Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Late Great United States of America

This nation was conceived in freedom of religion and dedicated to the Glory of the Christian Faith. After slightly more than two hundred years of unparalleled growth America is now crumbling from within. The lack of Christian moral values is both apparent and destructive. Christian moral values can be condensed into this single statement: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Sadly, this philosophy has been replaced with: "Do unto others before they do unto you."

We are now engaged in a struggle between good and evil, and unless some positive, constructive, actions are taken, evil will prevail. The defeat of good will come because it takes thought and energy to be a good moral person, and thought and energy is, sadly, held in low esteem today. Remember: "God helps those who help themselves." Every person on Earth has a brain, and is capable of logical thought. The difficult part is to have the confidence to turn this logical thought into positive action. Positive action is 100% effective against evil. To exert a positive action things must be broken into the common elements: black or white. There can not be any areas of gray. When gray areas enter into a decision you are entering into favoritism or selective enforcement, both of which negate the laws of God and man. It must be remembered that for every positive action there is an equal and opposite negative reaction. The only way to stop the decline and death of the United States of America is to take positive Christian actions, and to remember these universal rules:

1. Whatever your mind can design, you can accomplish.

2. You must understand that God represents both Truth and Understanding, and that God is both Caring and Generous.

3. You must pray daily, not just to satisfy your wants, but for the peace and welfare of others.

4. You must set your goals, and you must focus, and attempt to combine the thoughts of others, into a "Super Mind". It will be through this "Super Mind" that your success, and the future of the United States of America, will be assured.

5. You must remember that Truth is Power. Truth is the strongest evidence one can use to combat rumors or any negative idea or statement. But remember that Truth is always susceptible to perception, and unfortunately, in reality, perception becomes Truth regardless of fact. Remember the classic: "If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is within hearing distance; Did the tree make a noise?" The truth is that the tree did in fact make a noise, but some profess that because nobody heard a noise, the tree therefore did not make a noise.

6. The "Super Mind" is extremely powerful, and before engaging this power one must examine, and re-examine, his/her goals to see that they are positive and helpful...... not just to the designer, but to the recipients.

7. You are exactly what you want to be. 

8. A positive mind attracts other positive minds, and when combined they create the "Super Mind". When two or more positive minds combine to form a "Super Mind", all things are possible. As the Romans noted many thousands of years before: A bundle of small sticks is many times stronger than one large stick.

9. The power of prayer can not be emphasized enough. God is generous and will grant wishes or desires to true believers.

God said, "Let the true believers come unto me, and discuss their wants and desires. And I will grant unto them a positive mind, peace of being, and everlasting life." (Lord Howard Hurts)

God said, "Let the non believer come unto me, and I will give him the tools necessary to enter into everlasting life." (Lord Howard Hurts)
Lord Howard Hurts

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