Friday, December 31, 2010

Can Ignorance Be A Legal Defense?

Did you ever think why it is that we have so many laws? Could it be because the previous law did not work? The legal tenant in our society is that ignorance is not a legal excuse for some perceived "bad" behavior. Ignorance is not an excuse? I contend that ignorance is the perfect excuse and defense. We have thousands and thousands of laws in hundreds of law books. We have lawyers who specialize in minor segments of the law. There is no lawyer on earth who can know all the laws in all the law books. These legal men are trained for years to understand and interpret the laws. How is it possible that a court can say to the average person that ignorance of a law is not an excuse? This why we need to stop making laws that do nothing more than make us feel good about being fair and attempting to make everyone equal. Laws to regulate behavior are non productive based on all the laws currently on record.  I sometimes wonder  if everyone in Sarasota, except one democrat died, would all the traffic lights continued to function? Would this one democrat stop on red and go on green? Have A Great Day!  
Lord Howard Hurts

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