Thursday, August 30, 2012

bin Laden and Reality

Where is the Reality? A military "hit squad" kills an old man in a "Snuggy" while he is watching some old reruns of Mr. Ed on a TV that looked like it came from a "garage sale" at Motel a million dollar "Mansion" that looks like some foreclosed property in Detroit. Oh, yes, this old geezer was the head of the world's most dangerous terrorist group, Al Qaeda, and by the look of the released, Obama Administration, photo's, the bin Laden headquarters looked like it might be communicating with the "forces in the field" by way of audio cassettes, and paper cup an kite string telephones. It looked like a real dangerous operation for sure. And why the quick disposal of Osama bin Laden's body? Maybe because it was not really Osama bin Laden that was killed? But then we have the word of our President, the one who writes non fiction books filled with fictional and composite persons and events, B. H. Obama, and he says that he was in charge of the entire "snuffing". So should we believe otherwise? Now given all these facts maybe the DOJ can do something constructive for the citizens of this nation. Maybe they can find and punish the person who designated "Geronimo" as the code name for Osama bin Laden. Based on all the information provided by President Obama after this killing of the "Al Qaeda King", it stands to reason that President Obama chose this code name, and in view of the fact that under the Obama Administration all "racial slurs" are considered a major crime; maybe this "racial  slur" can be positively traced back to our Savior President, and he can be removed from office before the November 6 elections.  Wake Up, America! This country is being run by a fraud, who, in all probability, has taken too many illegal drugs in his lifetime, and is therefore not living in a rational world. 
Lord Howard Hurts  

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Just A Dream?

 I was in my room and in my bed on the night of August 21, 2012. It was near the hour of  3 AM, when suddenly there came such a noise that I awakened from my deep slumber. As I  awoke and sat upright in my bed, I saw the figure of an angel robed in white floating in mid air before me. This angel gave me this message: 

Netanyahu-Barak, you have no choice except to exert a solo attack on Iran. The US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey, has delivered the "Obama Talking Points" to you. President Obama is a fraud and Patriotic Americans are at the ready to lift the cover of protection from this most corrupt President. An Israeli attack on Iran will be the "sign" that will bring the Patriots of America together to start a "Fall Revolution". And it incumbent upon Israel to make plans to hit Iran, and Egypt, if necessary, before the Presidential elections of November 6. After this date it will be too late regardless of which candidate wins the election. Attack before the elections, and attack swift and hard, and the American people will be with you. Wait, and be assured that the American people will be so divided that there will be no assistance. The window of opportunity is October 28, 2012. 

Was this just a dream? I suppose so, but I just don't know. I do know that I posted this:

Could This Music Be A Harbinger Of Sorts?
I was in Athens, Greece, last week and stopped by my favorite restaurant, The James Joyce in the Monastiraki station area. This popular Irish pub, and restaurant, is one of my favorite eating places in the city. It was around 9 PM, and  the waiter had just brought over my Steak and Guinness Pie. For those of you who are not familiar with this Irish dish, it is pastry pie filled with tender chunks of Irish beef, slowly cooked in a special Guinness gravy, and served with Champ potato' extravagant scoop of creamy mashed potatoes that are filled with finely chopped scallions, and served with a large pat of butter, in a well, formed in the center. As I put fork to the tender beef and mixed it with the heavenly potato's, I had a firm hand placed on my left shoulder........making it impossible to get this much needed nourishment into my mouth. "Well, well. If it isn't old Lord Howard of Kent", a strident voice said. Returning my filled fork to my plate, I turned and saw my old friend, Avner, of "The Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations",  the Mossad, looking down at me. At over 6 foot tall, Avner, at age 67, with long gray curls of hair, and with his usual slim and trim figure, cut a most distinguished example of a "man's man"......... as contrasted to the short and overweight, male, clientele that filled the restaurant at that hour. Not waiting for me to ask him to sit, he slid his body into the chair across from me, and taking both his hands, he began to both squeeze and tap my shoulders for some 4 or 5 seconds. It was good to see him so fit and relaxed. He said that he had come in for the 11oz Rib Eye steak and baked potato with the scallions and garlic. And he declared, for all to hear, that he was now addicted to this typical Irish fare. Seeing my friend at the table the waiter once again reappeared to provide Avner with drink and to take his order. The waiter then left us to our bottles of Warsteiner, and returned my Steak and Guinness Pie, to the kitchen, to be returned when Avner's medium rare Rib Eye was ready. We then began to catch up on the latest happenings in Athens, and the world. 

