Saturday, October 29, 2011

Chinese World Domination Plan, Part 2

A few months ago, I had posted some information I had received dealing with a plan by China to attack Australia, part of a "World Domination Plan" that has been in the works for over 500 years. Well last night I received more information on the planned attack on Australia, by China. Now please be advised that I can not know if the information I have is true or not, but I, personally, have confidence that it contains more than just a "grain of truth". So let me review what I have posted in the past and include the latest gathered information:

China is expanding all over South America, and especially in areas where mineral wealth prevails. China has infiltrated Canada and America in many technological areas, and this is verifiable by reports made by the RCMP. China is a major importer of illicit drugs in both Canada and the U.S. China has been calling for war with Taiwan, but it seems the plan is more to distract the world from the real target of Chinese aggression... and that target being Australia. The leadership of China believes that when Australia is attacked, Taiwan will be so divided that it will fall into the hands of China with very little resistance. Now for the latest information about the tactics that will be employed in the attack on Australia. 

One of the main tactics to be employed is the use of unmanned aircraft to drop poison gas bombs on the citizens of Australia. No nuclear weapons are planned, as the goal of this invasion is to enlarge the physical land mass of China through colonization. Australian women will be taken hostage and returned to China as "war prizes" for a country that is severely lacking a female population due to the state policy of "One Child" that has been in effect since 1978. During this invasion, China will not fear or worry about the involvement of the U.S., as it is thought that the political leadership of America will be in the hands of the democratic elitists, and after the prolonged wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the "War Machine" of America will be in the hands of total passives. It is further thought that because China will not be making any overt attacks on America, U.S. citizens will be appeased, and make positive "prostrations" about the humanitarian Chinese. And because of these forewarned tactics, Americas who see a huge problem with the Chinese aggression will not be able to gather the political force needed to make a presence in the conflict. And as further insurance against the involvement of the U.S., China will unleash the thousands of trained military, already in both Canada and America, should there be a political "push" to militarily enter into the dispute. The result being that the internal fighting, in the U.S., and Canada, will take precedence over sending troops to fight in Australia. Although this scenario may seem "far fetched", keep watching for civil unrest inside China, as this will be the "trigger mechanism" to start the implantation of this "World Domination Plan". I would think that the target date might be sometime in 2014. 
Lord Howard Hurts

Friday, October 28, 2011

"If you must break the law, do it to seize power: in all other cases observe it." Julius Caesar

If you even half believe that all life on Earth is the product of a Creator, you have to read this article. You have to research it yourself, and then THINK. Our Republic is coming to a political, and social, divide, wherein, either, logic and reality will again prevail, or we will continue to follow the lead of the liberal, intellectual, thinkers, especially the Democrats, and fade away into the annals of history. We have lost, not only, our Moral Compass, and our Courage, but we have lost the "cohesive force" that created this nation in the beginning. Slowly, we, as a nation, chose comfort and stability over Freedom; Not understanding that Freedom is neither gained nor held without full responsibility of personal actions; That in this world, on Earth, there is no predetermined future; And nature, being the driving force, that was given us by our Creator, shows, by example, that nothing stays the same; Everything changes, every day, every minute, every second, because of the complex, shared, actions of all living things, and the random movement of the Earthly elements of wind, rain, heat, and cold. And when a civilization attempts to establish a predictable future, all Freedom is lost. Think me wrong? Then read the following history assignment, and THINK. Deep Think.
The Freeman, January 1997 • Volume: 47 • Issue: 1, Marcus Tullius Cicero, Who Gave Natural Law to the Modern World, Jim Powell

