Monday, May 15, 2017

We Need To Stand Behind President Trump

Patriots of America. I have news from Costa Rica and Nicaragua that is most disturbing. It comes to me from the Expat Community down there. They say that Russia has become a big player in the area. That a recently built research facility in the mountains of Nicaragua has visitors coming and leaving at all times of the day and night. These sources say the facility is for advanced drone design. That the Russians are working on drones that instigate a cyber threat that negates our ability to use GPS in say the F35 or F16. And remember that prior to embarking upon any global attack mission, an Air Force F-35 or F16, would need to acquire and organize its intelligence information and mission data planning activities..... which are almost entirely computer-dependent. So if the current GPS system fails another method of PNT (precision, navigation and timing) is needed immediately........not years down the road. So to counter any threat by the Russians we need a 'speeded-up' program to develop software and hardware sensors that operate under high dynamics (MRIG), and sensors that can self calibrate. And this is why we must get behind President Trump and defend him against these Moronic Democrats and RINO's that are only slowing our ability to gain insight into the activities of the their false accusations of Trump being a "Russian Spy". Our military must develop advanced methods of precision geographic timing and positioning, now, because the Russians are working fast and furious on this project. And it has been reported that there are several major tech problems with the new Martin F35 already.
Patriots it is time to get vocal and stop sitting on your hands. Remember what happened in Germany when the Jews were targeted. They chose to sit and wait rather than fight. Do not let this happen here.
Lord Howard Hurts

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Donald Trump Must Resign

Patriots of America. I ask you to THINK about this missile attack into Syria with calm logic and not the hysterical emotion such as exhibited by our President, Trump. Please understand that the gassing of anyone.......least children is a most abhorrent and immoral act...........but this is not something that makes it necessary for our President to call for an attack on any foreign government. The United States of America was not attacked, and our Constitution forbids military response for emotional reactions by our President. This attack on Syria by President Trump proves that he is as unstable as many mental health experts have warned. THINK deeply and without reservation about his actual motive for this attack. I contend that it was more motivated by his personal feeling to make a statement of strength to his most rabid base of followers who only want to sit on the couch in the living room like some football fan who dresses up in copycat clothing while watching the Sunday game. I ask you to think about how you would feel and react should some foreign country send rockets to one of our cities because of some perceived injustice to Black citizens. Until this recent action into Syria I had thought that we had no choice but to stand behind Donald J. Trump as there was no person in the line of ascension to replace him, but now I have changed my mind. Donald J. Trump is unstable mentally and needs to be replaced post haste, and our Vice President, Mike Pence is the moral person to assume the role of President of the United States of America. I employ all Patriots of America to let Donald J. Trump know that his services are no longer needed, and that it is time for him to step aside, and let Mike Pence take the leadership role.
Lord Howard Hurts 

Monday, March 27, 2017

Time To Think Out Of The Box

Patriots of America. It is time for us to think out of the box, and time to risk our easy life to rid this nation of all the corruption that hangs over us like some dark cloud. It is time to take personal action to restore the Constitution as the "Law of the Land". We can not continue to wait for elected officials to pretend that they care. How many time must we be deceived before we take action?

To give  you a descriptive "picture" of what I believe must be done to accomplish the removal of our worthless Congress, and our worthless Supreme Court, I place before your eyes the "mental picture" of Jesus Driving The Money Changers From The Temple In Jerusalem; He made a whip from several cords, and attacked the money changers, and the sellers of sacrificial animals; and he drove them from the Temple. This provokes a most powerful,  imaginative, mental image for sure. It is found in narrative in the Gospels of Matthew, Luke, Mark, and John (The Synoptic Gospels).  And please understand, that this is the only account of Jesus using force to accomplish something in all the Gospels. I am sure many of you are already laughing, and thinking, "This nut job, Lord Howard Hurts, wants us to believe in some fairy tale from the Bible?" Well, I don't want you to believe in anything unless you research it yourself, think about, and make a conscious decision to believe it. But I do want you to think about the possibility that all life revolves in a closed cycle. That nothing can be created or destroyed. That there is nothing new "under the sun"; And regardless, if there ever was a person named Jesus, in the history of the world, or not, the fact remains that this biblical account of force, by a man "known" to be passive, holds meaning to the human experience. It holds meaning because in this narrative, Jesus did not call the police, consult a law book, or ask directions from a scholar. Instead he takes immediate action based on his personal concept of the difference between Good and Evil; He instinctively understands what needs to be done, and does it. And should you happen to be a Christian, this biblical event might make a more profound ideological  "imprint" in your conscience mind. Is this powerful narrative reminiscent to our Congress and their meeting in the Capital building? I believe so. Is this what needs to be done? I believe so.
Lord Howard Hurts

