Friday, December 27, 2013

The Lord Howard Hurts Theory Of Engagement

National events of the past few days have angered me to the point that I will, without hesitation, give the 'Blind and Deaf Sheep' of this nation a plan of attack. It is time to stop catching the 'grenades'. It is time to begin throwing them back. It is time to exert a coordinated 'frontal' attack on all Democrats and RINO's. 

When I was a boy back in Broadstairs, Kent, I was raised in a most gentile family setting. We lived in a great medieval, fortified, country house that included a moat. This family home had been built sometime in the 1400's. And when it came time for me to attend primary school, my mother insisted that I dress appropriately, and 'to our standard', and thus I attended classes wearing both a coat and necktie. Several of the older boys took this as reason to 'thump' me unmercifully. But having no history of having to defend myself, this uncalled for hostility not only hurt, but it confused me. It came to the point that I did not want to continue attending class. The Baron, my father, saw this as just something I would have to deal with, and dismissed even talking about my plight. But my mother, thank heavens, took me aside, and told me that I would have to change my tactics from running and hiding to attack, attack, attack. She told me that I would have to 'make my mark' now; or always, I would be 'hounded' by those that regularly watched my 'beatings' with morbid interest, and become the thrust of their ire. She said that if I did not take action soon, I would have to fight every student in the school, for after watching my cowardly actions, I would be a target..... an easy target. She further told me that to succeed, I would have to identify the 'biggest' bully of the lot, and not wait for him to choose me out..... but to get in his face, and just start 'wailing' on him. I admit that I was not too keen on this approach as I figured that I would be spending some time in hospital, but at the same time I could see that the 'slow beatings' that I had been receiving would in time also deliver me to the same place. 

For a few days I practiced my boxing and kicking and wrestling moves....... I had a friend, David, that became my sparing partner. I found by experiment that my most effective wrestling move was the 'scissors hold'. I shortly found that if I could 'trip' my opponent onto the ground, I could quickly wrap my legs around his torso, and apply leg pressure till the victim gave up, or his internal organs were projected out of his mouth. This tactic worked admirable on David. He got to the point that once in the 'scissors', he would scream loudly for me to stop even before I had applied pressure. 

The big moment came on a Monday, before classes had started. All the students were sitting around talking and joking, when along came Richard. It had been spoken around school that he was almost sixteen years old; was the son of a fisherman; and was dumb as a rock.  He was a most frightful sight, to me. But now when I look back on Richard, he might have been around sixteen, but he was no more than five foot tall. He was a sixteen year old midget. But at that time in my youth, Richard was a giant. He smoked cigarettes, and even had a self applied tattoo of a blue and red, bloody, skull on his wrist, and his teeth were none too streaks and brown stains from the cigarettes he smoked. 

That Monday morning was going to be my Waterloo. I walked right up to Richard, and told him that I was tired of looking at him, and that I was not taking anymore of his crap. Good old, Richard was with several of his friends, and they laughed, and asked me what I was going to do about it. I told Richard that I was  going to fight him.... to the death........ right then and there. Now, I was not believing what was coming out of my mouth. I was actually scared to death of old brown teeth. But as I threatened, Richard got this strange look on his face. I could tell that he was not ready for a fight to the death, and I am sure that he knew to fight a punk like me and lose, would keep him busy fighting every other student that did not like him, till he grew old, or moved away. I could see that Richard was scared. I pressed on, and began to talk more vicious. Richard's friends encouraged him. Not only did they encouraged him, they "pushed" him into taking my challenge. Richard suddenly made up the excuse that he did not want to fight me because he was already in trouble with the school, and his mother had warned him that if there was any further trouble, he would be sent to live with some relative in lower London........his friends began to turn on him. He had to take the challange.

Most of the students were more than excited about watching the slaughter.....the fight was on. Richard drew a large circle in the school yard dirt. He said that this would be our ring, and if anyone should enter this ring, while we were fighting, he would stop, and beat that person to death..... and he said that I should do the same. Everyone was impressed. I was not even worried because I must have had a massive infusion of adrenalin flowing in my veins because I was taunting Richard to get in the ring, and to get ready for battle. One of Richards friends was acting as referee, and when we had ourselves inside the circle, this friend told us that we would fight only when he gave us the 'word'. He said, "There will be no stopping the fight for blood or broken bones. It will be a fight to the death". Well, all this buildup must have put Richard 'over the top', for without notice, or 'word', from the referee, he hit me hard on my right arm. It was a blow that 'woke me up'. I had never been hit this hard before in all my life. I was fast coming down form my adrenalin high. I was scared...........but Richard was gone. He had done a 'hit and run', and he was just gone. The school bell rang and everyone went to their classes. I was the talk of the school for days, and Richard was never seen at that school again. I don't know whatever happened to him. But what I learned that day was that my mother knew what she was talking about. I have used this strategy, abet a few modifications, to success over, and over, again. I think it is time for the "Tea Party Members" to use the "Lord Howard Hurts Theory of Engagement": When being attacked by an opponent that is larger, meaner, and unyielding, don't attempt to block the 'blows'. This response only stops some of the 'sting', but does nothing to stop the attack. When in a "Do or Die" situation, find the opponents weak spot, and attack, attack, attack. 
Lord Howard Hurts

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Plan for the overthrow of the "Usurper" B.H. Obama and his Marxist Administration

If you believe that America has lost its "Moral Compass" and is floundering in porn, corruption, and Godlessness then stop wasting your time and efforts in trying to establish a GOP elected political response. The fact of the matter is that the GOP is being led by RINO's and 'Brain Dead' persons like John McCain and Lindsey Graham. There is no way an historic coalition of military men can be coordinated to have a successful coup d'├ętat in America without first having similar conditions of chaos that brought Napoleon Bonaparte to the leadership of France long ago. So with this historical fact in mind the plan is very simple:

 Patriots of America! Don't support any GOP candidates. Support verbally and vote for all those that want a minimum wage of $15 per hour or more; Support those that want more special rights for homosexuals; Support those that want more government control over all phases of private life…….. And all the while knowing that an economic crash is eminent, by these actions, purchase gold and silver to offset the demise of the paper money that will follow. In other words support and vote for persons who are the wackiest of Democrats. Get these radical misfits elected, protect your wealth, and let the chaos begin naturally.

Let’s face facts; America is corrupt; The Congress is corrupt; The Supreme Court is corrupt; The present administration led by B.H. Obama is totally corrupt. So stop fighting a losing battle. People will always elect those who they perceive to be giving them 'something for nothing'. This is just human nature. But it is also the pathway to 'Hell' and dependence on government for personal survival. Government produces nothing of tangible value, and has no money to give.........that is excepting the money it extorts from working taxpayers. Thus electing radical Democrats and Marxists to government leadership will rapidly lead this nation into mass inflation and total chaos.

Let the radical Democrats have control. They will not be able to make good on their promises and the masses will turn on them and demand a 'pound of flesh'. The chaos that follows will not be pleasant, but then what communistic government produces satisfied citizens? Fear not for during this chaotic period there will be many good persons of faith who will rise to the occasion, and start a rebirth of America as envisioned by the 'Founding Fathers'. 

Patriots, truly give this plan some thought. The 'killer' of any economy is INFLATION of the currency. America's currency is being inflated as we sit and breathe. This inflation is an unseen taxation by the government upon the producers and workers of America. By the year 2015 even blind men will see the problem, so purchase gold and silver to preserve your financial worth. Let the suckers accumulate all the paper money they desire. Gold and silver trumps paper every time…… and for all of written history. Let the chaos begin. Vote, Hillary 'my daughter and I were under fire in Bosnia' Clinton for President!
Lord Howard Hurts

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Who Will Restore America's Lost "Moral Compass"?

The “National Defense Authorization Act ” (H.R. 1540) repeals the U.S. Constitution. In a recent article in the WND by BOB UNRUH, retired Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely was quoted as saying, "That brings us to the other word no one wants to utter, Revolution. In our opinion, this is the least palatable option. … Others talk about the military taking over as we saw in Egypt; again, we do not support this route,” (Stand Up America); and further, the good General said, "Obama will just continue to subvert the Constitution he took an oath to faithfully protect." 

