Thursday, June 30, 2011

Australia Will Be A "Colony" Of China By 2020

A few weeks ago I posted a "snapshot" of what is coming for Australia. I don't have specific details that can be used in a court of law, but I have a warning of things to come, and the future for Australia, and its citizens, is most bleak at best.  China is a giant with plans to dominate the world by the year 2020. The validity of this statement can be found, not in any document posted on the Internet, or information provided by our inept CIA, or State Department, but by just looking at what China is buying in Australia. While the press and the Congress of the U.S. ponders the source of Michelle Obama's toned arms, and while our Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, "seals the deal" that was instrumental in getting Lady Gaga to perform in a gay,  Euro Pride, event in Rome this week,  and while President Obama, the "Stop The War  Now!" President, has us engaged in 4 wars that do nothing except expend massive amounts of tax dollars, material resources, and the lives of our servicemen, in an attempt to accomplish the un-accomplisable (anti-democratic behavior in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Middle East has been what it is for  several thousands of years, and there is no logical reason to believe that it will change this millennium). And as this "drama" proceeds forward, China, like the tortoise in the ancient fable, moves in "positive motion" on its way to conquer the world. China, in most recent years, has purchased controlling interest in uranium deposits in the Outback of Australia (China's Sinosteel Corp.); Has purchases of over 22 billion dollars of iron ore; Currently purchases  more than 1/4 of all the agricultural exports of that island nation;  And now, no longer satisfied with just purchasing iron ore, China proposes the Citic Pacific's Sino Iron project, in the Pilbara region in the north-west of Australia. At this time, only China has the massive amounts of cash to make these type of projects happen, and the consequence of this buying spree  is helping to make the Australian dollar rise, thus forming the start of a "economy bubble", that will "destroy" Australia for years to come.  As I mentioned in that earlier post, China is planning a complete military takeover of Australia in the very near future.  My source says that the ghost cities of China continue at the rate of about 10 per year. These cities remain void of population, and it has been rumored that after the takeover of Australia, there will be a much needed influx of women into both China, and these ghost cities via captives of war.  Australia, itself, will be an "outpost" of China, and a source of minerals, gas, and coal, to keep China moving forward in the future.  A "lower" socioeconomic class  (physical workers) will be shifted to the Continent from China, and will be composed, mostlly, of men 20 to 35 years of age. This is the part of the population of China is the most troublesome as it constitutes a major segment of the population that has no future to either get married or have children (part of the unintended consequences of the: One Child Policy).  All this may seem unbelievable, based on the silly problems that we in the U.S. are dealing with today, but rest assured, China will prove to be an immediate problem to the contemporary existing population of Australia, and soon also to the U.S.  ( China has plans for several "special economic zones" inside our country from which they can continue to extend their economic domination.  One of these "special economic zones" would be just south of Boise, Idaho, and Idaho, state and city, governments are eager to give it to them.  China National Machinery Industry Corporation, Sinomach, plans to construct a "technology zone" south of Boise Airport which would ultimately be up to 50 square miles in size.). So you can now see that not only is Australia a "target", but the U.S. is also under siege, and unless these morons  sitting in Congress, and our Socialist President are thrown out, there is no reason to believe that we will fare any better than the Australians.  And even if the Australians "buck up", and take action, I don't see even the slightest hope of them repelling the Chinese.  I will be looking at more information on this subject, and will post when there are further details to submit.
Lord Howard Hurts   

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Herman Cain Is Not An Uncle Tom

