Monday, February 28, 2011

Colby Accused of Shoplifing From Wal Mart

This posting deals with a person accused, by the Sebring, FL, Wal Mart, of  not paying for $35 worth of items found on the bottom of his cart. Colby Accused of Shoplifting;,  published, Sunday, February 27, 2011. 

Lets not be too sure about Wal Mart, yet. I have had two incidents with the Sebring, Wal Mart that I should have pressed. My first incident was sometime in 1995 or 96. I went into the store and purchased a computer and printer for $1,800. I paid in cash, and received a receipt. I left the store and nothing was communicated to me by security. When I had been home some half and hour my phone rang (I knew, personally, the clerk that had helped me pick out the computer). It was someone from Wal Mart. I was informed that I had not paid for the computer, and they asked me to return to the store, and pay for it. I  told the person on the phone that I would come immediately to the store, but that I had paid for the computer, and would bring the receipt with me. When I arrived at the store, I was told that the register clerk had said that I had not given her the correct amount of cash, and that I had shorted her $1,000. I asked why she had not mentioned this fact when I paid for the computer.  This person had no answer except that I owed $1,000.  I told the Wal Mart representative that this was not true, and that I wanted to see the "film" of the transaction, as I knew that they had cameras over the registers.  I was told that this would be done, and that someone from Wal Mart would call me the next day. I left the store thinking that the issue was over. The next day someone called from the security department, and asked if I would come to the store to settle the issue. I thought that they had figured that the clerk had taken the cash, and just wanted me to put my story on the record. WRONG. I was put in a room, and 2 or 3 Wal Mart persons "badgered" me to pay $1,000. I told them to review the "film", and they would be able to see that I had counted out the money on the counter, and that the register clerk had done likewise. I was informed that the camera over that particular register was not working at the time. I told them to bring in the register clerk so that I could confront her in person. I was then informed that the clerk was not in the employ of Wal Mart, so she could not attend the "kangaroo court".  That she had decided to quit working for Wal Mart rather than signing a complete statement detailing  the purchase of this computer.  I told the Wal Mart "thugs", "Good Day," and left the store. 

My second "bad" encounter with Wal Mart security was a few years ago, when I was purchasing groceries. I had a large watermelon in the cart. As I was checking out the register clerk told me not to bother lifting it out of the cart, but that she had a scanner gun, and would price it. I paid for everything that I had on the counter, and proceeded to my car. As I was walking out the door, I was stopped by someone from the store. This person said that I had not paid for the batteries in my cart. I told this person that he was wrong, and proceeded to show my receipt. Sure enough the batteries that I thought I had purchased were not on the receipt. I could not believe it. The Wal Mart person then turned over the watermelon, and there were the batteries I thought I had purchased. Clearly, someone from the store had knowledge of this situation while I was at the check-out, and just waited for me to leave the store for whatever reason.  I got angry, told the Wal Mart person the reason for the batteries not being paid for, and left the store.

I don't know what happened in this Colby case, but from my personal experience with Wal Mart, I will give him the benefit of the doubt. 
Lord Howard Hurts    

Saturday, February 26, 2011

We Need A Third Major Political Party

Divide and Conquer. This most successful strategy continues, and is the most positive reason that this country is so divided. Unless extreme measures are taken, immediately, this great country will fall as did Rome. We are dominated by two major political parties, Republican and Democrat. On "paper" they represent two distinct, right and left, ideals of the interpretation of the Constitution, and the means and ideals of society, based on a "point of view", as seen by the leaders of these two parties. We had 4 years of Bush One, 8 years of Clinton, 8 years of Bush Two, and 2 years of Obama (so far), and what actual difference was there between these Republican and Democrat leaders?  Zero. The actions of these leaders never came close to their "words". I will not bother to give examples of proof for this statement for if you don't understand it now, you will never understand it, and you will continue to further enslave yourself and your children. But for those of you who can "see the forest for the trees," I ask you to think about a third major political party. As this country was founded on Christian values, I propose that this new party be called Christian Democrats. It would be composed of persons that understand that we need to follow the Constitution as it was written, and persons that demand that the words of politicians equal the actions of these same elected politicians. The reason that the Republican party opposes a third party is that it would take, almost exclusively, persons that are registered as Republican from their roster. So Be It. There is not a dimes worth of difference between the actual actions of the Republican and Democratic parties today. This new party would be a force that could make or break every election, and keep the values of equality and freedom, contained in the Constitution as our guide. 

