Wednesday, September 23, 2015

'Ballot Stuffing' by Computer

Prior to computers, I would use one or two spiral notebooks of lined paper a year. But now, we live in a digital world, like it or not. I remember when, in the early 90's, it was said that the computer would make our life much easier, and stop the wasteful use of paper for record keeping. Here we are in 2015, and it is common for me to purchase several reams of paper a month for use in my printers (Yes, printers. Most persons have more than one printer in their home.). And it is a fact that computers have made life more 'simple', but at the same time things are more error made by a computer magnifies the mistake many times over. Take the Volkswagen catastrophy as an example. All cars today are controlled by computers. It is easy for a computer expert to tweak a computer program to change legal and accurate values into illegal, and inaccurate values. There is no paper trail and the only way to catch the error is by a convoluted process after the fact, and after the realization that some 'mistake' has been made. But this, usually, is well after thousands, and maybe millions, of misinformation bytes have been bred, and used by unknowing consumers. In the Volkswagen crisis it was found that the illegal computer program had been in use for some 10 years, and effected some 11 million vehicles. Volkswagen stock went from $262.84 in April 2015 to $183.57 in late August of 2015. The deceit by the management of VW could impact the stockholders of that company for many years to come, and could even lead to its demise. So knowing all this..........why the hell are we letting voters in the U.S. cast their Presidential ballots by computer? What is wrong with the old paper trail method of voting? Oh yea........the corrupt politicians just can not find enough people in America who want to do the job of 'ballot stuffing'. And the new illegals, who could do the job, just might have a personal list of candidates they want elected, so the computer is the best way to keep our nation lead by corrupt American politicians. Donald Trump is history. It will be Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush in 2016......or so my computer says.  
Lord Howard Hurts

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Time To Start A New American Revolution

Patriots, I love Costa Rica, but I would rather be back at my home in Beverly Hills, FL. So to accomplish this I ask all American Patriots to go out and make and hold up posters: "Allen West for President in 2016". I ask America Patriots to go to the grocery stores (everyone rich and poor needs to eat) and hold up their posters; take names and addresses of potential voters; and send these names and addresses to me so that I can encourage and persuade Allen West to enter this most serious Presidential race. The continuation of Freedom and Liberty of our great Republic is at great peril. If every person who reads this will send this posting to just 10 email friends.......asking that they do likewise.......Allen West will, within two weeks, be a Republican candidate in the next debate. This is a mathmatical certinty. Trust me on this: Should Allen West enter the race for President in 2016, and garner a spot in the next debate he will 'blow' Donald Trump's hair back. Donald the "Charlatan" will be reduced to just a footnote in campaign history. America needs Allen West, and it is up to the Patriots of America to Stand Up and Make Their Own Choice for President in 2016. It is time to get the "Balls" to start a New American Revolution, and it is time to take the Republican Party back, and to send the RINO's forever to the "Elephant Graveyard". 
Lord Howard Hurts

Monday, September 7, 2015

195 Former Military Officers Against the Iran Deal

As I sit here in San Jose, Costa Rica, in my luxury 'digs' I ponder about the American military's failure to do more than to send our Muslim President, B.H. Obama ll, a note signed by 195 former, top, military officers voicing their disapproval at the "Iran Nuclear Deal". When will our current top military officers stop wasting their time, and efforts, of turning the American Military into a "Gay Social Club", and a place where "Trans Genders" can reside until they decide which gender they want to be identified with?And when will these military men act like defenders of the Constitution, and defend this nation from all enemys both domestic and foreign? I am sure that the Chinese, and Russian, military is most amused if not hystarically laughing. I further am sure that it is just a matter of time before the American military will have the option of either pants or kilts, or maybe some "Daisy Duke short shorts". 

I tell you my dear Patriots. Stop beating your head against the wall in the search for a 'lessor bad' candidate for President in 2016. It is time to start a Revolution, and draft Allen West as your candidate for President. It is time for America to have an experienced military leader as our next President. Forget about all the 'hogwash' about Allen West not having political experience..........what constructive and good has come from all the former "political" Presidents? Are we in better shape in the world today? I say, "No". The definition of "insanity" is doing the same thing over and over again, and being surprised at that the result is always the same. Allen West can lead. He can choose experts in all phases of government where he is not 'all knowing'. America needs a tough military leader now, or this great nation will fail through the 'weight' of all the silly gay social experiements that this corrupt Obama Administration has burdened us with. Show me a nation in all the history of mankind that was run, and administered, on "Gay Social Principles", and I will gladly wear a kilt with pretty, pink, ballerina pumps.
Lord Howard Hurts

Friday, September 4, 2015

Hillary Clinton and her "Bart Simpson" denials

How long can Democrats support the "Bart Simpson" denials of Hillary "my daughter and I were under fire in Bosnia" Clinton revolving around her email server problem? Isn't there finally a time when the old dog is suffering so much that the compassionate owner finally shoots his dog?
Lord Howard Huts

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Time To Get Off "The Disney World Train"

Patriots of America. It is time to get serious about the coming Presidential elections. You have had your fun, and found out that the "Ashley Madison" web site was a scam, and that the only persons getting "screwed" were the one who paid their admission to find love in all the wrong places. Now it is time to get serious with Donald Trump before the RINO Jeb Bush takes the lead by default. Donald Trump is a Mountebank, and for those of you who attended the government schools.....Mountebank is a 'fifty cent' word for Charlatan. Trump confirmed this in his book "The Art of the Deal" (1987). In his book Trump laid bare his true mental thoughts on success. "The final key to the way I promote is bravado. I play to people’s fantasies.", wrote Trump, and this is what he is doing now in American's time of desperate need for a President who can be both a "Moral Leader" and a "Strong Protector of the Constitution". 

Patriots, it is time to stop being STUPID; and time to draft a Presidential candidate who is not a professional politician; and time for the Republican party to throw off the usual RINO's, and bring Allen West into the contest. Allen West has the spirit and military knowledge America needs at this time. Allen West has the Moral Courage needed to defend not only the Constitution, but he will reignite the patriotic fire that has slowly burned out through the election of B.H. Obama ll. Allen West will bring a new 'fire' in American politics, and he will restore the motto: "In God We Trust" to its former prominence. ("IN GOD WE TRUST" first appeared on the 1864 two-cent coin.). So Patriots. Get off the "Disney World Train", and draft Allen West as our next President. 
Lord Howard Hurts