Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Hillary Clinton in Las Vegas

Hillary at her Town Hall Meeting in Las Vegas yesterday, 18 August, 2015. This is the real story not the one put out by the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.

Hillary Clinton to Fox News: "The server I presented to the FBI has been wiped? you mean that someone ran a damp cloth over it? I don't know anything about the digital world. I gave the FBI my server because I just got tired of all the GOP nonsense about my personal emails, and the nonsense about there being classified materials on this server. I had asked the FBI repeatedly to come and take this server........but they apparently are working for the masters of the "Far Right Conspiracy". They refused......and this nonsense brewed to the point that I now look like some type of liar. This personal email server...........contained no classified mostly contained emails between Bill and myself......with a few emails thrown in from Chelsea, when she was purchasing that 10 1/2 million dollar condo in NYC. Then there were a few notes to my mother, and several great cookie recipes I got from Opra. I am a lawyer. I am a damn good lawyer. I know the law. In retrospect my choice of using my own server was not a stellar idea.......but it was not illegal. If the FBI is so controlled by Fox News, and the Bush family, that they could not do their job to take the initiative to secure my server then this is just proof positive that they (FBI) are in the pocket of this "Right Wing Conspiracy" that is driving this nation to complete ruin. Where is the justice? Black lives matter. Hispanic lives matter. This is all I have to say on this non issue. Let the voters decide. I will not be intimidated by the FBI, the Bush family, Donald Trump, or Karl Rove. I have done nothing illegal and I will fight these cockroaches to the end. And let me make it clear that Bill agrees with me on this, and he will be staying out of this controversy, or I will kick his scrawny ass to the curb. It is time to start debating the future of America, and time to stop with the chicken shit nonsense of my personal emails." 

Lord Howard Hurts

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