Gen. Vallely, where will America be without a Revolution? The good General voiced the opinion that the "Usurper" Obama will just continue to subvert the Constitution he took an oath to faithfully protect. There is no doubt that our Congress is 'brain dead', totally corrupt, and will not take any action to remove this Marxist Obama from office. So what other option exists? Is sitting one's hands and whistling while looking at the beautiful blue sky a rational option? Is the good General aware of the “National Defense Authorization Act ” (H.R. 1540), and its section 1021? There is no doubt that section 1021 is in conflict with the U.S. Constitution in several respects, and without having to go into detail about this conflict one only has to know that President Obama, after signing "National Defense Authorization Act" (H.R. 1540) said, "I want to clarify that my Administration will not authorize the indefinite military detention without trial of American citizens. Indeed, I believe that doing so would break with our most important traditions and values as a Nation. My Administration will interpret section 1021 in a manner that ensures that any detention it authorizes complies with the Constitution, the laws of war, and all other applicable law." So without having to describe the Constitutional conflict, in any detail, we now know that American citizens are at the mercy of Obama selective enforcement of law. Is the good General aware of the Homeland Security bullet purchasing story, or the admitted, Social Security Administration's, purchase of 174,000 hollow point bullets (hollow-point rounds are forbidden by international law for use in war)?  Please good General, remember the Obama famous words just last month: "If you like your health care plan, you can keep it." When someone lies once, are we to believe what they say the next time? Is this rational? Remember what Alice (Alice In Wonderland) said,  "if one drinks much from a bottle marked "Poison", it's almost certain to disagree". 

Maybe it is time to stop looking towards the older generation for help. I guess that they just are too satisfied with their pensions, going on ocean cruises and eating till they 'drop', and watching the dysfunctional Kardashians cavort weekly on the TV. President Obama is corrupt, the Congress is corrupt, and the Supreme Court is corrupt....... and Cowardly Sheep continue to 'bleat' about which political party will win the next election and restore America's lost "Moral Compass".  The point is this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully. (2 Corinthians 9:6).
Lord Howard Hurts   

Friday, December 13, 2013

Revolution Is Coming To America

B.H. Obama ll wants Alejandro Mayorkas in the #2 position at the Department of Homeland Security.  Democrats on the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, by a vote of 9 to 0,  advanced Mayorkas' nomination to the Senate floor. The appointment is assured,  and Mayorkas is "Corruption Personified The Chicago Way". So to atone this latest note of corruption from the "Usurper", I give you this:

Patriots of America. I can now tell you that the reign of the "Usurper", B.H. Obama, and his Marxist administration is near an end. There is now a coordinated coalition of former, and current, military officers who are making plans to do their sworn duty to defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign or domestic. I can now tell you that I attended a most secret meeting several weeks ago (early October 2013) at a private residence in a western state. It was pure pleasure to see such distinguished men attending...... not in black limo's livery driven......but in all kinds of common rental cars....self-driven. I warn all Patriots to be on the alert and to prepare for the worst…… but hope for the best, because this secret meeting is now an 'open book' in the information class of the Obama Administration. The purge of the leadership in the American military by Obama will of course continue, but with the prestige and military prowess of the participants of this secret conference there will be no real investigation or attempt to stop the coming Revolution. I can also relate that at this meeting there was a consensus of opinion that B.H. Obama might resign to save himself. But it was further resolved by the majority that this would not be enough to stop the movement. It was stated that there is just too much corruption in the Congress by both sides of the political spectrum for any ‘hold’ to be made. 

There were approximately 75 persons in attendance; a leader was chosen; and I am glad to inform that this elected leader was a former top ranked U.S. Army officer. And when elected to lead this courageous group, this former U.S. Army officer presented a list of the current American political leaders who would be arrested and tried for Treason. There were several heated discussions about the logistics of the temporary takeover of the Federal Government, but this should come as no surprise based on the complexity of the undertaking, and the fact that there is no 'blueprint' of anything like this in our more than 200 year history. 

So Patriots don't stop writing and expressing your views about the corrupt Obama Administration. Take heart and prepare for the inevitable chaos that will come. There is no doubt that things will be confused for a time, but in the long run America will be stronger, and the Constitution will once again be the Law of the Land. Let Freedom Ring. 
Lord Howard Hurts 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Revolution Is Coming To America

Patriots of America. I can now tell you that the reign of the "Usurper", B.H. Obama, and his Marxist administration is near an end. There is now a coordinated coalition of former and current military officers who are making plans to do their sworn duty to defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign or domestic. I can now tell you that I attended a most secret meeting several weeks ago (early October 2013) at a private residence in a western state. It was pure pleasure to see such distinguished men attending...... not in black limo's livery driven......but in all kinds of common rental cars....self-driven. I warn all Patriots to be on the alert and to prepare for the worst…… but hope for the best, because this secret meeting is now an 'open book' in the information class of the Obama Administration. The purge of the leadership in the American military by Obama will of course continue, but with the prestige and military prowess of the participants of this secret conference there will be no real investigation or attempt to stop the coming Revolution. I can also relate that at this meeting there was a consensus of opinion that B.H. Obama might resign to save himself. But it was further resolved by the majority that this would not be enough to stop the movement. It was stated that there is just too much corruption in the Congress by both sides of the political spectrum for any ‘hold’ to be made. 

There were approximately 75 persons in attendance; a leader was chosen; and I am glad to inform that this elected leader was a former top ranked U.S. Army officer. And when elected to lead this courageous group, this former U.S. Army officer presented a list of the current American political leaders who would be arrested and tried for Treason. There were several heated discussions about the logistics of the temporary takeover of the Federal Government, but this should come as no surprise based on the complexity of the undertaking, and the fact that there is no 'blueprint' of anything like this in our more than 200 year history. 

So Patriots don't stop writing and expressing your views about the corrupt Obama Administration. Take heart and prepare for the inevitable chaos that will come. There is no doubt that things will be confused for a time, but in the long run America will be stronger, and the Constitution will once again be the Law of the Land. Let Freedom Ring. 
Lord Howard Hurts 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

California.........The Land of Fruits and Nuts

At a recent meeting of the California Air Resources Board the discussion turned to the subject of   providing a voucher for poor people to purchase a new Nissan Leaf, electric car, with a MSRP of more than $22,000.  It was thought that this would be not only a way to stimulate the economy by the production of additional cars, but it would raise the self worth of that particular population, and maybe make them more inclined to utilize the Student Loan Program.......and thereby get this low income group into colleges. It was thought that if more poor people were graduated from colleges that they would be able to move into higher paying government, or union jobs, and begin to pay higher taxes to support other programs for poor people. A Win, Win, Situation!, as touted by another board member. 

Several of the board members stated that all this sounded like a worthwhile stimuli's package, but that poor people tended to not pay their electric bills, and then how would they get these electric cars charged up? Board member Alfred Steel commented that California should take a 'page' from the Hillary Clinton book, "It Takes A Village", and to recommend that the California state legislature make electric sharing mandatory between neighbors. Steel further stated that it only stands to reason that unless the poor have electric power to charge their Nissan Leaf they will not be able to attend college or seek employment..........and thus will not be paying the taxes needed to create more programs for the poor. It was at this point that another board member, Keysha Lincoln, stated that a new car needed not only electric, but insurance. Ms. Lincoln stated that all recipients of these free Nissan Leaf cars should also get an insurance package of at least a million dollars in coverage because of the fact that poorer people tend to be involved in more auto accidents. 

It was at this point that another board member, Pablo Pangloss, stated that maybe giving vouchers for new $22,000 cars to poor people was not a good idea. Mr. Pangloss stated that maybe it would be better policy, and better utilization of public money, to provide a Taxi Voucher of $5,000 a year instead. This way the insurance and electric power issues would not exist, and by doing this it would not only give the poor person the freedom of travel at any time of day or night, but it would stimulate the California taxi industry, and at the same time increase the production of taxi vehicles by the auto manufacturers. Mr. Pangloss further stated that the definition, of Poor Person, in California, should be extended to individuals making less than $50,000 dollars, and families with an income of less than $95,000.....thus making it possible for these 'new poor persons' to get rid of their car/or cars........and to free the roads of thousands of air polluting vehicles. It was at this point that the chairman of the board declared that much progress had been made in that morning session, and that after a two hour lunch break the board would vote on the recommendations as proposed. 

Personally, I was too sick to my stomach to attend the meeting after the lunch break. So I have no idea what transpired. I suspect that we will only know the details after the recommendations are passed into law.......because we can never know what is in a bill until it is passed into law, or so says California Congresswoman, Nancy Pelosi. 
Lord Howard Hurts 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

"In God We Must Trust"

The survival of America and this great Republic will not be found in the empty rhetoric of political 'sing song' given us by the likes of President B.H. Obama or Hillary 'my daughter and I were under fire in Bosnia' Clinton, or any current RINO pretender. We are currently on the edge of a Civil War between the races precisely because  President B.H. Obama has so divided this nation along the lines of race and personal responsibility that the freedoms so long ago won through blood, sweat, and tears, is fast coming to an inglorious end. Unless actions are taken by concerned Patriots the collapse into complete socialism will be upon us. 

