Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Can America Survive The Obama Administration?

Patriots, if you think that America will survive 8 years of B.H. Obama, and then resume world status as the number one nation in 'Freedom of Thought', and 'Economic Stability', you are dreaming. Even if B.H. Obama, and his Marxist Administration, were to leave office today, it is unlikely that America would be able to avoid the coming Civil War and National Economic Collapse that is heading our way. It is most unfortunate that many American Patriots foster the mistaken idea that a return to a Republican dominated Congress, and White House, will restore our 'Lost Moral Compass', and our 'Economic Strength', that this Marxist, Obama, Administration has buried in 'Rule by Mass Human Want' rather than in the 'Rule by Constitutional Law' that our Forefathers have given us.  

The idea that Republicans want to restore Constitutional Law is pure fantasy based on the unvarnished truth of the first term of George W. Bush (He had a majority in both houses of Congress). George W. Bush may have talked differently than B.H. Obama, but when you measure his actions there is little difference between them in results. This current economic 'House of Cards' has been 80 years in the making, and neither political party, Democratic or Republican, has placed the Constitution as the 'Supreme Law of the Land', and defended it. And it is for this reason that we are now a nation based on the Selective Enforcement of Laws that our Congress has passed, without them even reading the proposed laws before voting on them. 

We now find ourselves in a 'desert' of Misinformation, Corruption, Ethnic Divide, and Economic Instability. And as far as our eyes can see, we have no cohesive view of the Constitutional Structure that turns chaos into an organized society. The only way out of this confusion is by a Constitutional Revolution. It is time for the Patriots of America to immediately take charge of their own Destiny..... or Die. And to help start this Revolution, I propose this simple plan for individual survival. Please read and Think.

We are now in the greatest economic depression that this nation has ever faced. We are being lied to each and every day by a President, and Administration, that wants to change America into a Marxist Nation. B.H. Obama is the poster boy for the reason to close down all universities, and colleges, in America today (When I say 'close down', I mean that no Federal, Taxpayer, money should be spent on any type of advanced education. Let those who want to profit, in life, through an advanced education find the way to accomplish their goal without being a burden on those who choose to work at jobs that require less education. There is no 'Free Lunch'.). These so called schools of advanced education are nothing more than granters of self serving degrees that only 'Parrots', of lofty, liberal, ideas, can gain. One can only learn, from a teacher, what the teacher knows. And if the teacher has ideas and concepts that are Wrong, then any degree awarded will be worthless in the real world. 'Higher Education' comes only from the Individual.........it can not be learned from a teacher. 


The Stock Market is rising, and it is rising for one main reason: Inflation. The Federal Government tells us that stock market prices are rising because the economy is moving forward, and getting stronger. Wrong. The price of most everything is moving upwards and this is mostly due to inflation (the hidden tax). As the price of everything moves higher, it is understandable that stock prices would also move up. All this is being caused by a Federal Reserve that is lending money at unrealistically low interest rates in order to give the allusion of a growing economy; And a Federal Government that 'lends' money to businesses that are deemed to be 'Too Big To Fail'. In order for an economic improvement to begin, the economy must 'tank' so as to purge itself of all the false theories, and businesses, that are now hindering a recovery, and blocking the 'Free Market' system. To help 'tank' the economy, Patriots should 'take their gains' in the stock market and 'cash out'. Then 20% of this money should be invested in physical gold and/or silver, or any durable goods that can be used as 'barter' when the Federal Reserve, paper money, regardless of the numbers printed on it, becomes the value of scrap paper. (It now seems that this will happen before the end of the Obama term in 2015) . 

Furthermore, any money kept in a large national bank needs to be re deposited into a small regional bank. The reason for this is that the large national banks are a major source of economic corruption, and they hinder the free exercise of capital building with the blessing of the Federal Government. These national banks are 'Too Big To Fail' (According to the Federal Government), and it is time that they compete in the 'Free Market' without the aid of the Federal Government, or Close. 
Lord Howard Hurts 

Monday, April 15, 2013

'Persona Non Grata'

Saturday, 6 of April, 2013. I was still on the island of Naxos, Greece, and it was one of those uneventful, semi cloudy days where the low temperature was 70F and the high was 75F.  It was late night and I had taken a cab down to the Meltemi restaurant near the St. George Beach area. This is a little 'mom and pop' establishment off the main street......with no ocean view. I was going to drown my 'despair' in a huge Greek salad, as this was going to be my last night on Naxos. And in all probability, this would be my last visit to this splendid isle forever.

