Tuesday, April 9, 2013

B.H. Obama Is A 'Supreme Joke'

Are you worried about an attack on the United States of America by North Korea and its Boy-Leader,  Kim Jong-un? Well don't fall for the hype. This is an annual occurrence, and a ploy to keep the repressed population of this Slave Nation in line. Isn't it strange that Kim Jong-un is called the Supreme Leader? Isn't this what Democrats call B.H. Obama? Fidel Castro has come out of retirement to ask Kim to reconsider his aggression because an attack on the U.S. "will paint B.H. Obama as the most sinister figure in U.S. history." Fidel also says that he is a friend of North Korea, and will always 'stand with them'. And has not B.H. Obama given pop star Beyonce and rapper husband Jay-Z 'license' to visit Cuba? Was not this a trip granted by the U.S. Treasury Department? Are you surprised? Where is our Cowardly Congress on this issue? Hiding as usual, I am sure. Such scary talk from two communist leaders that represent countries that can not even feed their own people. If only we had Hillary " my daughter and I were under fire in Bosnia" Clinton at the 'helm' of the State Department. I am so scared. 

Now tell me just how will North Korea initiate a war on Japan, and the U.S., when they do not have enough food to feed their army? Does Kim have some contract that will provide American 'food aid' during any nuclear encounter with us? Has America Gone Totally Mad?  You may think, and be correct, that Kim is a 'legend in his own mind'.......but do you remember B.H. Obama, in his memoir, "Dreams From My Father", when he complained that his basketball 'career' in high school was 'stymied' because he did not get the breaks that the other players on the team received. He said, "they play like white boys do", and that was the style preferred by the coach. This from a guy who just last week made 2 out of 22 attempts while on the 'court'. And then there was his golfing with Tiger Woods, and Woods commenting that Obama could be a real pro golfer if he just spent a little more time on the links? Is Woods serious? When is Obama off the links? Then last week we found out that B.H. Obama is the 'Supreme Scientist of America'. Not only is he going to 'invent' a battery powered car that will make gasoline obsolete, but he will 'map' the human brain for only $12 million dollars. Wow, are you impressed? B.H. Obama IS the American Kim Jong-un. As a matter of fact, I believe I read in the great book of  "Dreams From My Father" where the Dunham family (his mother's family) was from the North Korean section of Kansas. Wake Up, America! This Usurper, B.H. Obama, needs to be removed 'yesterday'. He is a bigger joke than his relative, Kim Jong-un or his uncle Fidel. 
Lord Howard Hurts

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  1. Why do all of you idiots continue to follow Obama's yellow brick road as though this is going to lead you to the truth. "Well, Obama says in his book.....therefore, it must be true and this is what I will follow to prove him a liar." Forget "Stanley" A. Dunham as his mother. Forget Indonesia. Forget all of the bullshit and bring it down to simple basics. Why don't you understand you will never prove anything following a pack of political Chicago lies? Follow the White Rabbit and keep an open mind because Watergate never disappeared. Watergate was "stolen" from Nixon and fell into Pablo Escobar's hands in the 80's. Some power players are still fighting for it today and this is what the chaos is all about. Drug money and drug territories. http://www.youtube.com/user/amendment28now