Thursday, October 24, 2013

Hillary Clinton Is Today's "Lady Macbeth"

It is time for the Patriots of America to act. A new Revolution is the only answer to the restoration of the Constitution as the Law of the Land. Currently 49.2% of all American's receive government benefits of some type. This makes it nearly impossible to elect persons to government who want to slow or reform all government benefit programs. America is for all purposes a Democracy, a government ruled by the mob, rather than the Republic envisioned and laid out by our Founding Fathers. 

It is time for all rational, working, taxpaying, American citizens to take actions against Hillary "my daughter and I were under fire in Bosnia" Clinton. This woman, who like B.H. Obama, claims to be the smartest person on planet Earth, not only is a rabid Socialist, but a woman who left brave Americans to die at the hands of Muslim thugs, and then pretended that she not only was not culpable in their deaths....but that the entire incident was inspired by an anti Muslim video posted to youtube. This vile woman has done nothing in her adult life to inspire any truly informed citizen, and in fact she, and her husband, Bill "The Impeached President" Clinton, were so inept during their brief encounter in the public economic sector that they were unable to scam enough persons out of their hard earned saving that their (Clinton's) Whitewater land project in Arkansas became insolvent, and finally fell into bankruptcy. It is time for the Warriors of this nation to protest this "Lady Macbeth" creature at every stop she makes on her way to become a candidate for President. The similarities between Hillary and "Lady Macbeth" are so striking that I give you this quote from the works of William Shakespeare and his "Lady Macbeth:

The raven himself is hoarse
That croaks the fatal entrance of Duncan
Under my battlements. Come, you spirits
That tend on mortal thoughts, unsex me here, 
And fill me from the crown to the toe top-full
Of direst cruelty! make thick my blood; 
Stop up the access and passage to remorse, 
That no compunctious visitings of nature
Shake my fell purpose, nor keep peace between
The effect and it! Come to my woman's breasts, 
And take my milk for gall, you murdering ministers, 
Wherever in your sightless substances
You wait on nature's mischief! Come, thick night, 
And pall thee in the dunnest smoke of hell, 
That my keen knife see not the wound it makes, 
Nor heaven peep through the blanket of the dark, 
To cry 'Hold, hold!'

Read this passage at least twice to get the full effect. Does this project the true psyche of Hillary Clinton or not? Hillary Clinton left brave Americans to die in Benghazi, and it is time that this 'Witch' be avenged by the spirits of these dead Warriors. 
Lord Howard Hurts 

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