White America is not ready for Herman Cain. That is a fact that most media types will not put in print. Obama succeeded because he is an "Uncle Tom". He was never perceived by the White majority to be a threat. He was the "token" Black man in politics (white mother, and black father), and he seemed to be just another Jimmy Carter, with a tan, to the White majority. Then along comes Herman Cain, and all hell breaks loose. The media has to move full force to clue in the White majority that Cain is just another "Uncle Tom" (something that he is not). That he is NOT a serious candidate; Just a "crazy" Black guy with no real experience in government, or world affairs ( Obama doesn't seem to know that there are only 50 states.). The "mud" is thrown and accumulates, because the White majority is just not ready for a real candidate who brings both personal life experience, and business experience to a job that is actually more ceremonial than "Royal" (our Congress really rules, and the President just leads.). Oh, and did I forget to mention that Herman Cain is a  Black person, and not one of the pecan tan type that don't seem to disturb the White majority? Now, I am not saying that Herman Cain is the right person to be our next President, but stop with the negatives, and let him speak his mind. And lets get serious about not judging a person by the color of his skin, or soothing ones conscience with "tokens," of another race, by electing them to an office that they don't qualify to hold. We don't need another "Uncle Tom" as President. Obama has been our Trojan Horse, and if you don't remember the ending to that "gift", do your own homework and look it up, and think. 
Lord Howard Hurts 

Saturday, June 25, 2011

And From The Ashes Will Rise, Again, A "New" Civilization

A few days past, I had posted some quotes from Plato.  Upon studying and thinking about them, one can understand that the mind of man is, for all purposes, unchanged. The problems that plague our civilization today,  are the same as those of 2,400 years ago. Now with all our advanced technology are we any closer to a more civilized society, or are we just repeating that which has always existed? Take the death penalty for example. Have we devised a more humane penalty for the punishment of the ultimate crime, a crime that proscribes death as the penalty? No. We have chemical death and electric death. They are "billed" as most humane. But is chopping of the head, hanging, or dropping a huge rock on the head, any less humane or efficient? We have modern medicines that help, and sometimes cure persons of disease, but the fact is that these medicines don't work on all persons. Some still die from disease. So what is the advantage of helping a higher percentage of the sick, other than there being fewer persons effected by some type of illness? We spend millions, and millions, of dollars to explore space. Do we have any tangible benefit from all this expenditure? I don't think so. No matter how much money is spent on this most useless and worthless quest, the fact remains that humans can not live without oxygen, water, or in temperatures over 120 degrees F.  So is our actual knowledge of space anymore accomplished than that garnered by Galileo, 400 years ago? I say, "No".  All we have accomplished is to discover worlds even further than those Galileo had discovered;  a vast array of uninhabitable mass that forwards the illogical dream, that some unreachable  "heap of rock" will be the future home to human civilization. It is clear that those "infused" with higher scientific education are delusional. Isn't if a fact that when one "invents" a new technology, it brings with it unintentional consequences? Take the invention of the cell phone. Did you ever envision the day that the poorest (our government, at taxpayer expense, sees that everyone in the U.S. is able to have a cell phone regardless of their ability to pay for it.) of our citizens would be in instant communication with whomever, for whatever reason, using these phones?  Are there negative, unintentional, consequences from this invention? I think so; flash mobs; revolution, harassment, and terrorist threats, to secure my point.  The purpose of technology is to lessen the burden on the working citizens, but at the same time, as this burden is lessened, the population needs to lessen (one chain saw replaces 10 workers with axes, for example.), but that is not what is happening. The world population is increasing, logically making it a sure bet that rather than lessening the burden on workers, the displaced workers will still want and need consumer items, and because of their inability to pay (too many workers for the number of jobs available) for these items, wars will result. Has technology lessened the need for war today?  Absolutely not. And in fact, it can be shown that we are now engaged in more wars than at any other time in the history of the world.  What is the logical purpose of making the world "smaller" while at the same time making the population "larger"?  None.  This increased population will have to be diminished, so don't be surprised if the world, as we know it  today, ends by wind, water, fire, and noxious gases, and from the ashes will rise, again, a "new" civilization. Proving that nothing can be created or destroyed.  
Lord Howard Hurts