Earlier in the day I had been traveling around the island looking at homes to lease. I was planning to stay on the island at least 6 months, and I had found several homes that seemed to 'fill my bill'. So I returned to my room, at the Nissaki Beach Hotel, to give thought as to which house I would choose..... but as I entered the hotel I was surprised by two official looking individuals in the lobby area. It seems that someone had noted my entry to Naxos with 4 dogs, and then complained to the Greek officials that I had presented no permits for bringing dogs on the island (something I had done on several previous visits without any reprimand). In our discussion the officials made it clear that I was to depart the island by noon of the next day or earlier. That because of my being a 'previous patron' of Naxos (the words of the 'man in the suit' not mine), I would be let off without a fine or formal charges brought against me, or my pilots. I was further informed my bill at the hotel had been made up, and that I should pay it in full immediately. They also stated that my pilots had been duly informed of the situation and the departure limit, and were put on notice that failure to take heed of this warning.......would result in jail time for all of us. I was then handed an official paper that in essence said that I was a 'persona non grata' in Greece. And with no further information forthcoming.......the duo 'left the building'. I must say that I was quite surprised. But 'Que Sera, Sera'. 

The next morning with a new sun gleaming in the sky, and a temperature that was nearly the same as the day before, my 'entourage', and I, headed to the airport, and checked with customs before boarding and departing. There was no problem at this stage of the trip, but I did notice that there were several official looking individuals in attendance that did not seem to be customs personal. After we had finished the customs check, and before we headed to our waiting craft, one of the official individuals stepped forward and asked me to sign the 'persona non grata' papers, and to date them. Upon doing so, he handed me a copy of the papers and also one un-addressed, blank, envelope of standard size. He nodded his head as he handed me this envelope....... and then turned and walked away. The envelop was thin, and when I opened it....... it contained only one, white, business card. And on this card was written: "My Daughter And I Were Under Fire In Bosnia". And for you readers who do not follow my postings.........this is a quote I use whenever I make mention of Hillary "My daughter and I were under fire in Bosnia" Clinton. I guess it could have been worse. I could have been in Benghazi.
Lord Howard Hurts

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Late Great United States of America

This nation was conceived in freedom of religion and dedicated to the Glory of the Christian Faith. After slightly more than two hundred years of unparalleled growth America is now crumbling from within. The lack of Christian moral values is both apparent and destructive. Christian moral values can be condensed into this single statement: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Sadly, this philosophy has been replaced with: "Do unto others before they do unto you."

We are now engaged in a struggle between good and evil, and unless some positive, constructive, actions are taken, evil will prevail. The defeat of good will come because it takes thought and energy to be a good moral person, and thought and energy is, sadly, held in low esteem today. Remember: "God helps those who help themselves." Every person on Earth has a brain, and is capable of logical thought. The difficult part is to have the confidence to turn this logical thought into positive action. Positive action is 100% effective against evil. To exert a positive action things must be broken into the common elements: black or white. There can not be any areas of gray. When gray areas enter into a decision you are entering into favoritism or selective enforcement, both of which negate the laws of God and man. It must be remembered that for every positive action there is an equal and opposite negative reaction. The only way to stop the decline and death of the United States of America is to take positive Christian actions, and to remember these universal rules:

1. Whatever your mind can design, you can accomplish.

2. You must understand that God represents both Truth and Understanding, and that God is both Caring and Generous.

3. You must pray daily, not just to satisfy your wants, but for the peace and welfare of others.

4. You must set your goals, and you must focus, and attempt to combine the thoughts of others, into a "Super Mind". It will be through this "Super Mind" that your success, and the future of the United States of America, will be assured.

5. You must remember that Truth is Power. Truth is the strongest evidence one can use to combat rumors or any negative idea or statement. But remember that Truth is always susceptible to perception, and unfortunately, in reality, perception becomes Truth regardless of fact. Remember the classic: "If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is within hearing distance; Did the tree make a noise?" The truth is that the tree did in fact make a noise, but some profess that because nobody heard a noise, the tree therefore did not make a noise.

6. The "Super Mind" is extremely powerful, and before engaging this power one must examine, and re-examine, his/her goals to see that they are positive and helpful...... not just to the designer, but to the recipients.

7. You are exactly what you want to be. 

8. A positive mind attracts other positive minds, and when combined they create the "Super Mind". When two or more positive minds combine to form a "Super Mind", all things are possible. As the Romans noted many thousands of years before: A bundle of small sticks is many times stronger than one large stick.

