Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Where Was Obama During Benghazi?

Patriots. Isn't it strange that B.H. Obama will not tell anyone where he was during the Benghazi attack? Now I don't know anything about the mental and physical addiction to drugs, such as marijuana and cocaine, as I have never taken, or even experimented, with them in my 68 years. But I do have friends who started using marijuana and cocaine in the mid 60's, and are still using them today. When questioned about their drug use, they always mention that they are not addicted to these drugs, but that they just like to use them because of the relaxing effect it gives. "Much better than getting drunk on alcohol", they say. They also say that they could quit anytime they want, but that there is just no reason to stop...... almost 50 years later? So where am I going with this? Well B.H. Obama has admitted to marijuana and cocaine use in his youth. I believe that he is no different than my friends who also started using these drugs in their youth. So I believe that B.H. Obama is also still using these drugs, and I believe that this might just be the reason he will not tell anyone where he was during the attack at Benghazi (and don't forget that the 'body man' Reggie Love is back in his life). 

What are our military leaders doing while this fraud of a President refuses to answer this most basic of questions? Oh, yea. They can't be bothered with national defense related questions. They are on a mission, and working feverishly, to turn our 'military machine' into a homosexual den of iniquity. 

The DOT mandates drug and alcohol testing of safety-sensitive transportation employees in aviation, trucking, railroads, mass transit, pipelines, and other transportation industries. Should not the President of the United States of America be the guiding example? How about B.H. Obama being required to take regular drug tests? Maybe then we could better understand his reluctance to tell where he was during the Benghazi attack, and better understand his use of imaginary, and composite, women in his book, Dreams From My Father. http://www.dot.gov/odapc
Lord Howard Hurts

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Patriots: Christian Democratic Party

Sarah Palin, you are so correct in your assessment of the facts, but you misjudge the power of the 50 million Americans on 'Food Stamps'. They want 'stuff' and don't care how they get it. The Constitution, today, is 'null and void', and there is no longer a need for a Supreme Court of The United States of America. B.H. Obama is a fraud from his birth certificate to his professing to be a Christian. Our Cowardly Congress is so corrupt that the Mafia would be a better choice for representation (and more truthful and moral). To believe, as does Rush Limbaugh, that we can educate the 'voters' about the failings of Obama and Liberals is more fantasy than exists at Disney World. The only thing the next elections will bring is more RHINO's. 

Sarah, it is time to 'Throw Them All Out', and our only help to accomplish this mission would be our military, but alas this once mighty, fighting, military is now 'in process' of becoming an 'all gay...everyday....scare them with talk instead of bullets' national defense force. So this being reality, the only way to restore this nation to the greatness that it once held is for the Patriots of America to join together, and start a new political party....... the Christian Democratic Party. And to show complete unity and determination, I propose that this new party declare Allen West their candidate for President in 2016. And starting today, all Patriots need to get behind Allen West 150%. Let Freedom Ring, And Take No Prisoners. 
Lord Howard Hurts

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Rush Limbaugh Is A Big Fat Idiot

Patriots. Al Franken has been proved correct. Rush Limbaugh is a "big fat idiot". Limbaugh recently said, "We can't impeach Obama, it isn't gonna happen." Limbaugh  goes rants on: With education, Obama, and liberals, can be voted out of office. Yawn. Yawn. I think Limbaugh has smoked one too many cigars, and chased around one too many of those little white balls in the hot Florida sun.  Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot. 

Obama has corrupted the IRS (funny to me that Limbaugh has not mentioned that he was targeted by this corrupt 'arm' of government), corrupted the Justice Department, turned the military into a homosexual support group, placed unqualified members on the Supreme Court, and has given 50 million Americans refuge from financial responsibility though Federal 'Food Stamps'. Who is Limbaugh kidding? He is now a Card Carrying Coward. Anyone who reviews the figures from the last Presidential election should  understand that voting for a real Conservative is a losing proposition. The next election will just showcase more RHINO's. Limbaugh it seems has joined the Liberals as a way to keep his wealth intact. If any Patriots agree with my thoughts please email Limbaugh, and tell him you are going to listen to Dr. Michael Savage. 