This nation of personal Freedoms and Responsibility was conceived and won by Revolution. And it is completely rational that it must now be purged of the elements of softness fostered upon us by leaders who are only concerned about their personal fortunes, and keep the masses waiting for their next government handout rather than letting them experience the ups and downs of normal life. 

To start this New Revolution there must exist an understanding that life on Earth is just too complex to have been the result of some accidental evolution of atoms through chaos of attraction. This said, and understood, there is no logical reason to suppose that America can exist without the direction of a common deity or Creator figure, and this can be affirmed by the continuation of the national phrase: "In God We Trust". 

It is "Do Or Die" time. President B.H. Obama is a proven fraud, and with 50 million Americans on "Food Stamps" and nearly 50% of the population dependent on some form of government handout for their very existence, it is complete folly to believe that voting is the way to remove the 'cancer' that is eating this nation from within. It is time for the military of America to defend the Constitution and refuse to follow illegal orders from this Fraud of a President. It is time to purge this nation of the stench that comes from the entire Congress and the Supreme Court. It is time for some "King David" to take the actions needed to restore this nation to the Freedoms and Responsibilities that were won by our first Revolution. With faith in God there is every reason to believe that this New Revolution will accomplish the same result as the one in 1776. So it is time to declare war and take no prisoners. 
Lord Howard Hurts  

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Without A New Revolution.......all is lost

Our military is our defense against aggression both from within and from an outside force. The officers oath of office, unlike the oath of enlisted men, places no restriction on officers to follow the orders of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. The officers oath clearly gives them the legal right to take any actions that they find necessary for the defense of the Constitution. They are not bound to follow any orders that they view as Unconditional. It is the duty of the American military to see that the Constitution is the supreme document that guides us and rules us in every way, and everyday. 

If we don't have a "King David" type of military man (I don't foresee a woman taking this role, but it is a possibility) that will come forward and take charge then so be it............. America will die, and it will be because nobody in America was brave enough to shrug off the socialist brainwashing that our education system has continued to 'thump out' over, and over, and over, again for some 70 years. Without a new Revolution.... all is lost. We have become a "Nation of Cowardly Sheep", and deserve what comes our way. 
Lord Howard Hurts 

Friday, November 1, 2013

B.H. Obama ll....."puppet on a string"

Why is B.H. Obama so exercised by the exit of Edward Snowden to Russia? Friends inside Russia tell me that Mr. Snowden has provided to former KGB officer, and current President of Russia, Putin, 'iron clad' information done by the NSA concerning B.H. Obama ll. These persons further tell me that besides providing inside information about what (and when) B.H. Obama actually knew about: "Fast and Furious", the IRS targeting "Tea Party" organizations, the inadequate security in Benghazi and the false statement provided by both Hillary Clinton and B.H. Obama about this attack, and the current stunner, eavesdropping on world leaders.........there is information that has been suppressed by the FBI, CIA, and Congress about Obama being a current, illegal, drug user; his history of homosexual experiences, past and present; his economic association with persons that have negative U.S. military affiliations; and the fact that he not only has used a false SS identification 'card'......but that his true birth certificate has a handwritten notation attached that states that Frank Marshall Davis is his real father. It is said in Russian government circles that President Obama is now a 'puppet on a string' and will have to dance to any tune Putin plays. And should Obama resist.....Edward Snowden will get the blame while Putin pretends to be embarrassed by the salacious revelations. President Putin is now 'On Top Of The World'. At anytime he desires he can bring the Obama 'house of cards' crashing down. Will Putin cut the strings of his 'puppet' and let him fall? 
Lord Howard Hurts

Just for fun and information check out this:

Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Israeli PM Must Think And Think Hard

This is a response to an article, 10/24/2013;
Adelson: US should drop atomic bomb on Iran

The 'die' has been 'cast', and Israel is the loser. For the Israeli PM to think that America will come to the aid of Israel is complete folly. America has a closet Muslim in the Whitehouse and nobody in the Congress has attempted to have this Fraud removed........ so Israel must plan for its own defense. 

Mr. Adelson. You and I need to put our brains together for a real solution. Here is something for the PM of Israel to ponder: When one does the  same thing over and over again, and expects a different result; This is the classic definition of  insanity. Israel must understand that strength comes from strength. To think otherwise is defeat. I ask the leaders of Israel to give this simple "thought" much consideration; When fighting "wild dogs" , you can't stop the attacks by killing them, as "wild dogs" breed at a very fast rate. One must kill the masters of these "dogs", because the masters "feed" the dogs, and without food, "wild dogs" can not survive. "Wild dogs" don't have a superior brain, but their masters do. Take the charge directly to the masters, because with their superior brain, they will understand the consequences.   

I have recently been criticized for being too NEGATIVE in my postings. Please understand: My postings are just the personal views of one man, myself. It is difficult to be positive when the world is awash with MORONS in leadership roles. Facts are Facts. Pigs is Pigs. Quality of life should always trump Quantity of life. Every living thing on this planet will die at some time, so why not make death a statement to that "Divine Something" that separates all Mankind from all other Earthly life forms?

We have been engaged in two protracted "wars" for the past 10 or so years, and have nothing of merit to show for all the human suffering and losses. Our taxpayers are against further spending on rebuilding what we have destroyed. Our economy is in ruin, and because of past political policies, we stand a chance to lose our Constitution and Freedoms to a citizenship more interested in instant personal gratification than on a stable, moral, future. Suddenly, we have Iran posturing and puffing, and handing us the way to extract ourselves from our social division, and economic depression, but our leadership is once again awarding itself self serving "degrees", and watching what the Kardashian's are doing in their weird world of sexual deviancy, to accept the opportunity to teach both the world and Iran a lesson in leadership. 

Like it or not, the only thing that removed this nation from the "mouth" of the depression, of 1929, was the Second World War. The war in Afghanistan and Iraq, has been more polarizing than unifying. A war with Iran can be both a unifier and a economy "up-lifter". A Nuclear War is inevitable at some time or place. We can not let weak leaders like Obama or Hillary Clinton let Iran "push us into a corner". We must face the fact of the future, and move accordingly. To follow these rules will insure Victory:

1. “All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must seem inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near.”

2. “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting. Thus, what is of supreme   importance in war is to attack the enemy's strategy.”

3. “Let your plans be dark and as impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.”

4. “Regard your soldiers as your children, and they will follow you into the deepest valleys; look on them as your own beloved sons, and they will stand by you even unto death.”

Lord Howard Hurts

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Hillary Clinton Is Today's "Lady Macbeth"

It is time for the Patriots of America to act. A new Revolution is the only answer to the restoration of the Constitution as the Law of the Land. Currently 49.2% of all American's receive government benefits of some type. This makes it nearly impossible to elect persons to government who want to slow or reform all government benefit programs. America is for all purposes a Democracy, a government ruled by the mob, rather than the Republic envisioned and laid out by our Founding Fathers. 

It is time for all rational, working, taxpaying, American citizens to take actions against Hillary "my daughter and I were under fire in Bosnia" Clinton. This woman, who like B.H. Obama, claims to be the smartest person on planet Earth, not only is a rabid Socialist, but a woman who left brave Americans to die at the hands of Muslim thugs, and then pretended that she not only was not culpable in their deaths....but that the entire incident was inspired by an anti Muslim video posted to youtube. This vile woman has done nothing in her adult life to inspire any truly informed citizen, and in fact she, and her husband, Bill "The Impeached President" Clinton, were so inept during their brief encounter in the public economic sector that they were unable to scam enough persons out of their hard earned saving that their (Clinton's) Whitewater land project in Arkansas became insolvent, and finally fell into bankruptcy. It is time for the Warriors of this nation to protest this "Lady Macbeth" creature at every stop she makes on her way to become a candidate for President. The similarities between Hillary and "Lady Macbeth" are so striking that I give you this quote from the works of William Shakespeare and his "Lady Macbeth:

The raven himself is hoarse
That croaks the fatal entrance of Duncan
Under my battlements. Come, you spirits
That tend on mortal thoughts, unsex me here, 
And fill me from the crown to the toe top-full
Of direst cruelty! make thick my blood; 
Stop up the access and passage to remorse, 
That no compunctious visitings of nature
Shake my fell purpose, nor keep peace between
The effect and it! Come to my woman's breasts, 
And take my milk for gall, you murdering ministers, 
Wherever in your sightless substances
You wait on nature's mischief! Come, thick night, 
And pall thee in the dunnest smoke of hell, 
That my keen knife see not the wound it makes, 
Nor heaven peep through the blanket of the dark, 
To cry 'Hold, hold!'

