Thursday, December 29, 2011

Nigel Smith, London Sporting Times, Interview With Lord Howard Hurts

This is a posting of an article published, December 12, 2011, The London Sporting Times, by Nigel Smith

I had crossed "The Big Pond", and was doing an article on horse drawn carriage vehicles in Ocala, Florida, "Florida Carriage Museum", when I stopped at a quaint American eatery called "Mimis Cafe" on highway 200, at 4414 SW College Road, for some breakfast. And whom should I view? Lord Howard Hurts. I have written several articles about him for the Sporting Times, but it was a surprise to see him this early morning in his American setting. 

As I approached his table he noticed me, and put his hand out in invitation to share breakfast space. We made the usual jokes about following each other around, but he seemed truly joyed at the prospect of having some idle talk with a fellow Britisher. He informed me quite readily that the breakfast here was top quality, but that the lunch was not to his liking as the place attracted a lot of parents with young children. Because he was nearly finished with his eggs and bacon, I asked him if he would allow me to do an impromptu interview for a "maybe to be published" article in the London Sporting Times. He agreed and here is that interview:

Nigel: I was in London a few months back, and ran into Richard Tinsdale, you know him, a manager at HWM, Walton On Thames, Surrey. And he related to me that you had been, recently, in city, and were looking to not only send over to the states a right hand drive Aston, V12 Vantage, but that you had turned your manor home, and all farm properties over to your eldest son, Rob.... That you were 100% American, for sure.

Lord Hurts: Yes. Yes. That is certain. I had briefly talked with Richard, and did in fact make arraignments for a silver, right hand drive, Vantage V12 to be shipped to Florida. And as for the other, I am certain that it was not a surprise to anyone that I have finally decided to remove all my connections to Jolly Old England. My son, Rob, being the typical, New Age Socialist, well deserves the estate, and maybe in time he will understand that Freedom comes at a price.....a personal price in fact. And for England to follow its current course to Marxism-Socialism is pure destruction of an entire civilization that at one time ruled the world. There is a distinct and measurable difference between Royals and Marxism, be it so little in actual practice though...... But that is the way of the world today. Speed, speed, speed. Things have to move fast or everyone is bored. In the "big picture", I believe, in the future, that we will return to our past agrarian ways as nothing really changes. And nothing can be either created or destroyed on Earth.

Nigel: And this is where I wanted to start. I have done a Google search and found that you have a web posting called I noted that there are over 170 postings, and most are themed, "American Patriotic". You really have taken to your American home.  Would you elaborate?

Lord Hurts: Well. I have been an American citizen since the late 1960's, and unlike Lafayette  (Gilbert du Motier, marquis de Lafayette. Hero of The American Revolution)  , I came to America to live as an American. I see the immediate problems of the government, and unlike many of those born in America, I understand that Freedom is not something given, but it is something that is earned, and has to be defended at all times. I am an American Patriot, even though born in England.

Nigel: So you notice, and write about problems with American government that the "locals" can't view or understand?

Lord Hurts: Yes, this is true. Unlike the typical U.S. high school student.....and university students, also,.....I see that the slow creeping socialism from the early 60's has turned into a full blown problem that is going to turn American into a nation of slaves. The Americans have been in the "dole line" for so long that they don't even recognize it as either a dole or a line. And the depressing part is that the ones who see the coming crisis continue to do the same old, same old...... they vote for the best of the worst, and hope for a miracle. Pure rubbish.

Nigel: I have read in your posting that you believe that the coming elections of 2012, will produce no leader of substance. That this President Obama will win the elections.

Lord Hurts: This is true. Obama is the most overrated President in American history. His accomplishments before his election are not even demonstrable. He has no verifiable history. But the Republicans continue to follow and present recycled Democrats as candidates. The number of those on the dole continue to rise. Government workers retire on hugely inflated pensions, and the unions, who only make up 17% of the work force, destroy small business with their demands for higher pay. It is very difficult to find anyone in leadership who is guided by anything even resembling a "Moral Compass".

Nigel: What do you mean by "recycled Democrats"?

Lord Hurts: I mean that the leadership of the Republican party is as socialist inclined as the Democrats. You see, the flaw of the American system is "One Man. One Vote".  If you remember, this was the call of the Mau Mau of Kenya in the 1950's. We in Britain have practical experience with this type of populous democracy,  and anyone can see where it leads by just investigating Kenya today. For all it natural resources Kenya is a cesspool of corruption and human suffering. Things have not changed, one pence worth, since they "liberated" themselves from the Commonwealth. If Americans could or would read, they would read and study: Uhuru, by Robert Ruark, and maybe they would develop an understanding of the damage the socialist theory of "One Man. One Vote" presents to civilized society. 

Nigel: Lord Hurts.....isn't this kind of talk...... racist?

Lord Hurts: The truth is the truth. It is time rational persons stop pretending that Disney World is a real destination of the future for mankind. Mankind is a balance act between Good and Evil. And survival of the species is primary to all evolution of civilization. Unless good people take charge, and understand that it is ludicrous for the masses of a society, to expect the producers of that same society, to work and invest so that the "Slugs" can lounge without expending blood, sweat, and tears......... civilization as we know it today, is over. America needs a Revolution Now! Or the great experiment in Human Freedom will be a mere footnote in the book of history.

Nigel: But Lord not your thoughts and writings both Imperial and racist? Would you have the poor of America inhabit packing boxes?

Lord Hurts: I am neither Imperial or racist. I understand reality. In America the poor have controlled the government for some 70 years, and the result of this is what we see, Socialism. Socialism is something that has not worked in England, and has not worked in any known nation on earth at anytime in history. To continue this failed experiment is pure Folly....and write it with a capital F. Go back and reread my postings. I don't get the impression that you understand the consequences, worldwide, should American crash and burn. I have to be moving on. I am working on a discovery I made about vitamins, and about how worthless they really are, and what a waste of money they present to Americans who believe that through vitamins good health comes.

Nigel: Well Lord Hurts, I do thank you for your time, and I will ask only one more question. I have heard talk about you getting into the vitamin business. So just what is your idea about vitamins? Are they a positive or are no aid to good health?

Lord Hurts: I will be writing about this subject shortly. I have logical proof that supplemental vitamins....I want to distinguish this fact......are of no value to the human body. That truly the only way to gain needed vitamins is through the eating of food. And this said, I will give evidence of something that is of most significant to good health. It is a tree from India; has been used for thousands of years; and its curative properties have been recently be verified....through modern testing; and it is still an unknown to "the world" of medicine. And just to pike your curious zone of enquiry, it is not the Neem tree of India. This lesser known tree is more significant, and could put many of the current drug companies out of business.

Nigel: Come on, give me a clue. 

Lord Hurts: OK. Here is the clue.....Ayurveda. This is not the name of any tree or plant, but it is the name of a system of traditional Indian medicine. Remember. The only way pharmaceutical companies can make a huge profit is to take a natural product and synthesize it to receive a patent, and then charge excessive prices to customers to receive something that was inexpensive and natural from the start. I will be working on this very soon. Now, I thank you, and if you were finished eating, I would give you a fast ride in my Aston Martin Vantage that is out front, but as you are not, and I am in a hurry, Good Bye, and feel free to use any of my postings for whatever reason.

And thus Lord Hurts left the restaurant, leaving me with his bill. What a guy. I must say, I do find him interesting to say the least.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Are we a nation of Men or Mice?

This is an answer to a posting response by Tina to article: 
Holder and his DoJ – Equal Justice or votes?
December 14, 2011 | Filed underBreaking News,Politics-DC | Posted by SUAadmin;

Tina, the answer is leadership. Leaders lead, they don't follow, and they don't check polls for what the public thinks day in and day out. Leaders have a goal; project their goal; and proceed forward to accomplish their goal. Obama is a socialist and Congress is composed of persons who stay in power because they don't make a move until they have some poll to guide them. This is why they all need to be removed immediately....not in some election in the future. 

