Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Revolution In The USA Now!

Let us get real about Egypt and why that country is in revolution.  According to various reports, about 40 percent of Egypt's 80 million people live on or below the $2 per-day poverty line set by the World Bank. 40 percent of the citizens of Egypt live on $2 or less a day? Is food, housing, vacant land, or the cost of a personal vehicle cheaper than in the US? Not by a long shot. Then how can people be expected to live on $2 a day? The US government (taxpayers) gave Egypt 1.2 Billion dollars for 2010, according to  the Government Foreign Aid office. Now explain to me how can Egypt exist without a Revolution? Apparently, Egypt has a population problem. How does sending 1.2 Billion dollars help the situation? It doesn't. It can't. Sending this money can only hurt the working citizen, taxpayer, of the US. It is time to stop rewarding bad governments and bad behavior. It is time for the taxpayers of this country to throw out Obama and the entire Congress, and start our own Revolution. A Revolution to follow the Constitution as drawn by our Founders.

 Wake up you brain dead sheep. Unless something is done before the elections of 2012, the Fate of this nation will be already "sealed". The socialist are here, and they are taking over.  Sitting on our hands, until the elections in 2012 is what both Glenn Beck, and Bill O'Rilly think is the solution to the problems facing this country, and its taxpayers. Both of these morons  think that Obama is a smart man, and not really moving us towards socialism fast enough, or destructive enough, to make a difference before the elections of 2012. But these "Weak Sisters", are both wrong,  and  can't see "the forest for the trees". I propose that on May 11, 2011,  100,000, Producers and Taxpayers of this country assemble in Washington, DC, and Demand that Obama and all members of Congress resign. President Obama was so impressed with the protesters in Egypt that he demanded that the President of Egypt immediately leave office in response to the democratic demands of the 100,000 protesters there. I am sure, that being a smart guy, and a true lover of democracy and freedom, when confronted with the 100,000 US protesters, he will immediately resign, and ask Congress to also do so.  Let the Revolution start on May 11, 2011.
Lord Howard Hurts

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