Thursday, August 27, 2015

Trump The Trojan Horse

As I set here in my luxury digs in San Jose, Costa Rica, this 27th day of August, 2015, my butler, James, asked me when we would be returning to Florida. The question hit me by surprise. "Are we not having fun here in San Jose, I ask? "Are you tired of all the nature of the area, or is it the news of Donald Trumps bombastic assaults on reality that has your 'feet itching' to get home? But James provides no answer, and attends to his kitchen duties. Directly, he brings out some munchies of Boar's Head, Black Forest, ham wrapped in a superb aged, sharp, cheddar cheese. And as I stare out into the lush tropical garden just off the screened porch.......I continue stirring my Royal Salute Scotch, made by Chivas (about $200 a bottle), over ice made from mineral water. This 21 year old blended Scotch is quite smooth, but not really worth the premium price over say the Johnny Walker Platinum Label, 18 year old, Scotch ($100 a bottle). But then why worry when America is going to be 'History', and the dollar worth about the same as your ordinary $500, Parker Brothers, Monopoly bill, after the 2016 elections.................. regardless of who wins the Presidency. And as I drink and eat this wonderful snack, I think about the silliness associated with Donald Trump. Now who, with half a brain, doesn't remember the story about the Trojan Horse? Isn't it strange that Mr. Trump, who trumpets his mastery of making 'the deal', and screams his ability to bribe government officials so that they do his bidding when he calls, has always been a Democrat? If he is so good at everything he does, as he is not shy to inform, why did he not run as a Democrat, and place himself in the 'drivers seat' from day one? Could it be that Mr. "Hair Apparent" is just sealing the deal with the Democratic Party, and will deliver a Republican loss regardless if the final candidate is Hillary "my daughter and I were under fire in Bosnia" Clinton, or Joe "I am a over sexed" Biden? 

No. I like Costa Rica and I like watching the 'fireworks' of this coming election from afar. I will only return if the Patriots of America start a this Scotch messing with my mind, or did my butler just hand me a press release that says:  "Nearly 200 retired US generals, admirals and former political officials have come out strongly against the Iran nuclear accord, and have called upon Congress to sink the nuclear deal on the grounds that it will enable Iran to become far more dangerous."? 

James. Keep an eye on this situation. If these men should make a move to do their sworn duty to protect the Constitution from both domestic and foreign enemy's..........we will return to Florida post haste. 
Lord Howard Hurts

Quo vadis

As I sit in my luxury digs outside of San Jose, Costa Rica, the wind has picked up, and the rain is starting to splatter down. The temperature is in the low 70's, and as I watch the flight of several blue/black Shining Honeycreeper's (wild birds) flitting around the backyard, I think of Quo vadis. Just what is Quo vadis?

The disciple Peter was fleeing from likely crucifixion in Rome at the hands of the government, and along the road outside the city he meets the risen Jesus. Peter asks Jesus "Quo vadis?", to which Jesus replies, "Romam eo iterum crucifigi" ("I am going to Rome to be crucified again"). Peter thereby gains the courage to continue his ministry, and returns to the city, to eventually be martyred by being crucified upside-down. If you are a true Christian then maybe you should think hard about "Quo vadis" as we enter into this pivotal, and most telling Presidential race of 2016. Will we Fight or will we Run? 
Lord Howard Hurts

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Hillary Clinton in Las Vegas

Hillary at her Town Hall Meeting in Las Vegas yesterday, 18 August, 2015. This is the real story not the one put out by the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.

Hillary Clinton to Fox News: "The server I presented to the FBI has been wiped? you mean that someone ran a damp cloth over it? I don't know anything about the digital world. I gave the FBI my server because I just got tired of all the GOP nonsense about my personal emails, and the nonsense about there being classified materials on this server. I had asked the FBI repeatedly to come and take this server........but they apparently are working for the masters of the "Far Right Conspiracy". They refused......and this nonsense brewed to the point that I now look like some type of liar. This personal email server...........contained no classified mostly contained emails between Bill and myself......with a few emails thrown in from Chelsea, when she was purchasing that 10 1/2 million dollar condo in NYC. Then there were a few notes to my mother, and several great cookie recipes I got from Opra. I am a lawyer. I am a damn good lawyer. I know the law. In retrospect my choice of using my own server was not a stellar idea.......but it was not illegal. If the FBI is so controlled by Fox News, and the Bush family, that they could not do their job to take the initiative to secure my server then this is just proof positive that they (FBI) are in the pocket of this "Right Wing Conspiracy" that is driving this nation to complete ruin. Where is the justice? Black lives matter. Hispanic lives matter. This is all I have to say on this non issue. Let the voters decide. I will not be intimidated by the FBI, the Bush family, Donald Trump, or Karl Rove. I have done nothing illegal and I will fight these cockroaches to the end. And let me make it clear that Bill agrees with me on this, and he will be staying out of this controversy, or I will kick his scrawny ass to the curb. It is time to start debating the future of America, and time to stop with the chicken shit nonsense of my personal emails." 

