Saturday, April 8, 2017

Donald Trump Must Resign

Patriots of America. I ask you to THINK about this missile attack into Syria with calm logic and not the hysterical emotion such as exhibited by our President, Trump. Please understand that the gassing of anyone.......least children is a most abhorrent and immoral act...........but this is not something that makes it necessary for our President to call for an attack on any foreign government. The United States of America was not attacked, and our Constitution forbids military response for emotional reactions by our President. This attack on Syria by President Trump proves that he is as unstable as many mental health experts have warned. THINK deeply and without reservation about his actual motive for this attack. I contend that it was more motivated by his personal feeling to make a statement of strength to his most rabid base of followers who only want to sit on the couch in the living room like some football fan who dresses up in copycat clothing while watching the Sunday game. I ask you to think about how you would feel and react should some foreign country send rockets to one of our cities because of some perceived injustice to Black citizens. Until this recent action into Syria I had thought that we had no choice but to stand behind Donald J. Trump as there was no person in the line of ascension to replace him, but now I have changed my mind. Donald J. Trump is unstable mentally and needs to be replaced post haste, and our Vice President, Mike Pence is the moral person to assume the role of President of the United States of America. I employ all Patriots of America to let Donald J. Trump know that his services are no longer needed, and that it is time for him to step aside, and let Mike Pence take the leadership role.
Lord Howard Hurts