Sunday, December 26, 2010

Change Marijuana Laws?

"Nowadays, we're suffering from hardening of the economic arteries. The country is old. Our outlook is old. People have quit trying. You could comb through this whole damn city today and not get a half a dozen men with the guts to take what the Yukon dished out in those days. I don't mind getting old and dying. I hate to see the whole damned country dying along with me. There ain't any youth to take our place. Just a bunch of whining little snivelers who want the government to support "em."  Sound about like today? Written, 1939, during the FDR administration. The Case of the Rolling Bones, Erle Stanley Gardner. Proving that the "crisis" of today was a long time in the making. And changing the laws to make marijuana legal will not create a better world.  There is a need to understand exactly what a man is, and to stop pretending that this world would be a better place if occupied and controlled by metro sexual beings.

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