Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Hillary Lied

Our FBI and Justice Department is totally corrupted. James Comey is a coward and a traitor, and deserves the maximum punishment for his crimes. It is time for Donald Trump to tell the "worm" that soon he will be investigated, and if found guilty punished. And why is Comey caught up in all this mess? Because he is a "worm" and to bring charges against Hillary would have forced him to bring charges against B.H. Obama ll also. Obama has lied as much as Hillary through this entire ordeal. Comey has caused enough problems for this nation, and it is time for him to "Man Up", and stop blaming Hillary Clinton's problems on Putin. Putin had nothing to do with "Dumber than Dirt" Hillary using an unsecured email server. Putin had nothing to do with her and her "Dumber than Dirt" Minions from lying, and stonewalling at every point of inquiry. The emails of Hillary and her corrupt band of traitors were exposed by whoever? It is only relevant in that the American public was finally able to lift the cover from this "Macbeth character" (Hillary) before she was elected President. So it is time for the Patriots of this nation to take action against the continued lies from "Big Media", and boycott all businesses that continue to sponsor Hillary Clinton, and the corrupt Democratic Party. This nonsense about Putin and hacking....and the influence of the American Presidential vote of November 2016 is childish college student talk. Here is the truth about Putin and Russia and Hacking:

Putin had noting to do with our Presidential election. Putin is not a stupid man. He survives because he is most cunning. If he had hacked the emails of Hillary Clinton and her Minions he would not have shown them to anyone, or even mentioned that he had them. And by the fact that he is most cunning he would know that they would be a most valuable asset should Hillary get elected President. Putin works in blackmail like an artist works with paints. Getting the drift yet? Putin then would work hard to get Hillary elected rather than un-elected. Then when she would become President he would send her some samples of the hacked emails for viewing. Get it yet? Suddenly, President Hillary would have to "play ball" with Putin, or be exposed as the corrupt lying moron she really is. She could not let the emails become public. Her world of fantasy would come crashing down unless she acquiesced to the demands of Putin. Hillary Clinton is a traitor and needs to be punished. Big Media needs also to be purged and punished. The American Patriot's need to continue to push this new President, Trump, into returning America's Moral Compass and Constitution to the ideals of our beloved Founders. It is time that we finally get out of Wonderland. “If you drink much from a bottle marked 'poison' it is certain to disagree with you sooner or later.” Lewis Carroll
Lord Howard Hurts

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Donald J. Trump is a FRAUD!

Today's top story: "President-elect Donald Trump won’t subject Hillary Clinton to a criminal inquiry — instead, he’ll help her heal." If this is true I can assure Donald J.Trump that I will join the Democrats and see that he will not take office come January 20, 2017. The reason I voted for him was that he vowed that he would restore the Constitution as the "Law of the Land", and that he would drain the "Swamp".........and punish those who have corrupted the Federal Government by enriching themselves through influence and the pilfering of the treasury. Donald J. Trump is apparently the FRAUD I had thought. I am so sorry that I voted for him, and encouraged others to do the same. Time to get a real American as President. Time for Allen West.
Lord Howard Hurts

Friday, November 4, 2016

Trump=Civil War

Patriots of America. Do you remember: "Hands Up.......Don't Shoot" the aftermath of the riots in the August 2014 shooting of Michael Brown.....Ferguson, Missouri?  I have a feeling that if you were to give all the Black witnesses to this shooting a polygraph test, they would pass even though their stories would not match the forensic evidence. Proving, in light of the failure by the government to prove a racial killing by a police officer in a court of law, that Black racism is stronger than facts. And given human nature this outcome should not be a surprise.

White Europeans came to America seeking Freedom. Black Americans were 'dragged' here, and came from a society that had not independently discovered the wheel. It is unrealistic to believe that persons from such a basic society could adjust to the rules, regulations, and responsibilities, that the White European's had developed over hundreds of years. Just because the 14th Amendment made them (Blacks) equal citizens of The United States of America, this doesn't mean that they necessarily wanted to be citizens. They were given no real options. I am sorry to say that the problems between the races will ramp up in the future, and at some point terminate in a Civil War. The only solution is to give those Blacks, who want their freedom, land to establish their own sovereign nation. There is no other fair solution to the problem. I believe William Shakespeare said it all in his Merchant of Venice, Act 3 Scene 5: "Yes, truly: for, look you, the sins of the father are to be laid upon the children."  