Read this passage at least twice to get the full effect. Does this project the true psyche of Hillary Clinton or not? Hillary Clinton left brave Americans to die in Benghazi, and it is time that this 'Witch' be avenged by the spirits of these dead Warriors. 
Lord Howard Hurts 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Proof That America Is Now A Certified Banana Republic

The United States of America is now a Banana Republic of the first order. The only thing that allows it to keep its status as a world power is its ability to gather together the worlds most advanced weapons of war, and marshal a military force that is so brainwashed that it will blindly follow orders from its Usurper President, B.H. Obama ll, without fail. It boggles the mind to see a military force so mentally confused that it continues to 'give its all', in a war against a civilization that is only three steps above Caveman status (Afghanistan) at a time when even a 'blind man' can see that this Usurper President works tirelessly against this brave force that keeps him in power. And furthermore it is most telling that American children, though blessed with the most costly education on planet Earth, test no higher than 25th in the world in Math, 17th in Science, and 12th in Reading. So if the legend for insanity is really the doing of something over, and over again, and hoping to find a different final result.....then America is truly a Banana Republic led by insane persons. Thus making these words of the National Anthem, "the land of the free.....and the home of the brave", nothing more than hollow verse to a song few Americans know or relate with.

When one looks at the dynamics of the sophisticated military weapons that America brings to the battlefield, it is quite puzzling that after 12 years in Afghanistan, fighting a force that is anything but organized, and one that fights using weapons such as 'suicide bombers', improvised explosive bombs............. and one where most all military supply's are carried into battle by either human or donkey transportation, the 'grunts' themselves would not revolt. A rational general would refuse to continue, but alas the U.S. seems blessed with an unlimited supply of generals who achieved their rankings through social arrangements rather than military prowess. Only in a Banana Republic would this upside down reality exist. And to be fair, this "Alice In Wonderland" upside down reality has existed from Bush l until the now drug addled Usurper, 'homosexual closet queen', B.H. Obama ll. It is a fact that all persons crave attention and praise, and when in a position of power they tend to always choose subordinates who are many 'powers' below their own mental equal, and in the case of B.H. Obama ll, his over stated mental achievements, and false high IQ, make for appointments of military dimwits that would be found in any third world country. 

Not one to just accentuate the negative, I give you this thought and proof that the U.S. military is a social club rather than a Patriotic association of Warriors. There are currently 20 U.S. aircraft carriers in service today with more on drawing boards to be funded. Former Defense Secretary, William Cohen, has said on several occasions that without "flattops" the U.S. has less voice and influence in world issues. But isn't it clearly logical that an aircraft carrier, the immense size of the current Gerald R. Ford-class of aircraft carriers in particular, besides being massively expensive to build, is nothing more than a 'sitting target' for any advanced nations guided missiles which can be easily programmed from an 'eye in the sky'? And for these two very reasons is it not logical that Russia and China have focused on subs instead? Isn't this proof that America is being led by old men who are social climbers rather than Patriotic Warriors? Isn't this proof positive that America is now a certified Banana Republic? 
Lord Howard Hurts

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Purge John 'no brains' McCain From The Republican Party

It is time for the Republican party to purge John 'no brains' McCain from its roster. This once patriotic man is now proof positive of the long term ability of 'brain washing' to twist and confuse reality. To purge this RHINO from the party would be a step in the right direction if this party is to endure. There are many other RINO's that likewise need to be 'gone', but dumping this dinosaur would be a most positive step in 'shaking up' this party that has turned into a mirror image of the socialist Democratic Party. 

Of course this prerogative, to remove John 'no brains' from the Senate, should clearly be in the hands of the Arizona voters, but with illegal's from Mexico being allowed to vote, and hold drivers licenses in some states, with no complaint from the Federal Government, it is clear that America has no 'borders' that bar anyone on the planet from engaging into any political situation. Then logically anyone who wants John 'no brains' removed should be able to make their 'vote' heard regardless if they live in Florida or Alaska, or even New York. So Patriots, for the sake of this great nation, get up a petition to have John 'no brains' removed as Senator from the great state of Arizona. 
Lord Howard Hurts  

Friday, October 11, 2013

Where Is Our "King David"?

Patriots read this most telling and accurate article and THINK. Is the answer to sit and wait for another FRAUD election in 2014, or 2016, controlled by Democrats and RINO's? The comparison between B.H. Obama and Hitler is most telling, and the recent actions by B.H. Obama are proof positive that he views himself as Dictator rather than President. The Constitution is the Law of the Land, and it is now time for the U.S. military to do their sworn duty to protect our Constitution from this Godless Obama Administration. A military takeover at this time is unfortunately the only sane option to cleanse this great Republic of the corruption that has driven the Federal Government for over 70 years. 

I hope that some "King David" will step forward and start the Revolution that will restore America to the freedom and greatness that it once stood for. And to start this Revolution today I ask all Republicans to change their political designation to Independent voter. This will serve as the sign to our military that it is time, for them, to take action to remove the President, the vice President, the Congress, and the Supreme Court. This slow death by Executive Order needs to be met head-on now rather than later. It is "Do or Die" time. Let Freedom Ring.
Lord Howard Hurts


Friday, September 27, 2013

What Is The Truth About The Bin Laden Raid And Kiling?

Seymour Hersh: Bin Laden Raid “One Big Lie”.  On the subject of the Navy Seal raid that supposedly resulted in the death of the Al-Qaeda terror leader, Hersh remarked, “Nothing has been done about that story, it’s one big lie, not one word of it is true.”

Lord Howard Hurts; I wrote this 18 of May, 2011: As I sat the other morning, eating a bagel, in Panera Bread, off of Us 41, in Sarasota, two guys came in, and I assumed by their dress that they were there to accept an award for their part in killing bin Laden. One was dressed in a formal coat with a top hat, and he said,  "Why, this watch is exactly two days slow.” The other guy, a large white rabbit, said, "I'm late. I'm late. For a very important date." And after thanking them for their service, I began to read media accounts of this most important encounter and killing. The 'slobbering's' of the media about President Obama being both a genius and a saint gave rise to my brain again 'getting on The Crazy Train'. As I read more, my mental illness manifested into a dreaded conspiracy theory. I began to think, and suddenly the only thought I had was a quote I remembered from grade school; "It would be so nice if something made sense for a change." (Alice, from Alice in Wonderland). 

The mentioned bin Laden 'million dollar mansion' brought a mental vision that was immediately erased by the actual photo of this  'hideout'. I suddenly could not even imagine how these three words, 'million dollar mansion' could be used in a serious sentence to describe this rundown stack of crude cement blocks. Then there was the photos of the inside of the 'compound'. Was this a joke? Was this the photo of the inside of some trailer in Kentucky? Is this the furnishings found in a 'million dollar mansion'?And how was it possible for two, slow moving, helicopters to land inside of this compound, just yards away from a Pakistani military instillation, without encountering some type of assault? The pictures of the surrounding landscape show a town more in tune to donkey transportation, and surly the noise of assaulting helicopters would have awakened someone in the compound. Then there was the  45 minute gun fight that turned into a 23 minute gun fight, that turned into no gun fight, and no resistance from the occupants of the compound. Then there was the wife of bin Laden, who threw herself in front of the American weapons pointed at her husband, and was killed, only to return, like someone in "Candide", by Voltaire. Then there were bodyguards with weapons, no bodyguards, and no weapons anywhere in the compound. Then the official statement that bin Laden was reaching for a rifle as he was shot. Then it was a rifle and a pistol. Then he had no weapons. Then the pathetic photo of bin Laden, sitting in his underwear, in a Snuggy, watching an old TV purchased from a clearance sale from some closed Motel 6. Where did this photo originate? It was also said that bin Laden was so vain that he dyed his beard, from it's natural gray, to dark black so as to look younger. I must assume that this photo was taken by the Seals during the assault, for why would bin Laden have let someone take a photo of him in this condition? Now correct me if I am wrong, but I remember hearing, in the beginning, that when the Seals encountered bin Laden, he said,"I am not him!" And then this person was shot. This would have been something that not many moral and rational humans could have done, regardless of their orders. This shooting of 'bin Laden' was apparently followed by an extremely quick DNA check, something that usually takes days to perform, to make certain that this pathetic creature was in fact enemy number one of the American public. Followed, just as quickly, with a Muslim burial at sea. And last, but not least, the official photo of President Obama, and Queen Hillary Clinton, watching the entire operation in real time on a big screen. What? Fake? It was a fake photo? Well who cares? Everything in Wonderland is mixed up. What is up is sometimes down, and what is east is sometimes west, but the truth is always the truth, unless it is not the truth. "If you set to work to believe everything, you will tire out the believing-muscles of your mind, and then you'll be so weak you won't be able to believe the simplest true things." (Lewis Carroll). 
Lord Howard Hurts  

Monday, September 16, 2013

What I Learned In Andorra la Vella

The world of conquest and intrigue never ends, and has no boundaries or moral restraints. I spent this past summer at my home in the mountains of Andorra la Vella. I enjoyed hiking in the mountains of this most beautiful 'Free Port' nation with my dogs, and also spending time with many international characters, of dubious repute, at dinners in my home. And then also spending time in Barcelona, Spain (a most breathtaking four hour drive down the Pyrenees mountains to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea) to confirm and further understand the coming crisis that will further complicate any attempt to salvage America from complete collapse and ruin. As most readers have very little knowledge of this tiny nation, I give you this brief introduction.