President Obama is a fraud and a socialist. His words and actions seldom meet, but his failure to give the citizens of this country a full account of his past (other than books written by him about himself), when questioned, is prima fascia evidence that he not only has something to hide, but that he is not fit to serve. The issue of him being a Natural Born Citizen, born in Hawaii, or born in Timbuktu, or being our most intelligent President, has nothing to do with his qualifications to serve all the people, all the time, and uphold the Constitution. He has proven through both words and actions that he dislikes this Constitution, and intends to turn this country into a socialist state. We can not wait until the elections of 2012 to remove this "cancer" of a President. He must be removed now, or this divide will further widen, and so many persons will be reliant on the dole from the taxpayers, that the "Producers" of this country will quit, and there will be no base from which to draw the money  needed to keep the "show" going. The result will be total socialism, and if you think the chaos associated with the removal of Obama would be too much to deal with, get ready for the life and death struggle as the economy "crashes", and there is no "light at the end of the tunnel." Read up on The French Revolution, and get a look into our future. 
Lord Howard Hurts

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Mossad Holds The Key To The Obama Presidency

President Obama has repeatedly said Israeli settlements are "illegitimate" and has been less supportive of the Jewish state than most of his predecessors. It had been thought that Obam might vote against Israel on this UN settlements issue, but when the vote came, the United States used its veto to address the threat. It should be noted that this veto from the US was the only vote against  this  UN security council resolution condemning Israeli settlements. Germany, France, and Britain all voted for the resolution. So what may have been the reason for the Obama veto?  

President Obama had been showing his true socialist colors  before, and during the fall of the Mubarak government in Egypt. He has not "blessed" the attempted overturns in Libya, Bahrain, Iran, or Yemen. His dislike for Israel is both shown and known. There is every reason to believe that he is a Muslim, rather than the Christian he professes to be in both his campaigns, and in the press.  And if he is not a true Muslim, he has definite leanings in that direction, and it is a fact that he attended a Muslim school when a youth. The hidden reason that pressed him to use the veto on this current issue is that the Israeli Mossad, the Collections Department, responsible for intelligence-gathering operations abroad, holds the key to the Birth Certificate issue that is now gaining traction even in the media that has supported Obama from his earliest days in Chicago. Obama has used attorney's, and his powerful allies, to have courts in the US dismiss suits on his eligibility;  the theory of those bringing the suits being that he is not a Natural Born Citizen as defined by the Constitution. He has had every case dismissed under the legal theory that the plaintiff has "no standing" to bring such a suit against the President of the United States. Obama has also seen that Lt. Col. Lakin, a distinguished career military doctor, was found guilty for his asking that this President, Obama, prove that he is qualified to serve as President and Commander In Chief. For now the issue continues to only be forwarded by the WorldNetDaily, but polls have recently shown that a majority of citizens in the US have doubts as to where Obama was born.  The Mossad has the "smoking gun," and they have let Obama know it. But if they think that by withholding  this information, Obama, will help with the defense of Israel  in return for keeping him in power, they are so mistaken. Once the Calaphate is established, Obama, will have gained enough power in the US to either stop the Presidential elections, and assume dictatorial powers, or he will have been elected to his second illegal term as President. Either way Israel will be destroyed. It is best that the Mossad turn all its information over to WorldNetDaily, and let them continue to "push" for the immediate removal of Obama. 
Lord Howard Hurts     

