Thursday, August 13, 2015

America Is Lost

Oh how I love Costa Rica. Today, Thursday, August 13, it is sunny, and in the high 70's with a cooling 8 miles per hour wind blowing. As I sit here in my luxury digs contemplating if I should go riding my motorcycle in the mountains, or head over to the beach to do some surfing, my butler brings me copies of news articles he has saved for me to read. Reading several from the top of the stack, I find that Donald Trump is still blowing hot air across the nation, and that Hillary "my daughter and I were under fire in Bosnia" Clinton has turned over her email servers to the FBI. Are you impressed, Patriots of America? If you are impress what 'Suckers' you are......and I am not just talking about your inability to figure out that Donald Trump is as much of a fraud as B.H. Obama ll is.......I am talking about the fake FBI investigation dealing with Ms. Pantsuit's emails. Here are the clues that this investigation is Bogus: 

1. The FBI doesn't give personal notice to persons that they are going to investigate so that these persons can officiate the evidence.  2. The FBI 'sweeps in'  and confiscates all evidence relating to the suspicious activity that they are investigating. They take all records and the computers of the main target, and  support staff, of the investigated party. Did not happen here. No. They begged Ms. Pantsuit to turn over her server voluntalary. 3. The NYT's made no mention of Hillary turning over her email servers to the FBI in.....wait a minute.....the bottom of page A 13, August 12.....Wow!, Hillary Clinton is such a Patriot. She gives the FBI her email servers after a year, or more, of not being forced to give up these you think maybe they are finally 'clean'?  4. Bill Clinton is nowhere to be found. This is a huge clue as Hillary keeps her 'boy toy' under control as his mental state deteriorates, and his mouth loosens. 

Patriots of America......please don't believe that by voting in a Republican as President in 2016, things will be OK. The Show is over. America is lost. Only by the Patriots of America starting a New Revolution will the Constitution be saved. Think I am wrong? Check out this article for starters:

Lord Howard Hurts

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