Saturday, December 26, 2015

Take Back America Through Christianity

Good Morning, Christian Patriots of America. Are you aware of the major causes of the collapse of the Western Roman Empire....after 500 years of being the worlds superpower? Well let me give you the 'short' answer so that you can make a parallel with what is happening in America, the worlds superpower, today. 

1. Economic problems and a reliance on imported workers.
2. The rise of the Eastern Empire.
3. Over expansion and increased military spending.
4. Government corruption and political chaos.
5. The migration of barbarian tribes into Rome.
6. Weakening of the Roman army.
7. Christianity.

As you can see, Rome experienced precisely the upheaval that now attempts to break the union of the American States apart. We have major economic problems and have imported workers to do the jobs Americans don't want to do. Russia and China have risen up economically, and militaristically, and they are a threat to the American way of life. We have expanded wars with countries in the Middle East, and have increased our military spending considerably. Our government is corrupted, and there is political chaos abounding. We are being 'attacked' by migrating lower class persons from all over the world. They are bringing with them their own social status, and have no intent on assimilating into traditional American, Christian, culture. So you can understand that by past history there is every reason to believe that America, like the great Western Roman Empire, is doomed. But there is a difference, and this difference can be a major 'game breaker'. Christianity was one of the factors that doomed the Roman Empire.........and if we take this fact to heart we can see that what doomed Rome just might be what saves America. Christianity. Isn't it time that we stand strong, and take back America through Christianity? 

"For the sons of Israel walked forty years in the wilderness, until all the nation, that is, the men of war who came out of Egypt, perished because they did not listen to the voice of the LORD, to whom the LORD had sworn that He would not let them see the land which the LORD had sworn to their fathers to give us, a land flowing with milk and honey." -Joshua 5:6. 

Is it possible that the Lord has spoken to us Christian citizens of America? And is it possible that if we do not listen to the voice of the Lord, we shall be also be doomed to wander in the 'wilderness' until all these deaf Christians perish?
Lord Howard Hurts

Friday, December 25, 2015

I Love Greece

I don't know about you, but I love Greece. For the past few days I have sealed myself off from the hustle and bustle of the typical, beginning of American winter, and enjoyed recharging my 'pea brain' on Naxos, an island of history, and art, in the cradle of 'Thought and Freedom'. It is currently 4 PM and the temperature here is 59 F; without a dark cloud in sight.....and with a 17 mph breeze.  As I sit in my suite at the Nissaki Beach Hotel, contemplating the azure sea that surrounds this paradise, I think about all those American families who spend thousands upon thousands of dollars to not view something historic, and based in reality, but to visit a 'Mouse' and a fantasy world that teaches absolutely nothing. A visit to Disney World, in my opinion, is like a massive dose of cane sugar.......all calories, but having zero nutritional value. A trip to Naxos on the other hand is like 'pure oxygen' to the brain. So what has so unsettled me that I have taken time to post another rant against the American value system, and the 'ingesting of the worthless calories perpetuated by 'Big Media'? 

The insane economic policy just made public by the Usurper, B.H. Obama, and published by 'Big Media'....... now flooding the airwaves, and in print....... is proof positive that this President's goal is to destroy America both morally and economically. And if the Patriots of this nation don't listen, to me, and act soon it will be too late! Obama and his Marxist Administration has informed the big banks of America that they can once again make home loans to persons who do not qualify for responsible credit. He has stated that the 'poor' are being left out of the 'American Dream', and that the Federal Government (Taxpayers to you Patriots who do not understand that there is no 'Santa Clause' in the real world) will not hold any bank, or banker, responsible for any losses incurred by a default by these new 'Slugs of Marxism'. 

Did not the economy already 'crash' from such a policy? Are you ready for another round of economic stagnation? Are you ready to let the Federal Government lock up your savings, and take what they need to keep this Usurper, Marxist, B.H. Obama in power? And do not be foolish, and believe that gold in your portfolio will be of help. Remember and study the 'Gold Confiscation Act of 1934', and THINK.

I believe that any Marxist American President (B.H. Obama or Hillary Clinton, and I say Hillary "my daughter and I were under fire in Bosnia" Clinton because the polls have already given her the title.) will have to confiscate gold because it will be 'in the greedy clutches of the Enemy's of the Federal Government'.......those who have earned and saved, and prepared for their future (responsible Americans). Marxism is fueled by 'Non Thinkers and Non Producers', and the 'Thinkers and Producers' will have to be removed as the masses need their 'Disney World'. 

Dum spiro, spero - (While I breath, I hope) Cicero 
Lord Howard Hurts

Monday, December 21, 2015

Revolution that will be heard around the world

My fellow American, Christian, Patriots. "Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves." When will the Christian faithful stand up like men of God and defend the religion that they profess to follow and embrace?
Amendment I of the U.S. Constitution states:
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.
As a member of the Judeo-Christian faith, I follow the explicit words written in Leviticus 18:22:
"Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination." To do otherwise is to revoke my faith in the almighty. It is time for the Christians of America to stop cowering like mangy, unfed dogs, and to stand up like men.......and expose, and punish, these false profits that have so corrupted the American Constitution. It is time to cleanse the Presidency, and the Congress, of these false prophets, and lovers of same sex relationships. It is time for a Revolution, and a time to choose leaders who profess, and believe, the teachings found in the Holy Bible. It is time to stop defining the definition of Is (Bill Clinton in his own defense).
But as I sit here in my luxury 'digs' here in San Jose, Costa Rica, I can only laugh at the gullibility of the Christian Patriots who sit like unwanted dogs waiting to be kicked again. Christian Patriots! Stand up and tell the government that you are not going to take it anymore. That the insanity is going to stop. That B.H. Obama ll, John Kerry, and Hillary Clinton will be punished for their failure to follow the Constitution, and that if the 'Cowardly Congress' will not take action then the Christian Patriots will start a Revolution that will be heard around the world. 

Lord Howard Hurts

Take the fight to the Evil persons, and do it now.

"Iacta Alea Esto" (The Die Is Cast).  My recent posting have  garnered me death threats and insults on both my integrity and my intelligence. Actually, I never knew that there are so many descriptive adjectives for: "Crazy Person". But I shall "press on", for I truly believe that unless something is done before the elections of 2016, there will be no elections, and this country will "slide" into socialism, and our Constitution will be an artifact of the past.  To give  you a descriptive "picture" of what I believe must be done to accomplish the removal of our Impostor President, B.H. Obama ll, I place before your eyes the "mental picture" of "Jesus Driving The Money Changers From The Temple In Jerusalem". He made a whip from several cords, and attacked the money changers, and the sellers of sacrificial animals; and he drove them from the Temple. This provokes a most powerful,  imaginative, mental image for sure. It is found in narrative in the Gospels of Matthew, Luke, Mark, and John (The Synoptic Gospels).  And please understand, that this is the only account of Jesus using force to accomplish something in all the Gospels. I am sure many of you are already laughing, and thinking, "This nut job, Lord Hurts, wants us to believe in some fairy tale from the Bible?" Well, I don't want you to believe in anything unless you research it yourself, think about, and make a conscious decision to believe it. But I do want you to think about the possibility that all life revolves in a closed cycle. That nothing can be created or destroyed. That there is nothing new "under the sun"; And regardless, if there was ever a person named Jesus, in the history of the world, or not, the fact remains that this biblical account of force, by a man "known" to be passive, holds meaning to the human experience. It holds meaning because in this narrative, Jesus did not call the police, consult a law book, or ask directions from a scholar. Instead he takes immediate action based on his personal concept of the difference between Good and Evil; He instinctively understands what needs to be done, and does it. And should you happen to be a Christian, this biblical event might make a more profound ideological  "imprint" in your conscience mind. Is this powerful narrative reminiscent to our Congress and their meeting in the Capitol building? I believe so. Is this what needs to be done? I believe so. So my fellow Christian Patriots, I ask you to stop being passive, and do as Jesus did. Take the fight to the Evil persons, and do it now. 
Lord Howard Hurts

Saturday, December 19, 2015

America Must Find It's Own "King David"

My friends,  Christian Patriots of America, I know that at times my posts are 'wordy' and obscure, but America is at the 'tipping point'. It is time to "Man Up" or we will go the way of the Jews in WW ll. Look at the film clips from that time peroiod. These Jews must have known that to get into a 'cattle car' would mean ultimate death. But they did not resist. They went, and they died. Clearly, the German guards did not have enough bullets to shoot all these hostigages. Why did they not fight to the death? Surely, they did not believe that the Germans were loading them into 'cattle cars' to go to a picnic.  Please read this posting, and think about finding our own "King David". 