 As a nation, we now stand at that proverbial "fork in the road," and have no idea if we should proceed, left or right. The "Harvard" type intellectuals have so eroded our confidence in our "individual and inherited intelligence", that the majority of Americans believe that unless a person graduates from a college or university, they will be forever doomed to low social status and poverty. This in the face of facts that became public several days ago when the Obama administration decided that the government (taxpayers) would give help, and concessions, to college graduates, who can not pay back their government funded student loans. Obama, himself, said that there just were not enough jobs available, to employ these graduates, at the high pay  needed to insure that these student loans could be repaid, in accordance to the contract between the student and the government. And at the same time, he further stated that this nation needs more college graduates, and that the government will make it easier for anyone to receive a government backed student loan. Hello. Is anyone listening to this moron, President? The students, and future students, do not see a problem with this type of socialist drool because they don't have the intellectual ability to understand that there must exist some rational, negative, consequence when security is the primary goal of the citizenry rather than Freedom of the individual. These students are only interested in getting something for free, and this type of pandering is a good vote "getter" for sure, and another reason for defenders of this Republic to immediately remove President Obama from office, rather than wait until the 2012 elections. Also note that all student loans are given directly to the student, and not the college or university, the result being that this money can be used, by the student, for the purchase of things such as: gambling, ocean cruises, rent, cars, or drugs, just to make a point. Why stop at student loans. How about the government giving loans for homes, and basing the loan payments on the income of the recipient rather than the actual amount of the loan; Giving him credit for loan repayment after 20 years, regardless of how much is still owed on the contract; And complete forgiveness of the loan should the recipient work for the government for 10 years? And why not extend this to the purchase of a vehicle? People need vehicles to travel to work? And why not give the unemployed gas cards? People looking for work need to travel to interviews? The unemployed need gas so that they can "look for work", and this can all be repaid when they land a job. Of course the repayment would be extended for a year or more, so as not to cause financial "pain". And so the socialist pandering goes on and on.

As the elections of 2012 near, it becomes apparent that Obama and the Democrats are just another misguided assortment of persons who are suffering from a severe type of mental illness. And unless the defenders of this Republic take bold actions to remove these "Harvard" types, and reform the education system of this nation, there will be no Constitution and no Republic. 

"If you must break the law, do it to seize power: in all other cases observe it."
Julius Caesar

Lord Howard Hurts

Friday, October 21, 2011

Stop This "Blood Circus"

Oh what an immoral nation we have become. In war it is sword against sword, and when the enemy is overcome or taken hostage, he is granted a time to attempt to establish value to his actions, and failure to do so, may result in prison or death. But yesterday, in Libya, we saw the result of mob rule, true democracy in action.  Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, a  genuine bad "guy" captured and summarily executed, by the "democracy" that captured him. And his mortal remains driven around on the hood of a truck, like some prize deer. Oh I am worried, and least every citizen of this nation should also be. For what comes from the mouth of our President, Obama at this most troubling time? Laughter, and these most telling of words: "This is a momentous day in the history of Libya, The dark shadow of tyranny has been lifted."  Has Obama not proved that he is nothing more than a "Wild West Tyrant"? And then our esteemed Secretary of State, Hilliary Clinton heads to Libya to reward the barbaric murders with taxpayer cash. Have you, a citizen of this country forgotten the murder of Osama bin Laden? Again, a most evil man, but an old man, unarmed, and shot and killed from behind............ when capture and trial could have been accomplished. Do you not see something wrong, mentally, with President Obam and Hillary Clinton? Don't both of these Democrats profess to be haters of the death sentence when it apply's to legally convicted murders in the U.S.? Was not President Obama's main "theme" during the elections of 2008: "I will promise you this, that if we have not gotten our troops out by the time I am president, it is the first thing I will do. I will get our troops home. We will bring an end to this war. You can take that to the bank. "  (Barack Obama Campaign Promise - October 27, 2007). Just what is the worth of the spoken words of Barrack Obama? We live in a nation of laws based on the Constitution. President Obama, as leader of this nation must follow this document to the letter. He has not, and this is TREASON. Isn't something terribly wrong when the press and media don't condemn either Obama or Hilliary Clinton for their treasonous acts? Why is the American public still sitting on the "comfy" couch watching reruns of The Brady Bunch and Leave It To Beaver? Where is the outcry from the religious establishments? They also seem to have problems with the death sentence being administered to murderers in the U.S., but what about the actions in Libya yesterday? Was the Pope on holiday? I think Marcus Tullius Cicero summed it up best: "No one, then, who has sought a reputation for courage by treachery and fraud, has won the fame he sought. Nothing that is devoid of justice can be honorable." 

