Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Reality Check

Excuse me if I sound like a crazy person, but what sane person thinks that the US economy is really worth saving at this time? We have a government that is Corrupt, we have persons on welfare with government provided cell phones, we have increased gambling and state lotteries, we have TV filled with insane reality shows, the average person has more than  $7,000 owed on a credit card, and we think that this economy is at risk by some religious guys in the desert who have to sell oil or eat sand? We have become the most decadent country on earth. Is it possible that what we are seeing is a God sent reality check? How are these idiots going to get to the US? By riding their camels? If their ideas present a threat to the security of this country, we should give them a Cease and Desist warning. Failure to follow this warning, we should have all their oil wells marked, and a missile with a warhead should be sent to destroy their wells, one at a time. This would continue until they discover that selling oil on the Free Market is better than eating sand. And we should not involve ourselves in their culture, when we, ourselves, have the worlds most immoral society.  We should not put a foot on their soil unless we are prepared to make it a State. We have become a Nation of Sheep. There are risks in life and we must accept these risks. When something bad happens, we must deal with it Fast and Strongly. We need to stop all the airport searches, and travelers must either get on the plane or not. What is happening, now, shows the Fear and the Cowardance of American society, and emboldens attackers, and would be attackers.  As an example: there are 40,000 deaths each year from car accidents. What extrodinary actions has the government taken to stop this death toll? Are you afraid to drive? Fear only works on Cowards. Should we rename this country; The United States of Cowards? 

The western states of North Dakota and Montana have more oil than all of the Arab states and Venezuela combined. It is in the shale rock, and rather than getting behind turning vegetables into oil (it cost more in energy to produce than you get out of it, and is another Corrupt government idea) the government should encourage this type of oil  production. When we are not dependant on foreign oil, we can work on our own societal issues. But to do so we first need to throw out this corrupt government, and start over again. We need an Egyptian type of Revolution. The window of opportunity is slowly closing, and will be permanently closed by November of 2012. I personally think this current chaos is a Reality Check From God. Read the writing on the wall.
Lord Howard Hurts

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