The average U.S. taxpayer can't attend protests because they have to work to pay their bills, and pay the taxes that entitle the "Occupy Wall Street" Loafers to slow American commerce.  I propose that sometime in March of 2012, there be a protest rally in Washington, D.C., that makes it possible for the workers of this nation, who pay for all the welfare and government waste, to get an opportunity to express their total dissatisfaction with both socialist Obama and the Congress. I further propose that this rally be called: "Remove Obama and Congress Now!"  It would also be understood that should the "Revolution" be successful, every person who has proof of attendance would be entitled to a recovery fee of $2,000. This is the only way that working taxpayers can be on an even "keel" with the Moochers and Slugs. Remember two things: 1. A protest rally will make it impossible for the Democrats to "Stuff the Ballot Box", so that the entire nation can view the results of the Revolution, fairly. 2. Obama only needed to see 10,000 protesters in Egypt to demand that it's leader step down. Lets make it happen here, and see if Obama steps down. 

It is time to stop playing by the rules of law as dictated by the Democrats. It is time to return to the true intent of the Constitution, and restore equal rights to the taxpayers of this nation, and let the Slugs slither their way along. Are we a nation of Men or Mice? It is time to throw some cheese on the ground and find out.
Lord Howard Hurts

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Si vis pacem, para bellum

Is the Taliban our enemy? I think that this is a possibility, but why care? Jay Carney says that the reason the U.S. is in Afghanistan is: "Sept. 11, 2001. We are there now to ultimately defeat Al Qaeda, to stabilize Afghanistan and stabilize it in part so that Al Qaeda or other terrorists who have as their aim attacks on the United States cannot establish a foothold again in that country.”

This is all nonsense. It is not the job of the U.S., through the appropriations of citizen tax money, to give a "hoot" about international terrorism. Let the international part of the world take care of themselves. Let the U.S. set the example for other rational nations to follow. It is time for this nation of "Blind Sheep" to think about the reason that some persons, in political life, might have a need to "brand" Al Qaeda or the Taliban, National Enemy Number 1.  Friedrich Nietzsche wrote: "Whoever lives for the sake of combating an enemy has an interest in the enemy's staying alive.” I could not say it better (what  modesty). Seems that after a little thought, this might be the reason the politicians of this nation are so "enamored" with "Saving The World From Camel Drivers". I know. This depiction of the Al Qaeda and the Taliban sounds so racist, but in truth: How are they going to get from Afghanistan to America? I know. Remember 911. Everything revolves around 911, or so we are brainwashed to believe. Things happen once in a while.  A blind squirrel finds an occasional acorn.  Yawn, Yawn. What about the more than 40,000 persons killed in auto accidents in this country Every Year?  Should we initiate a War On Auto Deaths? There are over 20,000 deaths from accidental medication overdoses or illegal drug overdoses each year. How about a War On Medications? 

Please don't misunderstand the logic I am attempting to provide. 911 was a tragic incident. The criminals needed to be hunted down and demolished. The nation of their origin needed to feel the pain of  "Don't Tread On Me", and "An Eye For An Eye", but a full force military undertaking in Afghanistan, a place of dirt, rocks, opium, donkeys, camels, misery, and a history of a civilization that is none of our business, regardless of how superior we feel about our Constitution, is Frankly, None Of Our Business. When will the political leaders of this Great Nation finally realize and practice: "To The Victor Go The Spoils"? When an enemy shows himself, hit him and hit him hard, and give deadly warning to the nation of sponsorship through bombing missions, but put no "Boots" on the ground unless we intend to make this enemy nation the next state in the union, and appropriate all resources of that nation to prosper America. When the nations of this world understand that we live by: "Don't Tread On Me", "An Eye For An Eye," and "To The Victor Go The Spoils," I believe that they will "wise up" and not bother America. I think this would be called: Keeping The Peace Through Strength, Si vis pacem, para bellum. Latin for: If you wish peace. Prepare for war. Maybe this should be on every U.S. dollar printed.

Lord Howard Hurts

Friday, December 16, 2011

Bring On The Cake

"The budget should be balanced; the treasury should be refilled; public debt should be reduced; and the arrogance of public officials should be controlled."  This is why I am voting for wait, Gingrich. Which of these Republican candidates voiced this truism? Neither, this is a quote by Marcus Tullius Cicero, 106 BC-43 BC, Roman politician and writer at the end of the great Roman Republic. The Roman Republic lasted 500 years, and "Crashed" for the same reasons that now Doom the great experiment in human Freedom and Knowledge, The United States of America.

Should anyone believe that the coming elections of 2012 will give birth to a renewal of moral and financial well being............ go back to watching the Kardashian wedding, and send your vote by mail....... Not to get off topic, but isn't it strange that the Democrats are so set against anyone having to present a photo ID before voting? The only logical reason for this is that having to prove one is a citizen and registered voter,  would make it harder to cast illegal votes. I said, "make it harder".... not impossible. But we all know that Democrats only want to stop the racist discrimination on the poor by Republicans. Democrats are such Saints. And regardless if you vote for Romney or Gingrich, you will be voting for the complete destruction of this Republic. Read about the Roman Republic, and especially Cicero. Keep reading, this rant does get better.

Please don't be impressed by anything either of these "False Hopes", Romney, or Gingrich, say, because if anyone takes the time to check, it will be apparent that they voiced multiple conflicting statements at different times to different constituents. I know, I know, I am such a cynic; "These are good Americans doing their best to remove Obama, The Pretender, from office. The Republicans will get this Nation back on track and get Americans working again, and bring prestige to the U.S. dollar". Sure they will.  Here is the problem with this scenario: The U.S. debt, National and Personal, is mathematically impossible to get to a place where the dollar is solvent........... even if the tax rate becomes 100% on all earnings and investments. 

I checked the US Total Debt today, December 15, 2011, and here are the figures: 

Total Debt per person: $180.280  
Total Debt Per Family: $682,896  
Personal Debt Per Citizen: $51,129  
Savings Per Family: $4,845  
Official Unemployed: 13,229,233  
Actual Unemployed: 23,913,915  
State/Local Employees: 15,620,133  
Federal Employees: 4,323,424  
US Retirees and SSI: 66,396,934  

Surprised about these numbers? Remember: "Figures Don't Lie. Liars Figure". There is no reason to elect a new Congress and President. The show is over. We are once again being asked to elect the same "Harvard" types, who got us into this mess, to get us out, using methods and theories that remain the same. It is apparent that there is no actual difference between the Democrats and the Republicans, other than the spelling. So unless you are a complete moron, and believe that the Tooth Fairy is a canny investor, don't bother to send money to candidates, Democrat or Republican, and don't bother to vote. Spend your time being the ultimate consumer, using money you don't have, but credit you do have; Get on government give away programs, and get anything you can get; And last, but not least: Read everything you can about The French Revolution, and make plans to invest in, or start building, Guillotines. We will have a true Democracy at last. Bring on the cake. 
Lord Howard Hurts

Monday, December 12, 2011

Sometimes You Really Do Have To Fight The Devil With Fire.

What I like about the Perry Mason series by Erle Stanley Gardner is that Gardner, in his books, includes some common sense examples of the difference between the reality of actual, legislated, laws, and the necessity of sometimes circumventing these same legislated laws in order to defend one's self from prosecution and incarceration because some jury might be unable to distinguish between Truth and Creative Perjury. Fighting Fire with Fire, at times, is a most "truthful" defense. One example of this is provided by this excerpt from: The Case Of The Negligent Nymph, by Erle Stanly Gardner (1950).

Mason said, "It's a legal classic. The businessman sued the American for a large sum of money which he claimed he had loaned the American with which to start a business venture. The American went to a lawyer, complained bitterly, and wanted to go on the stand and swear that it was a complete falsehood.
     "The attorney carefully listened to the American's story, smiled benignly, and said he would fix things up.
     "Imagine the American's surprise when the case came up in the foreign court. The businessman got on the stand and swore that he had loaned the American this sum of money and then called five witnesses; two of them swore that they had seen the money loaned to the American, and three of them testified that the American had told them about having borrowed the money from this foreign businessman and hoped to be able to pay it back out of profits."
      "What happened?" she asked, interested.
     "The American's lawyer didn't even cross-examine the witness, and the American almost had a fit," Mason said.
     "His lawyer explained to him that in this country it was rather easy to get witnesses to commit perjury for a reasonable consideration. The American saw ruination staring him in the face. Then it came his turn to put on his defense and his lawyer urbanely called seven witnesses, each of whom stated that he knew that the American had borrowed money from this businessman, but that he had been present in the room when the American had paid it back, every cent of it."
     A wan smile twisted her lips. "And what's the moral of that story, Mr. Mason?"
     "It isn't a moral, it's an "immoral"," Mason  told her. "It means that there are times when you have to fight the devil with fire."