The window of opportunity has been open for several years, but is slowly closing. President Obama said, "Muammar Qaddafi has lost the legitimacy to lead, and he must leave." (NYT's, Mark Landler, March 3, 2011). Should not this President be held to the standard he held for Qaddafi? If this "Nation of Blind Sheep" continues to only bleat, and not rise up and stop this "Blood Circus", then there is no further need for Lord Hurts to strain his brain to attempt to inform. 

“Who kindly shows a wanderer his way,
Lights, as it were, a torch from his own torch, —
In kindling others’ light, no less he shines.” Ennius

Lord Howard Hurts

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Revolution must start now. November of 2012 will be too late

The "Old  Guard", RINO's, of the Republican party have chosen their candidate, and that candidate is Mitt Romney. So forget about all the bluster and the farce debates, the "fix is in"......But what about Herman "The Maverick" Cain? Herman is starting to cave. He is starting to compromise, and it seems that he doesn't understand that this "Wall Street Protest" is nothing more than media fraud brought to us by Obama and his socialist friends....... And, I predict that by the end of the month, if Herman continues to compromise, his poll numbers will fall, along with his confidence to continue his message of change. Now if Herman is a "good boy", the "Old Guard" may offer him the VP title, but it will be a title in name only as he has proven that he can, at times, be a "Maverick".

I have to hand it to the Democrats, or should I say, Socialists? They know how to employ the "Divide And Conquer" strategy better than anyone, and it is working, like a "charm" on the Tea Party Republicans who had an idea that Herman Cain would be the best choice to represent them as President. Compromise is the "Death" of this nation. When will someone come forward, and stand on the logical "ground" that there is, in this world, both, Right and Wrong? And when will it be understood that Compromise is nothing more than a position that will degrade Right, and enhance Wrong, every time? So how did we get to this low point in our history, and what can be done to get American back on track, and position it as the leader of the Free World? 

There is no doubt that education is the culprit in the demise of this once great nation. Two subjects, that are most important in the development of civil discourse and constructive thinking, and seldom taught correctly, today, are: Language and Arts. These two subjects have been compromised so greatly that our population has been reduced to a step above "Caveman" society. How and Why? 

Look at language and art today. What do you see? Is there a progressive pattern of enhanced language or art? No. There is a distinct regression in both "studies". For the past 70 years, language in the U.S. has been lowered to a standard that can be associated with "Common" persons, rather than educated ones, and art has declined, from detail and reality, into "paint how you feel" (something that even animals can win prizes for). This "dumbing" down of society is the common thread of all Socialists Societies. And when a civilization has a very limited number of words, available to express any thought or mood, it is not classified as an advanced society. And when art is reduced to anything that anyone wants to "splash" on a canvas, and it is interrupted as significant and expressive art, society is near the return to painting crude animals on cave walls. Socialist want every person to be equal regardless of ability or drive. By lowering the standards of language and art, the transfer of ideas, and advanced thinking, is stopped, and the goals of Socialism is accomplished. How do we stop this return to a "Caveman" society?

We should elect leaders who know the difference between Right and Wrong, and who will not Compromise. We need leaders who understand that communication between citizens is paramount to the development of an Enlightened Society, and that the more words one has available to express an idea or thought, the more progressive that society will be. We need art that expresses reality...... not some pent up emotion, in the artists head, that needs to be interpreted by "art experts". Modern art is so convoluted that it can be viewed in many different ways because the artist has given such an incomplete physical expression of what he sees. Modern, abstract art, should not be viewed as art. It should be part of some mental health rehabilitation support. This is why I say, for the tenth time, that we need to elect a President, who doesn't want the job. Someone who is drafted by the electorate, to lead us out of this "wilderness of darkness and despair". Someone who doesn't care about being everything to everyone, all the time. We need a military leader, and this is why I propose, again, that we enlist Paul E. Vallely, MG, U.S. Army, retired, as President. We can not wait. The Revolution must start now. November of 2012 will be too late
Lord Howard Hurts

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"the abyss also gazes into you"

I had climbed, for  several days to reach the pinnacle rock from which I perched, and then I looked down.... down...... ever so downward, into the abyss. The deeper I looked into that profound darkness, the deeper the abyss became. As I continued to stare into its black depth, I became amazingly aware that the abyss was looking back at me. Suddenly, I knew what Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche meant when he wrote: " when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you."  Lord Howard Hurts

