Saturday, October 12, 2013

Purge John 'no brains' McCain From The Republican Party

It is time for the Republican party to purge John 'no brains' McCain from its roster. This once patriotic man is now proof positive of the long term ability of 'brain washing' to twist and confuse reality. To purge this RHINO from the party would be a step in the right direction if this party is to endure. There are many other RINO's that likewise need to be 'gone', but dumping this dinosaur would be a most positive step in 'shaking up' this party that has turned into a mirror image of the socialist Democratic Party. 

Of course this prerogative, to remove John 'no brains' from the Senate, should clearly be in the hands of the Arizona voters, but with illegal's from Mexico being allowed to vote, and hold drivers licenses in some states, with no complaint from the Federal Government, it is clear that America has no 'borders' that bar anyone on the planet from engaging into any political situation. Then logically anyone who wants John 'no brains' removed should be able to make their 'vote' heard regardless if they live in Florida or Alaska, or even New York. So Patriots, for the sake of this great nation, get up a petition to have John 'no brains' removed as Senator from the great state of Arizona. 
Lord Howard Hurts  

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