I had been in the city for several days, and Avner said that he has lived here since his third year of retirement in 2010....... "That the town is a fuse to a "bomb" that will ignite not just Greece, but the entire world". It was his opinion that once Greece "drops", Portugal, Spain, and Italy will follow within 6 months, and then the world will be in a deep "depression", and the Third World War will begin. I told him that I was very much shocked by the continued fighting in the streets and the fact that American television news has not shown the public one tenth of what is actually happening today in Greece, nor how dangerous this chaotic situation really is. The discussion then turned to Israel and Iran, and I told him my thoughts about there being no good results for Israel no matter if Iran was attacked or not, but that to just sit by and "wait and see", would be the worst scenario possible. Avner then told me that he was in the process of clearing up his investments in Greece, and was going to move back to Israel for the full term of his retirement. He said that he believed that the harbinger of God, Isaiah 9:10, was upon Israel, and that he was ready for the fight to restore Jerusalem as the holiest city, undivided, in Israel. As we continued our discussion the waiter returned with our meals, and as we looked into each others eyes, I could see that my good friend was not quite certain of the outcome of this harbinger engagement, but that he was deadly determined to see it to the  finish. We ate our dinners in quiet, and drank another Warsteiner. And then from somewhere above the bar came the sound of Nana Mouskouri and her famous Amazing Grace. Could this music be a harbinger of sorts?
Lord Howard Hurts  

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Late Great United States of America

The Late Great United States of America

This nation was conceived in freedom of religion and dedicated to the Glory of the Christian Faith. After slightly more than two hundred years of unparalleled growth this country is now crumbling from within. The lack of Christian moral values is both apparent and destructive. Christian moral values can be condensed into this single statement: "Do unto other as you would have them do unto you." Sadly, this philosophy has been replaced with: "Do unto others before they do unto  you."

We are now engaged in a struggle between good and evil, and unless some positive constructive actions are taken, evil will prevail. The defeat of good will come because it takes thought and energy to be a good moral person, and thought and energy is, sadly, held in low esteem today. Remember: "God helps those who help themselves." Each person has a brain and is capable of logical thought. The difficult part is to have the confidence to turn this logic into positive action. Positive action is 100% effective against evil. To exert a positive action things must be broken into the common elements: black or white. There can not be any areas of gray. When gray areas enter into a decision you are entering into favoritism or selective enforcement, both of which negate the laws of God and man. For every positive action there is an equal and opposite negative reaction. The only way to stop the decline and death of the United States of America is to take positive Christian actions and to remember these universal rules:

1. Whatever your mind can design, you can accomplish.

2. You must understand that God represents both Truth and Understanding, and that God is both Caring and Generous.

3. You must pray daily, not just to satisfy your wants, but for the peace and welfare of others.

4. You must set your goals and you must focus, and attempt to combine the thoughts of others into a "Super Mind". It will be through this "Super Mind" that your success and the future of the United States of America will be assured.

5. You must remember that Truth is Power. Truth is the strongest evidence  one can use to combat rumors or any negative idea or statement. But remember that Truth is always susceptible to perception, and unfortunately, in reality, perception becomes Truth regardless of fact. Remember the classic: "If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is within hearing distance; Did the tree make a noise?" The truth is that the tree did in fact make a noise, but some profess that because nobody heard a noise, the tree therefore did not make a noise.

6. The "Super Mind" is extremely powerful and before engaging this power, one must examine and re-examine their goals to see that they are positive and helpful, not just to the designer, but to the recipients.

7. You are exactly what you want to be. 

8. A positive mind attracts other positive minds and when combined, they create the "Super Mind". When two or more positive minds combine to form a "Super Mind", all things are possible. As the Romans noted many thousands of years before: "A bundle of small stick is many times stronger than one large stick."

9. The power of prayer can not be emphasized enough. God is generous and will grant wishes or desires to true believers.

God said, "Let the true believers come unto me and discuss their wants and desires. And I will grant unto them a positive mind, peace of being, and everlasting life."