Thursday, June 23, 2011

We Are Computers With Installed Software

We are living in a time when the "Peter Principle," innovated by Dr. Laurence J. Peter and Raymond Hull in their 1969 book, The Peter Principle, is in full "bloom". To give a glimpse of this idea (do your own homework) I think this principle can be summed up as; Employees are promoted to a level that they are incompetent at, and thus further promotions stop, leaving an incompetent person in charge, and stopping further progress in that said department until such time as this employee is removed. Surprised? The part that is most infuriating, to me, is that these incompetents are for the most part most cunning and conniving. They are not morons by any means, but they represent the "lower base" of civilization. They are of the, "me, me, I, I" class, and as they succeed to the top of their department, they are smart enough to know that they are "out classed", so to stay on top, they proceed to hire underlings that are "less smart", and who pose no real competition in succeeding to gain control over that department. And in time, because of retirement, and such, this totally incompetent underling ascends to the top of said department, and continues this "daisy chain" of hiring lesser "brained and involved" employees until the department collapses from lack of innovation and drive. Surprised? Just look around at the leaders of this nation. Exactly where is their power derived? From the people? No. The citizens of the United States of America have been reduced to a flock of "Blind Sheep". The power in this country, today, is 99% derived from self serving institutions like Harvard, and other Ivy League colleges and universities, and they operate much the same as the "Law Education Center", in Xiadingjia, and they have empowered themselves to grant degrees to the unwitting, brainwashed, youth of America, with much the same result as "The Peter Principle," does in business. 

A few days ago, I posted quotes from Plato. Several persons wrote to me to say or ask; These are quotes from Mark Twain, why did you say they were 2,400 years old?; Are these quotes from the same person?; Ayn Rand is the author; Well, these quotes, in fact, are by Plato, and he did live about 2,400 years ago. Sort of makes you think when you hear all the hype about Ayn Rand being such a "visionary", that she could write a book about human history 50 years before it even happened.  Plato makes it known that history does in fact repeat itself, and for logical reason. We live in a finite world. Nothing can be created nor destroyed. We are "computers" with installed software, and we can not "Think Out Of The Box".  We are here and here we will be. Good will always attempt to triumph over evil, and so on and so on. Do read, The Republic, by Plato.
Lord Howard Hurts

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Nothing Changes

If you don't believe that things "stay the same", check out these quotes. Have any idea who the person is? Look him up, and then you will understand that nothing changes, that to "Think Out Of The Box" is just not possible. READ THEM AND THINK. Clue: these quotes are over 2,400 years old.

The beginning is the most important part of the work.

Science is nothing but perception.

No human thing is of serious importance.

Courage is knowing what not to fear.

We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.

Mankind censure injustice fearing that they may be the victims of it, and not because they shrink from committing it.

The people have always some champion whom they set over them and nurse into greatness...This and no other is the root from which a tyrant springs; when he first appears he is a protector.

 He was a wise man who invented God.

I have hardly ever known a mathematician who was capable of reasoning.

Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something.

The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.

Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber.

 Honesty is for the most part, less profitable than dishonesty.

He who does not desire power is fit to hold it.

Musical training is a more potent instrument than any other, because rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul, on which they mightily fasten imparting grace.

Astronomy compels the soul to look upwards and leads us from this world to another.

Thinking is the talking of the soul with itself.

 You are young, my son, and, as the years go by, time will change and even reverse many of your present opinions. Refrain therefore awhile from setting yourself up as a judge of the highest matters.

Just as it would be madness to settle on medical treatment for the body of a person by taking an opinion poll of the neighbors, so it is irrational to prescribe for the body politic by polling the opinions of the people at large.

If one has made a mistake, and fails to correct it, one has made a greater mistake.