The only way to restore the Constitution as the Law of the Land is to start a Revolution, and remember all successful Revolutions are started by a dedicated minority. The Limbaugh idea of a majority vote by education is pure nonsense. The American education system 'killed' all personal responsibility and logical thought many years ago. Let Freedom Ring.
Lord Howard Hurts

Sunday, May 19, 2013

“America is a Nation of Cowards”

When a Nation becomes void of any discernible moral code….that Nation ceases to exist. America today holds no moral code as its guiding ‘Light’. I used to say that America was a 'Nation of Sheep', but today I must change that to: “America is a Nation of Cowards”. Forget that B.H. Obama will not let anyone verify the birth certificate he so brazenly produced and had posted on the Internet for the world to view. Forget that Hillary 'my daughter and I were under fire in Bosnia' Clinton is the front runner in the race for President in 2016. But just look at how one, punk, terrorist was able to close all commerce in Boston for more than 24 hours when he did not even have a weapon, and his crime before capture was to cowardly, and remotely, set off a crude bomb which maimed and kill unsuspecting Americans. And when finally captured he is treated as a ‘scientific specimen’ rather than a monster. The fact that he is still alive and not tried and sentenced to death for his horrific actions speaks loudly about America. 

Then we have Benghazi and, once again, the duo of B.H. Obama and Hillary 'my daughter and I were under fire in Bosnia' Clinton. Their lies and cover ups are verified and known, and they are not arrested and tried as treasonous scum, but lauded by the press, and misguided Americans, as the protectors of American Rights and Freedom. What a joke. But the real joke, to me, is that real terrorists don't see the opportunity staring them in the face. They don't see that America, the former 'Nation of Sheep', has morphed into America the 'Nation of Cowards and Appeasers'. All a terrorist has to do is dial 911 and make a bomb threat and some segment of America will tremble and quake and scream and cry, and the Cowardly Citizens will demand that some appeaser take charge and investigate what America has done wrong to be hated so much. Well the reason America is hated is because it holds no consistent moral values of conduct. America is being led by Homosexuals from Academia (and this includes B.H. Obama and Big Sis), and their Godless distorted view of ‘Fairness’ has so divided this nation that it will not survive unless the God fearing, Morally Endowed, citizens take charge and Revolt. Our ‘Cowardly Congress’ is as useless as a toothless beaver. The current issue with the corruption of, and by the IRS, is proof that neither this President nor this 'Cowardly Congress' should continue in office. This President has fired Nobody in the IRS for this egregious act against the taxpaying Patriots of America. And this is proof enough that the acts of the IRS were something that he knew about and had planned. There is no reason for further ‘Show Tactics’. B.H. Obama has shown his true intentions, and he has not upheld his oath of office. He needs to be removed from office NOW. To continue to sit and wait and investigate is to show that America is truly a nation of ‘Cowardly Sheep’, and I believe that the terrorists that hate America will now see how easily they can conquer this nation by a simple 911 call.
Lord Howard Hurts  

Monday, May 13, 2013

President Obama Ordered The Benghazi 'Stand Down'

As the Democrats, and RINO's, pretend that they really want to get to the bottom of the Benghazi incident, they continue to say that there is 'smoke', but no actual 'smoking gun'. They just can't seem to figure out who is responsible for the COVER-UP. Well, let me, Lord Howard Hurts, give them the  'Gordian Knot' answer, and it should be conclusive enough to prove that the lies all were committed by President B.H. 'my daddy was a goat herded from Kenya' Obama. 

Here is the answer: The U.S. military could not move into Libya without the direct consent of the President. When the request came for an attack on the terrorist at Benghazi, permission had to be secured. If the permission was denied it had to come from someone higher than the military commander requesting it. We know that the permission was denied and the military was told to 'Stand Down'. If the request had been to anyone of lesser 'rank' than the President, he (the President) would have, by now, personally taken action against that person for making a decision that was not of his 'grade scale', and one that let American citizens die without attempting a rescue. In view of the fact that President B.H. Obama has not reprimanded anyone for the incident it is plain as the sun rising in the East tomorrow that B.H. Obama is the person who ordered the 'Stand Down'. Case solved. I would hope now that the clueless Democrats and RHINO's would start action to remove this fraud of a President.  
Lord Howard Hurts

Saturday, May 11, 2013

America: A Nation of Cowardly Sheep

According to CNN exit polls, 93% of African-Americans, 71% of Hispanics and 73% of Asians supported Obama over Romney. If these statistics are correct it is just a matter of applying basic math to prove that in all future elections the Republican candidates will have to lean LEFT or lose. The current leadership of the Republican Party (RINO's) is already leaning towards the socialist direction, so it will not take much encouragement to find candidates ready and willing to embrace the notion that the Constitution is a relic of  'Slavery Mentality', and needs to be updated for this second millennium. 

