Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I Am No James Bond

I am no James Bond. Yesterday started like the yesterday before, and the yesterday before  that. I was on the computer when I heard a helicopter coming......that "thumping" sound getting louder and louder. My Cocker Spaniels, Archie and Sassy, were barking in their pen as the copter began to circle around the main enclosure. To give perspective to this scene: I had rented a house in the Highlands of Costa Rica, about 40 minutes outside of San Jose. The house was an older, but large affair, encircled by a 6 foot chain link fence, topped with red passion vines that were over 8 feet in height. The main yard was 300 feet long and approximately 200 feet wide. In this enclosure I had a dog pen about 10'X10' by 5 feet high, covered with a 6 foot high tent. This is where the dogs resided most of the day. The yard had a few banana trees, one large, 30 foot tall, Baobab tree (called the dead rat tree as the hanging seed pods look like dead rats), and the big parrot cage I purchased for my African grey, parrot, Smoker, who I also kept for fun and company in that tropical paradise. Today, this copter had the dogs barking in an incessant..........quite annoying...... frantic mode. It seemed, by the loud thumping sounds, that the copter was making several passes on the property, so I decided that I needed to take a look. 

From one of the front widows that were covered by a large white, wooden, designer shutter, I viewed the copter, and I saw that it had all its identification numbers taped over. On the left side skid stood a man who was holding, with his right hand, the door opening to the copter, and in his left hand he was holding a pistol.....a gleaming, chrome or stainless steel, long barreled weapon that apparently he was going to use on something or someone. I immediately ran for the rear of the house, and grabbed the 'camo' netting, green laser 'pointer', and the machete I had sharpened as a defense weapon, and ran from the house, and around into the rear yard. I positioned myself near the vines on the chain link fence, and hid under the netting. The copter had made another pass on the yard, and was flying about 80 foot above the ground, and had passed the perimeter of the yard by some 300 feet. As it made its turn to come back, I could plainly see the guy with the gun. I don't think that from above, either of the copter's occupants could see me under the netting, but through the holes in the netting, I could easily see the guy with the gun...... and I focused the green laser on him in an attempt to blind him. Now this laser 'pointer' is a weapon I had designed especially for me, because here in Costa Rica I am limited as to what type of self defense weapons I can legally possess. Guns are out of the question by law. This laser is a green laser, 2,500 mw's in power, has a large copper heat sink, and has a duty cycle of 20 seconds on with 40 seconds off. It can easily burn a hole in a vinyl balloon at about 300 feet, in a second or less. I am sure that a human eye can be burned to 'toast' at over 400 feet, in a 'snap'. And even in that mid afternoon sun, I could easily see the green line coming from this pointer....... and it was bouncing off the cockpit 'glass' so much that I worried as I was not wearing safety goggles, and thought that I could inadvertently blind myself. But as the copter came closer, I continued to 'look' for the pistol man's eyes. Suddenly, there was a scream, and the pistol dropped from his hand. He lost his grip on the door frame, and was coming down like a javelin. He seemed to be attempting to fly, but gravity and the forward speed of the copter really made this 'stunt' impossible. The guy hit with a thud, and bounced once, and then just laid there. He never so much as kicked a leg. The copter 'broke' to the right, and 'bobbed' upward several feet when the shooter fell from this black 'egg beater'. The pilot made another turn around the yard, but this time he was doing it in a circle maybe 400 feet or more beyond the boundaries of the yard. He made only one pass, gained altitude, and flew towards the north..... the copters incessant thumping sounds becoming softer and softer. 

I turned the laser pointer off, and slowly dropped it to the ground. All the while I held the machete in my left hand.....ready to decapitate the intruder should he make the slightest move. For several minutes, I waited. No movement. The dogs had gradually quieted. I moved towards the crumpled body on the ground and found him quite dead. I assume he broke his neck after the fall. Never having been in this situation before, I decided to give his head the hardest kick I could accomplish, 'just to make sure'. I kicked him at the base of the skull. Nothing. Not even a twitch. The guy was dead as a proverbial mackerel. I turned him over, and was shocked to see that his eyes were open and that his teeth were a bright orange. I estimated his age at 35 years. He smelled of some putrid, musk, cologne. I checked his pockets and found a wallet with several American, hundred dollar bills, and several Euro bills, and a few of the old Greek drachma 10,000 notes, but I suspect that these old notes would, maybe, buy a Big Mack, as they had been recalled in 2002 when the Euro note became the official currency. There was a drivers license and it said, that this guy was from Bulgaria. Nothing else of value or interest did I find. I think the license said that he weighed 158 pounds or something to that effect. I put the wallet back in his front pocket, and I dragged him out of the gate, and around to the rear of the property where there is a slope that maybe is 40 feet at the bottom, and where it then levels off flat again. The ground growth was deep, and easily hid the body. I then returned to the rear yard and retrieved the pistol. It was a Ruger, 22 cal, stainless, with a 6 inch barrel, and a 10 shot clip. I found 2 additional, loaded, clips for this weapon nearby. I assume that the shooter was holding them in his right hand, and they dropped when he lost his grip and fell. I took these and the pistol and dug a hole 3 feet deep and 'planted' them. I did this very close to the chain link fence so that the area would be hard to detect should someone be looking for something buried. Now I knew that I would have to get out of Costa Rica immediately, and I would have to do this without going through regular channels and customs. But why would someone go to all this trouble just to shoot my dogs? Very perplexing for sure.