9. The power of prayer can not be emphasized enough. God is generous and will grant wishes or desires to true believers.

God said, "Let the true believers come unto me, and discuss their wants and desires. And I will grant unto them a positive mind, peace of being, and everlasting life." (Lord Howard Hurts)

God said, "Let the non believer come unto me, and I will give him the tools necessary to enter into everlasting life." (Lord Howard Hurts)
Lord Howard Hurts

Friday, April 12, 2013

Chelsea Clinton, "Dollar Diva"

Patriots. Here is an example of the power, and perks, of being a Liberal, Marxist, Democrat: Chelsea "My mother and I were under fire in Bosnia" Clinton, at age 33, is wealthy enough, and we know Liberals hate wealth and greed, to purchase a 4,967-square-foot condo unit, in NYC, that has four bedrooms and six baths, plus a half bath. It seems to me that for someone with next to zero accomplishments in life, unless you count being the daughter of former President, Bill "I never had sex with that woman" Clinton, and Hillary "I have no idea where those Rose Law Firm records came from, or how they were found on a table in the White House" Clinton, as an accomplishment, that this rising star of the Democratic Party is an economic guru of major proportions. I would only hope that our 'brain dead' Congress, and our Usurper in Charge, B.H. Obama, would undertake to put this 'Dollar Diva' in charge of the U.S. Treasury. This girl is nothing short of  'Pure Amazing'. Proving once again, that the old aphorism, "The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree", holds meaning even today. 
Lord Howard Hurts

Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Call For Patriots To Gather Together

Patriots. This is a call to gather together and restore the Constitution as the "Law of the Land". I recently was given 'persona non grata' status by Greece (I was staying on the island of Naxos). It came from a 'tip' from the U.S. State Department, and one Hillary "my daughter and I were under fire in Bosnia" Clinton. I will elaborate on the details of this in another posting, but today, in the wake of the knife attack at a suburban Houston, Texas, college, that injured more than 15 persons, I want to know: Where is the outrage by Democrats and John "traitor" McCain, and the other RINO Republicans? Where is the demand for 'knife registration'? Where is the 'personal agony' for the victims by B.H. Obama? There is NONE because the Federal Government has been hijacked by Marxists........ and the Patriots of America stand by and wring their hands, and wait for the 'sky to fall'. It is time to see the 'Writing On The Wall', and respond.

The Second Amendment gives American citizens the right to "Keep and Bear Arms", and this is a right that was granted to safeguard the citizens from a Federal Government that refuses to 'preserve' the Constitution as the "Law of the Land". This amendment is a "warning" to America that when the Federal Government wants to compromise this amendment, without actually following the rules for amending the Constitution, it is time to take action to remove the  offending 'Revolutionary Leaders'.  B.H. Obama, and his Marxist Administration, is the offender. This is not the time for the Patriots of America to compromise. It is time for the Patriots to treat John McCain the same as any other RINO.......throw the bum out! It is time to repair the economy by eliminating big banks; It is time to stop the monopoly of just 2 U.S. auto companies; It is time to promote America as a nation of small businesses, and citizens, working together; It is time for the Federal Government to let the 'Free Enterprise' system make its own corrections; It is time for the Federal Government to stop using taxpayer money to stimulate private business; It is time to make English our national language; and it is time to eliminate any hyphenated designation of American citizens. One is either American or one is not. And if one is not American then one can leave America. African hyphenated American is divisive. Hispanic hyphenated American is divisive. It is time to bring Americans together to honor and protect all the rights provided by the Constitution. Let Freedom Ring.
Lord Howard Hurts

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

B.H. Obama Is A 'Supreme Joke'

Are you worried about an attack on the United States of America by North Korea and its Boy-Leader,  Kim Jong-un? Well don't fall for the hype. This is an annual occurrence, and a ploy to keep the repressed population of this Slave Nation in line. Isn't it strange that Kim Jong-un is called the Supreme Leader? Isn't this what Democrats call B.H. Obama? Fidel Castro has come out of retirement to ask Kim to reconsider his aggression because an attack on the U.S. "will paint B.H. Obama as the most sinister figure in U.S. history." Fidel also says that he is a friend of North Korea, and will always 'stand with them'. And has not B.H. Obama given pop star Beyonce and rapper husband Jay-Z 'license' to visit Cuba? Was not this a trip granted by the U.S. Treasury Department? Are you surprised? Where is our Cowardly Congress on this issue? Hiding as usual, I am sure. Such scary talk from two communist leaders that represent countries that can not even feed their own people. If only we had Hillary " my daughter and I were under fire in Bosnia" Clinton at the 'helm' of the State Department. I am so scared. 