America has been engaged for over 10 years in Iraq and Afghanistan. The conflict in those two irrelevant spots on the world map point out the mindless leadership that this country has endured, and the senseless waste of life, on both sides of the "war," of the youth who have followed misguided orders to hold those vast areas of nothingness, to validate some misplaced ego. There was, and is, no reason to be employed in any "boots on the ground" engagement in those wastelands of sand and religious history. Any "statement" that needed to be conveyed should have been delivered by tons of munitions from above........... And here we now stand, under the leadership of a President, who was elected, in the main, to bring the troops home. But American leadership, regardless of its name, Democratic or Republican, continues the slow process towards socialism under the banner of Freedom and Democracy. The names of the "lieutenants" seldom change, and although the leaders names change, by edict of the Constitution, the bad policy's, and inept leadership, continue as if there had not been an election. All this happening while in our own hemisphere there exists 2 nations that have denounced The United States of America, and have overtly conspired with Iran, and Russia, to establish nuclear missile launching "pads", that in time will be base to weapons of mass destruction aimed at The United States of America, and all its citizens. 

Does it make sense to give taxpayer money and American lives so that some fantasy of democracy can gain a foothold in those distant, desert, lands of Iraq and Afghanistan, when for thousands of years those civilizations have survived and prospered, and the heredity that they have produced is so "inbred", that only a genetic change would produce even a 10% change in their societal views? And what about our National Security Agency led by a woman called Big Sis? Big Sis. Really puts the scare into "turban heads," I am sure. No. The lunacy must stop and President Obama must go. The two nations in our hemisphere that present a real and immediate danger to our nation are Cuba and Venezuela. Isn't it time to "take them out"? Isn't it time someone asks the Republican hopefuls the real questions? I personally don't think that this "Nation of Blind Sheep" can afford another election as usual.........but, that is just my opinion.
Lord Howard Hurts

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

We Must Draft, Paul E. Vallely, As Our Next President

Hillary Clinton and Obama are, and have been, socialist all their adult lives. They are both part of the Soros "stable" of candidates. All of the Republican candidates, except Herman Cain, look to these "puppets" as the "guiding light," in their quest to the office of President of this Republic. Herman Cain is a good businessman, but with the coming crisis, of civil disobedience, that will follow our current financial crisis, Mr. Cain is in no way qualified to use the force that will be necessary to quell the socialist led rebellion. Only an experienced military man will be able to restore order, and the Constitution, as the supreme law, to this great nation. This is why I have said, and I say it again: "We need Paul E. Vallely, as our President." We are at a time in our nations history when we can not afford to elect a President from a field of candidates that want the office for their own, ego driven, reasons. We need to draft a President who will serve if asked, but has no "ego in the contest". Without a strong leader to restore our Constitution as the "Law of the Land", this nation will become a footnote in the large book of world history.  We can not afford more Soros "puppets" or RINO copies. We must draft Paul E. Vallely for President.
Lord Howard Hurts

Sunday, October 9, 2011

How To Get This Economy Moving, Now!

Home ownership has dropped to a level that is below that of The Great Depression. The massive amount of debt and foreclosures this real estate "bubble" has created might just be the decisive factor in destabilizing the economy of this country. There is no doubt that this crisis was created by greedy developers and their "co conspirators", the bankers, lending institutions, and the Federal Government (Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae). But rather than dwell on the known reason for this disaster, I have a plan to not only solve this problem of surplus housing units, but create jobs in the nations building industry, that just may save this country from imminent financial disaster. Before reading my solution, please read: Market Crashes: The Tulip and Bulb Craze, by Andrew Beattie,  This will give you an idea of how "bubbles" are formed, how devastating they can be, and how long they can impact an economy. Now my "imperfect", but necessary solution to this housing disaster that plagues this nation:
A big part of the current financial crisis is the problem with millions of homes that are "underwater", meaning that the owed amount is more than the real value of the home. This dilemma is most troubling for several reasons. One reason being that in the majority of states, if a property is foreclosed on, the house is sold at auction, on the courthouse steps, and any deficiency is charged to the former owner (borrower). On the surface this seems a reasonable outcome, but not when you understand that the housing "bubble" was directly caused by greedy and unscrupulous lenders, and abetted by the Federal Government, under the control of Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac. Persons buying homes during the peak of the "bubble" had no option other than to purchase homes that had falsely inflated prices.  They had no choice but to purchase over priced houses. What should be done?