I got on the phone and called my friend, the drug runner, Pablo (not his real name). He is a Nicaraguan living in Costa Rica. I have known him for over 40 years. I asked him if he could fly me to Florida without going through the 'channels'. I told him I needed to go now; That I would pay whatever he asked. He laughed and said that he needed to 'visit' Lauderdale, and could leave in a few hours. He only wanted me to pay for the fuel. Then I 'hit' him with the big favor. I told him I had the 2 dogs......and this is where he was not interested. 

About 35 years ago, I had asked Pablo to bring my pet Ocelot, Baby, to Tampa, Florida. I was having problems getting permission from the government to bring my pet out of Nicaragua (Pablo's father was the governor of  Rio San Juan, in Nicaragua at the time), and Pablo, on one of his drug runs brought my Ocelot out, only to crash land in the water outside of Grand Turk (Turks and Caicos Islands). The plane was a total wreck; Pablo was to have a permanent limp; and poor Baby was killed. Now Pablo was thinking that he did not want to 'push fate', and again take on a 'memory from the past'. But after about 10 minutes of 'haggling' he told me to be at his ranch as fast as I could make it....before he changed his mind. I gathered up a few things, and put the laser pointer in it's case, put collars and leashes on the dogs, left the key in the red Honda, 250 Enduro (figured it would be nice to let a thief at least have the key rather than 'monkey up' the ignition to 'jump it'), let my parrot, Smoker, free, and was in the Ranger Rover heading to Pablo's ranch before the sun had begun to set. It took about 3 hours to get to the ranch and Pablo was waiting. We gave each other a hug and a pat on the shoulders, and it was then that I realized that we were getting 'long in the tooth'. Pablo was very slender, his long silver hair was sparse in places, and he had lines on his face that I had never seen before. But his voice was as strong, and bass, as ever. Pablo is a true friend. The plane was the same one he had some 30 years ago. A twin engine, 1974 Piper Turbo Aztec. The plane was in showroom condition. I told him that he could have the Range Rover as a gift, and he said that there would be no fuel charge for this flight. We laughed, and again patted each other on the shoulders as we laughed. 

The flight was from Costa Rica to Grand Turk, where we fueled up. Pablo wanted to stay, over the night, as he thought we could renew our friendship with several persons on Grand Turk we knew from the old days, but I told him that circumstances in Costa Rica made it necessary for me to be in Florida before what I had planted behind the rental house began to 'bloom'. He said OK, and we again boarded the plane, and within a few hours we entered the air space of the U.S. by way of  the tangled and confused air traffic that makes Lauderdale so easy to penetrate. An hour after landing I had a rental car, and was heading to my Sarasota house, safe and nearly sane, in the company of my faithful dogs, Archie and Sassy. 

As I said at the start: "I am no James Bond." But I am sure some readers will take exception to this statement; and some will think that I am a criminal. But I assure you: I am an American Patriot, who is tired of all the "Hope and Change" the Obama administration trumpets. There is not one of the Republican 'Pretenders' who has enough 'guts' to tell Obama that all the confusion over his birth certificate, his passport records, his school records, his Selective Service card, and his student loan records, needs to Stop. Obama is an employee of the American Public, and as such he needs to immediately make it possible for any American citizen to check his records. Failure to provide such a check is the same as an admission that something is amiss, and as such he would need to resign, NOW! Further failure, by Obama, to grant the public access to these records must be met by the U.S. military doing its sworn duty to protect the Constitution. The Congress has proven, these past 3 years, that they will not do their duty, and they likewise need to be removed. I will provide a check for 10 million dollars to a Super PAC that supports Allen West, Lt. Col. U.S. army, retired, as the candidate for President of the United States of America in 2012. I have nothing to lose. If Obama is re elected, myself, like thousands and thousands of other Americans will be holding worthless paper (US Dollars). It is a sad fact that 46 million recipients of Food Stamps hold the integrity and honor of this nation hostage. It is time to make Obama prove that he is 'Wearing Clothes'. And for you readers who should believe that I have broken laws in Costa Rica, murdered a man, and entered America illegally, I say, " I Am A Man. I Have God Given Rights. I Will Not Be Bound To Laws Constructed To Inhibit My God Given Freedom. And Only Suckers Play By Rules Devised By Corrupt Leaders."   

