Thursday, July 30, 2015

My New Green Laser Weapon

Today in San Jose, Costa Rica, there is a 9 mph wind blowing; the humidity is at 80%; the temperature is 80 F; and there are clouds overhead that threaten rain. My spirits are high because today I received a special package from Saudi Aribia. I am quite excited about this special package as it is my new, green, laser weapon. You see here in Costa Rica they have very strict, to say the least, laws pertaining to gun ownership. My first hurdle, to comply with these laws, is that only those persons who are a citizen or a permanent resident can own firearms.......neither category of which I am presently a member. Another hurdle is that all applicants must hire a psychologist, or psychiatrist, to administer the Federal competency exam, and for some reason I am not sure I could pass any such exam. My reason for presently residing in San Jose is that I like the 'laid-back' attitude of the citizens; I love the cultural nature of the city, and the country in general; And I rather watch the fireworks of the American 2016, Presidential, elections from this paradise nation of beautiful women (call me sexist if you must). But all this said, I have in the past had problems with some types here who take offense with my rants on my posting site: And I have had to defend myself on several occasions. In the past I chose a specialy designed green laser weapon for my defence. This laser weapon was like a large flashlight, and thus was difficult to aim......except at very close range......and had a range of only about 100 yards. Well my new 'weapon' is sleekly designed.....similar to a rifle in looks.......has an effective range of 1,000 yards.......has extended battery power, and it has a 40 seconds on, and 2 minute off operating cycle. It is American made, but because of the controversy relating to current American law, and laser weapons in general, it was shipped to Saudi Arabia, and then back to me here in Costa Rica. I have not tried it out as yet, but am looking forward to giving it a full test of its capacity as both a deterrent weapon, and as an offensive weapon. The literature included shows tests of this weapon at 1,000 yards, and its ability to 'fry' a human eye in micro seconds (the literature states that no real eye was used in the testing.) . The super green light from the laser is visible in day, night, and in the rain, and it is made by the makers of Defense Lazers U.S.A. It looks to be an awesome weapon, and I will give more details in further up dates.
Lord Howard Hurts

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