Friday, October 11, 2013

Where Is Our "King David"?

Patriots read this most telling and accurate article and THINK. Is the answer to sit and wait for another FRAUD election in 2014, or 2016, controlled by Democrats and RINO's? The comparison between B.H. Obama and Hitler is most telling, and the recent actions by B.H. Obama are proof positive that he views himself as Dictator rather than President. The Constitution is the Law of the Land, and it is now time for the U.S. military to do their sworn duty to protect our Constitution from this Godless Obama Administration. A military takeover at this time is unfortunately the only sane option to cleanse this great Republic of the corruption that has driven the Federal Government for over 70 years. 

I hope that some "King David" will step forward and start the Revolution that will restore America to the freedom and greatness that it once stood for. And to start this Revolution today I ask all Republicans to change their political designation to Independent voter. This will serve as the sign to our military that it is time, for them, to take action to remove the President, the vice President, the Congress, and the Supreme Court. This slow death by Executive Order needs to be met head-on now rather than later. It is "Do or Die" time. Let Freedom Ring.
Lord Howard Hurts


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