Post Script: I learned today that Pablo had crashed, and died, during a night flight into Grand Turk. I don't know all the details, but some say he fell asleep, and some say that he ran out of fuel. All I can say is, "Thank you friend, and I am sure you are once again 'flying high'. We will rendezvous in the near future, for sure."
Lord Howard Hurts

Back Sarah Palin

Think that Obama has not sunk the American economy? Think that this nation can continue to live off of credit cards on which one pays only the minimum required amount each month? Well read the attached article and 'Think Impeachment' for Obama, now. Forget what the traitor RINO's say about Impeachment. Forget this nonsense idea of not Impeaching Obama because it will only strengthen Democratic candidates, and stop a Republican 'title wave' in 2014. Why would we want more RINO's elected? Take  Charge. Take Action. 

America needs more RINO's like the world needs more toothless beavers. RINO's only mirror the unlawful views of our Constitution that the Obama Administration represents. Has America gone totally mad? It is not only time to Impeach this FRAUD of a President, but it is time to start a Revolution and throw out all of the establishment RINO's that pretend to want to restore the Constitution as the 'Law of the Land', but in fact only want to get elected so that they can loot and corrupt every  part of our Federal Government. Survival of America is survival of the economy. 50 million Americans, and counting, on "Food Stamps" doesn't project a glowing future. It is time for all good American's to back Sarah Palin. It is time to stop giving money to the good old GOP. It is time to draw a line in the sand and punish those who cross that line. America is not a true Democracy, and the Patriots of this nation must do what is necessary to see that this Republic still stands. Revolution was good enough for our Founding Father's........and remember that they were not a majority by any stretch of the imagination. No nation on Earth was ever conquered by a majority. Change only comes by way of a dedicated minority. It is time for America to find its lost 'Moral Compass', and to re establish the Constitution as the "Law of the Land". Back Sarah Palin.
Lord Howard Hurts

Monday, July 28, 2014

B.H. Obama Jr. Is A Muslim

"A president who lies to the American public should resign." This statement was made by America's first 'Black' president, Bill Clinton, in 1974. This statement was made at the time President Richard Nixon read the 'tea leaves' and knew Impeachment was eminent. President Nixon did the honorable thing and resigned. When Bill Clinton was proved a liar, he conveniently forgot his rant for presidents who lie to the American public, and refused to resign.

Today, we have a serving President, B.H. Obama Jr., who has been caught many times lying to the citizens of American. Where is the cry from our first 'Black' President for this sitting President to resign? His silence is a thundering distraction. Where is the outrage from the Congress? The silence and pandering from these elected protectors of The Constitution is unbelievable. B.H. Obama Jr. is so arrogant that he is currently making jokes (similar to the ones he made about his Fake Birth Certificate) about his being Impeached. When will the Congress stop the pandering and cowardice, and take actions to remove this Fraud of a President? Oh, maybe when Hell freezes over.

I have said many times before that B.H. Obama Jr. is a Muslim. He has made many quips in the media about his being a Christian. Well the fact of the matter is that B.H. Obama Jr. is, by his own admission, the son of B.H. Obama Sr., who was a Muslim. By Muslim 'law' anyone who is born of a Muslim is a Muslim for life. To renounce the faith is a 'death warrant'. President Obama has made many offhand references to his faith as a Christian. But to stop the non believers, like myself, from continuing to announce that B.H. Obama Jr. is a Muslim it is time for this President to stand before the media, and tell the world that he renounces his birthright of being a Muslim. And that he is a devout Christian. Will he do this? Of  course not. It is like his Fake Birth Certificate. He makes jokes and says that non believers are nothing more than 'tin foil hat' antagonist, but he never lets any disbeliever go to Hawaii and see his actual birth certificate that is held in the records vault in Hawaii so as to compare it with the FAKE one that he had posted on the Internet. 