Lord Howard Hurts

Thursday, August 13, 2015

America Is Lost

Oh how I love Costa Rica. Today, Thursday, August 13, it is sunny, and in the high 70's with a cooling 8 miles per hour wind blowing. As I sit here in my luxury digs contemplating if I should go riding my motorcycle in the mountains, or head over to the beach to do some surfing, my butler brings me copies of news articles he has saved for me to read. Reading several from the top of the stack, I find that Donald Trump is still blowing hot air across the nation, and that Hillary "my daughter and I were under fire in Bosnia" Clinton has turned over her email servers to the FBI. Are you impressed, Patriots of America? If you are impress what 'Suckers' you are......and I am not just talking about your inability to figure out that Donald Trump is as much of a fraud as B.H. Obama ll is.......I am talking about the fake FBI investigation dealing with Ms. Pantsuit's emails. Here are the clues that this investigation is Bogus: 

1. The FBI doesn't give personal notice to persons that they are going to investigate so that these persons can officiate the evidence.  2. The FBI 'sweeps in'  and confiscates all evidence relating to the suspicious activity that they are investigating. They take all records and the computers of the main target, and  support staff, of the investigated party. Did not happen here. No. They begged Ms. Pantsuit to turn over her server voluntalary. 3. The NYT's made no mention of Hillary turning over her email servers to the FBI in.....wait a minute.....the bottom of page A 13, August 12.....Wow!, Hillary Clinton is such a Patriot. She gives the FBI her email servers after a year, or more, of not being forced to give up these you think maybe they are finally 'clean'?  4. Bill Clinton is nowhere to be found. This is a huge clue as Hillary keeps her 'boy toy' under control as his mental state deteriorates, and his mouth loosens. 

Patriots of America......please don't believe that by voting in a Republican as President in 2016, things will be OK. The Show is over. America is lost. Only by the Patriots of America starting a New Revolution will the Constitution be saved. Think I am wrong? Check out this article for starters:

Lord Howard Hurts

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Allen West For President In 2016

The Republican Party needs new "Blood". With the exception of Carly Fiorina, all the contenders for the Presidency of 2016 are either reruns, retards, or nice guys that would be great cheerleaders as opposed to being President. There is only one man worthy of being the next President of the United States of America, and it is time for the Patriots of America to drag, and push, this man into the ring. It is time for the Patriots of America to get behind the drafting of Allen West as the Republican candidate for President. To do the same thing over and over again, and to expect a different result is pure insanity, and that is what is currently happening in the Republican Party. It is time to stop and take notice of the percarious situation this nation now finds itself in. For this great Republic to continue, it will take a leader of not only Intellect, but of Moral Courage and Strength.

Many citizens of this great nation may not like Valdimir Putin, but Putin is a very strong, and cunning, adversary. He can only be challenged, and defeated, by someone of the same strengths. None of the Republican contenders are of the metal that Allen West can bring to our nation at this time of our need. It is time to stop being silly and listening to the likes of that tenor warbler, Rush Limbaugh. It is time for God fearing Americans to rise up and take charge of their own destiny. It is time to put petty fights aside, and time to stand behind one man come Hell or High Water. It is time for the Patriots of America to make Allen West their candidate for President, and to let him do battle with Hillary "my daughter and I were under fire in Bosnia" Clinton. It is "Do or Die" time, and there is no question about it. We need to assure the world that God is not dead, and that America is a Nation Under God. And as a side note, I believe that Carly Fiorina would be the balance to Allen West if she were his Vice President. Then again maybe I am just being too logical for those who would rather see 'mud wrestling' than a sane campaign for the Presidency of this nation.  The world is on fire and crumbling down around all that is "America the Beautiful". Patriots. Stop the insanity. Elect Allen West for President in 2016.
Lord Howard Hurts

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Lord Howard Hurts Is A Moron

I have received quite a number of emails saying that I am a moron, or worse, for telling the Donald Trump story the way it really is: Donald Trump is not a Moral and Ethical person, and thus he does not deserve to be President of The United States of America. Donald Trump knows this fact, and continues to make a mockery of the office of President. But since I am such a moron please read this article and Think.
Lord Howard Hurts