Now you will have to Think about this a little, but I believe that this fore mentioned quote from "The Case Of The Negligent Nymph" is a good example of the differences between religious Republicans, as opposed to Republican's in general, and Democrats. Religious Republicans tend to live in a "Fantasy World," dominated by the type of world Christians envision, rather than the world of actual reality about 75% of the time. 

Democrats and Republicans, who are not religious, and who believe that "The End Justifies The Means", tend to live in "The Real World", as defined by the voting majority, 90% of the time. And in America, we are legislated to live in a world ruled by the majority, and this is what passes as "The Real World". 

I feel that the previous paragraph exemplifies the reason that Christians are almost always on the "losing side" in encounters in "The Real World". It is human nature to live life always doing for the individual what is easiest, rather than taking, and accepting, individual responsibility for individual actions because individual actions sometimes have, as a  result, unintended consequences that are not the price one necessarily wants to "pay" for some "bad", personal, behavior. And when anything is put to a vote, in government, the majority will always take the "easy path" towards governance, and "punishment". But thank goodness for Christian Republicans, because in what kind of "Dark World" would we live, were it not for these tireless disciples?  

I hope that this posting has given the Religious Republican minority something to Think about. And if you need more prompting, be aware that in the coming elections of 2012, the bad guys will win the majority of the vote. Just  knowing that you are right is not enough. When Jesus confronted the money changers in the Temple...... did he call the police or demand a court imposed interpretation of the law?; No. He took charge and control, and stopped the corrupt practices himself. Do you see a method, in this abovementioned example, that might be used to correct the abuses of our American government? I truly believe that if we wait until the elections of 2012, rather than take action now, this Great Republic will be lost to the pages of history. Sometimes you really do have to fight the devil with fire.

Lord Howard Hurts

Friday, December 9, 2011

History, And The Gordian Knot

Arnold Joseph Toynbee CH (April 14, 1889 - October 22, 1975) was a British historian:
"History teaches us that when a barbarian race confronts a sleeping culture, the barbarian always wins."

If this statement is true, and it seems to pass the creditability test, then just what factors determine its validity? 

Barbarians come from older cultures. Cultures that have little outside influence. They tend to be cultures that are severely "inbred". Being "inbred", they tend to be able to focus more intently on issues of survival rather than on issues of individual determination. And with their limited view of the world, and their ability to focus on only one or two basic ideals, they perceive anyone who is not of their "mindset" to be an enemy........ and enemy's are to killed. Their culture is devoid of the concept: Conquer and Reform. Their idea of future is to depose of anyone who thinks in a manner opposed to their way of life, and social structure. This is something that can be verified by stories found in the Old Testament of the Bible. The victors slaughtered all the enemy; men, women, and children. And after they eliminated the "enemy", they then destroyed all vestiges of the former culture, and proceeded to build new monuments, dedicated to their culture, on top of the previous civic and religious buildings. 

Sleeping cultures tend to be parasitic in nature, feeding on the strength of the strongest of their particular population. The division between Good and Evil tends to blend, and the meaning of words becomes ambiguous at best. In time, confusion arises because the Rules of Civilization tend to have no discernable meaning because nobody can clearly define anything. Chaos reigns, making it easier for the enemy to Divide and Conquer the semi cohesive national culture. When you divide any job into smaller parts it takes fewer "workers" to accomplish any designated goal. Example: If one takes a Grand Piano apart, suddenly, one man can then carry it, by himself, to the top floor, of a 5 story walk-up, without so much as breathing hard  (leverage). 

America is at this stage of self inflicted decay. Two of our most telling clues are: Our inability to legislate a National Language; And our failure to close our borders to only persons chosen by education and testing to be worthy of citizenship. Chaos, now reigns, and the end is near. The  answer to this dilemma is as easy as the Gordian Knot was for Alexander the Great. But unless an "Alexander the Great" steps forward,  the "knot" will continue to confound us.

Lord Howard Hurts

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Phoenix Represents Death, Rebirth, Immortality, And Renewal

Treason by any other name is still Treason. Another election will not right all that has passed as Education in this "Nation Of Blind Sheep". Social entitlements are nothing but Bribes, cloaked in the diaphanous, liberal, interpretations of the Constitution. There is only one way to stop the corruption that prevails all order of American government, and that way is Revolution. 

Do you know about the history of the Phoenix? Is it all fantasy? The Phoenix story is found in most all ancient civilizations, the world over. The short story is that every 500 or so years the Phoenix bird builds a nest, and through self combustion dies. And then, from the ashes, is born a new Phoenix. The Phoenix represents death, rebirth, immortality, and renewal. Is America experiencing  this phenomena? Let me see, 1492 (discovery of America) plus 500 years (life of the Phoenix) equals 1992. You decide if this is a call to Revolution. And should this "history" of the Phoenix help persuade you, stop waiting for the elections of 2012 to give rebirth to this "dead" Nation.

Lord Howard Hurts  

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Donald Trump: Trojan With Bad Hair

"Trump also warns that he could launch an independent bid for the presidency should the GOP pick someone he thinks will not win."

"A lot of people agree with me and find it amazing," Trump said of the eligibility controversy. "It's miraculous how this birth certificate just appeared." 
(Posted: December 05, 2011, 8:35 pm Eastern, By Bob Unruh, © 2011 WND).

Donald Trump gives the impression that he is a real Patriot, but my doubts are founded in his past. Seems that he has said and done this all before (mentioning in August of 2011, that he might re-enter as a third party candidate). And if my memory doesn't belie me, Donald Trump was a lifelong, registered, Democrat, even thought he seldom took the "time" to actually "mark" a ballot. No. My suspicion is that Trump is acting as a "Cat's Paw" for Hillary Clinton. Hillary knows that should she challenge Obama in a Democratic primary, the black vote will be offended, and not support her (they will stay home on election day).  Trump,  by bringing up Obama's birth certificate flaws, again, and the legality of him being a Natural Born Citizen, might just cause the Democratic planners and George Soros, to go to their "back up" Marxist, Hillary Clinton, without fear of causing a "black backlash". And I assure the reader that in a Presidential election between Hillary Clinton, and any of the current Republican "pretenders", Hillary will win by a landslide. So it is my expressed opinion, that to further the possibility, for a real Republican contender to "rise" to a position of believability, Donald Trump must be STOPPED from monitoring any Republican debates. Donald Trump is not to be trusted. And the Republican candidates have made fools of themselves already without further being "helped" by this "Trojan" with bad hair. 
Lord Howard Hurts

Saturday, December 3, 2011

We don't need a "Bigger Wolf", we need a more informed public.

December 2, 2011 - 2:03 pm
Dear Howard, The General is referring to Iran as the Chess Master in the ME. They move, everyone else reacts."

You are so correct. I posted off topic, slightly, but my "Rant" is true, and my vision of how to handle all other Sovereign Countries is to live and let live.  Always remember this German proverb: "Fear makes the wolf bigger than he is." 

 It is our duty to set the example for the world and not to enforce our specific meaning of Freedom on any persons. Stop all Foreign Aid, and let the world socialist have to figure out how to feed their starving population without American Aid, and you will see a much more informed and determined world. Much the same with our misguided programs to fight poverty here in America. Is it really possible that 46 million Americans are on Food Stamps because they don't have enough money from their job to feed their families? Bunk. Just more "Making The Wolf Bigger". If America has a leader who understands this concept, then the silly airport screenings would stop immediately.  Remember the scary threat posed by Osama bin Laden? All these years of fear from a man that was "larger than John Wayne", according to our corrupt government, and the "lapdog" media? A reckless  billionaire, who lead an intelligent terrorist group that had the ability to destroy America. Then, a few years later, we see the photos of an old, gray haired, man, watching a relic of a TV procured from some remodeled Motel 8, sitting in a Snuggy, watching HSN, looking for some Wolfgang Puck cookware,  in a rundown house in some rural camel town in Pakistan.....and then the "puffed", President Obama, stories of Osama making a run for his  weapons, and the Delta team having to shoot him in the back. Come on. Wake Up! It is all a created fantasy. Politicians the world over have to create a "Bigger Wolf" to keep the citizens in line. And to be specific about Iran: Iran is just another bluff. Think about all the countries that currently have neclear weapons. Are they all stable? Is it possible to prevent one of these already neclear nations from "giving" weapons to others? Of course not. Force Iran to take care of the needs of its own population, and it will be apparent that they will not have enough money left to invest in advanced weapons programs. Divide and Conquer. 

