Friday, December 31, 2010


Not to sound profound, but just something to think about: Heaven. This is a universal concept the world over and for all times. Is it just crazy? Or is it just proof of a Creator, as anything universal could only come about by close approximation, or so it seems to me, based on the fact that  the people of the world have only been in close proximity for the past few hundred years. One can "think" perfection, and can talk perfection, but nobody, in written history, has gained total perfection. But, just the ability to "think" perfection means that perfection is a reachable goal. One can not "think" something that is not real. Humans have a finite brain. We think that it reaches to infinity, but in reality it is as closed as our station on earth. Again, pointing to the fact that there is a Creator. What is the purpose of life, and why are we here? These are the 2 questions nobody has the answer to, and again these are universal thoughts the world over, and for all times. We can not conceptualize a dimension beyond our own small universe, although many puff and try, because we are endowed with a finite brain (this is what humans and computers have in common). Not to sound too weird, but Heaven is obtainable. It is a "given" concept, but the reality has eluded even the best of minds for all times. Is it possible that life is like a computer game. That after a certain number of points is scored, one is off to another "board" with new rules and regulations? When mention is made of "the missing link", to me this better describes the relationship between the "normal" brain, and the "potential" brain. There is reason to believe that the human brain is much larger than needed, based on the amount of "brain power" used by the average human, and thus some "link" is missing that provides the "bridge" between the "normal" brain and the "potential" brain. When and if this link is "found", many concepts will be revealed, but the problem will be, and this will be a real problem, that persons without the "link" will not understand one word that is revealed. Much like having a conversation with your dog. Fun for you, but he doesn't have a clue.
Lord Howard Hurts

Can Ignorance Be A Legal Defense?

Did you ever think why it is that we have so many laws? Could it be because the previous law did not work? The legal tenant in our society is that ignorance is not a legal excuse for some perceived "bad" behavior. Ignorance is not an excuse? I contend that ignorance is the perfect excuse and defense. We have thousands and thousands of laws in hundreds of law books. We have lawyers who specialize in minor segments of the law. There is no lawyer on earth who can know all the laws in all the law books. These legal men are trained for years to understand and interpret the laws. How is it possible that a court can say to the average person that ignorance of a law is not an excuse? This why we need to stop making laws that do nothing more than make us feel good about being fair and attempting to make everyone equal. Laws to regulate behavior are non productive based on all the laws currently on record.  I sometimes wonder  if everyone in Sarasota, except one democrat died, would all the traffic lights continued to function? Would this one democrat stop on red and go on green? Have A Great Day!  
Lord Howard Hurts

Human Nature

 In my "studies" of human nature, and in my quest to find meaning, and logical reason for human existence, I have found, and I assert that it may be simplistic in theory, that  the IQ of every living human being from zero time until today is very nearly the same.  Very few persons seem to have an "edge" in the "smart" department. Instead, it seems, to me, to be more a matter of focus. Things that are concentrated seem to be stronger, but in reality they are equal to the original. Much like a lever. Levers make it possible to move heavy objects, but in reality you are no stronger with the lever than before the lever. It is just a matter of focus. Now that said, what is the difference in the brain power between democrats and republicans (non scientific measurement used for example, and based on current perception of the two differing factions)? Democrats have a mind set that leads them to feel the need to make everyone equal and happy. Republicans have a mind set that leads them to feel that everyone needs to educate themselves, and be responsible for most things that happen to them in life. This doesn't mean that republicans are smarter than democrats, it merely means that republicans have a more logical understanding of human existence, and that life is not always fair or just. I know. How can I make such a "leap" in determination? Well it is easy. Let history be your guide. How many countries, that have their laws based on democratic socialism, really are a place you would want to live? Democrats like freedom, but are afraid to reach out and grab it because they think that to do so one has to abuse, and take advantage of another human being. Sort of like the, "we like to eat steaks, but we only want to see it wrapped in plastic at the grocery store. We don't want to know how it got there." There is a Creator, and it is not Walt Disney. 
Lord Howard Hurts

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Response to an an article, Resa Laru Kirkland; The “War Chick” on the LA Missile and North Korea Published on 12/15/10

Resa Laru Kirkland, you have said it all. The window of opportunity is open and will presently close. We have a President, Congress, and Supreme Court, that is not upholding the Constitution. This is not a democracy; ours is a Republic. And for this Republic to continue to stand, actions must be taken now to insure that those who work to destroy this nation, through "perversion" of this Constitution, are removed from office post-haste. Only idiots continue to play poker when the rules change after the dealer looks at his hand.
Lord Howard Hurts

Is Obama Constitutionally Qualified to Serve?

