Sunday, August 5, 2012

Romney Has Not Paid Federal Taxes For A Decade

On CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday, Republican South Carolina Sen. Lindsay Graham accused Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of lying about his claim that a source told him presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney had not paid taxes for a decade.

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Lord Hurts: Let me ask Senator Lindsay Graham this one question; How do you know that Harry Reid is not telling the truth when he said that Mitt Romney had not paid taxes for a decade? 

Senator Graham, you can't answer this question because you only have the word of Mitt Romney that it is untrue. You don't have tangible proof from the IRS that Mitt Romney is telling the truth because such information would be illegal for you to have, and could subject you to take up a new residence in a Federal Prison. Do you really believe that Harry Reid is so stupid that he would just make up such a story? Reid may not be the brightest guy in the Senate, but he is not so dumb that he would pull a story such as this from the "clear blue sky". No, this claim by Reid is true. It comes not from a personal Reid source, but from Valerie Bowman Jarrett, senior advisor and assistant to president, Obama. Valerie is in charge of defending Obama from any attack by Romney in the area of personal records. Reid is the chosen messenger. He was chosen because of his political status and because he is a Mormon. Use logic and the answer is clear. If in fact Romney had paid all his taxes for the past 10 years, he would have laughed and given up his tax returns. The laugh would be on Reid, and Reid, the leader of the Senate, would be effectively neutered. But Romney has not done this. He has responded as Obama did when his birth certificate was challenged. Romney has laughed and ridiculed those that asked for his past tax returns, he has had his wife get involved, and he has gotten other Republicans, like Lindsay Graham, to pretend that the income tax returns are irrelevant because Mitt has, of course, paid all his IRS taxes. But the fact is that Mitt Romney has not paid all his Federal taxes for the past 10 years, and Valerie Jarrett has all the illegal, inside, information, and is using it, without showing it, to prevent Mitt Romney from using the fraudulent Obama birth certificate issue, and the missing college grades, to finally come to the attention of the American public. 

Mitt Romney is "boxed in". He can't answer the Reid claim with the logical response, "I will give up the last 12 years of my Federal tax returns when President Obama gives up his college records." He can't make this demand for the simple reason that Obama just might post his college records on the Internet (it doesn't matter if these Obama records are real or fake. Big media is behind Obama and will do as they did with the birth certificate issue..... Take Obama at  his word that they are true copies and make no other demands or investigations.). And should Obama do this, Mitt then would have to post his last 12 years of tax returns (Republicans are not going to get away with posting fake returns. Big media will check them over to be sure that they are actual copies), knowing full well that he has not paid all his owed Federal taxes. 

Mitt is a loser because he has not paid all his Federal taxes for the past 12 years, and he knows it. If Mitt has paid them, and Harry Reid is lying, then let him post them now. If Romney continues to not post these past tax returns, and this is really his only option, it is proof that Reid is correct. I bet that Romney will continue to hide and let his wife attempt to save him. This is exactly why I have said that it is time for the Tea Party Patriots to demand that Allen West be the candidate for President and drop this "Sissy Boy" Romney................ or at least to demand that Allen West be the VP on the ticket. Allen West is a winner.
Lord Howard Hurts

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  1. Donald Trump lied (for sure) about Barack Obama's birth certificate, and Obama produced id. Harry Reid lied (perhaps) about Mitt Romney's tax returns. Maybe Romney will produce them.

    I don't like the tactic, no matter which side does it.