Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lord Hurts Last Rant

This is my last Rant. I have tried to get the Patriots of this nation to see "the writing on the wall" and to "see the light".... all to no avail. I have 22,000 hits on my postings on an average day, but most email's say, "Stop with the Romney bashing. We need to elect anybody over Obama." Anybody? Is the devil himself better than Obama? Are Patriots so stupid that they don't see that the "dice are loaded", and that the "deck" is stacked? Are they so stupid that they don't see that by working hard and paying taxes they are making it possible for government to increase the wages of its workers.... making it possible for government to provide health insurance to its that is too expensive to be purchased by most private sector workers....... and to make it possible to not only add more "slugs" to its employment rolls, but to make it possible that 48 million Americans get "Food Stamps" each month because they can not afford to feed themselves. It is even possible that 48 million Americans can not afford to feed themselves? Of course not. This is just a way to get the most cowardly sector of the voting base of this nation to become "the straw" that broke the "back" of this great Republic and its Constitution. To elect either Obama the "Homosexual" or Romney the "Sissy Boy" is to doom this nation to total socialism. There is only one person who can lead this nation out of the Darkness and he is Allen West. It is time to stop playing by rules written by the corrupt Democratic, and Republican, Party, leaders. These are the same people who brought you: Jimmy Carter, Bob Dole, Bush l,  Bush ll, John McCain, Al Gore, John Kerry, B. H. Obama, and "Sissy Boy" Romney. Has anything gotten better since Jimmy Carter? No. Things have gotten worse and governments only solution is to take more tax money from the producers of this nation.....the working people in the private that it can hire more "government slugs" and pay them more money, and give more perks, for doing the non productive work that government does on a daily basis. The only way to stop the insanity is to stop fueling the "give away programs" with the hard earned money from those working in the private sector. "Stop Paying Taxes, Now!", should be the slogan for the Revolution. 

I am an American citizen and consider myself a Patriot. I have written that I would give 100 million dollars to any Super  Pac that would support Allen West for President. I received not one request to "show me the money". And in the past few months, I have "seen the writing on the wall". America is a "Nation of Blind, Cowardly, Sheep". If you read my postings at: you will see that "someone" wants me to be quiet. Well, this is my last Rant. I have been quietly building my own "Alamo" in Hot Springs, SD, and I will soon be moving in and standing my ground. It is with deep regret that I have to stop Raving for the Patriots of this nation to: "Wake Up! And Start A Revolution". I also regret having to stop promoting Allen West for the Republican candidate for President in November. I have always thought that unless Obama is removed from office before the elections, this nation would not survive. I then changed my mind to the thought that if Allen West would be the  Republican candidate, the Patriots would "grow a pair" and elect this dynamic Patriot. But now I am resolved to hunker down in my "Alamo" and wait for the unenviable. "God helps those who help themselves." If you are a Patriot and want to save this nation demand that Allen West be the Republican candidate in November, or else prepare to pay the price for your stupidity. 
Lord Howard Hurts

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