God said, "Let the non believer come unto me and I will give him the tools necessary to enter into everlasting life."
Lord Howard Hurts

Equal Protection

Currently the Federal, and several State, government has passed legislation to deny Arms (guns) to their citizens. Nowhere is there any language in "Amendment II" that limits arms to only adult, responsible, and/or persons not previously convicted of a felony. Nowhere in this amendment is there any wording that implies a distinction between arms, such as handguns, rifles, or automatic weapons. The word infringe is the focus word of this amendment, and any law making mention of any form of regulation, regardless of how slight the regulation, is clearly an infringement and unconstitutional, and thus null and void. Now lets get "real", and face the reality that laws are only followed and protected by lawful persons. Persons intent on unlawful behavior will not follow prescribed and legal legislation, and are not worried about future punishment. In actuality, laws denying arms to citizens only makes it impossible for law-abiding citizens's to equally defend themselves as unlawful persons will hold and us arms at will.

This now brings us to "Amendment XIV" to the Constitution of the United States. This amendment, in part, states: "nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws." Now when government illegally restricts its citizens from defending themselves through the prohibition of arms, government, suddenly, assumes the responsibility of providing individual protection, by police or otherwise. The government now becomes the insurer of the public safety. And further, nowhere in the Constitution is there mention of special protection, or privileges, to those who govern. It quickly becomes apparent that current holders of Federal government "jobs" have disobeyed their own unconstitutional legislation restricting the use and ownership of arms. The Secret Service and state and local police protect these government office  holders, and by doing so provide a service not afforded other citizens as defined by "Amendment XIV". The Constitution is clearly written. Government officials must obey the Constitution. No Constitution is self-enforcing. It is the duty of the citizens to understand the document and insist that those elected, to serve the public, do so honorably, or be immediately removed from office.
Lord Howard Hurts 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lord Hurts Last Rant

This is my last Rant. I have tried to get the Patriots of this nation to see "the writing on the wall" and to "see the light".... all to no avail. I have 22,000 hits on my postings on an average day, but most email's say, "Stop with the Romney bashing. We need to elect anybody over Obama." Anybody? Is the devil himself better than Obama? Are Patriots so stupid that they don't see that the "dice are loaded", and that the "deck" is stacked? Are they so stupid that they don't see that by working hard and paying taxes they are making it possible for government to increase the wages of its workers.... making it possible for government to provide health insurance to its that is too expensive to be purchased by most private sector workers....... and to make it possible to not only add more "slugs" to its employment rolls, but to make it possible that 48 million Americans get "Food Stamps" each month because they can not afford to feed themselves. It is even possible that 48 million Americans can not afford to feed themselves? Of course not. This is just a way to get the most cowardly sector of the voting base of this nation to become "the straw" that broke the "back" of this great Republic and its Constitution. To elect either Obama the "Homosexual" or Romney the "Sissy Boy" is to doom this nation to total socialism. There is only one person who can lead this nation out of the Darkness and he is Allen West. It is time to stop playing by rules written by the corrupt Democratic, and Republican, Party, leaders. These are the same people who brought you: Jimmy Carter, Bob Dole, Bush l,  Bush ll, John McCain, Al Gore, John Kerry, B. H. Obama, and "Sissy Boy" Romney. Has anything gotten better since Jimmy Carter? No. Things have gotten worse and governments only solution is to take more tax money from the producers of this nation.....the working people in the private that it can hire more "government slugs" and pay them more money, and give more perks, for doing the non productive work that government does on a daily basis. The only way to stop the insanity is to stop fueling the "give away programs" with the hard earned money from those working in the private sector. "Stop Paying Taxes, Now!", should be the slogan for the Revolution. 

I am an American citizen and consider myself a Patriot. I have written that I would give 100 million dollars to any Super  Pac that would support Allen West for President. I received not one request to "show me the money". And in the past few months, I have "seen the writing on the wall". America is a "Nation of Blind, Cowardly, Sheep". If you read my postings at: you will see that "someone" wants me to be quiet. Well, this is my last Rant. I have been quietly building my own "Alamo" in Hot Springs, SD, and I will soon be moving in and standing my ground. It is with deep regret that I have to stop Raving for the Patriots of this nation to: "Wake Up! And Start A Revolution". I also regret having to stop promoting Allen West for the Republican candidate for President in November. I have always thought that unless Obama is removed from office before the elections, this nation would not survive. I then changed my mind to the thought that if Allen West would be the  Republican candidate, the Patriots would "grow a pair" and elect this dynamic Patriot. But now I am resolved to hunker down in my "Alamo" and wait for the unenviable. "God helps those who help themselves." If you are a Patriot and want to save this nation demand that Allen West be the Republican candidate in November, or else prepare to pay the price for your stupidity. 
Lord Howard Hurts

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Romney Has Not Paid Federal Taxes For A Decade

On CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday, Republican South Carolina Sen. Lindsay Graham accused Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of lying about his claim that a source told him presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney had not paid taxes for a decade.