Never discourage anyone...who continually makes progress, no matter how slow.
Lord Howard Hurts  

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Benjamin Netanyahu Has A Hammer

When the long form birth certificate, posted by Obama partisans, on April 27, 2011, was released, the media took it at full "face value". The controversy was over as far as the lap-dog media was concerned. It was time for the President to continue the job he was elected to administer rather than have to deal with this false "Birther" issue. But have you noticed that Obama has never sworn that the document he had presented was in fact his True Long Form Birth Certificate? He has not only avoided this confirmation, but he has also stopped anyone from comparing this certificate with the Original one, on record, in Hawaii? Since he has posted his birth certificate on the net, for hundreds of millions to view, why would he stop anyone from gaining access to his Original certificate in Hawaii? He has done this for several reasons, and one being that this posted certificate is a FAKE. He needs the lap-dog media to continue "sleeping", and giving "bad" press to the "Birthers". My information says that Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu,  of Israel, through information provided by the Mossad, has the information on this birth certificate controversy that will "drop the hammer" on Obama, and his administration,  with the likely hood of sending the U.S. into civil war anytime he see "fit". That said, Netanyahu  is attempting to negotiate with Obama rather than risk the uncertainty of the events; the unintended consequences that could come from his exposing Obama as a Fraud; the facts "driving themselves",  with no real control over the outcome. To help ascertain the validity of this information, one only has to review the statements issued by Obama in his Middle East policy's, and then compare these with his confirmed actions. In other words, compare his rhetoric with his actions, and you will find that Obama is "back peddling", and doing so for a reason. His personal survival as President. Netanyahu, has the "hammer", but he just isn't sure how or when to use it. The removal of Obama as President makes it a near, sure, bet that his replacement would be Hillary Clinton, and she is no more respected by Netanyahu than Obama. The lack of a Strong Republican candidate on the horizon is the confusing issue. A  Republican candidate such as Paul E. Vallely, would probably make it possible for Netanyahu to formulate the correct time to drop the "hammer" on Obama, but this is a most unlikely scenario given the current unknown, or next to unknown, status of Vallely. With the unrest in the countries surrounding Israel, the time factor is making for a definite decision to be made in the next month or so. Israel is being "pushed to the wall", and it matters little in the "big picture" if there is a Republican President and Congress to help bring stability, and avoid the total destruction of that nation. Netanyahu is smart, and he has the nerve of a world class poker player. I have confidence Israel will survive. 
Lord Howard Hurts

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We Are A Nation Of Blind Sheep

The "heart" of any civilized society is its economy. This is the reason that the well worn maxim, "its the economy stupid", holds such prominence in the coming elections of 2012. But what is a "heart" without blood?  Remove the blood, and even a good heart will stop. The blood of any nation is its military. "He who controls the military, controls the nation." (Lord Howard Hurts). We presently have a nation in some type of self induced Limbo (a region on the edge of heaven and hell). I say self induced because even though the majority of the citizens, of this nation, desire that the Constitution be the "compass" that guides this Republic, we are afraid to exert the controls that our Founders gave us should enemies from within attempt to subvert this most inspired document of human freedom. The enemies, from within, have over the past 70 years or more, slowly eroded, not only the definition of our words, but they have subverted the "intent" of the Constitution. Like someone subjected to Chinese water torture, we have been, slowly, made accustom to believe that the "group" is more important than the individual, that the Constitution is too "rigid" to be understood, and that successful people need to share with those who are less motivated, just because they (less motivated persons) are part of the majority. We are presently, sadly, a Nation of Blind Sheep. Political Correctness, welfare, the socialist driven education system,  liberal mass media, and cowardice, has brought us to this state of affairs. We presently have a President who is not qualified by the Constitution to serve. The evidence is undisputable. "The sheep have eyes, but they don't see". Now, when I say that we have a President, who is not qualified to serve, is leading this country,  and that the evidence is undisputable, I am not going to resort to write 10,000 words to explain my position. I am going to use the method, Alexander The Great used to become leader;  "The Gordian Knot". Our Constitution clearly defines that only a Natural Born Citizen can be President, and it has always been understood that this means that both parents would need to be American Citizens at the time of the birth of any candidate for this office. Barack Obama, in his own book, and in his own posting, of his birth certificate (who cares that he has posted a fake certificate?), has given proof that only one  of his parents was a citizen, of the United States of America, at his birth. End of subject. We have a Pretender sitting in the White House, and he needs to be removed immediately. As the Congress is fully aware of this situation, and refuses to take action, it is up to the military of this country to do their duty to defend our Constitution. There is no other action that can be taken.
Lord Howard Hurts

