Thursday, August 27, 2015

Quo vadis

As I sit in my luxury digs outside of San Jose, Costa Rica, the wind has picked up, and the rain is starting to splatter down. The temperature is in the low 70's, and as I watch the flight of several blue/black Shining Honeycreeper's (wild birds) flitting around the backyard, I think of Quo vadis. Just what is Quo vadis?

The disciple Peter was fleeing from likely crucifixion in Rome at the hands of the government, and along the road outside the city he meets the risen Jesus. Peter asks Jesus "Quo vadis?", to which Jesus replies, "Romam eo iterum crucifigi" ("I am going to Rome to be crucified again"). Peter thereby gains the courage to continue his ministry, and returns to the city, to eventually be martyred by being crucified upside-down. If you are a true Christian then maybe you should think hard about "Quo vadis" as we enter into this pivotal, and most telling Presidential race of 2016. Will we Fight or will we Run? 
Lord Howard Hurts

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