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Reality Check

Excuse me if I sound like a crazy person, but what sane person thinks that the US economy is really worth saving at this time? We have a government that is Corrupt, we have persons on welfare with government provided cell phones, we have increased gambling and state lotteries, we have TV filled with insane reality shows, the average person has more than  $7,000 owed on a credit card, and we think that this economy is at risk by some religious guys in the desert who have to sell oil or eat sand? We have become the most decadent country on earth. Is it possible that what we are seeing is a God sent reality check? How are these idiots going to get to the US? By riding their camels? If their ideas present a threat to the security of this country, we should give them a Cease and Desist warning. Failure to follow this warning, we should have all their oil wells marked, and a missile with a warhead should be sent to destroy their wells, one at a time. This would continue until they discover that selling oil on the Free Market is better than eating sand. And we should not involve ourselves in their culture, when we, ourselves, have the worlds most immoral society.  We should not put a foot on their soil unless we are prepared to make it a State. We have become a Nation of Sheep. There are risks in life and we must accept these risks. When something bad happens, we must deal with it Fast and Strongly. We need to stop all the airport searches, and travelers must either get on the plane or not. What is happening, now, shows the Fear and the Cowardance of American society, and emboldens attackers, and would be attackers.  As an example: there are 40,000 deaths each year from car accidents. What extrodinary actions has the government taken to stop this death toll? Are you afraid to drive? Fear only works on Cowards. Should we rename this country; The United States of Cowards? 

The western states of North Dakota and Montana have more oil than all of the Arab states and Venezuela combined. It is in the shale rock, and rather than getting behind turning vegetables into oil (it cost more in energy to produce than you get out of it, and is another Corrupt government idea) the government should encourage this type of oil  production. When we are not dependant on foreign oil, we can work on our own societal issues. But to do so we first need to throw out this corrupt government, and start over again. We need an Egyptian type of Revolution. The window of opportunity is slowly closing, and will be permanently closed by November of 2012. I personally think this current chaos is a Reality Check From God. Read the writing on the wall.
Lord Howard Hurts

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

First Posted, Sunday, January 2, 2011. Think


Obama's Is A Natural Born Citizen

Here is the REAL deal on Obama's birth  certificate. Unfortunately, most everyone is going off on the wrong "trail". Obama is really a Natural Born citizen of this country. This is the reason that he "toys" with the "Birthers", and men of courage like Lt. Col. Lakin. Obama knows that should push came to shove, and the cowards in the media are not going to do it, he could prove that he is a Natural Born citizen. All the different published facts confuse the issue because some of the facts found are true, and some are false. But the real fact of the matter is that Obama is the son of his "grandfather", Stanley Armour Dunham, and his mother is, as yet, some unnamed black woman. Yes, I repeat, Obama is the son of his "grandfather", Stanley Armour Dunham. If you should doubt this check, and you will find that in May of 1997, all the records contained in a file, gathered and recorded by the FBI, detailing an investigation of Stanley Armour Dunham, were deleted.  Dunham, it noted, was a frequent "customer" of black prostitutes. Now the issue of the "marriage" of Obama Sr. and Ann Dunham, which there is no proof, other than what Obama wrote about it in his book, is understood as only a "ruse" to avoid the moral fallout of that time period. So the issue of Obama being a Natural Born citizen is final, regardless if he was, or was not, born in Hawaii. Additional proof that this scenario is true can be logically substantiated by the very fact that Obama has spent many thousands of dollars to send lawyers to courts to stop from having to provide a legal long form birth certificate from Hawaii. Why would this President worry about letting his detractors see his legal birth certificate? Is he afraid that someone will assume his idenity? Nonsense. Many of these law suits also ask for all his school records, all his passport information, all his adoption records, and records for all school loans he has ever received. The office of President is a job based on trust and honesty, and by not providing basic background information, information that is provided by thousands and thousands of potential employees seeking regular jobs every day, this is proof positive that there is something very negative being hidden by Obama. But alas.....This Birth Certificate issue is just a Red Herring. Stop wasting time, effort, and money on it. This President is a socialist and there is enough evidence to prove it. He is a fraud in most every way. Obama is in the process of turning this country into a democracy, and it is such a shame that the educational system of this country has been, and continues to be, so corrupt and negligent that it has not taught our youth the difference between a democracy and a Republic. The ballot boxes will be the "guns" of this revolution unless patriotic citizens empower the military, of this nation, to do their duty to uphold this Constitution. The window of opportunity is open, but unless action is taken before the elections of 2012, this window will in all probability be closed for all history. FREEDOM is not free. It can only be held by blood, sweat, and tears by an admiring public. Long Live America and This Republic.
Lord Howard Hurts

Revolution In The USA Now!

