Thursday, February 10, 2011

TO Lynn In Letters At:

Lynn Vogel. What I am afraid you are missing is that the numbers are against getting this country back on track. One man one vote sounds so fair, but in reality it is so unfair. It is against all that the Constitution stands for. Those who do not pay taxes should never be allowed to vote for representatives who will be making rules that give non tax payers "free stuff."  All this "get out the vote" for candidates who will follow the Constitution is mathematically impossible when you factor in the following: there are about 50 million persons in this country on food stamps, there are millions of persons on unemployment, there are millions of persons represented by unions, there are pensions that are not funded by savings, and 98% of the black voters will vote democratic regardless of either the issues or the candidates. We must face REALITY, and stop PRETENDING that through "education" these voters will vote against their own interest. They have become accustomed to "free stuff" for too long, and don't see either the wisdom, or strength, of character to live life as someone responsible for their own personal decisions. Unless these "handouts" are stopped, and I mean immediately, there will never be another election that will give us representatives who will put this country back on track. Getting Obama out of office is the key. He is the "tipping point". Obama is a socialist, and socialism is not compatible with FREEDOM. I assure you that should some court be brave enough to force Obama to produce proof that he is Constitutionally eligible to serve as President, and should he not be able to do so, there will be massive resistance. But it is the fault of the voters, all these past 50 years or more, that let "progressive" persons be elected to office, and let them slowly and surely turn this country into a nation of "sheep". There is no easy answer, or "fix", to repair this damage. We can wait until the chaos begins, or we can "stop" our car on the highway to register protest, but unless there is a march on Washington, DC, by the "PRODUCERS" of this country, instead of the usual march by protesters that have their hands out for more "free stuff,"  this country, by 2012 will be in the "hands" of the socialists. Lynn, name one country, that once in the socialist mode, that ever became a democratic republic like the United States of America. I am 65 years old, and maybe I am wrong, but I don't think so. REALITY BITES...HARD
Lord Howard Hurts 

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