What would Lord Howard, do if you were elected President?

First I would stop all Foreign Aid and let these world socialist figure out how to feed their starving populations themselves.  Just this move alone would start revolutions in these socialist countries that would not need anything more than American material aid. Within a few years I am sure you would have a more informed and determined world. Much the same with our misguided programs to fight poverty. Is it really possible that 46 million Americans are on Food Stamps because they don't have enough money from their job to feed their families? Bunk. Just more "Making The Wolf Bigger".  Want to inform yourself on what is really "killing" America and our Constitution? Check out this youtube:  and begin to think about placing more focus on what is happening in our nation, and let  others, who desire Freedom, fight for it themselves. As example: Cuba. Want to create a revolution for Freedom in Cuba without having to use taxpayer money or put our military at risk? Open the doors to free movement into Cuba. Let Americans travel to Cuba, send money to Cuba, and invest in Cuba. How would this oppressive (Cuba) socialist government stop its own people from joining in the world economy should this policy take place? Remember, it is not our job to tell anyone on this planet how to live. It is our duty to take care of OURSELVES, and set the example for others to follow should they desire Freedom.  We don't need a "Bigger Wolf", we need a more informed public. 
Lord Howard Hurts

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dare To Be Great! Remember The American Revolution!

"The Chessboard is set and the pieces are being moved deftly! It is time to change leadership in the USA to restore America and our Constitution!", Paul E. Vallely (Paul E. Vallely is a retired Major General in the US Army, and is the founder and CEO of Stand Up America.).

General Vallely, I must disagree with your observation that the  "Chessboard is set and the pieces are being moved deftly!". There is no "Chessboard". What you perceive to be a "Chessboard" is nothing more than competing political factors muddling around in the chaos that they themselves have created.  At this time there is nobody "deftly" moving the "pieces". This nation is at a tipping point that will either forge a more dedicated and strong Republic, based on the true intent of the Founders and our Constitution, or this nation will slide into the chaos of Democracy, and become another failed experiment in Human Freedom. The American education system has for too long expounded on the merits of Democracy, and all the while never making the case that Democracy is nothing more than lawlessness. To believe, at this point, in our history, that all can be rehabilitated by the election of some professional politician of the Republican persuasion is nothing less than insanity. The electorate has no understanding of its responsibility, and this is completely due to the fact that this nation has let the education of its citizens be run, and corrupted, by persons who not only do not understand individual responsibility, but by their very own nature are parasites who want guaranteed rewards for their misguided work. To even look at the lineup of the 2012 Republican contenders makes me sick. This nation needs a leader who is not looking for a job. We need someone who will place the Constitution as the "Rule Of The Land", and let the citizens make their own future rather than to rely on the Federal Government for ideas, food, shelter, warmth, retirement, education, or any promises that life is easy or without any personal pain. All citizens must understand that for every positive there is an equal and corresponding negative. Life on earth is a struggle for survival and there is no "free lunch". It is time to move forward, before the elections of 2012, and DARE TO BE GREAT

Remember the words of Tucydides, the father of the school of political realism, which views the relations between nations as based on Might rather than Right: "The Secret of Happiness is Freedom. The Secret of Freedom is Courage".  It is time for the citizens of this nation to remove President Obama, all persons in Congress, The Supreme Court, and any others who are conspiring to subvert the Constitution, and to create economic chaos with the result of inflation to our currency. This "End" can not be accomplished by means of an election in 2012. It is time to "Remember The American Revolution", and all that it stood for.

PS- Should you believe that I am some  old, white guy,  "driving the Crazy Train", go out and purchase: Capitol Punishment, by Jack Abramoff ("The Hard Truth About Washington Corruption From America's Most Notorious Lobbyist")
Lord Howard Hurts 

Friday, November 25, 2011

Dare To Be Bold and Dare To Be Great

Republicans take note: "If you continue to do the same stupid thing time and time again, but expect a different outcome, then you must  be suffering from some type of mental illness." America is on life support financially, and it's "Moral Compass" has been replaced by a demonic influenced NPS (national, position, system). The inmates are running the mental hospitals, the convicted are running the prisons, the students are running the schools, the unions are running the corporations, and all the while the Congress and the President are checking the "wind", and moving in the direction dictated by these non producers and non thinkers. The handwriting is on the "Wall", but the producers and the thinkers are afraid, not only to read what is written, but are afraid to implement the "Tough Love" necessary to bring these lazy malcontents under control. 

We do not live in a Democracy. A democracy is a place where there are no actual rules of conduct. All conduct is subject to the whim of the masses. Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down. Nothing stays the same, and thus nothing can be accomplished because without some measure of "knowing" what to expect in the future leads the population to chaos. A nation that is a democracy can not have, either, a structured future, or a civilization guided by a "Moral Compass". The American education system has over the last 70 years, mainly because the public education system attracts teachers who are at the lowest level of the college graduates, has succeeded in turning the word: democracy, into the "Battle Call" of the "followers" of this nation. How can one succeed when the non thinkers become the "Thinkers" by virtue of granting themselves self serving degrees from colleges and universities? The lowest of the low write the rules for graduation. This nation has been on a "slow slide" into the darkness of democracy for too long. To continue to "play" the game as dictated by the non thinkers is insanity. The only way out is to understand that America is a Republic not a Democracy. And that the inmates can no longer control the mental hospitals, the prisons, the schools, or the corporations. It is time to give this country some "Tough Love". It is time to dismiss all the Congress and the President, and install new, bold, leaders guided by both the Constitution and a "Moral Compass".

Have you watched the Republican debates? Unbelievable. Why do these people subject themselves to the abuse dished out by these liberal monitors? What real leader would abide by rules that oppress and confuse the persona and message he wants to present? Apparently, this crop of sissy boys, are looking to be given a "cookie" from the low life, non producers of this confused nation, so that they can gain the title of President. Of this crop of losers there is only one candidate that even remotely qualifies as a "Leader", and that person is congresswoman Michele Bachmann. It is time that she takes charge and stops playing by the rules of engagement written by these democracy loving liberals. It is time for her to be bold. Maybe she could "break" onto the Jimmy Fallon, "Late Night" show, and play a gag on him. Tell him what a moron, shit, he and his staff are, and slap his ugly face, into tomorrow, before walking out. Dare to be Bold and Dare to be Great. 
Lord Howard Hurts

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Lord Hurts A Closet Democrat?

I have recently been sent some very abusive emails by hostile persons who believe that I must be some type of "closet" Democrat. These hostile individuals say that my rants about Socialism being something that has, for the past 70 years, been slowly eroding both our Freedoms and our Constitution, are pure bunk. They say that our problems started with Jimmy Carter, and became more pronounced during the Clinton years, followed by the rapid decline since the election of Obama. To this I say: Wake Up, Morons! Educate yourself, and know that most of the Republican Presidents before Obama, and especially includes G.W. Bush, were looking for personal glory rather than following the Constitution.  Read the following passage from: Perry Mason, The Case Of The Vagabond Virgin, by Erle Stanley Gardner. He wrote this book in 1948. I am sure that he gathered the information and experience that he based this book on prior to that year. Read it and see if it doesn't sound like something someone would rant about today.

     "Young Ferrell has none of the endearing qualities of his father?"

     "As far as I know," Addison said, "Frank Giles Ferrell made only one mistake in his life. That mistake is named Edgar, and that boy is a mistake all the way through. Frank never had much of a formal education. He'd had to work hard. He'd worked up from the bottom. That had been his salvation, that hard work. Edgar was an only child, and Frank decided that Edgar was never going to have to work the way he had.