What I like about the Perry Mason series by Erle Stanley Gardner is that Gardner, in his books, includes some common sense examples of the difference between the reality of actual, legislated, laws, and the necessity of sometimes circumventing these same legislated laws in order to defend one's self from prosecution and incarceration because some jury might be unable to distinguish between Truth and Creative Perjury. Fighting Fire with Fire, at times, is a most "truthful" defense. One example of this is provided by this excerpt from: "The Case Of The Negligent Nymph", by Erle Stanly Gardner (1950).

Mason said, "It's a legal classic. The businessman sued the American for a large sum of money which he claimed he had loaned the American with which to start a business venture. The American went to a lawyer, complained bitterly, and wanted to go on the stand and swear that it was a complete falsehood.
     "The attorney carefully listened to the American's story, smiled benignly, and said he would fix things up.
     "Imagine the American's surprise when the case came up in the foreign court. The businessman got on the stand and swore that he had loaned the American this sum of money and then called five witnesses; two of them swore that they had seen the money loaned to the American, and three of them testified that the American had told them about having borrowed the money from this foreign businessman and hoped to be able to pay it back out of profits."
      "What happened?" she asked, interested.
     "The American's lawyer didn't even cross-examine the witness, and the American almost had a fit," Mason said.
     "His lawyer explained to him that in this country it was rather easy to get witnesses to commit perjury for a reasonable consideration. The American saw ruination staring him in the face. Then it came his turn to put on his defense and his lawyer urbanely called seven witnesses, each of whom stated that he knew that the American had borrowed money from this businessman, but that he had been present in the room when the American had paid it back, every cent of it."
     A wan smile twisted her lips. "And what's the moral of that story, Mr. Mason?"
     "It isn't a moral, it's an "immoral"," Mason  told her. "It means that there are times when you have to fight the devil with fire."

Now you will have to Think about this a little, but I believe that this fore mentioned quote from "The Case Of The Negligent Nymph" is a good example of the differences between religious Republicans, as opposed to Republican's in general, and Democrats. Religious Republicans tend to live in a "Fantasy World," dominated by the type of world Christians envision, rather than the world of actual reality about 75% of the time. 

Democrats and Republicans, who are not religious, and who believe that "The End Justifies The Means", tend to live in "The Real World", as defined by the voting majority, 90% of the time. And in America, we are legislated to live in a world ruled by the majority, and this is what passes as "The Real World"

I feel that the previous paragraph exemplifies the reason that Christians are almost always on the "losing side" in encounters in "The Real World". It is human nature to live life always doing for the individual what is easiest, rather than taking, and accepting, individual responsibility for individual actions because individual actions sometimes have, as a  result, unintended consequences that are not the price one necessarily wants to 'pay' for some bad, personal, behavior. And when anything is put to a vote, in government, the majority will always take the "easy path" towards governance, and "punishment". But thank goodness for Christian Republicans, because in what kind of "Dark World" would we live, were it not for these tireless disciples?  

I hope that this posting has given the Religious Republican minority something to Think about. And if you need more prompting, be aware that in the coming elections of 2016, the bad guys will win the majority of the vote. Just  knowing that you are right is not enough. When Jesus confronted the money changers in the Temple...... did he call the police or demand a court imposed interpretation of the law?; No. He took charge and control, and stopped the corrupt practices himself. Do you see a method, in this aforementioned example, that might be used to correct the abuses of our American government? I truly believe that if we wait until the elections of 2016, rather than take action now, this Great Republic will be lost to the pages of history. Sometimes you really do have to fight the devil with fire.
Lord Howard Hurts

Thursday, December 17, 2015

We are either Men or We are Cowards. The choice is our own.

Everything that goes up must at some time come down. America has been building, and building, and now there is only one direction to go...........DOWN. The Libertarian view would be great for America.......but unfortunately it is no more real than Disney World...... The problem being that there are lying scum, natural born killers, wanting to become President, and the Libertarian existence relies on Truth and Honesty. And in this world today, Truth and Honesty will not get you anywhere. The masses, unfortunately, love fantasy. And this is why "Disney World", and "Star Wars" are such big hits.

Hillary Clinton is a prime example of the state of mind of the American voter today. Not only is she a lying scum, natural born killer, she is Stupid. And Stupid only plays to the uninformed, and equally Stupid. The Progressive Politicians have gotten us to where we are today. To get Progressives elected, these politicians had to reward their voters with the earnings of the working class of American citizens. Each year the give away rewards were more numerous until they finally exceeded the taxes extracted from the working citizens, and then massive debt began. And as each succeeding election came, and went, the National Debt rose because there was nothing more to extract from the working citizens 'pay check'. And to take a citizens entire 'pay check' would wake the citizens to the theft. And so the National Debt rose, and rose, until it every citizen in America became a slave to the state. And that is where we are today, but most working American's have not awaken to this sobering fact. They don't see that there is a major economic problem facing this once great nation. They do not seem to be aware that the price of the Ford Mustang has gone from $2,500 in 1965 to $28,000 in 2015, but the minimum wage has only moved from $1.25 in 1965 to $7.25 in 205, when it should be closer to $12. All this while there are billions, and I emphasis Billions, of persons in the world who will work for less than $4 a day. So is it a surprise that American companies move to foreign countries, or that imports rule the market place?

There is only one way to throw off tyranny and slavery. Revolution. It is time for the American Patriots to start a New Revolution, and risk all their earthly goods, and lives, on restoring the Constitution as the "Law of the Land".  Hillary Clinton must be defeated. And the American military must do it's duty to defend the Constitution, and see that all traitors to this founding document are punished. This means George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, B.H. Obama ll, and anyone who believes that the accumulated National Debt is not the problem. 

Remember the words of Abraham Lincoln:  "Shall we expect some transatlantic military giant to step the ocean and crush us at a blow? Never! All the armies of Europe, Asia, and Africa combined, with all the treasure of the earth (our own excepted) in their military chest, with a Bonaparte for a commander, could not by force take a drink from the Ohio or make a track on the Blue Ridge in a trial of a thousand years. At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer. If it ever reach us it must spring up amongst us; it cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen we must live through all time or die by suicide." Just THINK. Lincoln said this 150 years ago. He saw the problem and that problem was "Us". And the only way to solve the problem is by understanding that America is a nation under God, and that God helps those who help themselves. It is time for God loving Americans to Stand Up and Start the New Revolution, and throw out and punish those who have corrupted this Nation and its Constitution. We are either Men or We are Cowards. The choice is our own. 
Lord Howard Hurts 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Buy "Made In America"

Posted before Yawning at all of the Republican candidates for the November 2016 election, and heading to Costa Rica.

I live in Florida, and June and July are traditionally our rain months. So today started out much like the past week. Clouds, sun, more clouds, and finally rain. It had not rained for over 2 months, and most everyone, myself included, complained about needing rain, and now, with the rain coming, I want it to STOP. Enough already. It is most depressing without the sun. The humidity must be over 200%. Once you begin to sweat, you can not dry. Usually, this type of oppressive heat is reserved for August and September, but for some reason it has arrived early this year. Here's hoping for an early winter, as  4 months of this is physically draining; to say the least. 

My scuffling around the house in slippers and shorts was given meaning, and direction, when the door chimes began to ring. Looking out, I saw the post woman standing at the door....patiently waiting with an envelope in hand. Thinking that this could be a summons for jury duty, I gave thought to not answering the melodious request issued by the door bell, but then thinking that if it was a legal summons..... not answering would only provide a temporary reprieve as government will continue to 'call' until the proverbial "cows come home".  So I slipped towards the front door, and answered the ringing. To my surprise it was not a summons from some local or Federal court, but a registered, signature required, letter, addressed to me, Lord Hurts. It had the return address of a prestigious law firm on the upper left hand side, and as the envelope seemed quite thick, I assumed that it was a complaint against me by someone who thought I had given them some grievance. So after engaging the postal worker in some small talk about the weather, and bidding the woman a "good day",  I opened the mystery missive. What a surprise. I found it to contain both a letter, and  a certified bank check for $50,000. The included letter of introduction made mention that a distant relative, The Earl of Warwick, Harold Standhope, had died this past year; And that his lawyer, Randsom A. Hoarlick, had taken several months to track me down, and deliver the Earl's  final request.....this check for $50,000.  Now the strange part to all of this is that I have no knowledge of the Earl, and further, I  hold no knowledge as to why he would be so generous with an apparent distant, distant, relative. But not one to look a "gift horse in the mouth", I  decided that I would deposit the check post haste at my banking institution, and then make some purchases to help stimulate our lagging economy. To wit, I decided that not only would I stimulate the economy, but that I would purchase only things or services that represented, "Made In The USA". 