Let us get real about Egypt and why that country is in revolution.  According to various reports, about 40 percent of Egypt's 80 million people live on or below the $2 per-day poverty line set by the World Bank. 40 percent of the citizens of Egypt live on $2 or less a day? Is food, housing, vacant land, or the cost of a personal vehicle cheaper than in the US? Not by a long shot. Then how can people be expected to live on $2 a day? The US government (taxpayers) gave Egypt 1.2 Billion dollars for 2010, according to  the Government Foreign Aid office. Now explain to me how can Egypt exist without a Revolution? Apparently, Egypt has a population problem. How does sending 1.2 Billion dollars help the situation? It doesn't. It can't. Sending this money can only hurt the working citizen, taxpayer, of the US. It is time to stop rewarding bad governments and bad behavior. It is time for the taxpayers of this country to throw out Obama and the entire Congress, and start our own Revolution. A Revolution to follow the Constitution as drawn by our Founders.

 Wake up you brain dead sheep. Unless something is done before the elections of 2012, the Fate of this nation will be already "sealed". The socialist are here, and they are taking over.  Sitting on our hands, until the elections in 2012 is what both Glenn Beck, and Bill O'Rilly think is the solution to the problems facing this country, and its taxpayers. Both of these morons  think that Obama is a smart man, and not really moving us towards socialism fast enough, or destructive enough, to make a difference before the elections of 2012. But these "Weak Sisters", are both wrong,  and  can't see "the forest for the trees". I propose that on May 11, 2011,  100,000, Producers and Taxpayers of this country assemble in Washington, DC, and Demand that Obama and all members of Congress resign. President Obama was so impressed with the protesters in Egypt that he demanded that the President of Egypt immediately leave office in response to the democratic demands of the 100,000 protesters there. I am sure, that being a smart guy, and a true lover of democracy and freedom, when confronted with the 100,000 US protesters, he will immediately resign, and ask Congress to also do so.  Let the Revolution start on May 11, 2011.
Lord Howard Hurts

Monday, February 14, 2011

Obama and Congress Must Go Now!

If you don't see a reason to throw Obama and the entire Congress out of office immediately, then read further. If this article is only half correct, we are headed for a major, unsolvable, catastrophe that could end all life as we know it today. This article should give the reasonable and logical person all the information needed to prove that we can not wait until the elections of 2012. It is time for the Producers of this country to engage in an Egyptian revolution, and make the Changes we need  now. Up until this time, it has always been the "poor" that has taken to the streets to scream and demand more FREE STUFF. The Non Producers have destroyed this country, and the Producers, like Sheep, have helped to elect this current group of morons, led by the most inept President ever. Unless action is taken immediately, this group of socialist, pandering to the Non Producers, will have  every citizen of this country so far in debt that they would vote for the Devil himself. It happened in Germany in the 1930's, and it will happen here. Now, when I say, "it happened in Germany in the 1930's", I want you to stop watching moronic TV shows, and take time to read about history that is less than 100 years old. READ: The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, by William Shirer.  
Lord Howard Hurts

Dangers of Curly Fluorescent Light Bulbs

  1. This light bulb can be hazardous to your health.
    This light bulb can be hazardous to your health.
    Fluorescent light bulbs, with their distinctive curly shape, save energy and reduce pollution. However, each fluorescent light bulb contains about 5 milligrams of mercury. Though the amount is tiny, 5 milligrams of mercury is enough to contaminate 6,000 gallons of drinking water, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). As long as the mercury is contained in the bulbs, it does not cause a problem, but these bulbs present several dangers if they are not cleaned up and disposed of properly.
  2. Health Dangers