     "It's the same old story. Edgar had an automobile as soon as he was old enough to drive one. He had a college education, and an indulgent parent impressed upon Edgar that he was never going to have to exert himself unduly."

     "Why did you let him get in the business with you?"

     "When Frank died, the stock was left to the boy. He didn't want to sell it at any price. That's where I made my big mistake. I thought that if he came into the business and had to dig in and work, be in the office regular hours and all that, it wouldn't be long before he was tired of it and then would want money for his stock."

     "It hasn't worked that way?"

     "It definitely hasn't worked that way. In the first place, he doesn't come into the office regularly, and when he does, he simply messes around with the figures, mixes into things that he knows nothing about, and gets the help.....What's the use of discussing it, Mason? It drives me nuts! It's a highly unsatisfactory arrangement."

It seems that as the middle class in America increased, more persons came to believe that there was a shortcut to success that only the privileged could take advantage of; That there are jobs, in America, that the "educated" just don't take, regardless; That when one reaches a certain "station" in life, the government has an obligation to see that, regardless of the economic situation, one need not move downward on the pay ladder. The "old fashioned" idea: "You Can't Lead Until You Have Proved That You Are A Great Follower", became passe. And even when faced with the reality that the number of college graduates vastly exceeded the current market for their advanced skills, the government provided easy money for students to obtain more of these worthless degrees. Not mentioning, as sort of a "Truth In Lending" practice, that obtaining a college degree doesn't in any way imply that there will be a job available for the advanced education skills you have paid for, but that the money loaned for such a degree will have to be paid back regardless, and without the benefit of bankruptcy law. Yawn. Yawn.
Lord Howard Hurts

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dare To Be Great

Here are the facts: Our country is fractured to the point of no return. We have a President who is a Socialist and is not afraid to push programs that enhance that political outcome. We have an electorate that is worried about their own financial outcome, and will vote for anyone who will promise that things are going to get better. All this said, we have a Constitution that maps all the rules that define Freedom and the responsibilities of Freedom, but we don't have a leader that will see that these rules are implemented and enforced. Our past success is our current failure. We have elected leaders for too long that have gained grace by giving away taxpayer money, at the expense of Freedom and Responsibility. Just look at the current "crop" of Republican candidates. They all might be individually "nice persons", but they are Wimps and Sissy Boys, and this includes Michele Bachmann (although I think she has more balls than the "real" men, but she is just too, On and Off. Never keeping the course. Always checking the wind, and letting her ultimate direction be dictated by an aft wind rather than tacking to get to the Constitutional directive.). It is time some military man steps up, and takes his sword, and cuts the Gordian Knot. 

Have you watched these Republican clowns and their debates? What complete morons. Stop with the silly debates. We need a candidate who will dominate by standing behind the Constitution, and who will inform these low-lifes in Congress, and this low-life President, that if elected, he will personally see that they are punished for their past actions against this Nation and this Constitution. No quarter should be given to Traitors (and maybe Article 23 of the IV Convention – The Laws and Customs of War on Land of the Hague Conventions of 1907, needs to be revised also.) We need a leader who will take his campaign to the people, and not the couch potatoes who sit watching reruns of Levern and Shirley or The Munsters. 

Dare To Be Great. At this time, I personally like the attitude of Allen West of Florida's Congressional District 22, and favor him for President.
Lord Howard Hurts

Friday, November 18, 2011

Then where, Oh Creator!, is our Joan of Arc?

Il est malheureux pour les hommes, heureux peut-être pour les tyrans, que les pauvres, les malheureux, n'aient pas l'instinct ou la fierté de l'éléphant qui ne se reproduit point dans la servitude.

(Unfortunately for mankind and perhaps fortunately for tyrants, the poor and downtrodden lack the instinct or pride of the elephant, who refuses to breed in captivity.)  Nicolas Chamfort, 1741-1794

Do you see the "writing on the wall"? The elections of 2012 are over. The fix is in, and Romney has been anointed the Republican to keep the farce going so as to amuse the fools who mistakenly believe that the tenets of the Constitution are relevant and working. With more than 46 million Americans receiving Food Stamps, and millions more of the great "Unwashed" either being union members, students, or illegals, the odds are slim to zero that Obama will not win the Presidency, again. And should the unthinkable happen .......Romney, with pride, will continue the hellish progress towards Socialism, abet at a slightly slower pace. It is too bad that the "Thinkers" of this nation only think, and don't have the courage of their conviction to "take this Republic back", as "warned" by Thomas Jefferson. "As revolutionary instruments (when nothing but revolution will cure the evils of the State) [secret societies] are necessary and indispensable, and the right to use them is inalienable by the people." --Thomas Jefferson to William Duane, 1803. FE 8:256.

It seems so painfully certain that no male figure is going to come forward and lead the revolution, and throw this corrupt Congress, and President, into prison. Then where, Oh Creator!, is our Joan of Arc? "One life is all we have and we live it as we believe in living it. But to sacrifice what you are and to live without belief, that is a fate more terrible than dying." Attributed to Joan of Arc.
Lord Howard Hurts

Monday, November 14, 2011

"Unvarnished" Truth

My comment on the status of Herman Cain: Any man who doesn't use his eyes to "undress a beautiful woman" (remember that the word beautiful is personally subjective) is not a man. A "Leader," is by nature a most aggressive person. Aggressive persons "collect" followers, and are driven by a domination over others. This is the "unvarnished" truth. Why all the sudden is America repulsed by this revaluation? Get real America. There is a line that separates "male curiosity" from "sexual abuse", and Herman Cain, even if guilty of what has publicly been accused of him, has not crossed that line. It is time to stop with the childish gawking, and move on. Herman Cain is a contender and let him be judged by his words, not his normal, human, male, actions. If he had crossed the "line" he would have his photo at The Smoking Gun.  America can't afford a leader who doesn't know, or understand,  his own sexuality.
Lord Howard Hurts  

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Reality For Republicans

Things have been so slow lately. I have not received one death threat in more than 2 months. Readership is about the same, in the 3,000 range, so I must not be doing a good job of educating the uninformed on the subject of Reality. So let the death threats start:

Republicans, especially, don't understand that the most pressing problem today is the population problem. And this is not just the population of the U.S., but the world. They attack anyone who is against Life, and this is a most commendable "ideal", but it is not reality. There are other factors to consider, and quality of Life must be foremost. 

Any believer in a "higher power", and Nature is the "Ace" of power, the "Captain of our ship", Planet Earth, knows that Life is always measured in Time. Time being seconds, minutes, days, years, or century's. Time is the one factor that can't be averted regardless of how smart science, or the "Harvard" types, view themselves. Time isn't impressed by all the self serving degrees bestowed by these institutions on their "scientists", and themselves. When Nature decides, for whatever reason, that it any life form needs to recycle, there is nothing that can trump that "Ace". And it is an undisputed fact (sounds a little like Al Gore, here) that life recycles because: "Nothing Can Be Created Or Destroyed", in this Terrarium called Planet Earth.

Unfortunately, for society today, Republicans, the true believers in some type of religious faith, and the believers in some type of Creator, are the ones that subvert Nature the most. They have created this economic crisis called: "Taxpayer Sponsored Fight Against Nature; Health Care At Any Cost". They don't seem to understand that Death is part of Life. They believe that the Great Creator of Nature doesn't want anyone to die, regardless of how much tax money is taken from the productive population to accomplish this impossible mission. But this misguided theory can be proved wrong each day by just reading the obituary columns in the newspapers of this country. Republicans act as though The Creator visited with them, and told them to fight against death regardless of the reality given all Life on Earth, by The Creator, himself/herself. In other words, Republicans, believe that it is the duty of all citizens of the U.S. to fight Death by all means because The Creator so demands it, and at the same time they also accept that Death is a mechanism created by The Creator to  perpetuate all future Life. Should this, understanding be so, then it also must be concluded that The Creator is suffering from some type of mental illness because He/She is giving opposite and conflicting instructions. Why would anyone follow the directions of someone suffering from a mental illness?

