 3 PM. I met with a couple of "savory" characters, who were "trolling" for either Canadians or Americans, in the hope of getting them interested in buying some real estate these "goons" owned, out of town.  When they found out that I was not interested in their "blue sky", our talk soon turned to politics, and the fact that San Jose Mayor, Johnny Araya, was letting the Chinese government destroy the old historical neighborhood of Paseo de los Estudiantes. It seems that Mayor Johnny thinks that he "owns" San Jose, and can make whatever deals he wants. This New China Town project is funded with $1 million dollars from the government of China, and $300,000 from the city government. And now that the locals are showing up in protest every day, Johnny tells the locals that this is a good investment, and will become a "tourist trap" like the similar China Town in New York. 

When finished there will be two Chinese style arches to advertise this new China Town. But the real fact of the matter is that China is moving, more and more, into Central and South America, and especially, Costa Rica, winning both the hearts and minds of the Ticos (what Costa Ricians call themselves). And after Costa Rica cut diplomatic relations with Taiwan, several years ago, there is now a free trade agreement between China and Costa Rica, and China has even built a $100 million National Stadium in downtown San Jose, and has given many more millions to upgrade the Caribbean port of Moin. It seems that Americans are becoming "The Ugly Americans" in this quiet little country. China is fast becoming a partner to the people, and is setting up new banking interests that point to China being poised to make the Yuan the currency for world trade.

While my new friends, and myself were talking, two, very nice looking, Ticas (women) had come into the bar to discuss "business" with some inebriated tourist from Tampa, Florida. Apparently, the guy was supposed to have met them at a restaurant over on Calli 9, and taken them for a drive into the country. When he did not arrive, they came to find him, and the 3 of them proceeded to get into a fight about how much he owed them for waiting. He paid them $20, and asked the bartender for a six pack of Imperial (a local beer), and "slinked" off to his room to recover. On their way to the door, one of the Tica's came over to us and asked if we wanted to purchase some "good" ganja. Personally, not wanting to be bothered by these "working" women, I "took charge" and waved them to the door.....whereupon, one of them, extending her middle finger, gave us the universal, "middle finger salute". And with this rough-cut display, our discussion soon focused on illegal drugs, and the new President of  Guatemala, Otto Fernando PĂ©rez Molina, a retired military officer, who has been making speeches recently that all drugs should be made legal, and that the United States should stop funding and participating in Drug Wars. 

Not wanting to raise the ire of my "new found friends", I changed the subject from illegal drugs to the Obama birth certificate issue. I thought that I had made a valid point when I pointed out that several document experts had declared that the certificate Obama had posted on the Internet was a composite document, and could not possibly be a true copy of his supposed Hawaiian certificate. But to my surprise, one of the ex-pats said that it should not make any difference if the birth certificate was fake or not. Or even that Obama was born somewhere other than the United States. He said, in fact, that all these issues were irrelevant. That the proof that Obama is not qualified to be President is the fact that by his own admission, he is the son of a Muslim, father.  He further stated that there are two types of apostates according to Sharia Law. The first type bing murtad milli, or one who has converted to Islam, and then later renounces the faith. The second is murtad fitri, or one born of a Muslim father who renounces his birthright. Children, of even a non practicing Muslin, such as Obama's father, and irrespective of the faith of Obama's mother, are viewed by Muslims, around the world, as Muslim. And for someone to renounce the Muslim faith is the most egregious choice a person can make, and in doing so, automatically targets that person for death. Then he asked the 64 thousand dollar question: "Have there been any attempts by Muslim's to kill Obama?" "Is he listed as a murtad fitri?" After thinking this over for a time, I said, "No. I don't remember there being any mention of Obama being targeted by radical Muslims". 

