Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Where Was Obama During Benghazi?

Patriots. Isn't it strange that B.H. Obama will not tell anyone where he was during the Benghazi attack? Now I don't know anything about the mental and physical addiction to drugs, such as marijuana and cocaine, as I have never taken, or even experimented, with them in my 68 years. But I do have friends who started using marijuana and cocaine in the mid 60's, and are still using them today. When questioned about their drug use, they always mention that they are not addicted to these drugs, but that they just like to use them because of the relaxing effect it gives. "Much better than getting drunk on alcohol", they say. They also say that they could quit anytime they want, but that there is just no reason to stop...... almost 50 years later? So where am I going with this? Well B.H. Obama has admitted to marijuana and cocaine use in his youth. I believe that he is no different than my friends who also started using these drugs in their youth. So I believe that B.H. Obama is also still using these drugs, and I believe that this might just be the reason he will not tell anyone where he was during the attack at Benghazi (and don't forget that the 'body man' Reggie Love is back in his life). 

What are our military leaders doing while this fraud of a President refuses to answer this most basic of questions? Oh, yea. They can't be bothered with national defense related questions. They are on a mission, and working feverishly, to turn our 'military machine' into a homosexual den of iniquity. 

The DOT mandates drug and alcohol testing of safety-sensitive transportation employees in aviation, trucking, railroads, mass transit, pipelines, and other transportation industries. Should not the President of the United States of America be the guiding example? How about B.H. Obama being required to take regular drug tests? Maybe then we could better understand his reluctance to tell where he was during the Benghazi attack, and better understand his use of imaginary, and composite, women in his book, Dreams From My Father. http://www.dot.gov/odapc
Lord Howard Hurts

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