Andorra la Vella is both the capital and the parish of this exceedingly small country, Andorra, perched high in the eastern Pyrenees mountains between France and Spain. This nation is old in history, but only formally organized in 1993, when it finally combined its feudal societies into a parliamentary democracy. Of course after this step into the 'modern age' Andorra moved towards the formation of a national banking industry somewhat like the British Channel Islands, and of course being very near Switzerland, Andorra became a magnet for the 'new age' spies and thinkers from around the globe. Now given this minor glimpse into the  character of Andorra la Vella, a city with a population of about 23,000 persons, I will inform the Patriots of America about the intrigue and plots I heard about from many varied and questionable informers this past summer.

The confusion in the Middle East is being driven by a 'push' to form a restored Caliphate. The formation will come when the Muslim nations unite, and this is the current cause of most of the problems in Egypt today. 

Saudi Arabian leaders like their status and will continue to bribe the corrupt Congress of America to fight its wars. Hillary "my daughter and I were under fire in Bosnia" Clinton is their choice for President  in 2016.

The Benghazi attacks were more of the savagery of the Muslims over Americans, and the refusal of Muslims to deal with an openly homosexual American Ambassador. The true facts are now coming out and it is clear that Ambassador Stevens was captured alive, and sodomized before death. Hillary Clinton, someone who is also gay, knows the truth, and continues to lie. Because nothing has happened to Hillary Clinton for her lies, she is the first place pick by Muslims for the next American President. 

Remember that there are more than 1.6 billion Muslims in the world today making it the second largest religious group in the world (Christians are number one).

The Muslim nations despise President B.H. Obama ll, the drug smoking, homosexual, intellectual fraud, but will continue to pretend otherwise as he has 'opened doors' for the Muslim conquest that has moved their timetable ahead by a decade or more. 

The forest fires in the American west were started by radical Muslims on a mission to destroy America by fire. They accomplished these fires by dropping 'fire bombs' from small aircraft. These assaults will continue. They also are using hobby type radio controlled airplanes to deliver these 'fire bombs' to areas where the terrain makes it difficult, if not impossible, to establish a firefighting defense.

Muslims will continue to exert pressure on American state, and federal governments, to gain support for their religion, and will  continue to ask that Christianity be restricted in all governmental settings. 

Muslims will continue to dispense fear through beheadings and savagery to all disbelievers.

Muslims are laughing at the concern of American's with the 'nerve gassing' attacks of the Syrian Civil War. These attacks are just attempts to scare the American government and the American population. Poison gas has never been successful in open warfare. But the Muslims are working on 'brain eating viruses' as a viable weapon, and are working to formulate a way to infiltrate the American drinking water system. They have made several trial attempts, and have succeeded somewhat in this controlled system of killing. 

Muslims know that suicide missions truly scare the American public. And so have increased their call for more of the faithful to enlist in these missions of fear and death.

Muslims are also working on implanting into the American water system radioactive materials that will make the death of the American citizen a certainty.  They know that the American water distribution system is the weakest link in the safety of America. 

I can go on further, but these few examples should make one aware that Muslims are our enemy, and that our current leaders are just 'lap dogs' to these Jihadist. I employ the Patriots of this nation to Wake Up! It is time for action. It is time for all Christians to join together, and it is time to face the reality that this new Pope, Pope Francis, is the Antichrist. His 'reforms' are just what the Muslims want. Don't bother to send a copy of this to your Congressman. He is too engaged and distracted by the money flowing into his 'pocket' by Muslim agents. It is time for the 'Tea Party' types to gather together and form a united and national challenge to the dysfunctional and corrupted Republican Party. It is "Do Or Die" time. Let Freedom Ring.
Lord Howard Hurts

Thursday, August 29, 2013

It Is Time To "Do or Die"

An egalitarian society is a society composed of citizens who are looking for equality without the personal risk of failure, and as such they hold few values, moral or otherwise, that they find worth fighting for. America, under B.H. Obama, is fast heading towards this point in its history. Economic egalitarianism is a state of economic affairs in which equality of outcome is the goal. America, under the Obama Administration is leading America to this very destructive economic conclusion. America, the "Land of the Free" and the "Home of the Brave", at this time, is just a small footnote in the history of Freedom for the Individual, and will decline further unless the Patriots of this nation join together and remove from office all those who will not defend, and uphold, the Constitution of the United States of America. And B.H. Obama, "The Usurper", is number one on the list.

America is now, unfortunately, at the end of this grand and noble experiment in human Freedom that its fore bearers fought for, and gave to them. The citizens of America are now being 'brainwashed' by the Federal education system, which pretends that risk and luck are not logical factors to accomplishing personal success. This education bureaucracy believes that only through mediocrity and total equality can America be a strong and caring nation. The universities and colleges of America are socialist leaning schools of higher education, and as such they only grant degrees to those who 'parrot' their liberal interpretation of the Constitution. These "Harvard Type Intellectuals" believe that they have obtained a superior state of enlightenment, and regard themselves as the "God's of a higher and more understanding civilization"........ while all the time rejecting the "Natural Laws of Human Existence". They do not acknowledge that life on Earth is just too complex to have been an accident.........and that Order can not come from chaos. They neither understand nor acknowledge that all order is grounded on a precise mathematical formula, and as such, it must have been created. There is no way, on Earth, that Order could have been 'born' from millions upon millions of atomic particles flying around.......and then suddenly, at some time in their unconscious existence, were able to come together by some type of unknown attraction to form a complex and Ordered Existence. Order only comes from Order. There is no other logical answer, thus "Existence on Earth" is the result of Creation not Evolution. But unfortunately, the "Harvard Types", in America today, have hijacked reality through their granting of self serving degrees with which they have filled the ranks of government, Federal and State, with brainwashed and illogical workers. America is now a doomed nation because the majority of its citizenry embraces the concept of total personal equality, and rejects the reality of living in a society that is ruled by the "Natural Laws of Human Existence" given to us by our Creator. A quick look at world history will show......... to even those with a 'challenged IQ'............. that "Reality Always Wins". 

The American Constitution has been 'Trashed' by both major political parties for over 70 years. "The Usurper", B.H. Obama, has been able to not only hide his real identity, and his anti Constitutional political leanings, but he has used his claim to being 'Black' to keep the "Weak Sheep" of America from forcing him to let someone, such as Dr. Jorome Corsi, from going to Hawaii and viewing his birth certificate stored there in a vault. It is worthy to note that many document experts have opinioned that the B.H. Obama, Internet posted, birth certificate is a composite pasting, and can not be a true copy of the actual B.H. Obama certificate found in the vault in Hawaii...... if such a document even exists. It is only logical that if B.H. Obama had posted a true copy of his birth certificate on the Internet, he would have no reason to keep any citizen from viewing this vault kept certificate.........that is unless he knew that the one posted on the Internet was a fake document.

The "Weak Sheep" are told that "Birthers" are "crazy people", and that they would not believe the truth if shown the actual certificate, so that there is no reason to let them view this vault kept document. And the "Weak Sheep" submit! This is why America is now in "death throes" as this usurper, B.H. Obama, continues to intimidate the Patriots of America. It is so sad that these Patriots are just too cowardly to respond against this enemy of the Constitution, and this major divider of the citizens of the U.S...........the 'death rattle' is being heard around the world. 

