Friday, December 9, 2011

History, And The Gordian Knot

Arnold Joseph Toynbee CH (April 14, 1889 - October 22, 1975) was a British historian:
"History teaches us that when a barbarian race confronts a sleeping culture, the barbarian always wins."

If this statement is true, and it seems to pass the creditability test, then just what factors determine its validity? 

Barbarians come from older cultures. Cultures that have little outside influence. They tend to be cultures that are severely "inbred". Being "inbred", they tend to be able to focus more intently on issues of survival rather than on issues of individual determination. And with their limited view of the world, and their ability to focus on only one or two basic ideals, they perceive anyone who is not of their "mindset" to be an enemy........ and enemy's are to killed. Their culture is devoid of the concept: Conquer and Reform. Their idea of future is to depose of anyone who thinks in a manner opposed to their way of life, and social structure. This is something that can be verified by stories found in the Old Testament of the Bible. The victors slaughtered all the enemy; men, women, and children. And after they eliminated the "enemy", they then destroyed all vestiges of the former culture, and proceeded to build new monuments, dedicated to their culture, on top of the previous civic and religious buildings. 

Sleeping cultures tend to be parasitic in nature, feeding on the strength of the strongest of their particular population. The division between Good and Evil tends to blend, and the meaning of words becomes ambiguous at best. In time, confusion arises because the Rules of Civilization tend to have no discernable meaning because nobody can clearly define anything. Chaos reigns, making it easier for the enemy to Divide and Conquer the semi cohesive national culture. When you divide any job into smaller parts it takes fewer "workers" to accomplish any designated goal. Example: If one takes a Grand Piano apart, suddenly, one man can then carry it, by himself, to the top floor, of a 5 story walk-up, without so much as breathing hard  (leverage). 

America is at this stage of self inflicted decay. Two of our most telling clues are: Our inability to legislate a National Language; And our failure to close our borders to only persons chosen by education and testing to be worthy of citizenship. Chaos, now reigns, and the end is near. The  answer to this dilemma is as easy as the Gordian Knot was for Alexander the Great. But unless an "Alexander the Great" steps forward,  the "knot" will continue to confound us.

Lord Howard Hurts

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