Saturday, February 26, 2011

We Need A Third Major Political Party

Divide and Conquer. This most successful strategy continues, and is the most positive reason that this country is so divided. Unless extreme measures are taken, immediately, this great country will fall as did Rome. We are dominated by two major political parties, Republican and Democrat. On "paper" they represent two distinct, right and left, ideals of the interpretation of the Constitution, and the means and ideals of society, based on a "point of view", as seen by the leaders of these two parties. We had 4 years of Bush One, 8 years of Clinton, 8 years of Bush Two, and 2 years of Obama (so far), and what actual difference was there between these Republican and Democrat leaders?  Zero. The actions of these leaders never came close to their "words". I will not bother to give examples of proof for this statement for if you don't understand it now, you will never understand it, and you will continue to further enslave yourself and your children. But for those of you who can "see the forest for the trees," I ask you to think about a third major political party. As this country was founded on Christian values, I propose that this new party be called Christian Democrats. It would be composed of persons that understand that we need to follow the Constitution as it was written, and persons that demand that the words of politicians equal the actions of these same elected politicians. The reason that the Republican party opposes a third party is that it would take, almost exclusively, persons that are registered as Republican from their roster. So Be It. There is not a dimes worth of difference between the actual actions of the Republican and Democratic parties today. This new party would be a force that could make or break every election, and keep the values of equality and freedom, contained in the Constitution as our guide. 

President Obama is a fraud and a socialist. His words and actions seldom meet, but his failure to give the citizens of this country a full account of his past (other than books written by him about himself), when questioned, is prima fascia evidence that he not only has something to hide, but that he is not fit to serve. The issue of him being a Natural Born Citizen, born in Hawaii, or born in Timbuktu, or being our most intelligent President, has nothing to do with his qualifications to serve all the people, all the time, and uphold the Constitution. He has proven through both words and actions that he dislikes this Constitution, and intends to turn this country into a socialist state. We can not wait until the elections of 2012 to remove this "cancer" of a President. He must be removed now, or this divide will further widen, and so many persons will be reliant on the dole from the taxpayers, that the "Producers" of this country will quit, and there will be no base from which to draw the money  needed to keep the "show" going. The result will be total socialism, and if you think the chaos associated with the removal of Obama would be too much to deal with, get ready for the life and death struggle as the economy "crashes", and there is no "light at the end of the tunnel." Read up on The French Revolution, and get a look into our future. 
Lord Howard Hurts

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