It seems that we have a situation where the military leaders of this country must take note that we now have an elected President, who writes books about himself, brags about himself, talks about having an administration predicated on “transparency”, yet who, when asked, will not provide his long form birth certificate, his complete school records, his past passport information, or other records of his history to provide proof that he is in fact qualified to serve under the tenets of the Constitution. Remember, the military leaders of this country took an oath to Defend the Constitution, not follow the dictates of someone, mistakenly, elected President. This issue can be immediately resolved if the President would turn over all these disputed records to the public, and stop sending lawyers to “stonewall” the issue. Where is the “Transparency”?
Lord Howard Hurts

Change Marijuana Laws?

"Nowadays, we're suffering from hardening of the economic arteries. The country is old. Our outlook is old. People have quit trying. You could comb through this whole damn city today and not get a half a dozen men with the guts to take what the Yukon dished out in those days. I don't mind getting old and dying. I hate to see the whole damned country dying along with me. There ain't any youth to take our place. Just a bunch of whining little snivelers who want the government to support "em."  Sound about like today? Written, 1939, during the FDR administration. The Case of the Rolling Bones, Erle Stanley Gardner. Proving that the "crisis" of today was a long time in the making. And changing the laws to make marijuana legal will not create a better world.  There is a need to understand exactly what a man is, and to stop pretending that this world would be a better place if occupied and controlled by metro sexual beings.

Obama Is A Natural Born Citizen

Here is the REAL deal on Obama's birth  certificate. Unfortunately, most everyone is going off on the wrong "trail". Obama is really a Natural Born citizen of this country. This is the reason that he "toys" with the "Birthers", and men of courage like Lt. Col. Lakin. Obama knows that should push came to shove, and the cowards in the media are not going to do it, he could prove that he is a Natural Born citizen. All the different published facts confuse the issue because some of the facts found are true, and some are false. But the real fact of the matter is that Obama is the son of his grandfather, Stanley Armour Dunham, and his mother is, as yet, some unnamed black woman. Yes, I repeat, Obama is the son of his grandfather, Stanley Armour Dunham. If you should doubt this check, and you will find that in May of 1997, all the records contained in a file, gathered and recorded by the FBI, detailing an investigation of Stanley Armour Dunham, were deleted.  Dunham, it noted, was a frequent "customer" of black prostitutes. Now the issue of the "marriage" of Obama Sr. and Ann Dunham, which there is no proof, other than what Obama wrote about it in his book, is understood as only a "ruse" to avoid the moral fallout of that time period. So the issue of Obama being a Natural Born citizen is final, regardless if he was, or was not, born in Hawaii. Additional proof that this scenario is true can be logically substantiated by the very fact that Obama has spent many thousands of dollars to send lawyers to courts to stop from having to provide a legal long form birth certificate from Hawaii. Why would this President worry about letting his detractors see his legal birth certificate? Is he afraid that someone will assume his idenity? Nonsense. Many of these law suits also ask for all his school records, all his passport information, all his adoption records, and records for all school loans he has ever received. The office of President is a job based on trust and honesty, and by not providing basic background information, information that is provided by thousands and thousands of potential employees seeking regular jobs every day, this is proof positive that there is something very negative being hidden by Obama. But alas.....This Birth Certificate issue is just a Red Herring. Stop wasting time, effort, and money on it. This President is a socialist and there is enough evidence to prove it. He is a fraud in most every way. Obama is in the process of turning this country into a democracy, and it is such a shame that the educational system of this country has been, and continues to be, so corrupt and negligent that it has not taught our youth the difference between a democracy and a Republic. The ballot boxes will be the "guns" of this revolution unless patriotic citizens empower the military, of this nation, to do their duty to uphold this Constitution. The window of opportunity is open, but unless action is taken before the elections of 2012, this window will in all probability be closed for all history. FREEDOM is not free. It can only be held by blood, sweat, and tears by an admiring public. Long Live America and This Republic.
Lord Howard Hurts