Sunday, January 24, 2016

the "Cattle Cars" will be lined up and ready to take you to the "Perfect Solution"

Good Morning my American Patriot friends. Please stop reading the media produced articles about the Trump/Cruz feud, and the pending lawsuit propagated by Donald Trump to question the Constitutional legality of Cruz becoming President. All smoke and mirrors, and bad theater. The negatives of both these self proclaimed candidates far exceeds their potential use as restorers of the Constitution to its place as the "Law of the Land". True Patriots would look no further than the failure of the FBI, and the Attorney General of the nation, Loretta E. Lynch.......for their combined failure to indite Hillary R. Clinton for her purposful acts of Treason against this great nation, and its citizens. Patriots. Wake Up and Start the New Revolution. The enemys are inside, and they are coming for you, and your money. Stand Up and make your voice heard. Reject all these ego driven false prophets of glory. Demand that Allen West enter this rigged contest, and take charge of this decaying nation of Cowards. America is a Christian nation, and it always has been such. When was the first time you heard about Muslims building America? When is the first time you heard about Muslims taking over an American city? Well do your homework. Hamtramck, Michigan, "once a predominantly Polish Catholic community, Hamtramck has been infiltrated by Muslims and has allowed the mosques to broadcast the call to prayer over loud speakers. Muslims also regularly practice their religious exercises in the public square." Who caused this takeover? B.H. Obama ll, our Muslim President. It is time to take the actions needed to restore the Christian values that built this great nation. It is time to stop playing the game laid out by the Democrats and RINO's. It is time to stop being cowards, or the "Cattle Cars" will be lined up and ready to take you to the "Perfect Solution". Stop trying to figure out..........Trump or Cruz...........Demand that Allen West be our next President of The United States of America.  Lord Howard Hurts

Monday, January 11, 2016

Rear Admiral Rick Williams Axed

Christian Patriots of America. Here is the latest 'Gossip' about the firing of Rear Admiral Rick Williams. It sounds reasonable, but is based on 'Gossip' I gathered from some Russian operatives here in San Jose, Costa Rica. Please read it and research it, and THINK. Are you ready for a New Revolution? Or are you going to continue to 'sit on your hands' until it is too late? B.H. Obama and Hillary Clinton need to be brought up on charges of Treason before this nation can begin to recover from the Corruption that is destroying our Liberty. We must find our "Moral Compass". Please read this 'Rumor' and Demand Answers:

The other night while having conversation with several Russian operatives at a downtown restaurant they told me that there was news out of the Kremlin that states that the U.S. Navy's top admiral was relieved of his command after he sent out an email revealing that President B.H. Obama ll was purchasing a multi-million dollar oceanfront villa in the United Arab Emirates, Dubi. The rumor is that Rear Admiral Rick Williams, had posted to the U.S. Naval Institute's "Readiness Kill Chain" that intelligence personal had been dispatched to Dubai on what he said was an "Obama house hunting mission". It seems that within hours of his posting this, the navy's Third Fleet Commander, Vice Admiral, Nora Tyson, (Carrier Strike Group 15) acting on order from President Obama, fired Admiral Williams. Her reason for the firing was that President Obama had lost confidence in Admiral Williams ability to command.....and that this stemmed from his misuse of government computer equipment. 

The Russians further stated that Russian journalist had requested more information on the firing of Admiral Williams, and that the Pentagon refused to provide further answers........but then suddenly there was sent information to American journalist that the firing of Admiral Williams was due to his viewing pornography on his government computer. Please Note: U.S. Navy/Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) blocks porn sites, and also requires each user to log in with their own password and username. Records of this is kept and reviewed daily (not like the emails Hillary Clinton was able to send and receive.). Also this is not a plausible cover story unless Admiral Williams is a certified Moron.

Another operative, whom I am not familiar with, and of what nationality I am not sure, said that he had information that the house President Obama was looking to buy was a $4.9 million dollar seaside villa on which there was already a deposit made by the Podesta Group. (The Podesta Group is headed by Tony Podesta, a Washington D.C. company, and he is a personal friend of B.H. Obama ll.). This operative further stated that this villa was being purchased by Saudi Arabia as the law firm that represented this purchase was none other than the DLA Piper law firm of Washington, D.C........long identified as being the law firm that represents Saudi Arabia. So again we have a top U.S. military commander 'axed' on trumped up charges because he was informing others about Obama. Don't take my word for this. Do your own inquiry. 
Lord Howard Hurts