I sat down at the large oak pub table that resides in my kitchen area, and began making a list of things to purchase. My first thought was a new car, but $50,000 would not buy a "real" car.......and anyway, I have several cars in my garage already, and most $50,000 cars are made in Europe. Silk shirts and cravat? No. Imported from India, Indonesia, or China. Piece of furniture? No, imported from China. Watch? The best ones are made in Switzerland. Suddenly, this stimulus project was becoming hard work. Think! What is "Made In America"? Suddenly, I thought about the women on the wrong side of town....the "Street Walkers". This is definitely "Made in America". Then I thought about some "moonshine" whiskey. Not exactly my "cup of tea", but  "Made in America". Drugs, marijuana in particular. Grown right here in the Ocala National Forest, "Made in America", for sure. Boy, spending this money on "Made in America" products, or services, was going to be difficult if not totally illegal. Is this all America stands for? If I am going to "Buy American", it is apparent that there may be some unintended consequences associated with the purchases. And maybe I should hold back a few dollars just in case I need to "make bail". Is it any wonder that America has lost its "Moral Compass"?
Lord Howard Hurts

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Love Negative Email

As I sit in my new luxury "digs" near San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, surrounded by beauty in all shapes and forms, I lazily turn to my email and I find this negative missive:

"Of course its boring to you. But that is not the issue. What is important is that we don’t just preach to the choir, We must educate those less erudite than you! Get off the soap box and onto the dais and get out and scream about it. Sir, its up to us to change them, not to yell at ourselves, we are already there, and we agree!!! Yelling and whining about what we should do is just whining if there is no action to follow on!"

Yawn. Yawn. I should expect such. There is such truth in the old idiom: "No good deed goes unpunished".....Yes, idiom correctly decribes this phrase. But regardless, this morning I had planned on working with my newly purchased parrot, an African Grey, that I have named "Smoker". A name I chose in regards to his former owners habit of smoking a prodigious quantity of Jamaican ganja each and every day. The fact of the matter is that this poor bird was subject to those "vapors from hell" as he was, for most of the daylight hours, sitting on the shoulder of this uninspired loafer who inhabited this luxury home previously......while he not only inhaled, but exhaled. "Smoker" is a  most docile bird for sure, and I hope that the "vapors from hell" have not rendered his 'bird brain' unable to keep a thought. So just to keep the 'uninformed' up to speed, I had wanted to purchase a parrot since I arrived here in Costa Rica to sort of "blend in" with the locals with their laid back lifestyle. And as African Grey's are noted to be the best of all talkers, I shall endeavor to train him to say, "Obama must go, Now!"........  to act as sort of a cheer leader to keep me on track with my mission as an American Patriot. 

I will finally get to the matter of the "slite", and I do apologize for my regression into my personal undertakings, but this balmy weather, and high elevation, makes it difficult to find fault with anyone, or to keep on a strict schedule of daily tasks. And this might be the reason for the famed disposition of the Ticos (what Costa Ricans refer to themselves as)........ quiet, forgiving, and friendly to a fault. Stress is not a medical problem here in CR:

My dear Patriot. I assure you that I stand on no soap box. My cries are driven by my Patriotism to the Constitution......and that for which it stands. I have chosen to be an American. I am not someone who was born here, and to whom citizenship is viewed as a means to gain monetary security by selling ones soul to the highest bidder....... or more to the point: The politician who will hand out the most tax money to "Slugs" for doing nothing more than pulling a lever on a vote tabulating machine. I see both the problems and the solutions. Whereas most natural born citizens see only the problems. 

The main problem with the political system, of America, is that the two major parties are equally destructive. For education to create a change, there needs to be a third and distinctive political party. A "Banner" if you will,........... so that the people of like mind can get behind it, and begin the Revolution.  Again, not to be redundant for the sake of "hearing my own voice", but take the examples of Joan of Arc, or King David. America needs someone to come forward and be the Standard-Bearer, and my choice is Allen West, retired Lt. Col., from Florida. But alas, Col. West seems not to have head my 'cry'. So today, and I emphasize "Today" as who knows what tomorrow may bring, I stand behind Donald Trump. Trump is the man to elect as our next President.

Now before I go back to working with my parrot, "Smoker", I want readers to know that I sometimes get information about Iran. It may be true, and it may be fiction. But here is the latest:

Iran wants to be the power in the mid east, and the world.  The Ayatollah Ali Khamenei wants to revive the old Persian empire and its prestige. He knows that Iran can not attack America in a  conventional manner, so he will employ simple tactics that can bring down America similar to the flying of planes into the Twin Trade Towers.  Most military strategists know that if the enemy country is socially destroyed, and sent into chaos, then why a physical war?  Iran wants to make a statement. Look for dirty nuclear 'bombs' in high population areas of our nation....this will cause social chaos for sure. Also, let Europe fight their own wars, for once, and let them defend the Strait of Hormuz themselves. Keep American warships out of this future "Pearl Harbor". Iran is gearing up, and with the support of China and Russia, this next year looks to be disruptive at best. American needs the Canadian pipeline now, and any congressman who is against it needs to go. Israel will be history unless the U.S. takes offensive action against Iran. There is no other option. The U.S. is now suffering 'death by a thousand small cuts'.  Death by a thousand cuts just builds boldness on the part of other 'weaker' nations so "Confrontation" is the only realistic option. Freedom is not Easy, and Easy is not Freedom.
Lord Howard Hurts

Population Is The Problem

America is spending  more and more of the workers "forced" contribution of taxes on education and health care, in an attempt to prove that man is the Ruler of Earth, and that there exists no Creator. As the deficits mount up......the quality of life for the taxpayer goes down. There is no disputing this fact, but the government "brain washing" continues, and the Ego Maniacs such as Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, and most every person seeking public office, refuse to acknowledge that there is a "Creator", and there is a plan enforced by Nature that keeps the necessary balance for life to continue. And please don't waste your time writing me that these "great" Americans are Christians, and speak about their faith, and support our Constitution. These morons are Ego Maniacs, and their actions don't match their words............ Action is the true measure of words. Their actions prove conclusively that they have no understanding of life. I am going to give you the "address" to an article that should be read by every person on Earth. If the truths of this article were followed, in a matter of days, America would be on the way to recovery. But our government education system has so repressed the ability of our population to think logically, and rationally, and has so repressed the logical idea that "Life is just to complex to have been an accident", that most all Americans fear the only thing that is inevitable..........Death. Death is the only reality that exists on Earth for all living things. Don't quickly dismiss this fact. Think about it logically before reading further.

 Insanity has been defined as: "Doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result." Isn't this the theme of American government today? I now will give you the "address" to this article, and if the reality of it is followed starting tomorrow, by the end of the month the deficit of this nation would be nearly solved, and our real problem, and the problem for most every country on earth would be revealed: Population. Read this article carefully and THINK:
Lord Howard Hurts

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Elect Donald Trump President In November

Patriots of America. If you understand that life on Earth is just too complex to have been an accident, or to have arisen from some random collision of atoms (element 115  "Ununpentium"), then you understand that there is a Creator. And if you are a Christian then you know this Creator as "God". And once you have reached into the depths of your conscious mind to ponder this fact you will understand that there can be no other "God" beyond the "God" found in the Holy Bible........And so "God" created the Heavens and Earth, and everything that is perceived in the Universe. And if you can wrap your mind around this truth you can understand that "Man" can not be "God". That "Man" must follow the 'rules' of Nature........The unwritten rules of exisestance given us by our Creator. If you, an American Patriot, understand all of this then it is paramount to do the will of the Creator. What goes up must come down. All life travels in a circle. The history of today was the history of yesterday. Nothing stays the same, and nothing changes. Forces up always equal Forces down. The Garden of Eden was the beginning, and we must return to that starting point. There is no other salvation for "Man". 

