Sunday, May 19, 2013

“America is a Nation of Cowards”

When a Nation becomes void of any discernible moral code….that Nation ceases to exist. America today holds no moral code as its guiding ‘Light’. I used to say that America was a 'Nation of Sheep', but today I must change that to: “America is a Nation of Cowards”. Forget that B.H. Obama will not let anyone verify the birth certificate he so brazenly produced and had posted on the Internet for the world to view. Forget that Hillary 'my daughter and I were under fire in Bosnia' Clinton is the front runner in the race for President in 2016. But just look at how one, punk, terrorist was able to close all commerce in Boston for more than 24 hours when he did not even have a weapon, and his crime before capture was to cowardly, and remotely, set off a crude bomb which maimed and kill unsuspecting Americans. And when finally captured he is treated as a ‘scientific specimen’ rather than a monster. The fact that he is still alive and not tried and sentenced to death for his horrific actions speaks loudly about America. 

Then we have Benghazi and, once again, the duo of B.H. Obama and Hillary 'my daughter and I were under fire in Bosnia' Clinton. Their lies and cover ups are verified and known, and they are not arrested and tried as treasonous scum, but lauded by the press, and misguided Americans, as the protectors of American Rights and Freedom. What a joke. But the real joke, to me, is that real terrorists don't see the opportunity staring them in the face. They don't see that America, the former 'Nation of Sheep', has morphed into America the 'Nation of Cowards and Appeasers'. All a terrorist has to do is dial 911 and make a bomb threat and some segment of America will tremble and quake and scream and cry, and the Cowardly Citizens will demand that some appeaser take charge and investigate what America has done wrong to be hated so much. Well the reason America is hated is because it holds no consistent moral values of conduct. America is being led by Homosexuals from Academia (and this includes B.H. Obama and Big Sis), and their Godless distorted view of ‘Fairness’ has so divided this nation that it will not survive unless the God fearing, Morally Endowed, citizens take charge and Revolt. Our ‘Cowardly Congress’ is as useless as a toothless beaver. The current issue with the corruption of, and by the IRS, is proof that neither this President nor this 'Cowardly Congress' should continue in office. This President has fired Nobody in the IRS for this egregious act against the taxpaying Patriots of America. And this is proof enough that the acts of the IRS were something that he knew about and had planned. There is no reason for further ‘Show Tactics’. B.H. Obama has shown his true intentions, and he has not upheld his oath of office. He needs to be removed from office NOW. To continue to sit and wait and investigate is to show that America is truly a nation of ‘Cowardly Sheep’, and I believe that the terrorists that hate America will now see how easily they can conquer this nation by a simple 911 call.
Lord Howard Hurts  

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