Saturday, January 9, 2016

Gun Control

Christian Patriots of America. Today, January 9, 2016, it is a low humidity, 66 F,  day as I lounge leisurely at my luxury 'digs' here in San Jose, Costa Rica. I wish all of you a most Happy New Year. I don't mean to 'rub it in' that I am enjoying, immensely, my time here in Costa Rica while you are enduring the seemingly endless 'clown show' election back in the states, but please know that I 'feel your pain'.  I am just not into Masochism, of any form, and thus enjoy just reading about the 'twists and turns' of this coming election from afar. And to help you with some needed critical thinking, I wish to remind you that physical gun control is not the foremost issue you will have to contend with this new year. Sometimes we are hypnotized by having our focus directed onto things that the opposition Democrats and RINO's want us to agree on.........and when we fail to focus on the prescribed issue........the opposition plays their 'wild card'. And here is the Federal Governments 'wild card' should all their attempts to outlaw guns fail: Ammunition Control. Ammunition Control will accomplish, easily, what Gun Control can not. How? Well firstly, most persons with metal working skills can fabricate a workable gun. So any ban on guns will be easy to circumvent, and because there are so many persons in the U.S. that have this would be most difficult to stop the manufacture, and sale of guns. Now always remember that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. And as all guns are most dangerous when loaded with ammunition........ammunition becomes the weakest link. Very few people possess the skill needed to manufacture gunpowder. So without gunpowder you can not have ammunition for guns. And if the Federal Government, through its operative, the EPA, decides that new regulatory rules need to implemented for the protection of the citizens, and the environment........then the availability of ammunition can be regulated and slowed. A huge tax on all ammunition, and proof of personal identity before purchasing any ammunition would further regulate guns to the status of art objects. And further, implementation of laws that would make it a crime to not have some type of log accounting for all ammunition that had been purchased would also place a huge burden on citizens wanting to own a gun. This last regulation, or law, would have the effect to make the legal owner, of any purchased ammunition, responsible should that ammunition be stolen, or used in a crime. Thus the Second Ammendment would not even come in play one way or the other. Sorry to make your brain almost explode. But America is on a very 'slippery slope', and it seems to me that unless there is a New Revolution, America will become the "Late Great United States of America".
Lord Howard Hurts

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