"Man" is not "God". America is a gift from "God", and this gift must be preserved. Donald Trump is the only person in the 2016 Presidential race that is truly inspired by "God". I have had my doubts about Mr. Trump in the past (you can read my doubts in my past posts), but I am now a believer, in Donald Trump. If you are a Christian take the pledge to get this man elected in November. Do whatever it takes to defeat the Corrupt, Godless, Democrats and RINO's. And I mean do whatever it takes to see that Trump is our next President. Focus on the election of Trump, and start doing it today, or America will just be another short footnote in the history of the world. 
Lord Howard Hurts

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Vote Jeb Bush In 2016

Patriots of America. It is time to understand that our nation is truly a nation under God, and that it is incumbent on us, as citizens, to step up and take the actions needed to rid our nation of the corruption that now consumes us. Revolution is the only way, and this can be accomplished without a destructive fight that would disrupt the very fiber of our social makeup. 

In life timing is everything.  "You win battles by knowing the enemy's timing, and using a timing which the enemy does not expect." Miyamoto Musashi. The destructive Democrats and the Rino's are ready for an assault. They have the upper hand for now, and the Timing  is in their favor. To defeat them we, the Patriots of America, must do the Unexpected. And the unexpected is to understand that Donald Trump is a nice guy, but not Presidential material. The Patriots of America are not up to the task of taking on the organized Democrats and Rino's at this time, and that is an unquestionable fact. So if you want to reform America, and bring back the Constitution as the "Law of the Land", the Democrats and their "Obama Clone", Hillary "my daughter and I were under fire in Bosnia" Clinton must be defeated. The only way to accomplish this is to elect a Republican President, and to do this we must see that Jeb Bush becomes the candidate of choice. I know. I know. He is a RINO and a traitor, but he is the 'puppet' of the establishment, and only the candidate of the establishment can beat the corrupt moron, Hillary Clinton (50 million "Food Stamp" recipients you understand.) at this juncture in history. 

The Patriots of America have no leader ready to take charge. I have ranted on, an on, beyond nausea, that Allen West would be a good choice for President in 2016, but apparently not even he, Allen West, has been paying attention. So it is with a loud Grrrrrrrr that I say, a Vote for Bush is a vote for ultimate reform.......of course before his term in the White House should end.........the Patriots of America will be organized enough to remove him, and his 'puppet administration', and have some leader in place to start the Revolution in earnest. So Patriots please think about this strategy, and get out and make Jeb Bush our next President. We must defeat Hillary or there will be no 'coming back' from the crash. Remember: God helps those who help themselves.
Lord Howard Hurts

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Putin Is Not A 'Pussy'

The world has just become a more dangerous place. "If you drink much from a bottle marked 'poison' it is certain to disagree with you sooner or later." (Lewis Carroll). "If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense" (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll). President Putin of Russia has nowhere to hide. First there was the downing of the Russian Airbus A321 over Egypt's Sinai peninsula. Then there was Turkey shooting down a Russian military jet. Putin lives in a world where failure is rewarded by death and humiliation.  Putin is a fighter and a survivor, or he would never have retired from the KGB (Komitet gosudarstvennoy bezopasnosti) alive. President Putin holds a PHD in economics, and during his first premiership, and presidency, real incomes in Russia rose by a factor of 2.5. And real wages more than tripled, while unemployment was more than half of the previous years. So the facts point to a President more popular, and successful, than our own traitor President, B.H. Obama ll. 

The downing of the Airbus A321 over the Sinai was caused by a long range, mobile, missile given ISIS by the Clinton stewardship of the U.S. State Department. And as this passenger jet was flying at over 30,000 feet....its location in the sky would have been undetected by the ISIS ground crew. Putin knows that the  coordinates of this plane were given by the U.S. to ISIS. Now this event can be 'whitewashed' and 'confused' in the world news, but Putin will never forget...........then there was the Russian military jet shot down by NATO member, Turkey, over Syria.  Of course Turkey proclaimed that this fighter jet was over the Turkish border and had been, several times, warned to move out. Again, the U.S. government was suspect number one when it came to the logistics of shooting this fighter plane from the sky. Putin now knows that the Obama Administration has targeted him for destruction. Putin is not a 'pussy'. He will fight to win. He is gathering his options, and working to use his PHD in economics to bring America down. 

This past week President Putin has engaged China to further it's attempt to establish the Yuan as the world  currency of choice. Putin has to make a decisive move, and it can be economic, or it can be military......or it can be both. If he sits on his hands and whines the vultures of his 'political right' will sharpen their knives, and Putin will suddenly be 'History'. And remember that energy (oil) has always been Putin's saving grace. But with oil in a glut market.......with record low prices....... energy will not be Putin's friend. Putin will be forced to resort to military power to keep his head intact. Get ready America. Putin is not going to take it much longer. “have I gone mad? I'm afraid so, but let me tell you something, the best people usually are." (Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland). 

Lord Howard Hurts

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Putin For President In 2016

Christian Patriots of America. As I sit here in my luxury digs in San Jose, Costa Rica, I continue to wonder why Hillary "my daughter and I were under fire in Bosnia" Clinton is still in the race for President in 2016. I continue to wonder when will you see the 'light'. So to help you understand that it will ultimately be a race between Hillary and Jeb Bush for President in 2016.........I give you the 'ammunition' to help you to 'screw up' your courage to demand that the U.S. military do their sworn duty  to defend the Constitution from all enemy's.....domestic, and foreign. Please read my story and check the details for yourself. Do your own homework, and act.

The recent downing of the Airbus A321 over the Sinai was caused by a missile (not shoulder held as these only have a max vertical range of 14,000 feet). Recently the Russian State news agency RIA Novosti said that it was downed by a bomb in a Swepts soda bottle. Prior to this RI Novosti claimed that this plane just disappeared from the radar. Well, first look at the wreckage. Pieces of the plane show signs of damage from something outside 'pushing inward' rather than from something 'inside' pushing outward. This is a sign that the plane was hit by a missile rather than being downed from a bomb held inside the cabin. It many times has been noted that there was no warning from the cockpit of any problem on-board. A bomb in a soda bottle would not be of sufficient power to 'knock' the aircraft from the sky without the crew making some type of emergency calls. Only an anti-aircraft missile of the size that regularly can hit its target at up to 60,000 feet in vertical elevation would be able to do the job. Remember also that ISIS, from the beginning, said that they downed the plane using an anti-aircraft missile. Why the different story from ISIS today? Well maybe the story about a bomb being planted by ISIS is just a made up story by the Russian State news agency. Why? Because Russian President Putin doesn't want an investigation into ISIS, and anti -aircraft missiles. This line of investigation would lead directly to the 'door' of Hillary Clinton, and her time as Secretary of State. President Putin wants Hillary Clinton as America's next President. Now Christian Patriots, I am going to give you information that you can research and find out if I am telling the truth...........or to use as proof that I am living on the vapors of Johnny Walker Blue.....and to just 'tune me out'.

In July of 2014, I was visiting with a friend in Nicaragua. Well to my surprise I awoke one day to a huge commotion, and people coming and going. My host came to me in a most 'giddy mood' and told me that Russian President Putin would be staying with us for a few days (actually it was about a day and one half). During this time President Putin and I met......not in the green room of some TV news outlet, but as guests in a private home. During our brief encounter, President Putin, and I, bonded in a most human way. I found him to be a very intense man with a 'poker face' that would have made a Vegas gambler envious. We never engaged in discussing politics. Our meeting was more along personal human lines. And during our 'talks' he would always be popping some type of candy in his mouth. I was sure he was eating M&M peanuts, but was not positive because the package, that contained the candies, was not labeled M&M. Well, I finally asked him just what he was eating, and he told me that he considered M&M peanuts health food (with a laugh, while he ate a few as we talked). He said that he was completely addicted to this candy treat.....that when he was stressed, and thinking, he would eat hundreds of these little candies in a day. So using this information, I would advise the CIA to find a way to stop the importation of M&M peanuts into Russia. Samson's power was in his uncut hair, and maybe Putin's power is in the M&M peanuts he eats. Actually, I found, during our short encounter, President Putin to be a better choice for American President than either Hillary or Jeb. Maybe, I will give him a 'write in' vote in November.
Lord Howard Hurts

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Russian Airbus 321 Crash Part 2

A few days ago I posted an article that I had referenced to being made possible through informants here in San Jose, Costa Rica, where I presently reside while awaiting the complete corruption of America by Democrats and RINOS. And at the risk of being 'sloughed off' by those who feel that my rants are more inspired by "Jack Daniels Wisdom" rather than any coherent information gleaned from shadowy informants, I submit my original post: (, and my now revised post. I feel that the importance of this issue with the downed Russian commercial airliner is just another of the credibility issues with the Obama Administration, and the never-ending credibility issues of the leading Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton. So please take the time to grasp the main thrust of my story................Hillary "my daughter and I were under fire in Bosnia" the main reason for the Obama Administration to venture into speculation of just exactly how this Russian Airbus crashed after leaving Egypt. For you see there is no reason, this being a commercial, Russian carrier, for the Obama Administration to waste time, or effort, in order to inform the American public just how this plane came to rest on the desert floor. The crash of this plane has nothing to do with the safety and security of commercial American airlines. This said, here are my points of fact to prove that this downed Russian plane might be part of the Hillary, "Big Adventure in the State Department in Benghazi, Libya". 