Patriots of America this is the short version, but failure to give Blacks their own land will result in a very bloody Civil War, and the election of Donald Trump will accelerate the problem from the future to the now. 
Lord Howard Hurts

Friday, October 28, 2016

"Do or Die Time"

Patriots of America. We have a corrupted FBI, a corrupted Justice Department, a corrupted Congress, and a corrupt President in B.H. Obama ll. We now live in a Banana Republic lead by a Muslim dictator. It is "Do or Die Time". We can not longer stand around waiting for the election on November 8th, hoping for a miracle....hoping that Hillary Clinton is defeated. To be successful in returning this great nation to our past glory we must look to the Bible for guidance. This great nation was founded on Judeo-Christian teaching, and we as a nation are now at the point where we need a Spiritual Revival. I think that "Matthew 21:12-13" provides the perfect 'schematic' of attack for riding the corruption that now surrounds almost every phase of our Federal Government.

12 "Jesus entered the temple courts and drove out all who were buying and selling there. He overturned the tables of the money changers and the benches of those selling doves.  It is written, he said to them, My house will be called a house of prayer, but you are making it a den of robbers.” 13 "And He declared to them, It is written: My house will be called a house of prayer. But you are making it a den of robbers."

 I believe that the Patriots of America should follow the example of Jesus, and not only drive these 'Corruptors' in our Congress and Supreme Court from the public 'houses', but also drive this "Usurper" President from the "Peoples House"................. and force them to do their illegal corruptness in the streets. It is time to find our lost "Moral Compass" and stop apologizing for our faith in our Creator.
Lord Howard Hurts

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Where is our Joan of Arc?

Where is our Joan of Arc? We have Harvard educated pretenders and cowards attending our leadership roles, but where is our simple little shepherd girl? Has the Divine turned his back on our plight? Are our cries only being heard by the passing winds? Surely, in the midst of all this corruption, and deception, that surrounds us, one virgin should be found……. to lead us from this dire darkness of social slavery that “sweet destiny” continues pushing us towards; Leading this once great nation into a “New Dark Age”. The Men of this nation are cowards, so somewhere, yea, Joan of Arc, hear our calls on the winds; Seeking ears to hear; that will bring forth life to this nation.
Lord Howard Hurts

What if Thomas Edison was alive today

Not only have American's lost their "Moral Compass" they have lost their Spirit. What if Thomas Edison was alive today, and while seeking the right material for the filament for his light bulb, and after checking 100 different materials, he threw up his hands in despair, and instead of continuing his search, he went to his local welfare office to see if there was some government help available? Would the person at this office tell him that he needed to continue his search, and that maybe if he looked long and hard enough he would find the elusive filament and invent the light bulb? No people who work for the welfare department are trained to give as much taxpayer assistance (hard earned tax dollars) as possible to quitters, not give good advice to failing inventors, or persons able to work. This welfare person would sympathize with Thomas about how hard he had been working, and then mention that the stress of his search just might be too much for him, and that he should take advantage of free government training so that he could get into a less stressful career. And when Thomas had no idea about another career he would like to pursue, the welfare person would tell him that there was no reason not to try several courses, or maybe even go to college with the aid of a student loan. And then when Thomas mentioned that he had only a 5th grade education, the welfare person would have "recoiled", and told him that college can come later, but he first must be enrolled in a free high school education program. And then when Thomas mentioned that this free government help is all good and well, but how would he live without a job right "then and now"? The welfare person would laugh and tell him that President Obama had been elected to see that all Americans get a good education and a good job, and that after graduation, if they could not find a job in the greedy private sector, they would be given a government job. And that President Obama would see that he was taken care of during this free government training. This welfare person would then assure Thomas that he would qualify for housing aid, and be able to live in some government housing built just because the greedy private sector charged too much rent. And he/she would tell Thomas that poor people had always been living in the streets without the basic conveniences, and had been starving before President Obama had been elected. And that this was another reason to make sure that Hillary Clinton gets elected in November of 2016. Because she will continue all the programs President Obama has started. This welfare person would also state that Hillary Clinton knows that the greedy private sector charges too much for all their products leaving little money, for the poor, with which to purchase food. She knows that the greedy private sector discriminates against the most needy, and the most vulnerable, citizens of this country, and this is why Hillary is demanding that these rich business owners pay more in taxes. And because Hillary is compassionate, she will see that all Americans have food, regardless if they drink too much alcohol, take drugs, engage in unhealthy habits, or just are too "stressed by life" to work. The social worker would then ask Thomas, " How many children are in your family"? And when he said that he had no children, she would inform him that maybe he would want to start a family because the amount of government help is based on how many children are at risk. She would also inform him that maybe he had nieces or nephews that he called "his own". And she would ask that if he was helping the children of other family members......he could legally put them down as dependents, thus increasing his SNAP (Food Stamps) money. And then suddenly, Thomas would say, "I love this program. There is reward for failure. I am so glad that Hillary Clinton is running for President. I will vote for her because she really cares about America and Americans." The welfare person would then shout out, "Amen", but suddenly look around in hopes that nobody in the office had heard the "shout out" and thought that religion had been mentioned because this would be cause for an immediate firing. So if Thomas Edison was a quitter and lived today we would have no light bulb, and America would be living in the dark.......wait....... maybe America is living in the dark. Oh well, Hillary Clinton and 4 more years of failure. Yea. Yea. Yea. 
Lord Howard Hurts