Now tell me just how will North Korea initiate a war on Japan, and the U.S., when they do not have enough food to feed their army? Does Kim have some contract that will provide American 'food aid' during any nuclear encounter with us? Has America Gone Totally Mad?  You may think, and be correct, that Kim is a 'legend in his own mind'.......but do you remember B.H. Obama, in his memoir, "Dreams From My Father", when he complained that his basketball 'career' in high school was 'stymied' because he did not get the breaks that the other players on the team received. He said, "they play like white boys do", and that was the style preferred by the coach. This from a guy who just last week made 2 out of 22 attempts while on the 'court'. And then there was his golfing with Tiger Woods, and Woods commenting that Obama could be a real pro golfer if he just spent a little more time on the links? Is Woods serious? When is Obama off the links? Then last week we found out that B.H. Obama is the 'Supreme Scientist of America'. Not only is he going to 'invent' a battery powered car that will make gasoline obsolete, but he will 'map' the human brain for only $12 million dollars. Wow, are you impressed? B.H. Obama IS the American Kim Jong-un. As a matter of fact, I believe I read in the great book of  "Dreams From My Father" where the Dunham family (his mother's family) was from the North Korean section of Kansas. Wake Up, America! This Usurper, B.H. Obama, needs to be removed 'yesterday'. He is a bigger joke than his relative, Kim Jong-un or his uncle Fidel. 
Lord Howard Hurts

Friday, April 5, 2013

Dum spiro, spero - While I breath, I hope (Cicero)

I don't know about you, but I love Greece. For the past few days I have sealed myself off from the hustle and bustle of the typical, end of American winter, and enjoyed recharging my 'pea brain' on Naxos, an island of history, and art, in the cradle of 'Thought and Freedom'. It is currently 4 PM and the temperature here is a breezy 71F; without a dark cloud in sight. As I sit in my suite at the Nissaki Beach Hotel, contemplating the azure sea that surrounds this paradise, I think about all those American families who spend thousands upon thousands of dollars to not view something historic, and based in reality, but to visit a 'Mouse' and a fantasy world that teaches absolutely nothing. A visit to Disney World, in my opinion, is like a massive dose of cane sugar.......all calories, but having zero nutritional value. A trip to Naxos on the other hand is like 'pure oxygen' to the brain. So what has so unsettled me that I have taken time to post another rant against the American value system, and the 'ingesting of the worthless calories perpetuated by 'Big Media'? 

The insane economic policy just made public by the Usurper, B.H. Obama, and published by 'Big Media'....... now flooding the airwaves, and in print....... is proof positive that this President's goal is to destroy America both morally and economically. And if the Patriots of this nation don't listen, to me, and act soon it will be too late! Obama and his Marxist Administration has informed the big banks of America that they can once again make home loans to persons who do not qualify for responsible credit. He has stated that the 'poor' are being left out of the 'American Dream', and that the Federal Government (Taxpayers to you Patriots who do not understand that there is no 'Santa Clause' in the real world) will not hold any bank, or banker, responsible for any losses incurred by a default by these new 'Slugs of Marxism'. 

Did not the economy already 'crash' from such a policy? Are you ready for another round of economic stagnation? Are you ready to let the Federal Government lock up your savings, and take what they need to keep this Usurper, Marxist, B.H. Obama in power? And do not be foolish, and believe that gold in your portfolio will be of help. Remember and study the 'Gold Confiscation Act of 1934', and THINK.

I believe that any Marxist American President (B.H. Obama or Hillary Clinton, and I say Hillary "my daughter and I were under fire in Bosnia" Clinton because the polls have already given her the title.) will have to confiscate gold because it will be 'in the greedy clutches of the Enemy's of the Federal Government'.......those who have earned and saved, and prepared for their future (responsible Americans). Marxism is fueled by 'Non Thinkers and Non Producers', and the 'Thinkers and Producers' will have to be removed as the masses need their 'Disney World'. 

Dum spiro, spero - While I breath, I hope (Cicero) 
Lord Howard Hurts   

Thursday, April 4, 2013

North Korea Make Its Yearly Threats

Today is April 4, 2013. The morning sun is just moving in its usual path, and 'splashing' down the life giving rays of heat, and light, that keep all living things on Earth nourished. I am finally tired of reading about the boy-man leader of North Korea....... Oh, I am so scared! Like the sun rising from the east and moving slowly towards the west every day, North Korea, a nation that can not even feed its improvised population, makes its yearly threat to the world, and especially the U.S., of immediate nuclear attack. Yawn. Yawn. This well worn tactic by North Korea is just a way to get its hungry population to rally together, once again, so as not to have a full revolt on this most socialist government before the summer crops can be harvested, or blackmail shipments of food can be extracted from the taxpayers of the U.S. I am sure our own boy-man leader, the great, B.H. Obama, will make some announcement in the next few days about how he, and his crack (maybe on crack) team of "Harvard" experts, was able to avert total nuclear disaster, on the world, by extracting promises, and treaties, from North Korea by trading food for peace. Yawn. Yawn. B.H. Obama will be given another Nobel Peace Prize, and the 'American Sheep' will once again bleat their thanks. So to make your day slightly brighter, I include this photo of my dog Archie. I have taken him, and 3 other of my dogs, with me to my new 'hideout' in paradise. It is his birthday, and he has on his birthday hat. He loves the beach as much as I do.
Lord Howard Hurts