Sunday, October 20, 2013

Proof That America Is Now A Certified Banana Republic

The United States of America is now a Banana Republic of the first order. The only thing that allows it to keep its status as a world power is its ability to gather together the worlds most advanced weapons of war, and marshal a military force that is so brainwashed that it will blindly follow orders from its Usurper President, B.H. Obama ll, without fail. It boggles the mind to see a military force so mentally confused that it continues to 'give its all', in a war against a civilization that is only three steps above Caveman status (Afghanistan) at a time when even a 'blind man' can see that this Usurper President works tirelessly against this brave force that keeps him in power. And furthermore it is most telling that American children, though blessed with the most costly education on planet Earth, test no higher than 25th in the world in Math, 17th in Science, and 12th in Reading. So if the legend for insanity is really the doing of something over, and over again, and hoping to find a different final result.....then America is truly a Banana Republic led by insane persons. Thus making these words of the National Anthem, "the land of the free.....and the home of the brave", nothing more than hollow verse to a song few Americans know or relate with.

When one looks at the dynamics of the sophisticated military weapons that America brings to the battlefield, it is quite puzzling that after 12 years in Afghanistan, fighting a force that is anything but organized, and one that fights using weapons such as 'suicide bombers', improvised explosive bombs............. and one where most all military supply's are carried into battle by either human or donkey transportation, the 'grunts' themselves would not revolt. A rational general would refuse to continue, but alas the U.S. seems blessed with an unlimited supply of generals who achieved their rankings through social arrangements rather than military prowess. Only in a Banana Republic would this upside down reality exist. And to be fair, this "Alice In Wonderland" upside down reality has existed from Bush l until the now drug addled Usurper, 'homosexual closet queen', B.H. Obama ll. It is a fact that all persons crave attention and praise, and when in a position of power they tend to always choose subordinates who are many 'powers' below their own mental equal, and in the case of B.H. Obama ll, his over stated mental achievements, and false high IQ, make for appointments of military dimwits that would be found in any third world country. 

Not one to just accentuate the negative, I give you this thought and proof that the U.S. military is a social club rather than a Patriotic association of Warriors. There are currently 20 U.S. aircraft carriers in service today with more on drawing boards to be funded. Former Defense Secretary, William Cohen, has said on several occasions that without "flattops" the U.S. has less voice and influence in world issues. But isn't it clearly logical that an aircraft carrier, the immense size of the current Gerald R. Ford-class of aircraft carriers in particular, besides being massively expensive to build, is nothing more than a 'sitting target' for any advanced nations guided missiles which can be easily programmed from an 'eye in the sky'? And for these two very reasons is it not logical that Russia and China have focused on subs instead? Isn't this proof that America is being led by old men who are social climbers rather than Patriotic Warriors? Isn't this proof positive that America is now a certified Banana Republic? 
Lord Howard Hurts

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