So regardless of Obama's professed religion being Christian, he is definitely a "card carrying" Muslim. And because the radical Muslims see him as "The Emasculate President", only those with a Western mind set believe, mistakenly, that Obama, being familiar with Muslim teachings, will be able to solve all the issues of dominancy by the Mid Eastern world. Most Muslims are born and raised in the harsh environment of the desert. They despise emasculated men, hold contempt for personal weakness, do not take orders from women (Hillary Clinton), and are in no way appreciative of soft words from Jews or Christians. Muslims are trapped in a medieval era, and no amount of "understanding" will lessen their goals to dominate. So if there has been no perceived call for Obama's "head", it is only because the "devout enemy" of both Jews and Christians is gaining strength before they strike. There will be a strike, be certain of that fact, and the only defense is to attack them before they gain the "upper hand". Obama is the "Judas Sheep" that is leading America into the Muslim trap. Obama needs to go, NOW! And without  some leader coming from the ranks of the military, America is doomed.
Lord Howard Hurts

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Things Are Getting Curiouser and Curiouser

Andrew Breitbart, Vincent Walker Foster, Jr.,  John P. Wheeler II, did these men all die by either natural causes or by their own hand? Breitbart, in particular, said, just recently, that he had films of President Obama, from his college days, that will  "show you why racial division and class warfare are central to what Hope and Change were sold to you in 2008.” And not to be totally melodramatic, but I am currently residing in Costa Rica due to an incident I wrote about: TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 2012, Where In The World Is Lord Howard Hurts? In this posting I felt that I was being followed by two individuals that just might have been on a mission to see that I "sleep with the fishes", and left Gran Canari, to come to Costa Rica.

The last time I saw Andrew Breitbart, maybe two months ago, I did notice that his physical being looked uncharacteristically unkempt. But I knew that he had had a "blow out" with Glenn Beck, and so I attributed it to this. I had also admonished Breitbart for his having dinner with Bill Ayers and  Bernadine Dohrn: WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 2012, The "Bleating" Goes On and On.  Of course The Daily Caller never published this, so here it is:

Inside TheDC’s dinner with former Weather Underground terrorists
By Jamie Weinstein  Published: 11:41 PM 02/06/2012

This article tells about a "surreal celebrity dinner" won by Daily Caller editor-in-chief Tucker Carlson with Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, former Weather Underground leaders.  Also attending and representing the "good guys" were: "Carlson's brother Buckley, Daily Caller columnist and Weekly Standard senior writer Matt Labash, online media mogul Andrew Breitbart, a Daily Caller contest winner and this reporter."  You need to read this article to fully understand the significance of my response.

Looks like the "good guys" were once again defeated by experience. The "Bleating" goes on. It is apparent that this "Nation of Blind Sheep" is being led by the "gelded". The good guys have a Moral Compass, but that is not enough when dealing with Marxist with "Balls". Size does count, and brass ones apparently trump real ones. 
Lord Howard Hurts

All this gives rise to the inevitable conspiracy theory that is currently "brewing", and when one takes into account all the peripheral facts surrounding Breitbart, and his life, it is certain that the exact cause of his death will never be known. 

Post Script: Even though I am in Costa Rica, at this time, I have a phone that picks up in Florida, and transfers all calls to Costa Rica. So that any person calling me assumes that I have answered in Florida. Well just recently, I received a call from someone who identified herself as a "Political Poller".  She asked if I would take a few minutes to answer some questions. She asked if she was in fact talking with Lord Hurts, and if I was a person who posted "a lot of" political articles on a blog. I answered, "No". She, further asked if I was a "Strong Republican", and I answered, "No". She then asked if I was going to vote in the coming elections, and I answered, "Probably Not". She thanked me, and hung up. Now it could just be one big coincidence, but sometime after this phone call my home in Sarasota was entered (I have no idea exactly when, as I am not in Florida), and the locked door to my office was broken. I keep nothing of value at that house, and the person looking after the house, while I am away, could find nothing missing. But she did mention that one of the computers, in the office, could not now access Foxfire as a search engine for some reason. Strange or maybe not so strange. 

I will continue to rant about getting Florida, Rep., Allen West elected if there should be a "Brokered Republican Convention". Things in America are getting more curiouser and curiouser. 
Lord Howard Hurts