Sunday, January 24, 2016

the "Cattle Cars" will be lined up and ready to take you to the "Perfect Solution"

Good Morning my American Patriot friends. Please stop reading the media produced articles about the Trump/Cruz feud, and the pending lawsuit propagated by Donald Trump to question the Constitutional legality of Cruz becoming President. All smoke and mirrors, and bad theater. The negatives of both these self proclaimed candidates far exceeds their potential use as restorers of the Constitution to its place as the "Law of the Land". True Patriots would look no further than the failure of the FBI, and the Attorney General of the nation, Loretta E. Lynch.......for their combined failure to indite Hillary R. Clinton for her purposful acts of Treason against this great nation, and its citizens. Patriots. Wake Up and Start the New Revolution. The enemys are inside, and they are coming for you, and your money. Stand Up and make your voice heard. Reject all these ego driven false prophets of glory. Demand that Allen West enter this rigged contest, and take charge of this decaying nation of Cowards. America is a Christian nation, and it always has been such. When was the first time you heard about Muslims building America? When is the first time you heard about Muslims taking over an American city? Well do your homework. Hamtramck, Michigan, "once a predominantly Polish Catholic community, Hamtramck has been infiltrated by Muslims and has allowed the mosques to broadcast the call to prayer over loud speakers. Muslims also regularly practice their religious exercises in the public square." Who caused this takeover? B.H. Obama ll, our Muslim President. It is time to take the actions needed to restore the Christian values that built this great nation. It is time to stop playing the game laid out by the Democrats and RINO's. It is time to stop being cowards, or the "Cattle Cars" will be lined up and ready to take you to the "Perfect Solution". Stop trying to figure out..........Trump or Cruz...........Demand that Allen West be our next President of The United States of America.  Lord Howard Hurts

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