Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Malaysian Flight 17 Was A Most Unfortunate Mistake

To return America to its moral and Constitutional well being there needs to be a focus on removing B.H. Obama Jr. from the Presidency of the United States of America. And waiting for the elections of 2016 is not a rational option. For the past few days this much needed focus has been averted by the downing of the Boeing 777, Malaysian jetliner 17, over the Ukraine, killing 298 people. President Obama, because of his decline in popularity, has chosen to blame this most tragic incident on Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, President of Russia. 

B.H. Obama Jr. is a habitual liar, so his creditability must always be measured. On the other hand, Putin is former KGB, and smart enough to stay in power in Russia because he is a master 'chess' player, and currently the power broker of the world. Putin has been on a 'roll' recently, and there is no logical reason for him to command that a civilian airliner be shot down. Oh, and there is no reason to believe that this Malaysian jetliner was not shot down by a Russian SA-11 launcher, also known as a Buk. But it was not under the direct control of Putin. 

Putin, from his KGB experience knows fully well that one should never administer pain when there is nothing to gain. And in this instance there is no logical gain for Russia to shoot down a civilian aircraft, especially one from Malaysia. All this 'blabber' from  the White House, and Obama, about Putin having 'blood on his hands' is just nonsense. The SA-11 launcher, or Buk, is a complex arrangement of radar and computers. To avoid shooting down friendly or civilian aircraft this system is provided with external systems of target identification........ that is, radio-location systems. This is a complex system and something that the Ukrainian rebels were untrained in, and in all probability they also did not possess the complete launcher system safety accessories. So the most logical solution to this disaster is that not having the complete launcher safety system the Ukrainian rebels assumed, reasonably (and this might reflect negatively on the Malaysian planes' owners who apparently chose profit over safety.), that civilian aircraft would avoid the airspace over a war zone, and that any aircraft flying in this air space would be a military craft. So it should be no surprise to any rational person that the 'button was pushed', and the Malaysian jetliner unfortunately shot down. 

First reports from the area of the down aircraft stated that a military transport was shot down as a defensive move by the rebels, and so there is no reason to believe that Putin had anything to do with this loss of life on the Malaysian craft. It was just an unfortunate mistake. And if those in control of the Malaysian aircraft had not sent it over the 'war zone' then the entire catastrophe could have been avoided. But to refresh the memory of B.H. Obama Jr., and big media which  is, as usual, helping to establish this Fraud of an American President as 'The Savior', and President Putin as the 'Bad Guy', one has only to go back to July 3, 1988. At that time the U.S. warship, the USS Vincennes, was sitting near the Straits of Hormuz when the systems operators onboard mistook Iranian Airbus flight 655 for a F-14A Tomcat fighter of Iranian ownership. As this aircraft lifted off, the Vincennes mistook this maneuver for an enemy attack, and this civilian craft failing to respond to calls from the warship...... the Vincennes fired a SM-2MR missile knocking the plane from the sky, and killing 290 passengers and crew. So even the best trained military operators in the world can make a tragic mistake. This tragic incident with Malaysian flight 17 was an accident, and nothing more. This tragic incident should not be used to place blame on Putin in an attempt by this Fraud of a President, B.H. Obama Jr., to slow the Patriots of America from pursuing the immediate removal of this most incompetent President. And although Vice President, Joe Biden, is not 'prize' of Constitutional integrity........ when compared to B.H. Obama, he is a 'brain trust'.

The moral of this entire piece is that mistakes happen in war. War is not how we would like disputes resolved, but war has happened for thousands of years, and will continue to happen until Earth no longer exists. 
Lord Howard Hurts

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