The first thing that should be done is to amend the laws, of states, that allow deficiency suits, and to make the lender accept, as final settlement on any foreclosed house, whatever money (high bid), is offered by any purchaser. Now this change is not to "give away" houses at low prices, further lowering the price of nearby, similar, houses, but it is intended to prop up current values of nearby homes. All bids would be subject to a minimum price, the current value of "comped" houses in the area, minus 10%, to insure that nearby, "comp" houses, are not further reduced in price, and to reflect the lack of sales commissions that are typically added to most real estate prices, and with added verbiage that all sales are, "AS IS". Should the foreclosed house fail to receive a minimum bid, then the house would be immediately demolished, and the lender would take the loss. The reason for demolishing any house that does not meet the minimum price, as determined by comp houses in the area, is, one..... to insure that the government doesn't turn the house into some section 8 type of deal, or give it away to some supposed "needy" family. And two.....if the houses are not demolished and the current inventory of foreclosed houses reduced, the economy could linger for another 10 more years, and jobs might not fare any better. But by demolishing the houses, the vacant lot could be sold, and a new home built on the property without devaluing the surrounding properties. Sounds like a drastic exercise, but it is a needed one if this nation wants to restore the building trade, and create jobs, and ultimately get this nation moving in a positive direction. All this housing "bubble" was predictable, and the leaders of banks involved in losses should be banned from ever being involved in any bank or lending institution forever. At the same time, lending rates should increase to a reasonable amount. A  30 year home loan @ 3%, or 4%, is unreasonable, and can only lead to further long term losses for banks. Home ownership should be something earned, not something granted by the Federal Government to anyone who can "mark a ballot". Let people be responsible for their own housing. Our Constitution gives everyone the opportunity to succeed, and if some choose not to succeed, it is not the duty of the responsible citizens to "drag" these losers to prosperity. Freedom and Responsibility work together to make success an option for all.
Lord Howard Hurts

Monday, October 3, 2011

"The White House". Words Might Send Mixed Message

At Rick Perry’s Texas hunting spot, camp’s old racially charged name lingered,  by By Stephanie McCrummen ( The Washington Post, October 1, 2011)

Interesting article that eludes to the fact that Rick Perry is  a "closet" racist. This article really got me thinking:

Maybe President Obama should think about the "signal",  sent to the world, when it is repeated, time and time again, that he is the occupant of The White House.  This label might be offensive to some blacks, and it is this small majority that we need to protect. It is understandable that the words, The White House, might give some persons the impression that only white persons can occupy this house. Obama, being half white and half black,  might  give rise to the mistaken impression that the only reason for him occupying, The White House, is because of the white side of his heritage. I believe that so as not to send a confused message to this minority of blacks, Obama should immediately paint, The White House,  some shade of beige so as to send a positive message of neutrality and inclusiveness. 
Lord Howard Hurts   

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Chicago Way

A rational person sees no advancement in beating a dead horse, but there are democrats in Chicago that think this is positive training for a future Kentucky Derby winner.  (Lord Howard Hurts)

Warning For This "Nation of Blind Sheep"

Never bother to watch the hands of the magician, nor listen to his talk. Always watch that which is happening directly behind him in the dark. (Lord Howard Hurts)

Some Days Are Diamonds, And Some Are Not

Isn't it time that this President stop hiding behind the "shield" of racism every time his socialist agenda is exposed to the voters? When will this "Nation of Blind Sheep" finally recognize that Obama is not black? Didn't he even make mention of this "minor" fact in his books? And if America is so racist, let this Harvard scholar, who for whatever reason will not make public his college grades, but will let others attack Rick Perry for being, well, not the brightest "bulb on the street", explain how he was elected President, when less than 20% of the American public is black. I believe if you take the time to ponder this quote from Friedrich Nietzsche, you may have the answer: 
Underneath the reality in which we live and have our being, another altogether different reality lies concealed.
Lord Howard Hurts