Sunday, March 5, 2017

B.H. Obama ll is a Muslim

B. H. Obama ll by his own admission is the son of a Muslim father.  There are two types of apostates according to Sharia Law. The first type being murtad milli, or one who has converted to Islam, and then later renounces the faith. The second is murtad fitri, or one born of a Muslim father who renounces his birthright. Children, of even a non practicing Muslin, such as Obama's father, and irrespective of the faith of Obama's mother, are viewed by Muslims around the world. And for someone to renounce the Muslim faith is the most egregious choice a person can make, and in doing so, automatically targets that person for death.  Have there been any attempts by Muslim's to kill Obama? Is he listed as a murtad fitri? I don't remember there being any mention of Obama being targeted by radical Muslims. So regardless of Obama's professed religion being Christian, he is definitely a card carrying Muslim. And because the radical Muslims see him as "The Emasculate President", only those with a Western mind set believe, mistakenly, that Obama, being familiar with Muslim teachings, will be able to solve all the issues of dominance by the Mid Eastern world. Most Muslims are born and raised in the harsh environment of the desert. They despise emasculated men (there is no doubt that Obama is homosexual), and hold contempt for personal weakness; do not take orders from women (Hillary Clinton); and are in no way appreciative of soft words from Jews or Christians. Muslims are trapped in a medieval era, and no amount of understanding will lessen their goals to dominate. So if there has been no perceived call for Obama's head, it is only because the "devout enemy" of both Jews and Christians is gaining strength before they strike. There will be a strike, be certain of that fact, and the only defense is to attack them before they gain the 'upper hand'. Obama is the 'Judas Sheep' that is leading America into the Muslim trap. 
Lord Howard Hurts

Friday, February 24, 2017

Separate and Equal Societies

When will the Patriots of America stop pretending that America has an open door for the refugees of the world, and all those who want a better life than the one given to them in their native country? Americans fought for the right of Freedom. And this is the way others who are not satisfied with their situation need to handle their dreams and aspirations.  

The real problem with just letting someone from another country, and culture, to come into America is easily understood by our situation with African Americans. They did not come here of their own Free Will. They were dragged here......and in over almost 150 years of living and learning our English and German culture (the majority of our Founders) they have not as yet completely assimilate into our  mode of culture that is DNA guided. African Americans are also DNA guided, and this is why they mimic the culture of many of the Black dominated countries of Africa without ever having been associated with these cultures in over 400 years. 

DNA is the definer of all living things. And it is high time that the Patriots of America recognize this fact, and think about dividing this nation into separate and equal societies. And so to even think that we can bring refugees from some Arab land here, and that they will as simulate into our English and German culture DNA is pure folly. And please think about this: Once you recognize that life on Earth is just too complex to have been an accident. You understand that there is a Creator. And when there is Creation nothing happens spontaneously. It always happens with a plan. And DNA is proof of a plan by the Creator. DNA is the core of all life on Earth. To deny this is nonsense. We have been granted Free Will, and it is time to use it to make America a more tolerant place. 
Lord Howard Hurts

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

It is time for the workers of America to start a Revolution

With the election of Donald J. Trump it is time for America to stop bending to the irrational whims of the elite forces who are  holders of self serving degrees from Colleges and Universities that have so brainwashed the Democrats and RINOS into believing that only they can pick our Presidents. All the while dismissing the working men and women as "know nothings". And it is past time that the workers of America stop being bullied by these dreamers and paper pushers. Has there ever, in the history of the world, been an army of paper pushers or dreamers, that  has successfully defended their nation against those who wished to destroy it? The answer is easy...........the answer is No. 

America is an exclusive "club" and we need to treat it as such. It is time to remember that with any exclusive club there are rules that must be adhered to. Membership must be regulated. To enter into any exclusive club, personal and financial dues must be paid by each and every entrant. The very word exclusive precludes letting just casual dreamers enter and be a part of the club. America must stop letting casual dreamers come into our exclusive club without paying the personal and financial dues. It is time for the American worker to wake up to the fact that without him/her there would be no roads, homes, products, or transportation. America was made by workers not dreamers and paper pushers. 