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Gun Control

Christian Patriots of America. Today, January 9, 2016, it is a low humidity, 66 F,  day as I lounge leisurely at my luxury 'digs' here in San Jose, Costa Rica. I wish all of you a most Happy New Year. I don't mean to 'rub it in' that I am enjoying, immensely, my time here in Costa Rica while you are enduring the seemingly endless 'clown show' election back in the states, but please know that I 'feel your pain'.  I am just not into Masochism, of any form, and thus enjoy just reading about the 'twists and turns' of this coming election from afar. And to help you with some needed critical thinking, I wish to remind you that physical gun control is not the foremost issue you will have to contend with this new year. Sometimes we are hypnotized by having our focus directed onto things that the opposition Democrats and RINO's want us to agree on.........and when we fail to focus on the prescribed issue........the opposition plays their 'wild card'. And here is the Federal Governments 'wild card' should all their attempts to outlaw guns fail: Ammunition Control. Ammunition Control will accomplish, easily, what Gun Control can not. How? Well firstly, most persons with metal working skills can fabricate a workable gun. So any ban on guns will be easy to circumvent, and because there are so many persons in the U.S. that have this would be most difficult to stop the manufacture, and sale of guns. Now always remember that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. And as all guns are most dangerous when loaded with ammunition........ammunition becomes the weakest link. Very few people possess the skill needed to manufacture gunpowder. So without gunpowder you can not have ammunition for guns. And if the Federal Government, through its operative, the EPA, decides that new regulatory rules need to implemented for the protection of the citizens, and the environment........then the availability of ammunition can be regulated and slowed. A huge tax on all ammunition, and proof of personal identity before purchasing any ammunition would further regulate guns to the status of art objects. And further, implementation of laws that would make it a crime to not have some type of log accounting for all ammunition that had been purchased would also place a huge burden on citizens wanting to own a gun. This last regulation, or law, would have the effect to make the legal owner, of any purchased ammunition, responsible should that ammunition be stolen, or used in a crime. Thus the Second Ammendment would not even come in play one way or the other. Sorry to make your brain almost explode. But America is on a very 'slippery slope', and it seems to me that unless there is a New Revolution, America will become the "Late Great United States of America".
Lord Howard Hurts

The FBI And Their Friend, Hillary Clinton

Patriots of America. Please read the following quote carefully, and then reflect on the current situation with the FBI and Hillary Clinton: 

"The anti-government activists who took over a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon are going to face federal charges when the siege is over, the local sheriff told NBC News on Wednesday.

"The (FBI) has assured me that those at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge will at some point face charges, Harney County Sheriff Dave Ward told NBC News."

Isn't it amazing that the FBI can be so efficient, and bold, when dealing with anti-government activists who are doing no harm to the nations security, but can not bring charges against Hillary Clinton for her email server violations........and they did not even take charge of her personal computer 2 years after her violation of law was discovered, and have still not take that basic step to find the truth.......or even suspend her Security Clearance? How is it possible that Hillary can even run for President given the fact that she might have her Security Clearance revoked at anytime? Patriots, something is wrong and there is only one answer...........CORRUPTION. The Obama Administration is CORRUPT, and needs to be removed before the elections of 2016 so as to give faith to the rule of law...........or a New Revolution must start, and you can follow the example of the anti-government activists in Oregon. Like them or not......they understand that our Federal Government is CORRUPT, and that there will be no Freedom and Liberty until this Obama Administration is history, and Hillary Clinton is put in jail.........not the White House. 
Lord Howard Hurts

Friday, January 8, 2016

Leonidas At Thermopylae

Christian Patriots of America. I hate to seem smug at the events that are turning this 2016 Presidential race into a 'clown fest', but I warned you several times previously that this was going to happen. And I hope that you will excuse me from laughing about it as I sit here in my luxury digs here in San Jose, Costa Rica. But I see no reason to get involved in this election until there is someone worthy to support, and fight for. The Old Guard Republicans, RINO's, had the system rigged (as usual), and their man for President in 2016 was, and still is to a point, Jeb Bush........the 'fix' was in until "Napoleon" Trump entered the race.  "Napoleon" entered the race and began to speak the Truth about the actual condition of the Republic at this time. The more truth he spoke.........the more his support soared. Jeb Bush suddenly became a 'total failure', but he had amassed a huge fortune in campaign money from the 'Believers in a Corrupt Republic', and they were not about to let that tainted money go. But with "Napoleon" Trump still 'rising' in the hearts and minds of the American voting public, they found suddenly that they now needed a new 'Lamb' to promote as the savior of the Republican party. This new 'Lamb' is Marco Rubio (always be wary of a man who needs to wear high heeled boots). Marco has an ego equal to that of Donald Trump, but Marco is only about half as smart, but this is a plus for RINO's. Be also aware that these RINO's really don't care if the new President is Hillary "I turned $1,000 into $100,000 in cattle futures overnight" Clinton, or Marco Rubio. They are only concerned in the game being rigged, and having a 'Sheep' in the Presidential chair so that they can make fast profits on shady deals.........."Let the nation go to Hell, but fill our bank accounts"  is their motto. It is time for the Christian Patriots of America to Stand Up, and Start a New Revolution. We must stand behind Donald Trump 100%. At this point in the collapse of this once great nation there is no other person on the horizon to push back against these corrupt gangsters. Our theme should be "Leonidas and the battle of Thermopylae". He lost the battle and died at Thermopylae, but his heroic sacrifice is still on the mind, and lips, of men today. He and his three hundred Spartans stayed and fought to the death. And this should be the example for Christian Patriots today. We must make a Stand and Fight to our Death. 
Lord Howard Hurts