1. After the Russian plane 'crashed' in the Sinai desert area the Obama Administration tried to 'solve' the problem by saying that the crash was due to 'pilot error or poor aircraft maintenance'.

2. After the photos of the crash area showed that there were many, many, miles of parts and debris. The Obama Administration turned to 'poor airport security' as the reason for a bomb to have been planted by some ISIS member. 

3. After some persons said that the plane may have been 'hit' by a military missile......the Obama Administration, and even Ms. Clinton, herself, said that this was impossible. They said that the plane was flying at 30,000 feet, and that surface to air missiles have a maximum altitude of 14,000 feet. They said that an attack by a missile was IMPOSSIBLE, as this Russian plane was flying at 30,000 feet. Well what Ms. Clinton said was quite true. 14,000 feet in vertical elevation is the maximum range for a shoulder held missile (MANPADS). But the truth of the issue is that there have been several recent drownings of commercial aircraft by missiles of a class that are vehicle mounted, and have a vertical range of 60,000 feet. So why would the Obama Administration, and Ms. Clinton, not mention that there are other delivery systems that have been used to down commercial aircraft? Could it be that Ms. Clinton, as Secretary of State, had given many of these more potent missiles to "Rebels", and that she had no idea of their actual allegiance? Was she just trying to avoid being questioned further about her time in Benghazi? Is she afraid that Russians may 'point a finger' at her, and question her incompetence (clearly the American press will not do this)?

4. Why would all major airlines state that they avoid this Sinai area entirely? Why would they be afraid to have their aircraft venture, at 30,000 feet, over this area if the only threat is MANPADS with a maximum vertical range of 14,000 feet?

5. Russian President Putin is in a precarious situation. He knows that the Russian plane was downed by ISIS......either by a bomb placed on the plane, or by missile from below. Neither situation is too good for his well being in a country that demands positive results, or "bad things can happen to people" regardless of what the Russian Constitution says.......hey, this is so similar to our American situation under Obama. Isn't that strange? But back to my story: So it would seem to me that his, Putin's, only real option is to tell the TRUTH (what an innovative concept). He could tell the world that Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State of America, was incompetent in her duty to protect the interests of the United States of America, and the world at large. And that because of her inept decisions (maybe she was distracted by her emails about her daughter's wedding) the world became a more dangerous place. But then if he should do this "TRUTH TELLING" he just might lose his greatest ally for Russian expansion ever.............Hillary "I was named after that famous mountain climber" Clinton.

So American Patriots. The end is coming, and always remember what happened to the Jews in Germany after the 'wire fences' were put up. Financial Tip: A Clinton Administration will make multi millionaires of those who sell barbed wire. 
Lord Howard Hurts

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Airbus 321 Crash in Sinai

Patriots of America. The Obama Administration is lying to you once again. And I am specifically talking about the Russian airliner which crashed in Sinai this past Saturday. The Russians and the Obama Administration are 'sparing' for time, and a plausible 'fairy tale' to explain this so called "Crash". Now I am ready for the negative comments from the deniers, and Obama, and Clinton 'Lovers', that I must be living on "Johnny Walker vapors", but here is the true story about this "Crash". I received my information from quite competent, and independent, sources. So this said, here is the true story: Communications have been breached between Moscow and Washington, and the "Fix" is on. President Putin doesn't care to have the true facts known as this Airbus 321 was indeed 'shot' out of the air by ISIS in retaliation to bombing attacks perpetrated by Russia. President Putin is not sure of his 'ground' as yet, and would rather the "Crash" just be some type of 'lightning strike' or some other non military attack. He is not ready to engage in a full out fight with ISIS at this time, and he is worried about his place in the government should things heat up. The Obama Administration is gearing up for a cover story for this Airbus 321 crash as it was done, and has already been confirmed by two U.S. security
agency's, by ISIS using a ground to air missile provided by Hillary "my daughter and I were under fire in Bosnia" Clinton. Now when I say, "a ground to air missile provided by former Secretary of State, Clinton, I actually mean provided by the foreign policy as guided by Hillary Clinton. Even thought there is much animosity between B.H. Obama ll and Hillary Clinton, it is paramount to the "Wall Street Funders" that Ms. Clinton win the Presidential election of 2016. And to accomplish that goal, Obama and Clinton will work together to keep the truth from the American public. Maybe a few letters to Republican Congressmen will work to gain the truth about this "Crash". But then again, if the "House Hearing" of the past week or so is to be used as a guide. Ms. Clinton will be allowed to continue lying to both the Congress and the American people without punishment. Wait.......maybe if President Putin thinks 'hard' about this situation, he can tell the truth, and let Hillary take the 'heat'. 
Lord Howard Hurts

Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Corruption of America is Nearly Complete

Patriots of America. Where are you? Are you going to continue to sit around and be quiet, or are you going to have the courage to start a Revolution to restore the Constitution as the "Law of the Land", and throw out of office, before the elections of 2016, this Muslim President, and the Cowardly Congress? The Corruption of America is nearly complete. Please read this linked article and start the Revolution today. America is now a nation ruled by Selective Enforcement. We are now divided. We will be conquered. Lord Howard Hurts

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Republicans Are Predictable Cowards

Hillary Clinton triumphed at the Benghazi Hearing because Republicans are predictable cowards. It is time for for the Patriotic Citizens of this nation to stop electing Cowards and Hacks. In planning for the Benghazi Hearing it should have been paramount in the discussions that Hillary "my daughter and I were under fire in Bosnia" Clinton is, and always has been, a liar. Remember her Cattle Futures explanation of how she profited by $100,000 on an investment that is as predictable as winning the lottery based on the age of your five nearest relatives? Remember her telling the lie about Chelsea jogging around the World Trade Center on 9/11? Remember her tale about being named after Sir Edmund Hillary, a man who only became famous several years after her birth? Remember when she thought that Bill Clinton was innocent of the "Monica" tryst? Hillary likes to portray herself as a "Genius" lawyer. She even has an award that proclaims that point of view. So it would have been productive for the Republicans preparing for her Benghazi appearance to have dispensed with the boring "Tap-dancing", and hit her with a legal reality based on the theory that once caught in a lie........nothing said previously, or after, needs to be examined for truth. Once a proven liar....everything that comes from the mouth can be logically considered an untruth. 

The Republicans on the Benghazi Hearing, knowing that the Democrats would attempt to impede the proceeding, and elevate their "Savior" through false praise, should have pummeled Hillary on her emails to her daughter, and the Egyptian official........that the Benghazi attacks were terrorist inspired rather than some spontaneous outpouring in retaliation of a video. "Miss Smart Lawyer" had once again trapped herself in writing, and the Republicans should have "hammered" her hard, and long, and then thrown up their hands, and cited the extensive litany of known
lies from "Lady Macbeth"............and then with head bent they should have dismissed the entire proceedings. "Ask no questions and you'll hear no lies."  James Joyce, Ulysses
Lord Howard Hurts

Friday, October 16, 2015

It Is Time To Start A Revolution!

Christian Patriots of America. It is time to THINK, and time to stop reacting, and believing that the current group of Presidential contenders will be good for America, and the Constitution. Let me give you a couple of quotes from a person who is not a current candidate for the 2016 Presidential elections, but by the weight of his comments should be the front-runner. Here are a few of his comments:

 "The only way to prevent the world from sliding into “chaotic darkness” is to embrace social and religious conservatism; "Christian values" must be defended by adopting laws that ban homosexual propaganda; Laws must be enacted to make it a criminal offense to "insult" the religious sensibilities of believers; America has chosen a "path of degradation".