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Lord Hurts: Let me ask Senator Lindsay Graham this one question; How do you know that Harry Reid is not telling the truth when he said that Mitt Romney had not paid taxes for a decade? 

Senator Graham, you can't answer this question because you only have the word of Mitt Romney that it is untrue. You don't have tangible proof from the IRS that Mitt Romney is telling the truth because such information would be illegal for you to have, and could subject you to take up a new residence in a Federal Prison. Do you really believe that Harry Reid is so stupid that he would just make up such a story? Reid may not be the brightest guy in the Senate, but he is not so dumb that he would pull a story such as this from the "clear blue sky". No, this claim by Reid is true. It comes not from a personal Reid source, but from Valerie Bowman Jarrett, senior advisor and assistant to president, Obama. Valerie is in charge of defending Obama from any attack by Romney in the area of personal records. Reid is the chosen messenger. He was chosen because of his political status and because he is a Mormon. Use logic and the answer is clear. If in fact Romney had paid all his taxes for the past 10 years, he would have laughed and given up his tax returns. The laugh would be on Reid, and Reid, the leader of the Senate, would be effectively neutered. But Romney has not done this. He has responded as Obama did when his birth certificate was challenged. Romney has laughed and ridiculed those that asked for his past tax returns, he has had his wife get involved, and he has gotten other Republicans, like Lindsay Graham, to pretend that the income tax returns are irrelevant because Mitt has, of course, paid all his IRS taxes. But the fact is that Mitt Romney has not paid all his Federal taxes for the past 10 years, and Valerie Jarrett has all the illegal, inside, information, and is using it, without showing it, to prevent Mitt Romney from using the fraudulent Obama birth certificate issue, and the missing college grades, to finally come to the attention of the American public. 

Mitt Romney is "boxed in". He can't answer the Reid claim with the logical response, "I will give up the last 12 years of my Federal tax returns when President Obama gives up his college records." He can't make this demand for the simple reason that Obama just might post his college records on the Internet (it doesn't matter if these Obama records are real or fake. Big media is behind Obama and will do as they did with the birth certificate issue..... Take Obama at  his word that they are true copies and make no other demands or investigations.). And should Obama do this, Mitt then would have to post his last 12 years of tax returns (Republicans are not going to get away with posting fake returns. Big media will check them over to be sure that they are actual copies), knowing full well that he has not paid all his owed Federal taxes. 

Mitt is a loser because he has not paid all his Federal taxes for the past 12 years, and he knows it. If Mitt has paid them, and Harry Reid is lying, then let him post them now. If Romney continues to not post these past tax returns, and this is really his only option, it is proof that Reid is correct. I bet that Romney will continue to hide and let his wife attempt to save him. This is exactly why I have said that it is time for the Tea Party Patriots to demand that Allen West be the candidate for President and drop this "Sissy Boy" Romney................ or at least to demand that Allen West be the VP on the ticket. Allen West is a winner.
Lord Howard Hurts

Friday, August 3, 2012

Homosexuality Is An Abomination

Homosexuality is an abomination and this statement can be deduced with the help of logic. No discussion of religion or the Bible is needed. The proof of this is the following: "Life is just too complex to have been an accident". All life forms work from some preconceived, inborn, behavior that not only determines the outward appearance of the life form, but all actions of this particular life form from conception till death. The difference between all "lower" life forms and human life form is "Free Will". Only human life forms have this distinguishing feature, and this is further proof that life is a creation. All life forms work to perpetuate their own kind. There is no exception to this rule. To perpetuate is good and to not perpetuate is bad. Without perpetuation there is no longer an existing life form. Any life form that practices homosexuality can not reproduce and thus this particular life form ceases to exist. In other words: Through created, in born processes, homosexuality, without some unnatural help from science, will eradicate any life form that practices this behavior in only one life cycle. Bringing truth to the theory that life is just to complex to have been an accident. And because life is a creation, homosexuality would logically be an abomination to the Creator of all life, thus: "Homosexuality Is An Abomination".
Lord Howard Hurts