Patriots, it is now time to move forward with the Constitutional options given us by our Founders. Benghazi has opened the door for the removal of two Marxist, President B.H. Obama, and his co-President, and future President, Hillary 'my daughter and I were under fire in Bosnia' Clinton. It is ironic that Ms. Clinton had such a leading role in the ouster of President Richard Nixon for a 'crime' that hinged on his lying to the American Pubic about his involvement in a crime in which nobody was either killed, or physically injured. And now the 'Watchdog' press views her involvement, in the Benghazi incident, as 'old news' not worthy of review. And instead of investigating this current terrorist attack on Americans, leading to the death of 4 U.S. citizens, they rehash what President W. Bush did over 12 years ago. 

We had a terrorist attack on American soil and lost 4 citizens at Benghazi. Our President and Co-President did nothing to thwart this attack. And to this day, months later, they have taken no retaliatory military measures to prove our resolve that America will not tolerate any type of attack on its sovereign land, or citizens, without a payment of at least 10X the force of the aggressive attack. And we can either take positive Constitutional actions, or continue to act like 'Cowardly Sheep', and just continue to bleat. 

Maybe Allen West can be persuaded to take the initiative to lead this nation in the quest to find our lost 'Moral Compass' and our faith in the Constitution, as it was written.
Lord Howard Hurts

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Is Lord Howard Hurts Driving "The Crazy Train"?

Has Lord Howard Hurts gone completely 'mad'? Is he driving 'The Crazy Train'?..........I don't believe so, and here is the current opinion of LORD MONCKTON, and it is just about what Lord Howard Hurts has been saying for the past 2 years. And like Lord Hurts, Lord Monckton can not put an exact time on the coming financial crash, but when reality suddenly becomes so twisted, and upside down, that as the U.S. stock market 'skyrockets upward', and while our true employment goes down and our debts increase twofold in 4 years, the end is very near. So let me give you a small report on Lord Monckton's findings:    

Behind the closed mahogany doors of the worlds finance houses, elaborate and secret preparations are being made for the upheaval and international financial collapse that will follow the deliberate printing-out and consequent implosion of the dollar.

Your GOP representatives should be, but are not, asking the administration to reveal to them the ever-tougher terms on which the Chinese continue – with ever-greater reluctance –to lend money to keep their communist ally in the White House afloat.

Do not believe China cannot afford to let her biggest creditor fail. She can, she will, and she is making careful preparations to do just that.

If you thought the crash of 2008 was bad, think again. The crash that is coming –I cannot put a date on it, but it is not far away now – will be orders of magnitude worse.

So, what should you do to protect yourself and your family? First, get rid of every dollar you have. Dollars are now all but worthless. When the crash comes, they will have no value at all.

In hard times, most financial instruments – currencies, stocks, bonds – are not worth the paper they are printed on. Get rid of them now. Buy silver coins. They will quintuple in price once the crash sets in, and they are small enough to be fungible when the dollar dies.

Buy land, some of it well-wooded, some of it arable, some of it grassland. You will need the timber to power your steam tractor. Gasoline will be a costly rarity. And make sure you can defend yourselves. Starving mobs are no respecters of persons. Do what the Mormons do: Get three months’ supply of imperishable foodstuffs and hide them in the basement.

Absurd though this advice may now seem, there is a real danger that the crash will sudden. If so – perhaps for several months, and even for years – the fabric of civilization, including the food-supply chain, will fail.

Lord Howard Hurts  freedomfiles.blogspot.com

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2013/05/the-dollar-and-the-usa-is-toast/#urVv77eWJSHEpRbw.99 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Soda Drink Companies Rake In 4 Billion Dollars A Year Of Taxpayer Money

Liberals love the 'Food Stamp' program. Currently, there are nearly 50 million Americans on this 'vote buying' program. The soda drink companies are raking in nearly 4 Billion Dollars a year of this taxpayer money (Don't believe me? Do your own research). When are the hard working taxpayers of America going to Wake Up, and demand that low income citizens seek help through private charities instead of the U.S. Federal Government? 

There are no restrictions on junk food being purchased with either 'Food Stamp' or EBT 'credit cards'. And there is no way to track who is purchasing what food or drinks, and this is the way the Government wants this program continued. This way the recipients of these welfare payments will always vote for those who increase the 'Free Stuff'. Hard working Americans who pay their own bills have to plan and make decisions on what brands and kinds of foods they will purchase. Welfare recipients can buy whatever their cards will let them.........and lobster, birthday cakes, sodas, energy drinks, and caviar, are considered foods worthy of purchase with these Government issued cards. And should any 'Food Stamp' recipient want to double his or her monthly allotment, all that needs to be done is to return to the welfare office and say that the 'Food Stamp' card was stolen or lost. There are no questions asked. A new card with full value is given, and there is no way to check to see if the card was really stolen or lost. Would you not like all banks to have a similar policy? You go in and take $100 from your account. You leave the bank and return the next day and say that someone stole your $100, and the bank asks no questions and gives you another $100. Does this even seem rational? A Socialistic Welfare State can only survive as long as there is a population of productive workers who are dumb enough to work and plan and save so that the 'slugs of society' can sit around and vote for corrupt politicians. When the productive workers finally decide to stop working, and get on the 'gravy train' themselves, the Socialist system collapses and the nation becomes like Cuba. In Cuba the average worker makes about $20 U.S. per month.........not a week, per month! Think living in Cuba is fun?
Lord Howard Hurts