If the U.S. Congress will not Impeach this usurper, then the answer is found in the Constitution itself. And it is time to "Do or Die". It is time for the U.S. military to defend the Constitution and remove all enemy's domestic or foreign from the government. 

"We all want progress, but if you're on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road; in that case, the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive." C.S. Lewis 
Lord Howard Hurts

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lord Hurts, Hurts

Posted 12 March 2012.

I am sitting in my "digs" outside of San Jose, and I have a bottle of Bacardi 151 Rum, a bottle of hydrogen peroxide, and a pair of stainless steel tweezers, that I have heated to "red hot", so as to sterilize them. I am looking to remove bullet fragments that are in the flesh of my right shoulder and upper arm. I have pulled two, very small, lead fragments out already, and I am probing around to see if there are any others. I will, soon, pour hydrogen peroxide on the raw flesh from which I have dug out the fragments, and will follow this with the 151 rum (on the wound. Not in the stomach). Not a fun day for sure. Today is Thursday. It all started at around 5 AM on Tuesday. 

March, being summer in Costa Rica, Tuesday morning started out with a  temperature of around 66 degrees F. When I got myself out of bed, I grabbed a banana, and went into my spare bedroom-office; Turned on the computer and checked my email. Among the 300 plus emails, I found one from an old school chum, Gordon Salisbury-Reed. Gordon wrote that he had come upon my email address through my postings at: He further stated that a friend of his had seen several of my posting in the Daily Mail, and had mentioned that Lord Howard Hurts seemed an interesting chap, if not some "mongrel", impersonating British "upper crust". And so Gordon "said" that he began to read all my past postings, and decided to contact me as he was going to be on Holiday in Costa Rica, at the El Silencio, a spa, retreat, in Bajos del Toro, on March 6, and stay until March 9. This email was over a week old. He further mentioned that he would like to see me if I could find the time to come up to the El Silencio, and that we could spend a day exploring the Poas Volcano that is nearby, and renewing the past. 

My  memory of Gordon was of a tall, lanky, intelligent kid, who was always hunting for gold. And I remember as kids, our talking about his belief that volcanoes were a good place to find gold as they would do all the work bringing it up from deep inside the earth. My only "vision" of Gordon was the one my mind dug up from the kids dreaming, and now I wondered just how different he would look today, some 30 years past. I immediately sent him an email confirming that he was in fact in contact with his former school chum, Lord Howard Hurts (of course then, in our youth, I was not a Lord, but that did not stop me from including my British title in the missive), and told him that I would meet him at El Silencio, on the next Wednesday, March 8. I also communicated that he would need to give me further directions on how to get there, as I had never heard of the place. 

Later that day, I received another email from Gordon. He said that he was pleased that we had connected, and that he had no idea about directions to the retreat, but that he would in fact be there starting on March 6.......that all the information, pertaining to directions, could be gathered by looking at the web site he had included for El Silencio. He also mentioned that Wednesday would be perfect as he would be rested and ready to explore the volcano. The email was short and to the point, and I was feeling that time had not been good to us as he did not mention our childhood conversations about volcano's and gold, or even mentioning his idea of using sheep skins weighted down, on the bottom of a fast flowing creek, to catch gold......... An idea he had gathered from Greek mythology...... Jason and the golden fleece......... I am sure. I then thought that he just might not be much of a writer, and that we would be able to reconnect with the past when we met. So I did look up the web site for the retreat, and found that it was less than 2 hours away from San Jose, and thus an hour, more or less, from my "digs" here outside the capitol city. 

From my reading I found that the Poas Volcano, was on some rugged trails near the Cloud Forest, not far from the El Silencio retreat; That the retreat has some really good food available; That yoga and stress relief was the idea behind the retreat; And that the retreat was designed by one of Costa Rica’s most prominent architects, Ronald Zurcher. I also read that it was on land overlooking a "valley", so I decided that as the roads were narrow and winding, and at elevations that probably had no guard rails, I would take my red, 2012, Honda CRF 250 enduro. I use this cycle, quite frequently, to "buzz" into San Jose, and in doing so, avoid getting tangled in all the downtown traffic....and I can always find a place to park, rather than circle around, and around, looking for a space large enough for a car. I had purchased this "bike" several weeks previous, and had not taken it off road as yet, so the trip to the volcano might be something we could do on this cycle rather than renting a car and driver. I was "geared up" for the trip, and looking forward to making contact with an old friend from years past.

The ride on Wednesday to El Silencio was going to be quite fun. I was looking forward to traveling through the mountains, rain forest, and the farmlands. My Internet directions said that I should leave my rental house and head towards the International Airport, follow the sign to San Ramon, go about 14 miles, and look for a red church on the left. Make a left turn about 3 or 4 blocks before the church........I would now be in the town of Grecia.  I was to look for a bus station...... make a left turn, and proceed down the hill for 5 blocks. And when I "hit" the intersection, I was to take another left, and go about 3 miles...... and then I would be in Sarchi. Once in Sarchi, I needed to  go slow, and make a right turn in front of the famous Ox Cart factory.....and then to follow the road to Bajos del Toro.

 The trip started well, the traffic was light, but the directions I had written up were not the easiest to follow. The rough part of the trip, I surmised, would come after Sarchi, a small town, where it's claim to fame is the custom furniture factories, and the hand painted, Ox Carts manufactured there. When I finally got to Sarchi, I saw a most wondrous sight. In front of a church stood a huge, and I mean really huge, brightly colored, Ox Cart. Apparently these carts are in demand by buyers because I saw many of them throughout the town, and I even saw one on the road outside of town, being pulled by a cow....... or maybe it was an ox. As I continued to look for the Ox Cart factory, my next turn, my Honda was "breezing" along without a glitch, but I still had doubts about "finding" my way back to San Jose should I lose the paper with these vague directions I had written.

After making a right turn at the Ox Cart factory, and leaving Sarchi, I found myself in "another world". The road was narrow and twisting, and there were no guard rails to keep errant vehicles from going over the edge. As I drove, some of the more twisting parts of the road, the drop off from the roads edge to the 'bottom', seemed  thousands of feet down. And at some places 'clouds' kept me from seeing the land at the 'bottom', giving the impression that there was no end to the drop off. The Toro river was also in sight much of the way, and at times I could see 'white water' blasting against the rocks blocking its path. As I drove on, the humidity became very high, and it gave, once in a while, the impression that I was driving through clouds. Traffic after Sarchi was nearly non existent. I passed many small farms, and coffee plantations. My altimeter showed that I was near 6,000 feet. The red Honda was 'breathing' a little harder than I thought it should, but with only 250cc's of displacement, and at this high elevation, should I expect different? I can not begin to describe the beauty of these highlands. As I neared the 'peak' of the ride, I assume that I was looking down..... into the Amarillo Valley........ the valley that 'harbours' the small community of Bajos del Toro, but don't quote me on I never made it down into the valley. 

I had stopped at the top of the hill, just before the long downward ride to Bajos del Toro because I was surprised to see a huge, maybe 12 foot tall, stand of ganja. It was a stand that was at least 5 foot in diameter, and it crowded the road with its dark green foliage and pungent smell. I pulled up to it thinking that I should have brought along a camera......when suddenly I was 'stung' in my right shoulder and upper arm. Then, milliseconds later, came the distinct sound of a rifle letting off 3 rounds in a quick burst. My shoulder, and upper arm, suddenly, was 'burning hot'. I knew I had been hit....but I also knew it could not be serious, as I had total control over my shoulder and arm, although they had then begun to  turn from a 'hot burn', to an intense stinging sensation. 

Moving on instinct I 'clicked' the Honda into first gear and spun it around, and at the same time I twisted the throttle to the stop. The little machine spun its rear wheel, grabbed traction, and then the front wheel picked up slightly. Backing off the throttle, for an instant, the front end nosed down.....and I was in second, and third, and then fourth gear..... the throttle was once again twisted to the stop. Even though I had been hit by a bullet, or bullets, from some rifle, there was little blood showing so I knew that it was not a serious wound. On the ride back to San Jose, my mind tried to make sense out of what had happened. I thought about my school chum, and suddenly, I thought: Why had he not asked in the email for my phone number or some contact number? That did not make sense. No. We had not talked for over 30 years, and nobody would have just sent a short email. And why did I not ask him for a phone number? 

The time frame, to the meeting, had been so short that I had not given these questions any real thought. I decided now, that upon returning to the house, I would look for an email from Gordon, asking why I had not showed up..... Tetanus.....tetanus.......did I need a tetanus shot? Was I shot because I was looking at the ganja, or was it someone waiting for me? I continued to retrace my route back to San Jose, and made it in nearly half the time it took to go out. 

