Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"the abyss also gazes into you"

I had climbed, for  several days to reach the pinnacle rock from which I perched, and then I looked down.... down...... ever so downward, into the abyss. The deeper I looked into that profound darkness, the deeper the abyss became. As I continued to stare into its black depth, I became amazingly aware that the abyss was looking back at me. Suddenly, I knew what Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche meant when he wrote: " when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you."  Lord Howard Hurts

America has been engaged for over 10 years in Iraq and Afghanistan. The conflict in those two irrelevant spots on the world map point out the mindless leadership that this country has endured, and the senseless waste of life, on both sides of the "war," of the youth who have followed misguided orders to hold those vast areas of nothingness, to validate some misplaced ego. There was, and is, no reason to be employed in any "boots on the ground" engagement in those wastelands of sand and religious history. Any "statement" that needed to be conveyed should have been delivered by tons of munitions from above........... And here we now stand, under the leadership of a President, who was elected, in the main, to bring the troops home. But American leadership, regardless of its name, Democratic or Republican, continues the slow process towards socialism under the banner of Freedom and Democracy. The names of the "lieutenants" seldom change, and although the leaders names change, by edict of the Constitution, the bad policy's, and inept leadership, continue as if there had not been an election. All this happening while in our own hemisphere there exists 2 nations that have denounced The United States of America, and have overtly conspired with Iran, and Russia, to establish nuclear missile launching "pads", that in time will be base to weapons of mass destruction aimed at The United States of America, and all its citizens. 

Does it make sense to give taxpayer money and American lives so that some fantasy of democracy can gain a foothold in those distant, desert, lands of Iraq and Afghanistan, when for thousands of years those civilizations have survived and prospered, and the heredity that they have produced is so "inbred", that only a genetic change would produce even a 10% change in their societal views? And what about our National Security Agency led by a woman called Big Sis? Big Sis. Really puts the scare into "turban heads," I am sure. No. The lunacy must stop and President Obama must go. The two nations in our hemisphere that present a real and immediate danger to our nation are Cuba and Venezuela. Isn't it time to "take them out"? Isn't it time someone asks the Republican hopefuls the real questions? I personally don't think that this "Nation of Blind Sheep" can afford another election as usual.........but, that is just my opinion.
Lord Howard Hurts

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