No people, Republicans in particular, Death always follows Life, and Life always follows Death (circle of Life, and proof that reality moves not in a straight line). There are no other options. People should live with dignity, and they should similarly die with dignity. There is no reason to fear Death, or believe that it is something that can be averted. Dignified humans don't sit around in a wheel chair, in a $7,000 per month, old age facility, drooling, without a conscious thought forming in their brain, breathing only because oxygen is provided by a steel bottle, wearing wet, and soiled diapers, and being attended by someone who really is only interested in a weekly pay check. True believers accept reality and attempt to live with dignity at all times while on this Planet called Earth. Dignity is what really separates Humans from Animals, and all other forms of life on Earth. The Creator only extended the gift of dignity to humans, and it is time to stop all the hysterics, and accept this gift with thanks for all the good times, and the good emotions, and stop looking for eternity. Eternity is the exclusive domain of The Creator, and even Republicans are not The Creator. 
Lord Howard Hurts

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Obama. Smarter Than A Texas Governor?

Comment to Forbes Staffer, Frederick E. Allen, 11.11.2011:

Compared to President Obama,  I view Govovernor Perry's inability to remember something a much better "deal" than the proof that the main reason for Obama not providing  a history of his school grades is that in the list is this: Graduated from The Clown College, Venice, Florida, in 1985, with an 4.0. Here are some of the memorable Obama "brain fart" moments; while the media still idolizes him as the "Smartest President Ever".

"I've now been in 57 states — I think one left to go." 

“A comrade of yours, Jared Monti, was the first person who I was able to award the Medal of Honor to who actually came back and wasn't receiving it posthumously." (Jared Monti was killed in action)

''In case you missed it, this week, there was a tragedy in Kansas.  Ten thousand people died—an entire town destroyed.'' (12 persons did die).

"What I was suggesting -- you're absolutely right that John McCain has not talked about my Muslim faith... (Freudian slip or maybe the truth?)

"UPS and FedEx are doing just fine, right? It's the Post Office that's always having problems." (one of few things he has said that is correct, but the media views this a mistake)

Instead of referring to the low tax rate of janitors, Mr Obama said that it was a mistake to have billionaires pay the same tax rate as Jews.  (might be a Freudian slip, but what does the media care?)

And last, but not any "smarter" than his other mistakes:  Obama mentioned that his racial awakening came when he, as a youth of 9, viewed a photograph and read an article in Life Magazine, which told about an African American who abused his body in an attempt to "whiten" it. (no such article, and, or, photo ever existed according to Life Magazine historians.

Had enough of this Clown yet? Before the elections demand to see his grades.....and, or,  his real birth certificate.
Lord Howard Hurts   

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Mere Elections Of Less Corrupt Individuals Will Not Suffice.

Before I start my "Super Rant", I want the reader to be aware of thought patterns that are not of the: "We need more government because things are out of control." I am sure that most of you have never heard about a man named, Lysander Spooner. But before you read this latest "Rant", it would do you well to read: Vices Are Not Crimes. A Vindication of Moral Liberty, by Lysander Spooner, 1875. Also read about Lysander Spooner in Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, to get a "fast grasp" on just why the Republican party, then, as now, is the party of  hypocrites. It is events like yesterday at Penn State that show that an election in 2012 will not change much of anything regardless of which candidates win, and are placed in charge. 

 If you should hold any idea that the elections of 2012 will be of value to save this Great Republic, should a Republican candidate win, you are in need of serious mental health help. What is UP is now Down, and what is Down is now Up. What a crazy world we live in. A world created, one hundred percent, by a corrupt and most immoral public education system. Yesterday, we had hundreds of students at Penn State taking to the streets, rioting. and destroying private property because they don't think that their football coach, Joe Paterno,  had any further responsibility, either moral, or legal, to see that his assistant, Jerry Sandusky, be investigated for  his alleged 2002 assault on a 10 year old boy in a Penn State athletic shower. This "gang" of morons holds the belief that Joe Paterno, did his moral and legal duty by bringing this sex abuse situation to the attention of the President of that college, even when he knew that no action had ever been taken by the "college"  to report this incident to the police for further investigation. 

Football. What does this sport really have to do with the pursuit of higher learning and understanding? Absolutely nothing. Isn't it most telling that Joe Paterno, the football coach, was the highest paid person in that college? Isn't it most telling that the majority of the players on the Penn State team can't even read above the comprehension level of a normal 12 year old? And just what is the problem with a homosexual assault on a "minor"......isn't homosexual behavior now viewed as Normal? Isn't this behavior more of an educational experience rather than a crime? Maybe this young boy had an inquiring mind, and just sought out the knowledge and experience of an educator like Jerry Sandusky. So why all the outrage? Isn't it possible that this youth had his brain "tweaked" by the public school systems reading lists that included: Daddy Has A Friend Named Bruce, or Boys Have Personal Toys,  or that great read, All Boys Need To Try Everything....At Least Once, by Dick Boehner? 

"Homosexual behavior is not a vice, it is a normal human response that has been repressed too long by Bible Thumpers, and other prejudiced individuals." This thought pattern is the "law of the land", and anyone who dares to think that homosexual relationships are immoral and destructive are placed in a position of "keeping quiet" by force of imprisonment at the hands of our most immoral government. Wake Up America! You are losing control over your own personal beliefs. You are letting "Harvard Types" mold your inherited logical consciousness. If we are to keep this Great Republic, then we will need to have another Revolution For Independence. The mere elections of less corrupt individuals will not suffice. This is why I have advocated a third party, the Democratic Christian Party, to hold it's banners high and to go forward into battle. 
Lord Howard Hurts

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Might Makes Right

I can see, and hear, in my mind, even these 50 years later, the Very Reverend, Sydney James, standing in the pulpit saying, "Might Never Makes Right"......... at our church in Kent. His deep baritone voice projecting "truth" and finality. Now my main complaint, with religious persons, is that most persons who claim to be religious, have never even read the Bible. And because of this, they receive their dose of reality from some Anglican Father, like the Very Reverend, Sydney James; absorbing his words as gospel; and never reading the Bible in its entirety, and never becoming aware of the huge disparity between the actual text, and the "cherry picked" paragraphs chosen by these lovers of "peace", that hold their "flock" imprisoned in a world of fantasy. And to those readers who don't understand what I am talking about, I give you this attached posting, in the hope that your mind can be opened, and some sense of reality, in this present world, can be reached. And without going into some deep philosophical inquiry, I readily admit that I believe that the Bible is not the actual word of the Creator, but that it is the inspired word of the Creator. That not all events mentioned, in the Bible, are actual or factual, but that they are events that are totally human, and as such depict the natural human experience, and thus can be attributed to that hidden force that "sparks" all Earthly life, Nature. And regardless of the written word, and the human dilemma between "Good" and "Evil", all life is a struggle for survival, and that struggle has different "rules" at different times, with survival of the species being the dominate factor all the time. Everything changes. Nothing stays the same. But in time, everything returns to the beginning, as nothing can be either created or destroyed. This is why the aphorism, "History Repeats Itself", holds such weight in any discussion of Earthly reality.

How, my father, the first, Lord Howard Hurts, made me understand that "Might Makes Right".

I was 16 years old, when my father, Lord Howard, came to me, and asked me to drive over to his apartment building in the middle of Maidstone, in Kent, and collect the rent from a Mr. Carter in apartment 212. He further told me to see that I did not leave without receiving the rent owed. Well, I went to the apartment building, a new, modern, building that held 64 rentals in a horseshoe design, with an extensive and beautiful garden, giving the modern complex both a trendy, and at the same time a "country cottage" look. The building was directly in the commercial part of the town, and was quite convent for persons who did not have a car for transportation, and relied on either walking or taxi transport. The rents were modest, and the occupancy rate had held at a profitable 97% over the 10 years since the buildings' opening. The renters were mostly retired persons, singles and couples, who held small pensions. Nice quiet people for the most part. 