Do you agree with this man? Would you be ready to vote for him should he "throw his hat in the ring"? Well get ready for the surprise. These quotes are from Russian President, Vladimir Putin. Not only has President Putin noted the "fall of American values", but the leader of the Russian Orthodox Church. Patriarch Kirill, of Moscow, has repeated the claims of Putin on the demise of the legitimacy of American Freedom by accusing the current Muslim in office, B.H. Obama ll, of engaging in the "spiritual disarmament" of the American people. And as further insult to this attack on the bravery of the American citizen, and voter, Archpriest, Vsevolod Chaplin of Russia, has stated: "The separation of the secular and the religious is a fatal mistake by the West. It is a monstrous phenomenon that has occurred only in Western civilization, and will kill the West, both politically and morally."

American, Christian, Patriots. It is time to stop "running with the herd". It is time to decide on our future President by rejecting all these Republican pretenders. It is time to stand up and be heard. And it is time to choose a leader who will defend the Constitution by all means necessary, and who will punish these traitors........such as B.H. Obama ll, Bill Clinton, and Hillary Clinton.........and who will make the Constitution the "Law of the Land" once again. It is time to start a Revolution, and "Damn the Consequences". It is time to draft Allen West as our next President. 
Lord Howard Hurts

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Time For The Patriots Of America To Take Action

Patriots of America. You can either watch the complete corruption of this great nation by B.H. Obama ll and Hillary Clinton, or you can step up and take action to see that these lawless frauds receive the punishment they deserve. The Democrats are always promoting action against "political criminals", while the Republicans just talk and talk, but take no actucal actions to bring these Constitutional defiers to justice. Here is something from the Huff Post from a few years ago that details and promotes private citizens taking affirmative action against political criminals. Please read it, and follow the suggestions described, and get out and see that B.H. Obama ll, and Hillary Clinton, are brought to justice. 
Lord Howard Hurts

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

'Ballot Stuffing' by Computer

Prior to computers, I would use one or two spiral notebooks of lined paper a year. But now, we live in a digital world, like it or not. I remember when, in the early 90's, it was said that the computer would make our life much easier, and stop the wasteful use of paper for record keeping. Here we are in 2015, and it is common for me to purchase several reams of paper a month for use in my printers (Yes, printers. Most persons have more than one printer in their home.). And it is a fact that computers have made life more 'simple', but at the same time things are more error made by a computer magnifies the mistake many times over. Take the Volkswagen catastrophy as an example. All cars today are controlled by computers. It is easy for a computer expert to tweak a computer program to change legal and accurate values into illegal, and inaccurate values. There is no paper trail and the only way to catch the error is by a convoluted process after the fact, and after the realization that some 'mistake' has been made. But this, usually, is well after thousands, and maybe millions, of misinformation bytes have been bred, and used by unknowing consumers. In the Volkswagen crisis it was found that the illegal computer program had been in use for some 10 years, and effected some 11 million vehicles. Volkswagen stock went from $262.84 in April 2015 to $183.57 in late August of 2015. The deceit by the management of VW could impact the stockholders of that company for many years to come, and could even lead to its demise. So knowing all this..........why the hell are we letting voters in the U.S. cast their Presidential ballots by computer? What is wrong with the old paper trail method of voting? Oh yea........the corrupt politicians just can not find enough people in America who want to do the job of 'ballot stuffing'. And the new illegals, who could do the job, just might have a personal list of candidates they want elected, so the computer is the best way to keep our nation lead by corrupt American politicians. Donald Trump is history. It will be Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush in 2016......or so my computer says.  
Lord Howard Hurts

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Time To Start A New American Revolution

Patriots, I love Costa Rica, but I would rather be back at my home in Beverly Hills, FL. So to accomplish this I ask all American Patriots to go out and make and hold up posters: "Allen West for President in 2016". I ask America Patriots to go to the grocery stores (everyone rich and poor needs to eat) and hold up their posters; take names and addresses of potential voters; and send these names and addresses to me so that I can encourage and persuade Allen West to enter this most serious Presidential race. The continuation of Freedom and Liberty of our great Republic is at great peril. If every person who reads this will send this posting to just 10 email friends.......asking that they do likewise.......Allen West will, within two weeks, be a Republican candidate in the next debate. This is a mathmatical certinty. Trust me on this: Should Allen West enter the race for President in 2016, and garner a spot in the next debate he will 'blow' Donald Trump's hair back. Donald the "Charlatan" will be reduced to just a footnote in campaign history. America needs Allen West, and it is up to the Patriots of America to Stand Up and Make Their Own Choice for President in 2016. It is time to get the "Balls" to start a New American Revolution, and it is time to take the Republican Party back, and to send the RINO's forever to the "Elephant Graveyard". 
Lord Howard Hurts

Monday, September 7, 2015

195 Former Military Officers Against the Iran Deal

As I sit here in San Jose, Costa Rica, in my luxury 'digs' I ponder about the American military's failure to do more than to send our Muslim President, B.H. Obama ll, a note signed by 195 former, top, military officers voicing their disapproval at the "Iran Nuclear Deal". When will our current top military officers stop wasting their time, and efforts, of turning the American Military into a "Gay Social Club", and a place where "Trans Genders" can reside until they decide which gender they want to be identified with?And when will these military men act like defenders of the Constitution, and defend this nation from all enemys both domestic and foreign? I am sure that the Chinese, and Russian, military is most amused if not hystarically laughing. I further am sure that it is just a matter of time before the American military will have the option of either pants or kilts, or maybe some "Daisy Duke short shorts". 

I tell you my dear Patriots. Stop beating your head against the wall in the search for a 'lessor bad' candidate for President in 2016. It is time to start a Revolution, and draft Allen West as your candidate for President. It is time for America to have an experienced military leader as our next President. Forget about all the 'hogwash' about Allen West not having political experience..........what constructive and good has come from all the former "political" Presidents? Are we in better shape in the world today? I say, "No". The definition of "insanity" is doing the same thing over and over again, and being surprised at that the result is always the same. Allen West can lead. He can choose experts in all phases of government where he is not 'all knowing'. America needs a tough military leader now, or this great nation will fail through the 'weight' of all the silly gay social experiements that this corrupt Obama Administration has burdened us with. Show me a nation in all the history of mankind that was run, and administered, on "Gay Social Principles", and I will gladly wear a kilt with pretty, pink, ballerina pumps.
Lord Howard Hurts

Friday, September 4, 2015

Hillary Clinton and her "Bart Simpson" denials

How long can Democrats support the "Bart Simpson" denials of Hillary "my daughter and I were under fire in Bosnia" Clinton revolving around her email server problem? Isn't there finally a time when the old dog is suffering so much that the compassionate owner finally shoots his dog?
Lord Howard Huts

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Time To Get Off "The Disney World Train"

Patriots of America. It is time to get serious about the coming Presidential elections. You have had your fun, and found out that the "Ashley Madison" web site was a scam, and that the only persons getting "screwed" were the one who paid their admission to find love in all the wrong places. Now it is time to get serious with Donald Trump before the RINO Jeb Bush takes the lead by default. Donald Trump is a Mountebank, and for those of you who attended the government schools.....Mountebank is a 'fifty cent' word for Charlatan. Trump confirmed this in his book "The Art of the Deal" (1987). In his book Trump laid bare his true mental thoughts on success. "The final key to the way I promote is bravado. I play to people’s fantasies.", wrote Trump, and this is what he is doing now in American's time of desperate need for a President who can be both a "Moral Leader" and a "Strong Protector of the Constitution". 