I challenge every person reading this article to send a copy to President Obama. And I further  challenge this President to 'man up' and renounce his birthright Muslim faith, and to tell the American citizens that he is in fact a man of the Christian religion.
Lord Howard Hurts 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Malaysian Flight 17 Was A Most Unfortunate Mistake

To return America to its moral and Constitutional well being there needs to be a focus on removing B.H. Obama Jr. from the Presidency of the United States of America. And waiting for the elections of 2016 is not a rational option. For the past few days this much needed focus has been averted by the downing of the Boeing 777, Malaysian jetliner 17, over the Ukraine, killing 298 people. President Obama, because of his decline in popularity, has chosen to blame this most tragic incident on Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, President of Russia. 

B.H. Obama Jr. is a habitual liar, so his creditability must always be measured. On the other hand, Putin is former KGB, and smart enough to stay in power in Russia because he is a master 'chess' player, and currently the power broker of the world. Putin has been on a 'roll' recently, and there is no logical reason for him to command that a civilian airliner be shot down. Oh, and there is no reason to believe that this Malaysian jetliner was not shot down by a Russian SA-11 launcher, also known as a Buk. But it was not under the direct control of Putin. 

Putin, from his KGB experience knows fully well that one should never administer pain when there is nothing to gain. And in this instance there is no logical gain for Russia to shoot down a civilian aircraft, especially one from Malaysia. All this 'blabber' from  the White House, and Obama, about Putin having 'blood on his hands' is just nonsense. The SA-11 launcher, or Buk, is a complex arrangement of radar and computers. To avoid shooting down friendly or civilian aircraft this system is provided with external systems of target identification........ that is, radio-location systems. This is a complex system and something that the Ukrainian rebels were untrained in, and in all probability they also did not possess the complete launcher system safety accessories. So the most logical solution to this disaster is that not having the complete launcher safety system the Ukrainian rebels assumed, reasonably (and this might reflect negatively on the Malaysian planes' owners who apparently chose profit over safety.), that civilian aircraft would avoid the airspace over a war zone, and that any aircraft flying in this air space would be a military craft. So it should be no surprise to any rational person that the 'button was pushed', and the Malaysian jetliner unfortunately shot down. 

First reports from the area of the down aircraft stated that a military transport was shot down as a defensive move by the rebels, and so there is no reason to believe that Putin had anything to do with this loss of life on the Malaysian craft. It was just an unfortunate mistake. And if those in control of the Malaysian aircraft had not sent it over the 'war zone' then the entire catastrophe could have been avoided. But to refresh the memory of B.H. Obama Jr., and big media which  is, as usual, helping to establish this Fraud of an American President as 'The Savior', and President Putin as the 'Bad Guy', one has only to go back to July 3, 1988. At that time the U.S. warship, the USS Vincennes, was sitting near the Straits of Hormuz when the systems operators onboard mistook Iranian Airbus flight 655 for a F-14A Tomcat fighter of Iranian ownership. As this aircraft lifted off, the Vincennes mistook this maneuver for an enemy attack, and this civilian craft failing to respond to calls from the warship...... the Vincennes fired a SM-2MR missile knocking the plane from the sky, and killing 290 passengers and crew. So even the best trained military operators in the world can make a tragic mistake. This tragic incident with Malaysian flight 17 was an accident, and nothing more. This tragic incident should not be used to place blame on Putin in an attempt by this Fraud of a President, B.H. Obama Jr., to slow the Patriots of America from pursuing the immediate removal of this most incompetent President. And although Vice President, Joe Biden, is not 'prize' of Constitutional integrity........ when compared to B.H. Obama, he is a 'brain trust'.

The moral of this entire piece is that mistakes happen in war. War is not how we would like disputes resolved, but war has happened for thousands of years, and will continue to happen until Earth no longer exists. 
Lord Howard Hurts

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Free Andrew Tahmooressi Now!

Andrew Tahmooressi, the 26 year old veteran of two tours of duty in Afghanistan is still in the hands of the corrupt Mexican government. This brave American had been, while in Afghanistan, involved in an IED attack that destroyed his military vehicle. And this brave American has served enough time in the 'Mexican Hell Hole of a Prison' on the nonsense charges brought by a corrupt Mexican government for his unintentional infraction of law, that it is time for American Action. It is time for U.S. military leaders to do their duty not only to free this American citizen, but to fulfill their duty to defend our Constitution from all enemies, domestic and foreign, and see that this Muslim President, B.H. Obama Jr. is removed from office.