When I got to the building, I went directly to Mr. Carter's door, on the second floor, and pressed the outside bell button. He answered the bell, almost immediately, and when I told him that I had been instructed by the Lord to claim his rent check, he began to respond to me in both a loud and domineering voice. He said that I need not bother him for he had always paid his rent on time; that he was busy at that particular time; and that I could go home, and inform Lord Howard that he would forward the rent check in due time. He then proceeded to close the door in my face.......... punctuated with a loud slam. Thinking that I had done my job, I proceeded to go home, and inform my father of the situation. Well, I was in for a huge surprise. Father, started, "You moron. I told you to bring back the excuses. I could let this cretin send the rent when he pleases; I don't need you to go around, and translate for this fool. He has a binding contract, and he needs to pay according to that contract." Well, I was quite surprised at the furry of father. I had only seen him this "wild" on no more than 3 occasions in the past 16 years, and I was not sure, by his ferocity, if he was going to "kill" me, or the errant tenant. Father told me to bring the car around, and said that we both would go visit Mr. Carter, and see that he understood the complete meaning of an obligatory, legal document.

I brought the car around, and father got in, and he seemed so calm, that I was thinking that I had dreamed the previous encounter. We arrived at the apartment building without further incident, and father beat a path up the stairs to Mr. Carter's apartment, with me following in dogged pursuit. Father did not even ring the door bell.....he pounded on the door, 3, or 4, very hard hits.... and it was suddenly opened by Mr. Carter. Mr. Carter was a slight man in his mid fifties, and father was just slightly less than 6 foot, but with the build of a prize winning boxer. Father, did not even give Mr. Carter time to speak. He grabbed this renter with his left hand.....a handful of shirt....and proceeded to push him across the living room, and into a wall. Father, using the handful of colorful flannel..... then lifted the slight man upwards so that his toes barely touched the floor. He then screamed in Mr. Carter's face, "Don't give me excuses and don't dismiss my son when I have sent him to collect your rent. I am going to count to 10, and when I get to 10, if you have not put your rent check in my hand, I will grab you by your shirt once again, and I will take my right hand, and grasp your balls and squeeze them, and I will then throw you through that front window. And then I will go outside and pick up your bloody and broken body, and throw you back into this room, and continue to do so until you say, "Quit." Father then let Mr. Carter down, and there upon he (Carter) ran into his bedroom and returned with check book in hand. Looking quite scared, Carter then sat on the living room couch; leaned forward....... and used the steamer trunk, he had as a coffee table, to substitute as a writing desk, to write out the rent check. He handed it to father, and announced, "I have included an extra $15 dollars to compensate you for your collection trouble."  Father took the check, and we went home, saying not a word in the car during the trip.

Later that night, father, summoned me to his library, and he informed me that I was to take charge of the rentals at the apartment building starting as soon as I either evicted someone, or took over from someone that had an expired lease. He further informed me that I would be living on my own, and handling all the general maintenance on the building, and the collection of all rents...... and that I would need to figure out how much to increase the rents to compensate for my living in one of the apartments...for "free".  I was overjoyed at the prospect of being only 16, and living away from home, and having a "bachelor pad" in the middle of town. Father, also told me to contact his friend, Carl Zinman, who owned a furniture store, and to get myself everything I needed to establish my future domain. I lived in that apartment building for three and one half years, and learned how the "real world" operates on this planet we call Earth. The Very Reverend, Sydney James, was so wrong. "Might Always Makes Right", it is just a matter of how much force to apply, and when to apply that force. This is what always separates "Good" from "Evil". 

Epilogue: Mr. Carter continued to inhabit unit 212, and even  extended his "stay" by another year contract. Lord Howard never again set foot on the property, leaving complete control in my "hands" until I left England, and moved to America. Lord Howard sold the property  6 months later and made himself a pretty penny indeed.                        
Lord Howard Hurts

Friday, November 4, 2011

Bad Dream

I once read in some book, fiction, about a corrupt, "cockroach" infested, country......and it might even have been the U.S. at sometime in the future, I just can't remember. The elected President and the elected Congress were involved in an attempt to subvert the Constitution of that country into a new declaration of Marxist Socialism, political control. The taxpayers were getting tax bills that increased by 100%, 500%, or more, and rules and regulations were added daily that made it almost impossible for any non government worker to carry on business without some type of extreme permit from the government. It seems that the education system of the country had been so tilted towards socialism that the poor did not have a rational understanding of why they were unemployed, and because of this, had little prospect of accumulating wealth. The government blamed the bad economic situation on the "Rich", and vowed to increase taxes on the rich so that the poor could be exempt from taxes, and would be a "voting" force for government. The poor loved the new plan.......all the while not understanding that there is no such thing as a "Free Lunch". The poor then went on a rampage, sponsored, of course, by the government, and looted and burned the businesses of the so called "Rich", but at no time did these ignorant, poor, persons make the connection that the government workers were "Rich". Then some Patriots gathered together and decided that they would turn the corruption around, and they vowed to reinstall the countries Constitution to its place of prominence. They knew that their small force was no match for the government organized police, who were also corrupt because of their high pay, and the generous pensions they received, so they would need to resort to tactics that would scare government into submission. And at the same time, the national army, the force that was granted, by the Constitution, the power to always uphold that very Constitution, was not only corrupt at the top, but it was full of enlisted people who followed orders without thinking. So this Patriotic group formed, "The Christian Soldiers",  and they devised a plan to kidnap upper level government administrators, one at a time, as they walked down the public streets. They would catch them and kill them, leaving behind a note that said something like this: 

This Corrupt Government Worker Has Been Tried And Executed By The Christian Soldiers. This Shall Continue Until The Constitution Is Once Again The Law Of The Land.

"Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. And moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue. 
Barry Goldwater" 
I can't, for the life of me, remember all the details, or even the name of the book, but in the end, the Constitution was restored after "The Christian Soldiers" posted more than 500 of these notices on the dead bodies of corrupt government workers. I hope that nothing like this ever happens in America, and although I am not a believer in banning books because of their content, maybe this book should be banned just in case some "copycats" are out there reading it. I implore President Obama to ban this book immediately, as it poses a possible security risk to his government, and for this reason I also ask President Obama to repeal the First Amendment on the grounds that children should not be exposed to ideas of violence by vigilantes....... But as I think more deeply about this book, maybe it was not a book....maybe it was just a bad dream. "Can't we all just get along?" Rodney King

Lord Howard Hurts

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Stop Welfare, NOW!

Not quite sure that this country is heading towards complete socialism within the next few years? Well wake up and read the bad news. In an article in the Washington Examiner.Com, City limiting funding for welfare recipients,By: Liz Farmer, 11.03.11, she says that 40% of the residents of Washington, D.C., "receive either food stamps, Medicaid assistance, welfare checks or some combination of the three, according to Department of Human Services Director David Berns." That a large number of these recipients are on a program called TANF or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, and this program gives support for only 5 years, with the expectations that after 5 years, maybe the recipient is not really looking to support himself or herself. But that has not happened. Most recipients are allowed to continue taking working taxpayers money because there are "no jobs for college graduates, no jobs for high school graduates, no jobs for seniors, said Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Sandra Seegars, a Ward 8 council candidate. "

Now let me understand this: No jobs for college graduates, no jobs for high school graduates, no jobs for seniors. But at the same time, Obama, and our worthless Congress, is busy seeing that working taxpayers pay more in taxes to support this 40% in Washington, D.C.; that more tax money is allotted so that youths can go to college "free"; that taxpayers have to dig deeper into their pockets to see that high schools have more and better teachers. Why? The result of all of this is that there are no jobs for college graduates,  and no jobs for high school graduates, so why fund any of this? Why not just take the money for these projects and give it directly to those on welfare? Why not just close all colleges and high schools for 5 years so as to stop the flow of these young persons into a system that doesn't have room for them? Isn't it strange that the uneducated youths are not on the government list of excuses why people receive tax handouts? There must be a lot of jobs that don't  need a high school or college degree out there.  If we lived in a true Free Enterprise Nation, the system would regulate itself, and when the number of "over educated" youths exceeded the job market, the number of persons entering these schools of higher education would slow to a trickle, and people would find jobs in non skilled markets. But with our government promoting higher education at any price, and at the same time instilling in the minds of our citizens that there are jobs that the educated will not take, we have a huge problem with the youths, and this can not lead to anything except a turn toward Socialism (not that Socialism will either work or help, but the youths are so disillusioned that they will grab at anything that they perceive as a help). What is the solution? STOP ALL WELFARE NOW. LET THE MARKETS PICK THE WINNERS AND LOSERS. THIS PRESIDENT IS ONLY LOOKING TO BUY VOTES AND THIS CONGRESS IS DOING THE SAME. BUYING VOTES IS ILLEGAL. START WITH MAKING ENGLISH OUR NATIONAL LANGUAGE AND REQUIRE ALL PERSONS TO SPEAK THE LANGUAGE OR SUFFER THE CONSIQUENCES. LET THE LAWS BE JUST AND ADMINISTER PENALTIES QUICKLY. GET GOVERNMENT OUT OF EDUCATION AS THE STICITICS PROVE THAT GOVERNMENT HAS CREATED THIS "HANDOUT" PROBLEM. AND LASTLY, ELECT A STRONG LEADER. ONE WHO DOESN'T WANT THE JOB. 
Lord Howard Hurts

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What Would King David Do?