Stealth is the word

B.H. Obama ll, and his corrupt administration, has taken dictatorial powers, and that they view the Constitution as authority only when it suits their Marxist ideals. The Congress, as usual, 'sits on it's hands', and worries about the definition of slut or whore, while the 'World Burns'. Such nonsense should only exist in 'Wonderland', but alas, it exists in America today, the land of the Cowardly 'Sheep-People'. What are the Patriots and taxpayers of this great nation to do?
Well the first thing Patriots need to do is to become informed about a Constitutional doctrine that allows a citizen the power to balance the dictatorial powers of the corrupt governments, both State and Federal, that currently run this nation. This doctrine is called: Jury Nullification. Unlike some Patriot organization like the Tea Party, this is a stealth undertaking, and to work effectively, it must remain undercover. Jury Nullification allows juries to acquit defendants who might be technically guilty, but who, "in the eyes of the Patriot", do not deserve punishment. This Nullification does not have to be in concert will all the others on the jury. One person using Nullification can complicate a decision to the point that a new trial is ordered. This must be a stealth operation as many cities or counties have legislated that a "Juror's Oath" be administered as a way to defuse the legitimate use of this Constitutional remedy to balance government corruption.
There are two precedents in law that makes Nullification a viable option when corruption by government is uncontrolled:
1. Prohibition on punishing jury members for their verdict, and 2. the prohibition on retrying defendants after an acquittal.
And it must also be noted that any Nullification pertains only to the case in question, but if similar Nullifications should occur, legislatures might take notice, and take action to amend an offending law. Nullification is an important safeguard and might just be the last resort against government tyranny.
We have a President, B.H. Obama ll, and a Congress that needs to be removed to save this nation and its Constitution. Their offense is Treason, but as they are 'arm in arm' with each other it has become impossible for charges to be brought against either or both. It is becoming clearer, each day, that they will not do their sworn duty to uphold the Constitution of this great Republic. So it is up to the Patriots of this nation to do their duty, and use Jury Nullification, when needed, to awaken the citizenry that without a 'King David', this great American experiment in Freedom will become a footnote in the big book of history.
Please note: "D.C. Bar Opinion 320" "How a Defense Attorney Can Advocate for Her Client Without Encouraging Jury Nullification"
A lawyer defending a criminal case may zealously advocate for the acquittal of his client using any evidentiary argument for which he has a reasonable good faith basis. Current legal standards strongly disfavor jury nullification and prohibit express exhortations that a jury nullify the law. Accordingly, a lawyer may not, consistent with the rules of professional conduct, expressly urge a jury to disregard the law. Nor may a lawyer disregard a ruling of the tribunal limiting the scope of permissible argument. The legal system continues, however, to permit juries to exercise the power to nullify. "The District of Columbia Bar | 1101 K Street NW, Suite 200."
Stealth is the word.
Lord Howard Hurts