Patriots, it is time to stop being STUPID; and time to draft a Presidential candidate who is not a professional politician; and time for the Republican party to throw off the usual RINO's, and bring Allen West into the contest. Allen West has the spirit and military knowledge America needs at this time. Allen West has the Moral Courage needed to defend not only the Constitution, but he will reignite the patriotic fire that has slowly burned out through the election of B.H. Obama ll. Allen West will bring a new 'fire' in American politics, and he will restore the motto: "In God We Trust" to its former prominence. ("IN GOD WE TRUST" first appeared on the 1864 two-cent coin.). So Patriots. Get off the "Disney World Train", and draft Allen West as our next President. 
Lord Howard Hurts

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Trump The Trojan Horse

As I set here in my luxury digs in San Jose, Costa Rica, this 27th day of August, 2015, my butler, James, asked me when we would be returning to Florida. The question hit me by surprise. "Are we not having fun here in San Jose, I ask? "Are you tired of all the nature of the area, or is it the news of Donald Trumps bombastic assaults on reality that has your 'feet itching' to get home? But James provides no answer, and attends to his kitchen duties. Directly, he brings out some munchies of Boar's Head, Black Forest, ham wrapped in a superb aged, sharp, cheddar cheese. And as I stare out into the lush tropical garden just off the screened porch.......I continue stirring my Royal Salute Scotch, made by Chivas (about $200 a bottle), over ice made from mineral water. This 21 year old blended Scotch is quite smooth, but not really worth the premium price over say the Johnny Walker Platinum Label, 18 year old, Scotch ($100 a bottle). But then why worry when America is going to be 'History', and the dollar worth about the same as your ordinary $500, Parker Brothers, Monopoly bill, after the 2016 elections.................. regardless of who wins the Presidency. And as I drink and eat this wonderful snack, I think about the silliness associated with Donald Trump. Now who, with half a brain, doesn't remember the story about the Trojan Horse? Isn't it strange that Mr. Trump, who trumpets his mastery of making 'the deal', and screams his ability to bribe government officials so that they do his bidding when he calls, has always been a Democrat? If he is so good at everything he does, as he is not shy to inform, why did he not run as a Democrat, and place himself in the 'drivers seat' from day one? Could it be that Mr. "Hair Apparent" is just sealing the deal with the Democratic Party, and will deliver a Republican loss regardless if the final candidate is Hillary "my daughter and I were under fire in Bosnia" Clinton, or Joe "I am a over sexed" Biden? 

No. I like Costa Rica and I like watching the 'fireworks' of this coming election from afar. I will only return if the Patriots of America start a this Scotch messing with my mind, or did my butler just hand me a press release that says:  "Nearly 200 retired US generals, admirals and former political officials have come out strongly against the Iran nuclear accord, and have called upon Congress to sink the nuclear deal on the grounds that it will enable Iran to become far more dangerous."? 

James. Keep an eye on this situation. If these men should make a move to do their sworn duty to protect the Constitution from both domestic and foreign enemy's..........we will return to Florida post haste. 
Lord Howard Hurts

Quo vadis

As I sit in my luxury digs outside of San Jose, Costa Rica, the wind has picked up, and the rain is starting to splatter down. The temperature is in the low 70's, and as I watch the flight of several blue/black Shining Honeycreeper's (wild birds) flitting around the backyard, I think of Quo vadis. Just what is Quo vadis?

The disciple Peter was fleeing from likely crucifixion in Rome at the hands of the government, and along the road outside the city he meets the risen Jesus. Peter asks Jesus "Quo vadis?", to which Jesus replies, "Romam eo iterum crucifigi" ("I am going to Rome to be crucified again"). Peter thereby gains the courage to continue his ministry, and returns to the city, to eventually be martyred by being crucified upside-down. If you are a true Christian then maybe you should think hard about "Quo vadis" as we enter into this pivotal, and most telling Presidential race of 2016. Will we Fight or will we Run? 
Lord Howard Hurts

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Hillary Clinton in Las Vegas

Hillary at her Town Hall Meeting in Las Vegas yesterday, 18 August, 2015. This is the real story not the one put out by the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.

Hillary Clinton to Fox News: "The server I presented to the FBI has been wiped? you mean that someone ran a damp cloth over it? I don't know anything about the digital world. I gave the FBI my server because I just got tired of all the GOP nonsense about my personal emails, and the nonsense about there being classified materials on this server. I had asked the FBI repeatedly to come and take this server........but they apparently are working for the masters of the "Far Right Conspiracy". They refused......and this nonsense brewed to the point that I now look like some type of liar. This personal email server...........contained no classified mostly contained emails between Bill and myself......with a few emails thrown in from Chelsea, when she was purchasing that 10 1/2 million dollar condo in NYC. Then there were a few notes to my mother, and several great cookie recipes I got from Opra. I am a lawyer. I am a damn good lawyer. I know the law. In retrospect my choice of using my own server was not a stellar idea.......but it was not illegal. If the FBI is so controlled by Fox News, and the Bush family, that they could not do their job to take the initiative to secure my server then this is just proof positive that they (FBI) are in the pocket of this "Right Wing Conspiracy" that is driving this nation to complete ruin. Where is the justice? Black lives matter. Hispanic lives matter. This is all I have to say on this non issue. Let the voters decide. I will not be intimidated by the FBI, the Bush family, Donald Trump, or Karl Rove. I have done nothing illegal and I will fight these cockroaches to the end. And let me make it clear that Bill agrees with me on this, and he will be staying out of this controversy, or I will kick his scrawny ass to the curb. It is time to start debating the future of America, and time to stop with the chicken shit nonsense of my personal emails." 

Lord Howard Hurts

Thursday, August 13, 2015

America Is Lost

Oh how I love Costa Rica. Today, Thursday, August 13, it is sunny, and in the high 70's with a cooling 8 miles per hour wind blowing. As I sit here in my luxury digs contemplating if I should go riding my motorcycle in the mountains, or head over to the beach to do some surfing, my butler brings me copies of news articles he has saved for me to read. Reading several from the top of the stack, I find that Donald Trump is still blowing hot air across the nation, and that Hillary "my daughter and I were under fire in Bosnia" Clinton has turned over her email servers to the FBI. Are you impressed, Patriots of America? If you are impress what 'Suckers' you are......and I am not just talking about your inability to figure out that Donald Trump is as much of a fraud as B.H. Obama ll is.......I am talking about the fake FBI investigation dealing with Ms. Pantsuit's emails. Here are the clues that this investigation is Bogus: 

1. The FBI doesn't give personal notice to persons that they are going to investigate so that these persons can officiate the evidence.  2. The FBI 'sweeps in'  and confiscates all evidence relating to the suspicious activity that they are investigating. They take all records and the computers of the main target, and  support staff, of the investigated party. Did not happen here. No. They begged Ms. Pantsuit to turn over her server voluntalary. 3. The NYT's made no mention of Hillary turning over her email servers to the FBI in.....wait a minute.....the bottom of page A 13, August 12.....Wow!, Hillary Clinton is such a Patriot. She gives the FBI her email servers after a year, or more, of not being forced to give up these you think maybe they are finally 'clean'?  4. Bill Clinton is nowhere to be found. This is a huge clue as Hillary keeps her 'boy toy' under control as his mental state deteriorates, and his mouth loosens. 

Patriots of America......please don't believe that by voting in a Republican as President in 2016, things will be OK. The Show is over. America is lost. Only by the Patriots of America starting a New Revolution will the Constitution be saved. Think I am wrong? Check out this article for starters:

Lord Howard Hurts

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Allen West For President In 2016

The Republican Party needs new "Blood". With the exception of Carly Fiorina, all the contenders for the Presidency of 2016 are either reruns, retards, or nice guys that would be great cheerleaders as opposed to being President. There is only one man worthy of being the next President of the United States of America, and it is time for the Patriots of America to drag, and push, this man into the ring. It is time for the Patriots of America to get behind the drafting of Allen West as the Republican candidate for President. To do the same thing over and over again, and to expect a different result is pure insanity, and that is what is currently happening in the Republican Party. It is time to stop and take notice of the percarious situation this nation now finds itself in. For this great Republic to continue, it will take a leader of not only Intellect, but of Moral Courage and Strength.