Comment on article:

Harretz.Com, Wed, November 02, 2011 Cheshvan 5, 5772

Netanyahu trying to persuade cabinet to support attack on Iran,
by  Barak Ravid, Amos Harel, Zvi Zrahiya,and Jonathan Lis

Within months, not years. Israel will find itself in a "vise", and the only option, at that time, will be ineffective defensive actions. Like a prey that lets the wild hyenas have the time to gather in strength; the confidence level of the hyenas will increase to the point where an offensive action, by the prey, will be impossible, and death will come because the enemy has successfully "chained" their individual mental resolve into a single cohesive force. 

The window of opportunity is open, but is slowly closing. And without help from America, the fight is lost. The current problem is that America has a President, Obama, who is not only an enemy to Israel, but is a traitor to the American Constitution. He is in office because he has 3 times shown a false birth certificate as proof of his Hawaiian birth (if he had a real certificate, he would let it be examined by his distracters. And this is something he has steadfast refused to do.). Netanyahu has the "hammer" (holds the proof) in this issue, and needs to strike. For failure to have Obama removed from office will surely end in the death of Israel. The American people are pro Israel, at this time, but after the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan "wind down", which they are currently doing, the American public will be in a mindset that will view Israel's problem to be Israel's problem, and help Will Not Be Coming. Think: What Would King David Do? 
Lord Howard Hurts  

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Chinese World Domination Plan, Part 2

A few months ago, I had posted some information I had received dealing with a plan by China to attack Australia, part of a "World Domination Plan" that has been in the works for over 500 years. Well last night I received more information on the planned attack on Australia, by China. Now please be advised that I can not know if the information I have is true or not, but I, personally, have confidence that it contains more than just a "grain of truth". So let me review what I have posted in the past and include the latest gathered information:

China is expanding all over South America, and especially in areas where mineral wealth prevails. China has infiltrated Canada and America in many technological areas, and this is verifiable by reports made by the RCMP. China is a major importer of illicit drugs in both Canada and the U.S. China has been calling for war with Taiwan, but it seems the plan is more to distract the world from the real target of Chinese aggression... and that target being Australia. The leadership of China believes that when Australia is attacked, Taiwan will be so divided that it will fall into the hands of China with very little resistance. Now for the latest information about the tactics that will be employed in the attack on Australia. 

One of the main tactics to be employed is the use of unmanned aircraft to drop poison gas bombs on the citizens of Australia. No nuclear weapons are planned, as the goal of this invasion is to enlarge the physical land mass of China through colonization. Australian women will be taken hostage and returned to China as "war prizes" for a country that is severely lacking a female population due to the state policy of "One Child" that has been in effect since 1978. During this invasion, China will not fear or worry about the involvement of the U.S., as it is thought that the political leadership of America will be in the hands of the democratic elitists, and after the prolonged wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the "War Machine" of America will be in the hands of total passives. It is further thought that because China will not be making any overt attacks on America, U.S. citizens will be appeased, and make positive "prostrations" about the humanitarian Chinese. And because of these forewarned tactics, Americas who see a huge problem with the Chinese aggression will not be able to gather the political force needed to make a presence in the conflict. And as further insurance against the involvement of the U.S., China will unleash the thousands of trained military, already in both Canada and America, should there be a political "push" to militarily enter into the dispute. The result being that the internal fighting, in the U.S., and Canada, will take precedence over sending troops to fight in Australia. Although this scenario may seem "far fetched", keep watching for civil unrest inside China, as this will be the "trigger mechanism" to start the implantation of this "World Domination Plan". I would think that the target date might be sometime in 2014. 
Lord Howard Hurts

Friday, October 28, 2011

"If you must break the law, do it to seize power: in all other cases observe it." Julius Caesar

If you even half believe that all life on Earth is the product of a Creator, you have to read this article. You have to research it yourself, and then THINK. Our Republic is coming to a political, and social, divide, wherein, either, logic and reality will again prevail, or we will continue to follow the lead of the liberal, intellectual, thinkers, especially the Democrats, and fade away into the annals of history. We have lost, not only, our Moral Compass, and our Courage, but we have lost the "cohesive force" that created this nation in the beginning. Slowly, we, as a nation, chose comfort and stability over Freedom; Not understanding that Freedom is neither gained nor held without full responsibility of personal actions; That in this world, on Earth, there is no predetermined future; And nature, being the driving force, that was given us by our Creator, shows, by example, that nothing stays the same; Everything changes, every day, every minute, every second, because of the complex, shared, actions of all living things, and the random movement of the Earthly elements of wind, rain, heat, and cold. And when a civilization attempts to establish a predictable future, all Freedom is lost. Think me wrong? Then read the following history assignment, and THINK. Deep Think.
The Freeman, January 1997 • Volume: 47 • Issue: 1, Marcus Tullius Cicero, Who Gave Natural Law to the Modern World, Jim Powell

 As a nation, we now stand at that proverbial "fork in the road," and have no idea if we should proceed, left or right. The "Harvard" type intellectuals have so eroded our confidence in our "individual and inherited intelligence", that the majority of Americans believe that unless a person graduates from a college or university, they will be forever doomed to low social status and poverty. This in the face of facts that became public several days ago when the Obama administration decided that the government (taxpayers) would give help, and concessions, to college graduates, who can not pay back their government funded student loans. Obama, himself, said that there just were not enough jobs available, to employ these graduates, at the high pay  needed to insure that these student loans could be repaid, in accordance to the contract between the student and the government. And at the same time, he further stated that this nation needs more college graduates, and that the government will make it easier for anyone to receive a government backed student loan. Hello. Is anyone listening to this moron, President? The students, and future students, do not see a problem with this type of socialist drool because they don't have the intellectual ability to understand that there must exist some rational, negative, consequence when security is the primary goal of the citizenry rather than Freedom of the individual. These students are only interested in getting something for free, and this type of pandering is a good vote "getter" for sure, and another reason for defenders of this Republic to immediately remove President Obama from office, rather than wait until the 2012 elections. Also note that all student loans are given directly to the student, and not the college or university, the result being that this money can be used, by the student, for the purchase of things such as: gambling, ocean cruises, rent, cars, or drugs, just to make a point. Why stop at student loans. How about the government giving loans for homes, and basing the loan payments on the income of the recipient rather than the actual amount of the loan; Giving him credit for loan repayment after 20 years, regardless of how much is still owed on the contract; And complete forgiveness of the loan should the recipient work for the government for 10 years? And why not extend this to the purchase of a vehicle? People need vehicles to travel to work? And why not give the unemployed gas cards? People looking for work need to travel to interviews? The unemployed need gas so that they can "look for work", and this can all be repaid when they land a job. Of course the repayment would be extended for a year or more, so as not to cause financial "pain". And so the socialist pandering goes on and on.

As the elections of 2012 near, it becomes apparent that Obama and the Democrats are just another misguided assortment of persons who are suffering from a severe type of mental illness. And unless the defenders of this Republic take bold actions to remove these "Harvard" types, and reform the education system of this nation, there will be no Constitution and no Republic. 

"If you must break the law, do it to seize power: in all other cases observe it."
Julius Caesar

Lord Howard Hurts