Saturday, October 29, 2011

Chinese World Domination Plan, Part 2

A few months ago, I had posted some information I had received dealing with a plan by China to attack Australia, part of a "World Domination Plan" that has been in the works for over 500 years. Well last night I received more information on the planned attack on Australia, by China. Now please be advised that I can not know if the information I have is true or not, but I, personally, have confidence that it contains more than just a "grain of truth". So let me review what I have posted in the past and include the latest gathered information:

China is expanding all over South America, and especially in areas where mineral wealth prevails. China has infiltrated Canada and America in many technological areas, and this is verifiable by reports made by the RCMP. China is a major importer of illicit drugs in both Canada and the U.S. China has been calling for war with Taiwan, but it seems the plan is more to distract the world from the real target of Chinese aggression... and that target being Australia. The leadership of China believes that when Australia is attacked, Taiwan will be so divided that it will fall into the hands of China with very little resistance. Now for the latest information about the tactics that will be employed in the attack on Australia. 

One of the main tactics to be employed is the use of unmanned aircraft to drop poison gas bombs on the citizens of Australia. No nuclear weapons are planned, as the goal of this invasion is to enlarge the physical land mass of China through colonization. Australian women will be taken hostage and returned to China as "war prizes" for a country that is severely lacking a female population due to the state policy of "One Child" that has been in effect since 1978. During this invasion, China will not fear or worry about the involvement of the U.S., as it is thought that the political leadership of America will be in the hands of the democratic elitists, and after the prolonged wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the "War Machine" of America will be in the hands of total passives. It is further thought that because China will not be making any overt attacks on America, U.S. citizens will be appeased, and make positive "prostrations" about the humanitarian Chinese. And because of these forewarned tactics, Americas who see a huge problem with the Chinese aggression will not be able to gather the political force needed to make a presence in the conflict. And as further insurance against the involvement of the U.S., China will unleash the thousands of trained military, already in both Canada and America, should there be a political "push" to militarily enter into the dispute. The result being that the internal fighting, in the U.S., and Canada, will take precedence over sending troops to fight in Australia. Although this scenario may seem "far fetched", keep watching for civil unrest inside China, as this will be the "trigger mechanism" to start the implantation of this "World Domination Plan". I would think that the target date might be sometime in 2014. 
Lord Howard Hurts

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