The charges brought against Andrew Tahmooressi are no more valid than the claim of Hillary Clinton that she and her daughter were under fire in Bosnia. There has been much media mention that this American, Tahmooressi, had crossed the Mexican border with 3 military type weapons. But nowhere is there mention of a charge of his having ammunition for these weapons. Now just using logic instead of legal 'mumbo jumbo'...............what value is a military weapon without ammunition? And not having ammunition for his weapons (guns without ammunition are at best 'clubs), it is reasonable to believe that his intent was not to do harm to anyone in Mexico....... accidental crossing into that country or not. Thus this entire situation with his imprisonment would seem to be nothing more than a 'Red Herring' presented by the corrupt Mexican government based on reasons of 'false governmental security'. Mexico claims to be a democratic nation when in fact it is corrupt and chaotic. Why else would thousands, and thousands, of its citizens cross at their own personal peril, illegally, into the U.S. each and every day? 

Patriots, please note that Andrew Tahmooressi was  granted a battlefield  promotion for his leadership and heroism, and was promoted to sergeant during his tour in Afghanistan. And further note that B.H. Obama Jr. sends our brave men into harms way to fight wars with their 'hands tied behind them' for political reasons, and by doing so extends the time of the conflict, and the amount of young warriors who are either wounded or killed.  It moreover should be noted that our effeminate President is currently too occupied with playing pool and fundraising to not only free Andrew Tahmooressi, but he is too busy to defend our borders from illegal entry from Mexico. 

America had a Democratic President, James K. Polk, and he remembered 'The Alamo', and in 1846 said, "the cup of forbearance has been exhausted". He sent into Mexico the American army based on his understanding of the theory of "Manifest Destiny". Resistance to this American force was almost nonexistent from the Mexican citizens because they were tired of the corruption and 'slavery' imposed on them by their government. U.S. troops led by Gen. Winfield Scott landed at Veracruz, Mexico and took over the city. He and his troops then began marching toward Mexico City, and fought battles from Cerro Gordo all the way to the Mexican capitol. After defeating the Mexican army at Mexico City the war was over, and the old corrupt government was removed. A new government was elected, and America purchased land formally claimed by Mexico, and the two countries established the Rio Grande river as the border between the two countries. 

Maybe, another Gen. Scott will come forward, and we will see an end to the current corrupt American and Mexican governments. I have a feeling that most of the citizens of Mexico would like to see governmental reform even if it comes by way of an American army.
Lord Howard Hurts

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Investigate WND and NASCAR Now

"The retail giant Costco Wholesale has issued an order to remove all copies of Dinesh D’Souza’s best selling book, “America: Imagine the World Without Her,” from the shelves of its stores nationwide, WND has confirmed." Of course anything published by WND (World Net Daily) should be viewed with suspicion as WND seems to me to be a racist news organization that spends a majority of their published words degrading our Savor President, B.H. Obama. WND also spends a lot of 'press' in an attempt to promote the view that the 'Knock Out' game (Black Americans sucker punching White Americans) is a planned plot by Black Americans to repay Whites for their days in slavery. Is this Costco story just some plot by WND to discredit Costco and its co owner, Jim Sinegal, a B.H. Obama supporter?

It would seem to me that the Federal Government should make immediate investigations in this racist news organization, and make it prove in a court of law that their published contention that B.H. Obama has provided, to America, a false Birth Certificate is factually true. Department of Justice head, Eric Holder, should drag WND owner, Joseph Farha, into Federal Court and charge him with promoting a false and libelous 'picture' of our Savior President. It is time to finally determine if the First Amendment needs to contain some new restrictions from haters like Farha. 

Will this happen? Of course not. B.H. Obama is just a 'straw man' token President. If B.H. Obama was a true reformist he would have long ago 'Shut Down' not only WND, but NASCAR. As example just last Saturday at the NASCAR race in Daytona Beach, Florida, there were 40 plus cars on the starting grid. And how many of these cars were piloted by African Americans? Zero. Nada. None. What is Attorney General Holder doing about this  blatant discrimination? Zero. Nada. Nothing. Where is Al Sharpton? Where is Jessie Jackson? Why are some of these cars sponsored by our Navy, Marines, and Army? How can large American corporations be so blatant about sponsoring racing teams that have no African Americans as either pit crew or drivers? Where is the diversity? Where is Affirmative Action? Where are the Congressional hearings? Why should NASCAR be able to hold another 'White Sunday' race without representation by African Americans? NASCAR is proof that White America rules this country and that B.H. Obama is just a 'Token' Black President. 
Lord Howard Hurts