Sunday, May 5, 2013

My 'Four Legged Posse'......... Back In The U.S.A.

Some ancient Philosopher once said, "Misfortune does not occur twice in the same way to the same person." Well, I am here to tell you that this is a most incorrect thought and observation. Misfortune has struck me twice within a time span of 9 days, and in the same way.

A couple of weeks ago, I had retreated to the beautiful island of Naxos, Greece for a 6 months stay. I was staying at the Nissaki Beach Hotel, while looking for suitable housing for my 4 dogs and myself. One afternoon, I was visited by representatives of the Greek Government, and informed that I had not submitted the proper government forms to allow my dogs to remain on the island (I have many times previously visited Greece, and I have never followed the rules applicable to dogs). I was given official papers that bestowed on me the status of "Persona Non Grata", and I was ordered to leave Greece and to not return (http://freedomfiles.blogspot.com/2013/04/persona-non-grata.html

 As I was going through the customs departure check, I was handed a business card by an American embassy official. On the card was written, only this: "my daughter and I were under fire in Bosnia". Of course I knew from whom this note was sent as I most often, when referring to Hillary Clinton, place this statement between her first name and her last name, as a reminder to anyone about her honesty. So I took my 'four legged posse' and flew to Lamezia Terme International Airport, Lamezia Terme, Italy.

Once we landed at Lamezia Terme, I booked a cab for the 50 mile drive south to Gerace, a small, 2,500 year old, historic town near the larger and more populated city of Reggio Calabria (mafia-plagued), where I had leased a villa. The villa was a 3 story, modern, structure that sits on a high hill in the middle of a small olive grove. The house has a panoramic view, from the top floor, of the nearby mountains, valleys, ancient town, and Sicily.......just across the 'spit' of the Mediterranean that separates the 'toe of the boot' (Italy) with this large island. Gerace is cobblestone roads, ancient churches, and Italian hospitality. What I like about Italy, and this area in particular, is that their way of life is controlled by good food, cheap wine, and laughter. Politics always comes last. But when working in Italy one always must remember that the 'wheels' of government will not begin to turn without some type of 'grease'. And to this cause I paid the  inquiring customs agent $100, and $20 to each of his staff, to bring my dogs into Italy. I did not want a re-occurrence of the 'folly' that had taken place on Naxos.

But one week later, I was answering the ringing of the door bell at my villa........... and what did my wondering eyes behold standing on the doorstep? Several agents from the Italian Government........ a customs agent (the one I had previously given $100 as 'grease' to circumvent a cumbersome and antiquated Italian law having to do with the importation of dogs), and an American representative from the U.S. Consular Agency at Naples, Italy. I was informed that it had come to the attention of law enforcement that I had entered Italy with 4 dogs, and had not provided the required government forms dealing with the importation of these said dogs. I was informed that I could place the dogs, immediately, in quarantine until the required paperwork was completed and approved, or I could pay an immediate fine of $2,500, and within 12 hours leave Italy, with the dogs, for some other destination.

I gave the Italian Government agent my American Express card, and it was then passed through some portable recording device attached to a cell phone. I was given a receipt and an official document declaring me: "Persona Non Grata". I was now banned from legally traveling to Italy. And as they were leaving my villa, the American representative, who had identified himself only as a Consular assistant with the Naples 'office', and no name, handed me a business card. And on this card was written: my daughter and I were under fire in Bosnia.

Well it looks like Hillary "my daughter and I were under fire in Bosnia" Clinton, although 'retired' from the U.S. State Department, has some 'pull' when it comes to enforcing  laws about the importation of dogs in foreign countries. Too bad she did not take as much interest in preventing the attack at Benghazi. But then, as she said in hearings before the Senate, "What difference, at this point, does it make? It is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again." 

Flight plan filed for stop at Grand Canary for fuel, and on to Ft. Lauderdale. Back in the U.S.A.
Lord Howard Hurts