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Libertarians Are Educated Sheep

It has been a long week. I have a son, who is 40 years old, plus, and views himself as both the smartest person on earth, and a Libertarian (just might be an oxymoron, from my viewpoint).  He reads my postings, and corrects my spelling (he emailed to informed me that I had misspelled: whiskey. He stated that the word has no e. Now I can't spell, spell, without a spell-check, so I had doubts about his complaint, but then again....he "advertises" himself as the smartest person on earth.  He informed me of some obscure spelling of whiskey, without the e, that came from Scotland, or Albania, during the Great Poppy Wars of 1812, or something to that effect. But in the end, whiskey, in the U.S. has the e, except in Kentucky, where they, maybe, forgot to put the e in the spelling of their state. What a surprise.). So you see that our communications are really "Harvard" quality, but the point I am getting to, is that he "ripped" my posting: Does The Fall Of Rome Provide Insight Into Our Future? ; my idea that marijuana is a problem, and should be dealt with in a more strict fashion. He once again "crowed" his Libertarian "politics",  and informed me that personal behavior is personal, and that this country is based on individual rights, and as long as someone's personal behavior doesn't interfere with his enjoyment of life, there is no need to attempt to make a law against bad behavior.  And in response, I wrote, "words have meaning, but the meaning can change".  Your Libertarian view is based on your personal interpretation of; "doesn't interfere with my personal enjoyment of life".  When there is nothing "written in stone", your enjoyment might be displeasure to someone else.  Chaos comes to mind, and a Chaos guided society is not even in the history books. It doesn't exist for the simple fact that to accomplish any task, one has to have a clear "vision" of their destination; in other words, you can't take 5,000 words, and chose one at a time, in random fashion, and expect to see Shakespeare's, Macbeth, as the result. His views, on economics, are even more distorted.  I have posted that unless we remove Obama from office, prior to the elections of 2012, this Republic will not survive. He emailed that I should be thrown under "The Crazy Train",  rather than just riding on it. He believes that all "Birthers" are morons, and should have "IDIOT" tattooed on their forehead. He told me that Obama has shown his birth certificate twice, and only morons believe that he was not born in Hawaii. As response I wrote: "Obama has not let any law suit against him, to produce his birth certificate,  be judged in open court for one reason, and that reason is that he would have to swear under oath, and penalty of perjury, that this birth certificate he has shown is a true copy of his original birth certificate, and he will not do this BECAUSE HE KNOWS THAT THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE HE HAS PRESENTED IS A FAKE.  Obama has posted his birth certificate, now why not let anyone, who desires,  go to Hawaii, and see it, and get a certified copy? It is posted on the Internet, so what harm could come to Obama because of someone having a certified copy of his birth certificate? The harm is that it is FAKE, and Obama would not only be removed from office, he would go to jail. The answer and solution is so simple, even a Libertarian can cipher it out....unless this Libertarian figures that Obama providing a fake birth certificate is not interfering with his personal rights. Who cares that Obama is a Marxist? Who cares that the economy is going to crash? Who cares that Obama has us in 2 more wars? Apparently, Libertarians don't care because they believe in Chaos, and Candy Land. But I do care, and I will continue to post what I believe.
Lord Howard Hurts

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Does The Fall Of Rome Provide Insight To Our Future?

 On  JUNE 1, 2011, I wrote an article: Marijuana Can Lead To Irreversible Changes In The Brain.  I was surprised at how many people wrote me to say that there is no way to win the war on drugs, and that legalization of drugs is the only sensible answer to this "social" problem; Making drugs legal is a personal issue, and doesn't hurt others, thus there is no need  for government control of drugs.  Wow! I only wish that things were this simple. Most of the responders said that by legalizing drugs the price will drop, and crime will go down because drug dealers will not be able to have a monopoly on the drug supply.  And furthermore, the use of legal drugs can only be of negative detriment to the user, so that an overdose, or abuse, doesn't reflect on taxpayers in the way the "war on drugs" does (enforcement and imprisonment). Well, if things were easy, then everyone would have a degree from Harvard, and be a millionaire. But in life there are no easy answers to questions of personal satisfaction. Here are my ideas on drugs and life, and the future of this Republic.