  3. If a curly fluorescent light bulb should break, mercury may be released, leading to certain health dangers for those who are exposed to it. Low level mercury exposure (under 5 milligrams) can cause tremors, mood shifts, sleeplessness, muscle fatigue, and headaches. High level or extended length exposure can lead to learning disabilities, altered personality, deafness, loss of memory, chromosomal damage, and nerve, brain, and kidney damage, as stated by the EPA. There is a particular risk to the nervous systems of unborn babies and young children.
  4. Environmental Dangers

  5. The EPA claims that in this country alone, more than a billion curly light bulbs are thrown in the garbage every year. At some point these bulbs get broken. The mercury from these broken bulbs finds its way into the air, water, and soil. Mercury can seep into the water system or float through the air to land on surface waters, thereby contaminating the fish we eat and the water we drink. Scientists at Lenntec explain that many agricultural fertilizers contain mercury that is absorbed by the fruits and vegetable we eat. The food and water fed to farm animals also can be contaminated and then eaten by people.
  6. Dangers to Animals

  7. Farm animals and wildlife are affected by mercury, too. Mercury that finds its way into water sources can affect fish and other animals that drink the water. Studies performed by Lenntec show mercury exposure is linked to reproductive failure and DNA alterations in animals, as well as damage to kidneys, stomach, and intestines.
  8. Bulb Clean Up and Disposal

  9. To avoid many of the dangers caused by curly fluorescent light bulbs, it is important to dispose of the bulbs properly. Many states offer recycling programs for in-tact bulbs. Contact your local government or waste management company for more information. Should a fluorescent light bulb break, the EPA recommends that you open a window and leave the room for at least fifteen minutes. Turn off your central heating or air conditioning system. Do not use a broom or vacuum to clean up the spill, as this may release more mercury drops into the air. Carefully pick up the broken glass pieces and place them in a glass jar with a metal lid or in a sealed plastic bag. Use sticky tape to pick up very small fragments. Place these items in the jar or bag and seal it carefully. Contact your local government for specific guidelines on how to dispose of these clean-up materials.

Do the research yourself. Read about mercury and its damaging effects on life. Then take action to stop the use of these bulbs.

Lord Howard Hurts

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Glenn Beck Is A Great American!

I must say that Glenn Beck, today, Feb 10, 2011, on his TV show, really "put it on the line". I take back my comments about him being a "thumb sucker" and "bed wetter". Glenn really showed that he is ready to do what is necessary to get this country back on track. He also had, as a guest, Lt. Gen. William G. Boykin. If you are not familiar with him, please read this:  On September 26, 2009, Boykin gave an address at a How to Take Back America Conference in St. Louis, Missouri. hosted by the Eagle Forum. According to the Canada Free Press, General Boykin asked the audience. "What are you prepared to give up for America? Are you willing to pay the ultimate price?" He followed up with warning, "there is no greater threat to America than Islam". 

Does a protest of stopped cars on the highway seem reasonable if one should think the good general correct? I say that the only way to force Obama to "come clean", and put his "cards face up on the table", is to confront him with 100,000 productive citizens in Washington, DC, and to tell him that we do indeed want change. That we want him to resign now. In view of Obama's comments and actions towards Egypt, how can he refuse? This country can stand 2 years with Biden as President. The man is so inept that he will invigorate the Congress to step up, and do their work.    
Lord Howard Hurts

TO Lynn In Letters At:

Lynn Vogel. What I am afraid you are missing is that the numbers are against getting this country back on track. One man one vote sounds so fair, but in reality it is so unfair. It is against all that the Constitution stands for. Those who do not pay taxes should never be allowed to vote for representatives who will be making rules that give non tax payers "free stuff."  All this "get out the vote" for candidates who will follow the Constitution is mathematically impossible when you factor in the following: there are about 50 million persons in this country on food stamps, there are millions of persons on unemployment, there are millions of persons represented by unions, there are pensions that are not funded by savings, and 98% of the black voters will vote democratic regardless of either the issues or the candidates. We must face REALITY, and stop PRETENDING that through "education" these voters will vote against their own interest. They have become accustomed to "free stuff" for too long, and don't see either the wisdom, or strength, of character to live life as someone responsible for their own personal decisions. Unless these "handouts" are stopped, and I mean immediately, there will never be another election that will give us representatives who will put this country back on track. Getting Obama out of office is the key. He is the "tipping point". Obama is a socialist, and socialism is not compatible with FREEDOM. I assure you that should some court be brave enough to force Obama to produce proof that he is Constitutionally eligible to serve as President, and should he not be able to do so, there will be massive resistance. But it is the fault of the voters, all these past 50 years or more, that let "progressive" persons be elected to office, and let them slowly and surely turn this country into a nation of "sheep". There is no easy answer, or "fix", to repair this damage. We can wait until the chaos begins, or we can "stop" our car on the highway to register protest, but unless there is a march on Washington, DC, by the "PRODUCERS" of this country, instead of the usual march by protesters that have their hands out for more "free stuff,"  this country, by 2012 will be in the "hands" of the socialists. Lynn, name one country, that once in the socialist mode, that ever became a democratic republic like the United States of America. I am 65 years old, and maybe I am wrong, but I don't think so. REALITY BITES...HARD
Lord Howard Hurts 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Egyptian Style Rally In Washington, DC On May 10, 2011

It has been proposed that there be a "stop on the highway" protest on March 13, 2011. I propose an Egyptian type rally on May 11, 2011, instead, and here is my reason: 

I personally think that this "stop on the highway" idea is not organized enough to be more than a "blip" on the TV screen at best. We have a President who likes the protesters in both Tunisia and Egypt, and thinks that if 100,000 protesters assemble in the capitol city in Egypt, and demand that the sitting President "quit", it is time for him to leave. I would think that a rally in Washington, DC would be a better idea. And I don't mean one like, thumb sucker, Glenn Beck had where signs were discouraged. Our President, Obama, likes protests that abolish the election laws, and makes the rule of the "MOB" the rule of the country. Remember, we have a President, Obama, who could have stopped the jailing of Lt. Col. Lakin, by just producing his long form birth certificate prior to Lakin's military hearing and sentencing. No, I don't think this "highway" idea is even close to "daring" enough. This country is in a near "chaos" situation, and the only way to win back rule by the Constitution is to fight "fire with fire". Obama expects the Tea Party Movement type persons to behave as, bed wetter, Glenn Beck instructs, and to approach an illogical and unlawful situation (Obama's birth certificate) in a logical, and "have faith in the courts," manner. WRONG. That type of thinking will only let the "chaos" grow. The situation is not "terminal" as yet, but should we rely on the elections of 2012 to resolve these same issues, it just might be too late. I would plan a massive, Egyptian style, remove Obama, rally in Washington, DC on May 10, 2011. The "writing is on the wall", one just has to READ IT.  
Lord Howard Hurts

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Can the tea party survive success? By Patrik Jonsson - Christian Science Monitor | Published: 7:18 PM 01/31/2011

My comment to this article:  The real problem is that it is the Tea Party Movement,and not the Tea Party. To be a creditable "force" there needs to be both organization and leadership. Try to run a company where the voice of each worker is equal to the other, and no one person is responsible for setting the "compass point," and leading. Doesn't work, and for this obvious reason, the Tea Party Movement is just another "phase" in the big book of history. I propose a new party that would take into consideration all the concerns and ideals of the Tea Party Movement, and not be stigmatized by the "corny" name. I propose that there be a new force and party for upholding the Constitution, as written by our founders, and I propose that this new party be called Christian Democrats. Christian Democrats would have a name recognition that would let it be known from where our rights derive, and it would be a minority party that could influence both the current republican and democratic party. And in time, this new party might even expand into a dominate political party. 
Lord Howard Hurts