Just how much Shakespeare does a Walmart truck driver need to know to deliver the goods to the consumer? We need truck drivers and should treat them, and all workers, with respect rather than view them as "know nothings". We need to get 100% behind Donald J. Trump and meet these College and University  "paper pushers" head on. Let the Revolution begin. It is high time for the workers of America to stand up and show their strength, or this great nation will die before the year 2020. 
Lord Howard Hurts 

Thursday, January 19, 2017

"Might Makes Right"

David, great memory and story. Here is my memory and story about my Dad. Not quite like yours for sure, but in 1976, I did give Dad a new Cadillac Eldorado, but he soon traded it for a Porsche:

I was 16 years old, when my father, Lord Howard, came to me, and asked me to drive over to his apartment building in the middle of Maidstone, in Kent, and collect the rent from a Mr. Carter in apartment 212. He further told me to see that I did not leave without receiving the rent owed. Well, I went to the apartment building, a new, modern, building that held 64 rentals in a horseshoe design, with an extensive and beautiful garden, giving the modern complex both a trendy, and at the same time a "country cottage" look. The building was directly in the commercial part of the town, and was quite convenient for persons who did not have a car for transportation, and relied on either walking or taxi transport. The rents were modest, and the occupancy rate had held at a profitable 97% over the 10 years since the buildings' opening. The renters were mostly retired persons, singles and couples, who held small pensions. Nice quiet people for the most part.

When I got to the building, I went directly to Mr. Carter's door, on the second floor, and pressed the outside bell button. He answered the bell, almost immediately, and when I told him that I had been instructed by the Lord to claim his rent check, he began to respond to me in both a loud and domineering voice. He said that I need not bother him for he had always paid his rent on time; that he was busy at that particular time; and that I could go home, and inform Lord Howard that he would forward the rent check in due time. He then proceeded to close the door in my face.......... punctuated with a loud slam. Thinking that I had done my job, I proceeded to go home, and inform my father of the situation. Well, I was in for a huge surprise. Father, started, "You moron. I told you to bring back the excuses. I could let this cretin send the rent when he pleases; I don't need you to go around, and translate for this fool. He has a binding contract, and he needs to pay according to that contract." Well, I was quite surprised at the furry of father. I had only seen him this "wild" on no more than 3 occasions in the past 16 years, and I was not sure, by his ferocity, if he was going to "kill" me, or the errant tenant. Father told me to bring the car around, and said that we both would go visit Mr. Carter, and see that he understood the complete meaning of an obligatory, legal document.

I brought the car around, and father got in, and he seemed so calm, that I was thinking that I had dreamed the previous encounter. We arrived at the apartment building without further incident, and father beat a path up the stairs to Mr. Carter's apartment, with me following in dogged pursuit. Father did not even ring the door bell.....he pounded on the door, 3, or 4, very hard hits.... and it was suddenly opened by Mr. Carter. Mr. Carter was a slight man in his mid fifties, and father was just slightly less than 6 foot, but with the build of a prize winning boxer. Father, did not even give Mr. Carter time to speak. He grabbed this renter with his left hand.....a handful of shirt....and proceeded to push him across the living room, and into a wall. Father, using the handful of colorful flannel..... then lifted the slight man upwards so that his toes barely touched the floor. He then screamed in Mr. Carter's face, "Don't give me excuses and don't dismiss my son when I have sent him to collect your rent. I am going to count to 10, and when I get to 10, if you have not put your rent check in my hand, I will grab you by your shirt once again, and I will take my right hand, and grasp your balls and squeeze them, and I will then throw you through that front window. And then I will go outside and pick up your bloody and broken body, and throw you back into this room, and continue to do so until you say, "Quit." Father then let Mr. Carter down, and there upon he (Carter) ran into his bedroom and returned with check book in hand. Looking quite scared, Carter then sat on the living room couch; leaned forward....... and used the steamer trunk, he had as a coffee table, to substitute as a writing desk, to write out the rent check. He handed it to father, and announced, "I have included an extra $15 dollars to compensate you for your collection trouble." Father took the check, and we went home, saying not a word in the car during the trip.

Later that night, father, summoned me to his library, and he informed me that I was to take charge of the rentals at the apartment building starting as soon as I either evicted someone, or took over from someone that had an expired lease. He further informed me that I would be living on my own, and handling all the general maintenance on the building, and the collection of all rents...... and that I would need to figure out how much to increase the rents to compensate for my living in one of the apartments...for "free". I was overjoyed at the prospect of being only 16, and living away from home, and having a "bachelor pad" in the middle of town. Father, also told me to contact his friend, Carl Zinman, who owned a furniture store, and to get myself everything I needed to establish my future domain. I lived in that apartment building for three and one half years, and learned how the "real world" operates on this planet we call Earth."Might Always Makes Right", it is just a matter of how much force to apply, and when to apply that force. This is what always separates "Good" from "Evil".
Lord Howard Hurts