Drugs have a legitimate use as a temporary method to reduce pain.  It seems to me that too many persons in the US take drugs to alter their mental state,  rather than to reduce physical pain.  And when I mention drugs, this includes alcohol. What reason is there to use alcohol when it doesn't taste good, and it impairs all thought and physical coordination? The idea that legalization of drugs will stop crime, and put drug dealers out of business is an example of Johnny Walker reasoning (No, Johnny Walker is not a philosopher. It is a Scotch Whiskey).  When drugs are made legal the government will establish laws making legal drugs a monopoly, and suddenly, drugs will cost more than they did in the past (how will legal drugs be able to compete with drug dealers who are not licensed by the state, or pay taxes? Competition will increase for the new customers, and black market goods are always cheapest, believe it or not.). Isn't it bad enough that we have so many alcoholics in this country? Just think about legalized marijuana, for instance.  Do you want to be in a taxi, or on an airliner, with a "pilot" who smokes marijuana?  When Alaska legalized marijuana in the 1970's, teen use, of this drug, jumped to twice the national average. This is one reason that in 1990, Alaska re-criminalized it. The US taxpayer should not finance any "drug wars" except in this country. What others do in their own country is their business....but, anyone bringing mind altering drugs into this country, excluding for medical use, should  face immediate arrest, and immediate death upon conviction, and the same would hold true for anyone selling any type of mind altering drugs in this country, not prescribed as "medicine". This idea that the government should tax drugs, for personal recreational use, to help with our revenue shortfall is nonsense. Bad behavior is bad behavior. The legalization of drugs holds a huge amount of unintended consequences, and a tax on bad behavior produces revenue in the negative column rather than the positive one. Look, prostitution might be the oldest business in the world, but it has never been looked on as a positive step towards civilization. I am sure that the legalization of this vice would bring in tax dollars, but the unintended consequences far out weigh making it legal, or it would already be legal in hundreds of countries the world over. Life is a complex balance of Ups and Downs, and drugs can not make things less complex or easier.  History repeats itself over and over. Few seem to "listen" or "take note", but here are some things that destroyed Rome. Rome, you say? What has that to do with what is happening in the US today? The decline of Rome started in the 2nd century, and took about 320 years for the complete "fall".  One major feature was that Rome engaged in many wars, and thus needed to increase taxes. Another enduring feature of the decline was in it's coinage. The values on coins changed, coins were made out of base metals instead of silver or gold, and often coins were "struck" of lesser metals clad in thin "shells" of silver, thus making for hyperinflation; this hyperinflation was the undisputed cause of the decline and fall. Rome's economy was based on slave labor (don't we buy the majority of our goods from countries that pay their workers "slave wages"?), and it exported few real products (sound like the US today?). The financial needs continued to increase dramatically, but the means of meeting these demands steadily eroded, and taxes necessarily skyrocketed (see a parallel here?).  Oh, did I forget to mention that, during these 320 years of decline,  morals declined in favor of "Personal Pleasures"? And then, the once great Rome was "dead".  Do you think that electing a Palin or a Romney or any of these other ego driven pretenders, that the media has placed before us, will save this once great Republic? I don't.  Paul E. Vallely, MG US Army (retired), is my choice, and I believe that if Obama is not removed before the elections of 2012, there will be nothing more than a  Coronation.
Lord Howard Hurts

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Do We Need To Raise The Tax On Gas?