Upon getting to my rental house, I parked the Honda, and heard my two Cocker Spinals whinnying for me to release them from their outside pen, but instead, I just said, "Sassy......Archie. I will get to you later. I have something to deal with now"..........did I believe that they really understood what I was telling them? Of course not. I was just nervous. Once in the house, I got a bottle of Bacardi 151 Rum, a bottle of hydrogen peroxide, and a pair of stainless steel tweezers. I heated the twisters to 'red hot', so as to sterilize them. 

In all, I pulled four small bullet fragments out of my shoulder and upper arm, and only one of them had been of sufficient depth to even make me think about a tetanus shot. After pouring on the hydrogen peroxide, I followed with a cloth soaked in the 151 rum, and found some duct tape to wrap over the soaked cloth, to keep it over the 'wounded areas'

I did not have a clear opinion as to why I was shot at. It could be that I was too close to a ganja growing area, and the owners sent me a warning, or it could have been a planed attack. I 'leaned' to it being a planned attack because after not hearing from Gordon for over 24 hours, I began to look on Face Book for a clue. I found, in a posting from our old Ramsgate, Kent, school........... a note that Gordon Salisbury-Reed had passed away in 2008, at age 62....... A disclosure that really hit me hard. And armed with this information I was very sure that this had been a planned attack. 

But then how had I only sustained the minor wounds? I think that the weapon that was used fired a .223 round, and being a hunting bullet rather than a military round, that the bullet, or bullets, had hit parts of the ganja plant, and as the bullet, or bullets were traveling at nearly 4,000 fps, they fragmented after striking the shrub. And then it was just unfortunate, for me, that part of my body was in the way of those exploded fragments. Another coincidence? Maybe. 

I had thought that I could 'sit out' the 2012 Presidential election in this third world paradise...... I mean, just sit back, and watch the 'riots' after Obama is once again elected by these government workers, union thugs, students, and regular Democrats, who produce nothing of value, but who demand, that those American citizens who work and play by the rules, pay more in taxes to support them.....And then "Atlas Shrugged". 
Lord Howard Hurts

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Civil War Is Upon Us

The trial of George Zimmerman is over. The jury has spoken. The government did not meet its responsibility, and the dissatisfied  masses cried foul. The Federal Government, lead by our Marxist President, B.H. Obama, once again has incited his racist followers to continue their illogical rants and chants of Justice For Trayvon. And in doing so, B.H. Obama has proved that he does not recognize the rule of law in America. And when chaos and mob rule becomes the standard, there is no Freedom or Future for any citizen. "Principiis Obsta (et respice finem)"  Meaning: Resist the beginnings and consider the end. Let Freedom Ring
Lord Howard Hurts

Friday, July 12, 2013

Trayvon Martin May Be The 'Pawn' That Destroys The American Legal System And The Constitution

Patriots. Watch carefully the Zimmerman-Martin second degree murder case in Sanford, Florida. Should the jury find Zimmerman guilty, the corruption of America has succeeded, and is near completion. This high profile murder case was tainted from the start by B.H. Obama when he made mention that this young thug, Trayvon Martin, could have been his son. Read this article and do your own thinking, and I am sure you will come to the reasonable conclusion that this is a case that was clearly self-defense, and had nothing what so ever to do with racial hatred. Just by the fact that the media, and the prosecution team, has always insisted that Trayvon had gone to the 'store' to purchase Arizona Ice Tea, it is clear that this is a case of necessity rather than facts. In police photos, that anyone can access, the drink is not Arizona Ice Tea, but Arizona Watermelon Fruit Juice. Why the continued lie about ice tea?

Lord Howard Hurts

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

101 Million Americans On Some Type Of Food Subsidy Program

Patriots. There are now more than 101 million Americans on some type of government food subsidy program. (  B.H. Obama and his minions have nearly destroyed this nations economy. When one third of the population of any country has to depend on government to exist, dictatorship and chaos closely follows. And the 'beat goes on'..................while the Obama Administration 'crows' about the progress they have made to get the economy 'out of the ditch' that George W. Bush got us into, and yet 101 million Americans can not afford to feed themselves. This is insanity. 

The largest gain in employment is part time work. Part Time Work? If 101 million Americans can not afford to feed themselves then please explain how Part Time Employment will help the situation? People without jobs, and food, tend to elect persons who profess to stand for Hope and Change. And this is exactly why B.H. Obama is in the White House today. But where is the Hope and Change? For 5 years this nations economy has stagnated. When prices get too high more low cost workers from Mexico and Central America are let in to take the jobs that Americans will not take. The government then gives the displaced Americans food subsidies and unemployment checks, but when over 1/3 of the population is being cared for by the working taxpayers, the system is going to crash because of the immense burden on those who work. B.H. Obama and his Marxist associates have accomplished what a war with guns and bombs could not do. These Marxist have so divided this nation by false and 'pumped up' calls of racism from 'Whites' against 'Blacks' that even the most informed citizen doesn't pay attention to the fact that 'Blacks' can walk the streets of most every city in America, day or night, safely. But 'Whites' can not walk the streets of 'Black' neighborhoods, day or night, without encountering racial threats or worse. 

The media has helped to create this 'Alice In Wonderland', what is Up is really Down and what is Down is really Up, situation, and unless the Patriots of this nation join together to insure that the Constitution is upheld as the Law of the Land, this nation, like Rome many centuries before, will perish. And the best way to save the nation is to start a new political party to replace the tattered Republican Party that too often mirrors the insanity proposed by the left leaning Democratic Party. I, once again, propose that this new party be called: Christian Democrats. I would believe that it could be a 'king' maker from the start as I believe that there would be enough members to 'tip' any election one way or the other. Let Freedom Ring.
Lord Howard Hurts

Monday, July 8, 2013

There Is A Coming Civil War

Patriots Wake Up! Prepare. This Zimmerman-Martin second degree murder case in Sanford, Florida is proof positive that the corruption of America and the Constitution is near final. The President, B.H. Obama, before the facts were known, stated that this Trayvon Martin could have been his son. The implication, and there is no other reason for the President to make a public statement on this case, is that Trayvon was the innocent person in the altercation, and that the 'white Hispanic' defendant is the guilty party. 

As the case has progressed it is clear that there is no actual legal ground on which to proceed against Zimmerman. The judge in the case is clearly bias or ignorant of the law, and 'appeasement' of African-Americans ( I detest this classification of American citizens as I find it both racist and divisive.) is the only reason the case was brought in the first place. I employ the Patriots of this nation to keep informed, and to be ready to insure that the Federal Government protects the Constitutional rights of all citizens........not just those who will vote for a Marxist like Obama. This Zimmerman-Martin case clearly shows that America is racially divided, and for this great nation to survive........the Constitution must be upheld. It is time to stop letting this fraud of a President pick, and choose, the laws that the Federal Government will enforce. Please read this linked article and think.
Lord Howard Hurts

Friday, June 28, 2013

Hillary Clinton Is Seeking Revenge Against B.H. Obama

From my emails I have received a most creditable tip that there currently is an ongoing clash between the B.H. Obama forces, and the Hillary 'my daughter and I were under fire in Bosnia' Clinton, Presidential Wannabe faction. It seems that 'Viper' Hillary is pushing to get revenge for being thrown under the bus in the election of 2008. Apparently, Hillary is going to make an example of B.H. Obama and this action, she believes, will insure her the election to the Presidency in 2016. My source 'says' that this revenge tactic, by Hillary, is the main reason for the push for information on everyone living in the U.S. by Obama. To survive, he has to be able to intimidate more Congressmen and big donors to the Hillary For President campaign. 

Obama knows the truth about his birth certificate, and even though he was born in Hawaii there is a handwritten footnote on this document that changes his father from the goat herder, Obama Sr., to Frank Marshall Davis. This is the reason he has spent so much money to keep from being drawn into a court. Should he be engaged in an actual appearance, in a court, he would have to let the plaintiff go to Hawaii and view his actual birth certificate (sorry, conspiracy fans. Obama was born in Hawaii. He has used this goat herder father 'hook' to promote himself all these years, and the truth about his real father would seriously dilute his credibility). 

