Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Is Lord Howard Hurts Driving "The Crazy Train"?

Has Lord Howard Hurts gone completely 'mad'? Is he driving 'The Crazy Train'?..........I don't believe so, and here is the current opinion of LORD MONCKTON, and it is just about what Lord Howard Hurts has been saying for the past 2 years. And like Lord Hurts, Lord Monckton can not put an exact time on the coming financial crash, but when reality suddenly becomes so twisted, and upside down, that as the U.S. stock market 'skyrockets upward', and while our true employment goes down and our debts increase twofold in 4 years, the end is very near. So let me give you a small report on Lord Monckton's findings:    

Behind the closed mahogany doors of the worlds finance houses, elaborate and secret preparations are being made for the upheaval and international financial collapse that will follow the deliberate printing-out and consequent implosion of the dollar.

Your GOP representatives should be, but are not, asking the administration to reveal to them the ever-tougher terms on which the Chinese continue – with ever-greater reluctance –to lend money to keep their communist ally in the White House afloat.

Do not believe China cannot afford to let her biggest creditor fail. She can, she will, and she is making careful preparations to do just that.

If you thought the crash of 2008 was bad, think again. The crash that is coming –I cannot put a date on it, but it is not far away now – will be orders of magnitude worse.

So, what should you do to protect yourself and your family? First, get rid of every dollar you have. Dollars are now all but worthless. When the crash comes, they will have no value at all.

In hard times, most financial instruments – currencies, stocks, bonds – are not worth the paper they are printed on. Get rid of them now. Buy silver coins. They will quintuple in price once the crash sets in, and they are small enough to be fungible when the dollar dies.

Buy land, some of it well-wooded, some of it arable, some of it grassland. You will need the timber to power your steam tractor. Gasoline will be a costly rarity. And make sure you can defend yourselves. Starving mobs are no respecters of persons. Do what the Mormons do: Get three months’ supply of imperishable foodstuffs and hide them in the basement.

Absurd though this advice may now seem, there is a real danger that the crash will sudden. If so – perhaps for several months, and even for years – the fabric of civilization, including the food-supply chain, will fail.

Lord Howard Hurts

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