Things get more curiouser and curiouser. "It would be so nice if something made sense for a change.", (Alice, from Alice in Wonderland). Now take the recent proposal from General Motors CEO, Dan Akerson. Akerson said that he is in favor of a dollar a gallon increase in the tax on gas (I assume he means on all petroleum fuels) as a way to force the consumer to purchase smaller, more gas efficient, vehicles.  An idea that has also been proposed by President Obama. This idea sounds so helpful. The head of GM (government motors), and our President thinking about us, the workers, and taxpayers, who just don't understand that we are running out of oil. We, moron taxpayers, need to "wise up", and be more careful in the use of this precious resource. Apparently, we are just too stupid to purchase vehicles that provide better fuel mileage, as the cost of fuel presently goes down, but by our government forcing up the cost of these petroleum fuels, we, moron citizens, can easily understand that to keep the "wheels" of the economy moving, we will need to purchase vehicles with smaller engines, and engines that "burn" less fuel per mile. Oh, Thank You, old wise leaders. But wait..... isn't GM the company that had to get a taxpayer bailout because their business was losing billions of dollars? Why should we take advice from a company that was going broke because they did not provide the products that consumers wanted to purchase? And please remember that the only reason GM is in business today is because the government decided to give taxpayer money (from the morons who pay taxes) to this failing corporation so that it could "blunder on."  Also, in the first 2 years of the Obama administration, the number of government limousines increased some 73%, and we all know that limousines are fuel efficient vehicles; while just last week, Obama issued an executive order that charges Federal agencies to increase the fuel efficiency of their fleets. And what was the Obama  response to this 73% increase in Federal limousines? The Obama administration blamed terrorism and security as justification. Makes you wonder if you are "looking at the world" through the "wrong" end of the telescope, doesn't it?  And get this; GM makes the CTS-V, a 600 horsepower, Cadillac, that get 12-18 miles per gallon, and is promoted as a vehicle for successful senior citizens (with a top speed in excess of 160 miles per hour, it is the perfect mode of transportation for senior citizens). Also, from GM for 2011, comes the ZR1 Chevy Corvette. It has a top speed of 205 miles per hour, and I am sure that this is an economy model as proposed by GM, CEO, Akerson, and President Obama. Up is Down and Down is Up in Wonderland.
Lord Howard Hurts

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Impeach Obama Now

Several people have written me about my "rants and raves" about getting rid of President Obama before the elections of 2012. A few have even mentioned that I am not just on "The Crazy Train", but that I both own, and drive this train. Well I am sorry that I offend anyone, but this "Nation of Sheep" is in for a huge surprise come election time should Obama still be President. It seems nobody in the Congress of this Republic has the ability to read the Constitution, much less follow it. Barack Obama, as a sitting senator in 2007,  said, "The President does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation." This by Obama, the Constitutional Scholar from Harvard.

Today, we have President Obama saying that we are not in a war with Libya. That this is a special engagement, a "limited kinetic action.", that has been granted by NATO. That the War Powers Act, does not apply to this action. That the provisions of this act, do not concern the Congress of the United States of America; and apparently the Congress agrees with this assessment, as the 60 day time period, specified in the War Powers Act, has expired, and Congress has not taken any steps to stop this illegal war against a country that has never attacked this nation, and who poses no threat to our future. Congress is, for whatever reason, derelict in their sworn duty to Follow and Defend the Constitution, and because of this, the entire Congress needs to be removed along with our Marxist President. To wait until the elections of 2012 to attempt to elect persons of good moral character, and having an understanding of the Constitution, is pure Folly. Give Obama more time, and our economy will further fail, and there will be no elections in 2012, only a Coronation.
Lord Howard Hurts

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Marijuana Can Lead To Irreversible Changes In The Brain

As the US moves to legalize Marijuana/Cannabis, taking the "view" that just too many people use the now illegal drug, and therefore  it needs to be removed as a form of crime, the scientific world shares new information that there is good reason that this substance is, and has been for thousands of years, illegal. So instead of providing scientific information on the real dangers of this drug, the states and congress push to increase their voting popularity with the uninformed younger generation at not only the expense of these morons, but to the peril of organized and responsible society. Providing more evidence that democracy, or one man one vote, is the "road" to the destruction of personal Freedom. Rule by the masses will not work, and has never worked. Here are some recent ideas about cannabis from an article:
Cannabis and the risks: facts you need to know
Dr Mark Porter, The Sunday Times, February 14, 2009.

