Sunday, December 26, 2010

Is Obama Constitutionally Qualified to Serve?

It seems that we have a situation where the military leaders of this country must take note that we now have an elected President, who writes books about himself, brags about himself, talks about having an administration predicated on “transparency”, yet who, when asked, will not provide his long form birth certificate, his complete school records, his past passport information, or other records of his history to provide proof that he is in fact qualified to serve under the tenets of the Constitution. Remember, the military leaders of this country took an oath to Defend the Constitution, not follow the dictates of someone, mistakenly, elected President. This issue can be immediately resolved if the President would turn over all these disputed records to the public, and stop sending lawyers to “stonewall” the issue. Where is the “Transparency”?
Lord Howard Hurts

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