Monday, May 15, 2017

We Need To Stand Behind President Trump

Patriots of America. I have news from Costa Rica and Nicaragua that is most disturbing. It comes to me from the Expat Community down there. They say that Russia has become a big player in the area. That a recently built research facility in the mountains of Nicaragua has visitors coming and leaving at all times of the day and night. These sources say the facility is for advanced drone design. That the Russians are working on drones that instigate a cyber threat that negates our ability to use GPS in say the F35 or F16. And remember that prior to embarking upon any global attack mission, an Air Force F-35 or F16, would need to acquire and organize its intelligence information and mission data planning activities..... which are almost entirely computer-dependent. So if the current GPS system fails another method of PNT (precision, navigation and timing) is needed immediately........not years down the road. So to counter any threat by the Russians we need a 'speeded-up' program to develop software and hardware sensors that operate under high dynamics (MRIG), and sensors that can self calibrate. And this is why we must get behind President Trump and defend him against these Moronic Democrats and RINO's that are only slowing our ability to gain insight into the activities of the their false accusations of Trump being a "Russian Spy". Our military must develop advanced methods of precision geographic timing and positioning, now, because the Russians are working fast and furious on this project. And it has been reported that there are several major tech problems with the new Martin F35 already.
Patriots it is time to get vocal and stop sitting on your hands. Remember what happened in Germany when the Jews were targeted. They chose to sit and wait rather than fight. Do not let this happen here.
Lord Howard Hurts