Patriots. Keep posting favorable articles towards Hillary. 'Pump' her up, and promote the 'internal feud'. Lord Howard Hurts

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Civil War Is Coming To America

"Any nation that suspends reality, and promotes a racial minority beyond others who have more ability, or training, is a nation that is engaged in 'Wonder Land' politics. And the final result of this behavior is Civil War."  Lord Howard Hurts

24 June, 2013, The U.S. Supreme Court Justices uphold race-based college admissions in a 7-1 vote. Proving, once and for all, that race rather than achievement is the law of the land, and it is now time for the Patriots of America to wake up, and remove this farce of a Court before the Constitution is nothing more than a list of suggestions, and this nation is in chaos, confusion, and Civil War. 

The United States of America is 'the Home of the Brave and the Land of the Free', and it doesn't need special, Federal law, based on diversity of race, to make it legitimate and strong. It is time to make English the national language of The United States of America, and time to deport any 'citizen' who identify's himself with a hyphenated, race based, identifier such as African-American, or any other identifier other than 'American Citizen'. The use of the identifier, African-American, signifies that the person using this identifier is African first, and American second. This hyphenated designation is purely race based, and the allegiance of the person is questionable. With all the positive civil rights legislation passed since 1964, race relations have been tense and more confrontational.......... rather than integrated. Proving, logically, that some persons are just not interested in becoming integrated into the spirit of the U.S. Constitution. 

The current George Zimmerman trial in Sanford, Florida is more proof that logic is now race based in American law. There is no doubt that George Zimmerman was being severely attacked by the 17 year old Trayvon Martin. And because Trayvon Martin had no visible physical injuries, other than the one inflicted by the bullet fired by Zimmerman, this is proof positive that Zimmerman was defending himself. The fact that Zimmerman was told by the Sanford PD to not follow Zimmerman has no bearing on the validity of the self defense response. Had Martin been shot while running away, or had Zimmerman not had severe injuries to the back of his head (he said that he was on the ground, and that Martin was on top of him...... slamming his head into the concrete walkway.), a self defense excuse would be very questionable. And for this case, based on the facts, to even enter into a trial is proof positive that race once again trumps law and logic. 

In the opening statement part of the trial, the prosecution took the 911, recorded, words of the accused, George Zimmerman, and repeated them for the jury to hear, "Fucking punks. These assholes. They always get away." Now these statements would be most damaging to the self defense claim by Zimmerman had they contained a reference to Martin's race. But these statements did not contain any reference to any race. Fucking punks and assholes can be persons of any race. So for anyone to believe that these statements are damaging to the self defense claim by Zimmerman, and proof that he hates blacks, is pure disregard of logic. These statements are innocuous in regard to a legal proof that Zimmerman targeted Martin because of his race. And for the prosecution to base their entire case on the fact that Zimmerman, by uttering these words, has proved his hate for the black race is nonsense. But this theory, by the prosecution, is proof that self defense can be denied to those who are accosted by persons of a protected race (I am sure the Supreme Court would concur.). This is a case that should never have gone to trial, but with President Obama entering into the controversy before all the facts were known, and saying that Trayvon could have been his son, it is not surprising that the local government of Sanford, Florida took action to appease both the President, and those persons who refer to themselves as African-Americans..... rather than Americans........ so that their town (Sanford) would not be 'burned down', like has happened in so many other cases where logic and law has been suspended because of Federally mandated race diversity. 
Lord Howard Hurts

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Patriots, Look Towards Brazil

Not wanting to come across as a socialist, or communist, I only hope that the Patriots of America take a long and investigative look at what is happening in Brazil today. I believe that it is time for Americans to start a Revolution to restore the Constitution as the Law of the Land, and to take back this country from the corrupter's who dominate, and control the economics of this once great nation. President Obama is a fraud, Hillary 'my daughter and I were under fire in Bosnia' Clinton is a fraud, and nearly the entire Congress of the United States of America is a fraud. It is time for the working, taxpayer, to get his/her due. A minimum wage of $15 an hour is closer to the actual amount needed for any American to exist. And this fact is born out by the fact that persons making $15 and hour can still be qualified for 'Food Stamps'. It is time to let business pay a living wage, and get government out of the 'Food Stamp', housing, and health care business. It is time to stop all government supplements to wages, and let the economy find the place where wages reflect the price of goods and services. It is time to stop government debt as this is just a way to hid the problems of an economy that is 'out or reality', and out of balance. 

It is time for the workers of America to demand a living wage, and time to stop the influx of the cheap illegal labor that is corrupting the voting rights of the legal working citizens of this nation. Any nation that doesn't protect it's borders ceases to be a nation.The reason for our Congress wanting to legitimize the illegal persons in this country is because big business wants cheap labor. Cheap labor puts more money in the pockets of the heads of these big corporations with which they can purchase corrupt politicians. This is nothing new in the history of the world, but it is time for Americans to stop listening to the likes of Rush Limbaugh or Bill O'Reilly, the pretend conservatives, who are just more concerned with their own lifestyle than helping to oust the corrupters from government (take the case of the Obama birth certificate for example. This birth document that Obama presented on the Internet is clearly fake, but Limbaugh and O'Reilly don't believe that it is.....and O'Reilly even once stated that he had seen the birth certificate and it was real.). 

For the life of me I can't understand how working, taxpaying, Americans don't see that government is just holding out a 'carrot on a stick' when it pretends that through hard work any American can have the 'good life'. The only persons today who have the 'good life' are those who work for government. Can not the Patriots of America see that when someone works and pays taxes and still has to get into credit card debt to survive something is Terribly Wrong With The Economy? It is time for Americans to start a Revolution and stop paying taxes. It is time to understand that if every CEO in America died tomorrow......the world would not end. It is time for the Patriots to understand that when a CEO makes more than 20  or 30 times the pay of the lowest worker in the company, the workers are being treated as Slaves (Please understand. I have no problem with a CEO investing his money in stock in his company, or any company for that matter, and making 1,000 times what a lower paid worker makes. This is Free Enterprise. A CEO is a worker. He is not irreplaceable.). If the Patriots of America don't move against this fraud Obama and his Marxist Administration soon, the 'shackles' will be on the American worker, and America's Constitution will be reduced to being only a footnote in history. Let Freedom Ring. 
Lord Howard Hurts

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Marco Rubio Is A Democrat

Patriots, Wake Up! Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) is viewed as one of the upcoming stars of the Republican Party. He is a fraud and just another nice looking guy with a huge ego. He is a man with an large appetite for power, and this might be attributed to 'Short Man Syndrome'. He wants to legalize all those persons that are in the U.S. illegally so that they can start paying taxes. This idea is insane. These persons, for the most part, are low skilled workers, and we have enough low skilled, manual, workers already..........they are American citizens who receive 'Food Stamps', and other monetary gifts from the U.S., working, taxpayers, because there are jobs that they just don't want to hold. Too bad! Get a job or don't eat. And if they have children that they can not afford to feed then these children become the ward of the nation, and the cost for their care will be charged to these parents, or they will suffer the same fate as 'Dead Beat Parents' in divorce cases.........jail. The 'Free Lunch', from the working taxpayers, days are over. Everyone in the boat must do their time at the oars.

It is time to stop this insanity of bringing another culture into America. This only dilutes and complicates our own culture. America needs to be the 'Shining Light' for others to follow and emulate. Let others fight and shed blood for their Freedom as did our founders. America is long past the age of  'The Melting Pot'. This 'Melting Pot' idea is nothing more that a liberal dream perpetuated by the 'Harvard Types' who live in 'Disney World' rather than the real world. 

A prison consisting of a 3 foot high chain link fence in the northern part of Alaska is where all 'Dead Beat Parents', and illegal's, should be housed. The prospect of the cold and long distance from civilization should be inspiration enough to make most 'Dead Beat Parents' and illegal's either get a job or move back to their own country (at their own expense). It is time to stop this Marxist, Rubio, in Republican clothing, from pretending to be anything except a Democrat. Patriots, we must either oust Rubio or make him change his party designation. It is also time for the Patriots of America to demand that the Obama Administration stop making deals with countries such as Mexico that are 'One Sided'. If Mexicans can come into America for a better life without regard to the laws or borders then the same rules should apply to Americans wanting to go into Mexico for jobs or a better life. All treaties with foreign countries need to be equal or there should be no treaty. All benefits that apply in the U.S. for illegal's have to be equal for Americans wanting to move to the country of the illegal's. 

The Marxist of America want to be voted into office, and it is a fact that illegal's, 99% of the time, will vote for Marxists who promise 'Free Stuff' rather than them voting for politicians who want to uphold the Constitution and are not on a 'Personal Power Trip' (B.H. Obama, Rubio, Hillary Clinton, McCain. Just to name a few major Marxist 'Power Trip' offenders.). Let Freedom Ring.
Lord Howard Hurts