Tuesday, October 11, 2011

We Must Draft, Paul E. Vallely, As Our Next President

Hillary Clinton and Obama are, and have been, socialist all their adult lives. They are both part of the Soros "stable" of candidates. All of the Republican candidates, except Herman Cain, look to these "puppets" as the "guiding light," in their quest to the office of President of this Republic. Herman Cain is a good businessman, but with the coming crisis, of civil disobedience, that will follow our current financial crisis, Mr. Cain is in no way qualified to use the force that will be necessary to quell the socialist led rebellion. Only an experienced military man will be able to restore order, and the Constitution, as the supreme law, to this great nation. This is why I have said, and I say it again: "We need Paul E. Vallely, as our President." We are at a time in our nations history when we can not afford to elect a President from a field of candidates that want the office for their own, ego driven, reasons. We need to draft a President who will serve if asked, but has no "ego in the contest". Without a strong leader to restore our Constitution as the "Law of the Land", this nation will become a footnote in the large book of world history.  We can not afford more Soros "puppets" or RINO copies. We must draft Paul E. Vallely for President.
Lord Howard Hurts

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