Cannabis damages the lungs: Most people consider cannabis to be much safer than tobacco but, drag for drag, it is actually more harmful. Cannabis smoke is far more acrid than tobacco and causes more damage to the lining of the airways. The British Lung Foundation estimates that smoking an admittedly hefty three to four joints a day causes the same level of damage as smoking 20 cigarettes a day. And, like tobacco, it is packed with carcinogens.

Chest physicians are reporting that a growing number of cannabis users appear to be developing the sort of lung damage normally seen only in middle-aged and elderly smokers - and up to 20 years earlier. And it doesn't seem to make much difference how you smoke it. Research into the relative “safety” of the various smoking devices - joints, bongs, vaporizers and water pipes - found no significant difference in the harmful chemicals inhaled. Because water pipes filter out some of the ingredient (THC) that makes users high, they tend to inhale more of the harmful components to get a decent hit.

Cannabis can cause irreversible changes in the brain: The most alarming discovery in recent years has been that cannabis can trigger serious mental illness such as schizophrenia. As a rough rule of thumb the average person's lifetime risk of developing schizophrenia is about one in 100. This risk increases to about one in 30 in occasional cannabis users and closer to one in 15 in regular users (at least once a day).

The brains of teenagers appear to be particularly susceptible to the drug. A recent study in New Zealand found that children who started to use cannabis before the age of 15 were nearly five times more likely to develop serious mental illness by their late twenties, compared with those who started at 18. Neuroscientists suspect that the greater susceptibility of young teenagers is because the brain continues to develop during the teen years. Drug use is thought to influence this final phase of brain formation, increasing the risk of the type of functional and chemical imbalances associated with conditions such as schizophrenia.

The problem is compounded because most of the cannabis sold in Britain today is much more potent than that of a decade ago. These stronger variants (skunk) contain far more of THC, the active ingredient, which is| thought to induce psychosis, and far less of another ingredient (cannabidiol) found in standard varieties, which is anti-psychotic and protects the brain. But neurochemcal changes don't alter behaviour alone. Tests on mice suggest that they can also permanently disrupt a developing brain's ability to remember things, even after the drug is withdrawn. It is difficult to draw comparisons with human development, but scientists in the field believe that exposure before the age of 15 could cause lasting memory deficit.

Cannabis can be addictive: Contrary to street lore that you cannot become addicted to cannabis, one user in ten develops some form of dependence, with abstinence leading to craving and withdrawal effects. Cannabis abuse now accounts for 10 per cent of attendances at UK drug treatment centers.

Is it a gateway to more dangerous drugs? This is a controversial area. There is little doubt that cannabis users are more likely to try harder drugs such as cocaine and heroin, but this gateway effect is much smaller than we used to think. While most hard drug users start off trying cannabis, most cannabis users don't end up on hard drugs. Only one cannabis user in 25 admits to having tried heroin. That said, the social factors of mixing with peers who are using drugs and having access to supply can only make progression more likely. Age is again a factor - younger cannabis smokers are more likely to move on to hard drugs.

Cannabis and your bones: Recent work indicates that cannabis may accelerate the thinning of the skeleton that occurs as we age. Bone is a living tissue that is constantly being remodeled; cells called osteoblasts lay down bone while osteoclasts dissolve it. Careful balancing of the activities of both groups of cells mean that overall bone mass remains steady - at least until the age of 40 - despite our entire skeleton being replaced every seven years.

Researchers from Aberdeen University have discovered that chemicals found in cannabis may upset this delicate balance in favor of the osteoclasts and bone resorption, leading to osteoporosis - a condition now thought to affect one woman in three, and one man in ten, over the age of 50.
Lord Howard Hurts