Many citizens of this great nation may not like Valdimir Putin, but Putin is a very strong, and cunning, adversary. He can only be challenged, and defeated, by someone of the same strengths. None of the Republican contenders are of the metal that Allen West can bring to our nation at this time of our need. It is time to stop being silly and listening to the likes of that tenor warbler, Rush Limbaugh. It is time for God fearing Americans to rise up and take charge of their own destiny. It is time to put petty fights aside, and time to stand behind one man come Hell or High Water. It is time for the Patriots of America to make Allen West their candidate for President, and to let him do battle with Hillary "my daughter and I were under fire in Bosnia" Clinton. It is "Do or Die" time, and there is no question about it. We need to assure the world that God is not dead, and that America is a Nation Under God. And as a side note, I believe that Carly Fiorina would be the balance to Allen West if she were his Vice President. Then again maybe I am just being too logical for those who would rather see 'mud wrestling' than a sane campaign for the Presidency of this nation.  The world is on fire and crumbling down around all that is "America the Beautiful". Patriots. Stop the insanity. Elect Allen West for President in 2016.
Lord Howard Hurts

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Lord Howard Hurts Is A Moron

I have received quite a number of emails saying that I am a moron, or worse, for telling the Donald Trump story the way it really is: Donald Trump is not a Moral and Ethical person, and thus he does not deserve to be President of The United States of America. Donald Trump knows this fact, and continues to make a mockery of the office of President. But since I am such a moron please read this article and Think.
Lord Howard Hurts

Thursday, July 30, 2015

My New Green Laser Weapon

Today in San Jose, Costa Rica, there is a 9 mph wind blowing; the humidity is at 80%; the temperature is 80 F; and there are clouds overhead that threaten rain. My spirits are high because today I received a special package from Saudi Aribia. I am quite excited about this special package as it is my new, green, laser weapon. You see here in Costa Rica they have very strict, to say the least, laws pertaining to gun ownership. My first hurdle, to comply with these laws, is that only those persons who are a citizen or a permanent resident can own firearms.......neither category of which I am presently a member. Another hurdle is that all applicants must hire a psychologist, or psychiatrist, to administer the Federal competency exam, and for some reason I am not sure I could pass any such exam. My reason for presently residing in San Jose is that I like the 'laid-back' attitude of the citizens; I love the cultural nature of the city, and the country in general; And I rather watch the fireworks of the American 2016, Presidential, elections from this paradise nation of beautiful women (call me sexist if you must). But all this said, I have in the past had problems with some types here who take offense with my rants on my posting site: And I have had to defend myself on several occasions. In the past I chose a specialy designed green laser weapon for my defence. This laser weapon was like a large flashlight, and thus was difficult to aim......except at very close range......and had a range of only about 100 yards. Well my new 'weapon' is sleekly designed.....similar to a rifle in looks.......has an effective range of 1,000 yards.......has extended battery power, and it has a 40 seconds on, and 2 minute off operating cycle. It is American made, but because of the controversy relating to current American law, and laser weapons in general, it was shipped to Saudi Arabia, and then back to me here in Costa Rica. I have not tried it out as yet, but am looking forward to giving it a full test of its capacity as both a deterrent weapon, and as an offensive weapon. The literature included shows tests of this weapon at 1,000 yards, and its ability to 'fry' a human eye in micro seconds (the literature states that no real eye was used in the testing.) . The super green light from the laser is visible in day, night, and in the rain, and it is made by the makers of Defense Lazers U.S.A. It looks to be an awesome weapon, and I will give more details in further up dates.
Lord Howard Hurts

Christian Americans Are Cowards

Christian Americans. When are you going to 'Wise Up' and stop believing that electing Republicans in 2016 will turn the decline and corruption of this nation around? Jeb Bush and Donald Trump? Are you kidding? Do a study of how these two persons gained their wealth, and then tell me that they are the best examples of Free Enterprise found in America today. 

Where is the logic for revoking the Second Amendment because a few thousand persons are shot or killed, each year, by persons using guns? Would the removal of all firearms in America really stop all these injuries and deaths? How about the 40,000 persons a year that are killed by automobiles?  Why not outlaw automobiles? Would this not be effective in eliminating all deaths and injuries from automobiles? Just think of the hundreds of thousands of injuries a year that would be prevented. Why don't the Liberals start with eliminating autos? 

Liberals are not capable of thinking in a logical manner. They are 'control freaks' who believe that there is no God except themselves. They truly believe that they are God. Liberals always exempt themselves from complying with their own wacky rules and regulations (Hillary Clinton and Al Gore are sterling examples). They further believe that Disney World is more than just a vacation getaway. They believe that it is real life. And then we have Christian Americans. They moan and cry, and send money to Republicans, who are actually Democrats in action, with the vision of restoring the Constitution as the "Law of the Land". But they continue to moan and cry, and never take the actions necessary to end the corruption. Talk about Liberals believing that Disney World is real life. Christian Americans are cowards.

In real life one gets what one deserves. And Christians sitting around waiting for Jesus to come to remove our corrupt Muslim President, B.H. Obama ll, our corrupt Congress, and our corrupt Supreme Court is just fantasy. God helps those who help themselves. What happened to the Jews during WW ll should be example to those who understand that history repeats itself, and to those who understand the fact that nothing can be created or destroyed on this planet Earth.

"The ultimate value of life depends upon awareness and the power of contemplation rather than upon mere survival."

Lord Howard Hurts

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Trump Is A Fraud

As I sit here in my luxury digs in San Jose, Costa Rica, I worry about the mental ability of American Patriots. They seem to be looking for their "King David" in all the wrong places. Donald Trump is not a "King David". In fact he is quite a despicable little ego maniac who has gotten to the top financially through bankruptcy laws. And is this the 'currency' that makes a man a 'standout' for the Presidency of the United States of America? It is another beautiful day in this jungle paradise. I have places to go and people to meet. I only ask the Patriots of America to read this current article and Think:
Lord Howard Hurts

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Hillary Clinton: Clueless Clown

Has America gone totally insane? Hillary Clinton is a proven liar........her, "I only wanted to use one cell phone for emails so I combined my email accounts."; "My daughter and I were under fire in Bosnia."; "I was named after Sir Edmund Hillary of Mt. Everest fame."; "I read the Wall Street Journal, and learned cattle futures trading so completely that I was able to turn $1,000 into $100,000, almost over night.", 'testimonials' are so provable crazy that it is difficult to understand how even Democrats follow this Clueless Clown. 

When asked a question about the future of space exploration, and the associated government funding to accomplish the task, at a town hall meeting in New Hampshire, recently, Miss Clueless Clown said to the attending Zombies, "you are talking to someone who wanted to be an astronaut."; "When I was a little girl, I guess I was a teenager by then....14, I think, and the space program was getting started, and I wanted to be an astronaut, and I wrote to NASA,"; "And I said: What do I have to do to be prepared to be an astronaut?"; "And NASA wrote back and saidThank you very much, but we're not taking girls."; "That, thankfully changed with Sally Ride and a lot of the other great women astronauts."; "I never could have qualified anyway, so you know, not something I spent a lot of time losing sleep over, but I really, really do support the space program.". 

Does this testimonial even make sense? Do we want a President who can only make rational sense when talking from a teleprompter using a script written by speech writers? This is not the first time Miss Clueless Clown has brought out this old snore of a story. Isn't it time, even for old Zombies, to look into the mouth of this "Gift Horse" and see that her tongue needs pruning?
Lord Howard Hurts

Monday, July 6, 2015

We Must Take America Back

Obvious to reality, the Obama Administration lives in a world that they have created. They have, with the help of a corrupt Congress, and a corrupt Supreme Court, abandoned the Constitution for the rule of the 'Mob'. This 'Mob' is composed of both citizens and non citizens, and the Obama Administration holds them as equals. And all the while that this is happening the God fearing citizens of America refuse to take action against this Godless, rogue, B.H. Obama ll, and his corrupt Administration. America is on the brink of destruction, and  Satan was correct when he said, "All that a man has he will give for his life." (Job 2-4). It is now a proven fact that good men will refuse to fight when they are promised food and security (50 million Americans are currently on "Food Stamps" and can not feed themselves on the richest nation on planet Earth today.) by a corrupted and Godless government. And please note that Benjamin Franklin is quoted as saying, "Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both."

Please, Christians of America, think about this minor fact about our economy: If America is the wealthiest nation on the face of this Earth, then explain to me why it is borrowing money from China and Saudi Arabia? Logic says that a wealthy nation would be lending money not borrowing money.

America is a nation based on the Judeo-Christian faith. (Deuteronomy 15:6) "For the Lord your God will bless you (Israel), as he promised you, and you shall lend to many nations, but you shall not borrow, and you shall rule over many nations, but they shall not rule over you."

It is time for Christians in America to realize that the end is coming and that only by standing up to the Corruptors of our religion can we, and this great nation survive. We can not continue to believe that by electing a Republican as our next President, in 2016, that everything will be fine. We must start a Revolution now, and it must punish those who have corrupted this nation, and our Constitution. We must rise up and fight........ and value our religious principles over our want for security and life. The Corruptors must pay for the evil that they have done. We must find our "King David" and we must immediately stop compromising our lives to gain momentary life and security. We must take America back before the elections in November of 2016, or we will perish and evil will win.

Lord Howard Hurts