Friday, December 31, 2010


Not to sound profound, but just something to think about: Heaven. This is a universal concept the world over and for all times. Is it just crazy? Or is it just proof of a Creator, as anything universal could only come about by close approximation, or so it seems to me, based on the fact that  the people of the world have only been in close proximity for the past few hundred years. One can "think" perfection, and can talk perfection, but nobody, in written history, has gained total perfection. But, just the ability to "think" perfection means that perfection is a reachable goal. One can not "think" something that is not real. Humans have a finite brain. We think that it reaches to infinity, but in reality it is as closed as our station on earth. Again, pointing to the fact that there is a Creator. What is the purpose of life, and why are we here? These are the 2 questions nobody has the answer to, and again these are universal thoughts the world over, and for all times. We can not conceptualize a dimension beyond our own small universe, although many puff and try, because we are endowed with a finite brain (this is what humans and computers have in common). Not to sound too weird, but Heaven is obtainable. It is a "given" concept, but the reality has eluded even the best of minds for all times. Is it possible that life is like a computer game. That after a certain number of points is scored, one is off to another "board" with new rules and regulations? When mention is made of "the missing link", to me this better describes the relationship between the "normal" brain, and the "potential" brain. There is reason to believe that the human brain is much larger than needed, based on the amount of "brain power" used by the average human, and thus some "link" is missing that provides the "bridge" between the "normal" brain and the "potential" brain. When and if this link is "found", many concepts will be revealed, but the problem will be, and this will be a real problem, that persons without the "link" will not understand one word that is revealed. Much like having a conversation with your dog. Fun for you, but he doesn't have a clue.
Lord Howard Hurts

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